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His Choice
His choice
Season 2, Episode 81
Post Date

April 1st, 2016



Written by

Jess and Jason/Dom

Directed by

Jess and Jason/Dom

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"The Refugee's Plight"

"Her Grief"

"His Choice" is the eighty-first episode of Minecraft Diaries Season 2, and was uploaded on April 1st, 2016.


"Aphmau goes through the hardest experience in her life..."

Episode Overview[]

Aphmau was helping Katelyn with her wound from the previous episode when an explosion was heard. Aphmau and Levin go to inspect and see Garroth standing near the fire and ash from the explosion. He is holding a red bandanna when she sees him. She asks how he got out of the Irene Dimension. She notices the bandanna and begins to figure out what happened.

A flashback occurs of Aaron in the previous days. He waits until Aphmau and Lilith are asleep before sneaking out of their house. He gives a goodbye kiss to Aphmau and tells Lilith that Aphmau will take care of her. Aaron leaves and walks to the portal to the Irene Dimension. He opens the portal just in time to stop Zane from destroying Garroth. The Divine Fragment cracks, and they all return to Phoenix Drop. Zane and Aaron fight, and Zane says "You'll kill us both." Aaron replies with "Good." Aaron's fragment explodes, coming to the conclusion that Aaron killed Zane and himself. 

Their swords remain on the ground. Garroth tells Aphmau "I'm sorry." while crying. Aphmau cries and then screams with sadness while thinking about reality.


  • Since the episode aired on April 1st (April Fools Day), Aphmau had to post the thumbnail on Instagram[1], with the caption: "Heads up guys... Today's episode is taking longer than usual. A lot of effort went into this one - it will be coming out in an hour or two. NO THIS ISN'T AN APRIL FOOLS JOKE! 😡 This is real." She also said something similar on Twitter[2][3]: "Today's episode will be up in a few hours. It took a lot of effort. THIS IS NOT A JOKE. and Nothing in the video coming up is a joke. This episode just happened to, unfortunately land on April Fools day. (;¬_¬)."
  • The thumbnail for this video features Garroth
  • If you look at the thumbnail it shows Garroth smiling even though he just made it out of the Irene Dimension while Aaron killed himself to save Garroth and stop Zane's evil plans sadly later..
  • This episode marks Garroth's return from The Irene Dimension.
  • This episode also marks the final official appearance of Aaron. This was also the final episode of Zane being alive, as he returns in A Goddess Divine as a Shadow Knight.



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