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Episode 12
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Ava Is Sick!

Demon In The Driver Seat

(Ad Intro)

Katelyn: (Mimicked by Jess) Oh my god, what does she have that makes her so popular?

Kawaii Chan: (Mimicked by Jess) I don't know, but she probably has something.

Kim: (Mimicked by Jess) I swear, it's like she just "got it".

Katelyn: (Mimicked by Jess) But what does she got?

Jess: Let me tell you what she's got, girls. (Wears a shirt with the word personality on it) Personality, right, right there, see, t's literally right there. And you too can have your own personality if you check out this personality T-Shirt!

Kawaii Chan: (Mimicked by Jess) (Wears the Personality T-Shirt) Oh my god, now I have personality!

Katelyn: (Mimicked by Jess) (Wears the Personality T-Shirt) Yeah, this is the best! Oh my god!

Jess: But for real, check out the personality T-Shirt now available on the description down below! Enjoy, guys. Bye! Also this was the shirt that I was looking forward too so I love it!

(Ad End)

Lady Bish: No, no, no, no, no, no! (Throws a book at the shelf)

Zex: Meow.

Lady Bish: Don't tell me to keep my composure! I've been in this damn maze for days, the last thing I care about is keeping my composure.

Zex: Meow.

Lady Bish: Of course you can keep your composure, you haven't been reading this whole time, you've just been licking yourself when it's convenient for you, meanwhile, I have to panic over what I have to do to keep my throne!

Zex: Meow meow.

Lady Bish: (Sighs) I've worked my way to the position I'm in and I'm about to lose it because of some soul-searching brat.

Zex: Meow meow.

Lady Bish: Truth be told, if I was in Asch's position right now I can't say what I would do, knowing me I'd probably turn and run as well, go somewhere where I could never come back, but who knows, perhaps Asch will come back, perhaps sworn loyalty have some sense of honour.

Zex: Meow.

Lady Bish: Of course they do, but something inside is telling me, if given the right circumstances Asch may abandon his duty. Despite our similar age, I don't know Asch well enough to say.

Zex: Meow.

Lady Bish: (Sighs) Who am I kidding? I knew this was too good to be true. Despite all of my efforts to get this close of becoming queen, despite all the people I've deceived and manipulated, the gods still had to curse me.

(A book almost falls out the shelf)

Lady Bish: Let's return to the castle.

(The book drops)

Lady Bish: Huh? Who's there? H-Hello?

Zex: Meow.

Lady Bish: I-It fell? (Picks up the book) This book.

Zex: Meow meow?

Lady Bish: It's... It's clean, it's clear of any dust in comparison to any other books here. (Sniffs it) It also has this strange smell about it. (Opens the book) This page, someone has actively referenced it lately. Earth?

Mrs. Oats: (Searches Ava's kitchen for something) For heavens sake! This child.

Rhys: Forgive me for asking, but what are you doing?

Mrs. Oats: Wondering how she managed to get past her fathers on this, usually Devon and Andreww are very observant about her living conditions, but I take it they were too distracted on her relationship with you boys to pay attention.

Rhys: They had laid down the law with us, but they also mentioned that for them it was nice to see us in her apartment.

Mrs. Oats: Ooh! Hm... I'm going to assume, since Ava has friends, they're going to try to give her more personal space. Well, I'm glad her parents are making an effort to let her spread her wings and fly, though I wonder how they're really taking it.

(Andreww and Devon watch TV in their home)

Devon: Oh come on, Andreww, just let me call her once.

Andreww: No! It's only been a few days. We are trusting her to-

Devon: They're making videos, I know it! I've seen it in my shows. Once the parents leave the kids pull out the weed farm and get back to causing trouble!

Andreww: Devon, we raised Ava to be a smart and responsible-

Devon: Responsible?

Andreww: I... Uh...

Devon: See!

Andrew: (Laughs) She's a young adult, who says they're responsible in the first place? She's just trying to figure out her way in life and

Devon: I'm calling her! (Tries to leave but Andrew grabs him)

Andrew: Don't make me cuddle you to death.

Devon: That won't stop me from checking on our baby this time. She's with 5 strange men, who knows what they're doing!

Andrew: I know exactly what they're doing.

Devon: You can't- Wait, you do?

Andrew: Yes, I can see it perfectly. Now, uh, they're all playing monopoly and our baby has all of the properties, but then she sees that Noi doesn't have any, so she goes over to Noi and decides to share some of her property which leads her to see the wrong in the justice system so she then decides to start a democracy where then she can...

Devon: That's just you and you know it.

Andrew: Look, let me have this!

Devon: As long as you let me call her now!

Andrew: (Grabs the phones) You will not call her!

Devon: Give those back now!

Andrew: (Runs away) Never!

Mrs. Oats: Hm... Well, I do suppose they're handling it like grown adults of anything.

Rhys: Mrs. Oats.

Mrs. Oats: Hm?

Rhys: What shall we do to make sure Ava is relieved from her illness?

Mrs. Oats: Oh, yes. Well, first off, you boys need to change out of your fun time clothes.

Leif: Uh, what?

Mrs. Oats: Oh, nope, spare the details, I don't need to know as I have my on ideas, and I'll ask Ava if I was gonna ask anyone.

Asch: What is she talking about?

Mrs. Oats: (Laughs) Don't mind me. Just get out of your clothes so we can avoid getting them messy.

(The Daemos almost take their clothes off)

Mrs. Oats: Wait, what are you doing?

Pierce: What you said.

Mrs. Oats: (Laughs) Not in front of me! Just go change into your regular clothes, taking care of a sick person means the person who's doing the care needs to be comfortable too.

(The Daemos go through the wall luckily without Mrs. Oats looking)

Mrs. Oats: (Looks through the fridge) There's literally nothing in this fridge but milk, the rest of the items inside are just cereal boxes stuffed with... Ah! Paper towels? (Throws the Munchie Scrunchies away) How is this girl living? In fact, how is she managing to feed all those boys? Hm? Oh, where did those boys go? (Goes into Ava's room and checks her tempature) Oh, still pretty high.

(Pierce walks in disguised as a human)

Mrs. Oats: Oh, there you are. Do you think you can help me get her to the bath?

(Pierce carries Ava's body to the tub)

Mrs. Oats: (Feels the water) Oh, too hot! (Turns the cold tap on) Oh, much better. Be a dear and gently put her in.

(Pierce puts Ava into the bath)

Mrs. Oats: There we go. (Turns off the tap) Let her sit for a moment. Come, follow me. (Walks outside with the others waiting) Alright, you boys wait here, I need to grab something. (Leaves)

Noi: Why is this taking so long?

Rhys: Patience, Noi, it's fair to make the obvious assumption that humans heal much slower than Daemos, they also seem to have certain rituals.

Asch: (Whispering) As long as Princess Ava's alright.

Rhys: Did you say something, Asch?

Asch: I said as long as this missions alright, we've been here on E-Earth for quite sometime.

Leif: Yeah, but you don't seem to mind it.

Asch: (Sighs) I grow tired of yelling.

Leif: Well that's a first.

Asch: Shut up before I change my mind!

Leif: Well that lasted long.

Noi: Shouldn't we be worrying?

Asch and Leif: Huh?

Noi: I would think if we were gone for long that someone might come after us.

Pierce: I'm sure Lady Grandma would have something to say about that.

Asch: That's right. Besides, I don't think there's enough magic on Daemos for anyone else to make it to E-Earth.

Rhys: That's right, it would take someone of high standing in order to follow in our path, even then I'm sure we're not traceable seeing as Lady Grandma... (Whispering) Wait. Lady Grandma, I haven't spoken to her in days.

Asch: W-What's the matter?

Rhys: I, um, just forgot something.

Leif: What if the High Council found out about what we did, with the last soul? What if they found out and they traced it back to Lady Grandma? Heh, they'd probably kill her.

Noi: Do you think so?

Leif: I mean, that's likely the case but it's only been a few days, so... So most likely not.

Pierce: It's been many suns since we've arrived.

Leif: Yeah, it has, but for some reason, doesn't time seem...

Rhys: To go slower? Yes, it does. It is absolutely slower here than on Daemos.

Asch: How can you tell that for a fact?

Rhys: I have my methods.

Noi: You aren't using magic are you?

Rhys: Since when do you care about my magic?

Noi: Since I don't have any! Because if I did I could probably heal Ava!

Rhys: I see. Noi, I think it's best you calm down, we have enough magic to...

Mrs. Oats: (Walks in with a book) Here we are, my recipe book. I know it's not as fancy as the websites on the internet but I've cooked up a mean soup that could cure any cold.

Rhys: (Whispering) She has a spell book!

Asch: (Whispering) Actual human spells?

Noi: (Whispering) But we can't read well.

Rhys: (Whispering) I can.

Leif: (Whispering) Great, then let's kill her for it!

Pierce: (Whispering) We need to help Ava first.

Noi: (Whispering) That's right.

Mrs. Oats: Y'know, whispering in front of other people isn't a very nice thing to do.

Rhys: My sincerest apologies.

Asch: Aren't manners reserved for royalty? (Is punched on the arm by Rhys) Ow!

Mrs. Oats: Royalty? (Gasps) Wait, are you young men from out of the country?

Pierce: Huh?

Noi: (Whispering) What does that mean?

Rhys: Yes, uh, we are from another kingdom.

Mrs. Oats: Oh my! (Gasps and blushes) Oh, you just reminded me of my old fling Kyle. (Giggles)

Rhys: Flame?

Leif: A prince of fire?

Asch: A rival for a kingdom.

Mrs. Oats: Oh my, where do I begin? Y'know, when I was a young girl I got around a lot, much more than Ava that's for sure, (Giggles), of course back then we had to go looking for flings and couldn't just get them on the internet and-

Noi: What does this have to do with making sure Ava is healed?!

Mrs. Oats: Oh, right, let's see here. (Shows a recipe from the book) I'd like you boys to take this book and buy all the ingredients on this page here. Here, I'll give some money to get the items, in the meantime, I'll bring you.

Noi: M-Me?

Mrs. Oats: I'm going to need you to help with Ava, do you think you can do that?

Noi: Anything!

Rhys: Um, but we don't know where this grocery store is.

Pierce: I remember.

Leif: You do?

Asch: Oh, that's right.

Mrs. Oats: Alright, now you 4 move along, once you get back we'll make something special for Ava to get better. In the meantime, Noi, I'll need your help cleaning her up.

Noi: Right.

(A few minutes later by the elevator)

Asch: Ugh, not this box again.

Rhys: It's fine, all we have to do is remember that it's going to take a long time before we can-

Jake: Oh, it's you guys. Can you guys not clutter up the hallway?

Asch: It's this human.

Jake: Do I know you guys from somewhere?

Leif: Should I kill him?

Jake: Excuse me?!

Rhys: (Laughs awkwardly) One second!

(The Daemos huddle up)

Rhys: (Whispering) We need to be smart here. Remember we cannot let the humans know about us, or else...

Pierce: (Whispering) They'll take us to the Area 51.

Rhys: (Whispering) Yes, correct.

Leif: (Whispering) So what do we do?

Jake: I'm literally right here.

Rhys: (Whispering) We act as Ava taught us how humans act,

(Asch goes to Jake)

Jake: Uh...

Asch: How do we use the box?!

Jake: Huh?

Leif: We want to get into the grocery store, how do we do?!

Jake: Why are you guys yelling at me?

Asch: Assist us, human!

Rhys: (Whispering) Shh! Princess Ava does not yell all the time!

Jake: Look, I'm going to the first floor. If you needed help you could just ask, didn't need to yell. Sheesh! (Walks into the elevator)

Rhys: That worked?

Asch: (Laughs) See.

Leif: Well, not so smart, are you now, Rhys?

Rhys: You're one to talk, Leif, you were never smart. (Enters the elevator)

Leif: (Almost says something) Well I'm smart in other ways. (Enters the elevator)

Mrs. Oats: (Gives Noi a pillow) Here, use this and pick her up, then bring her over to the mirror so I can dry her hair.

(Noi carries Noi out of the bath)

Mrs. Oats: Now, the sound is going to be loud, hopefully it doesn't wake her. (Dries Ava's hair with a hair straightener)

Noi: Is that a... Monster?!

(The Daemos and Jake walk out the building)

Rhys: Thank you for your help!

Jake: Uh, yeah, you're welcome. (Leaves)

Rhys: Well, heh, that time was far shorter than the last.

Asch: We just need to yell at everything and things will go faster.

Noi: (Screams)

Leif: Looks like Noi's 1 step ahead of us.

Pierce: Do you think he's okay?

Rhys: He's with Mrs. Oats, he's fine. Now let's get going.

Leif: This will be our first outing without Princess Ava.

Asch: Let's be on our guard.

(They go to the store)