Season 2, Episode 91
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May 9th, 2016



Written by

Jess and Jason/Dom

Directed by

Jess and Jason/Dom

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"Zane LIVES!"

"A Lord and Her Guards"

"IT'S A TRAP!" is the nintey-first episode of Minecraft Diaries Season 2, and was uploaded on May 9th, 2016. It runs for 14 minutes and 7 seconds.

Blurb Edit

"The group waits in the shadows, hoping their plan to lure Ivy out has worked."

Episode Overview Edit

It's been a day or so after the little stunt Aphmau and her crew had pulled. A guard comes into Ivy's office and tells Ivy of the spotting of "Zane Ro'meave". Aphmau goes outside of the cave to see Garroth standing watch. Garroth reports that nothing had changed after the stunt. Aphmau and Garroth then talk for a few minutes, before hearing a rustle in the bushes.

Garroth, thinking it was Amber, told them to show themselves. A man with the gamertag "???" comes from behind and Aphmau remembers the look of the man, but not his name. It is revealed that the man was Amber's friend, Kalzul. Aphmau takes Kalzul into the Thieves Guild and finds Katelyn ready to leave. Aphmau, then once again, tricks guards into going after her. She loses sign of them quickly by going into the forest Aaron had once taken them to in order for them to get away from O'Khasis when they were invading.

Aphmau then runs into more serious problems. Ivy found her. Ivy talks about how she thought Zane was dead and how he had something important. In this case being the Ro'Meave Family Relic. Aphmau then gives away the fact that it's her and Ivy quickly changes the tone of things. Ivy complains about her guards not being by her. Garroth and Katelyn then come behind and tell Ivy that they had tried them up. Katelyn and Garroth had a small fight about puns then the trio get ready to fight, Aphmau changing into her Irene form out of will.

Everyone, including Ivy gets into battle pose and Aphmau goes after Ivy. Ivy decides to make things "personal" by knocking out Garroth and Katelyn. Aphmau, angered by Ivy knocking out her friends, transforming into her Irene form. After a while of fighting, Aphmau eventually is able to pin Ivy down, but then the sound of running can be heard from the shadows behind them. Laurance rushes to Aphmau and pins her to the ground, his Shadow Knight sword in hand, presumably thinking Aphmau is Zane due to her "Clever." disguise. Laurance then ends the video with an angry "YOU!" and Aphmau's "L-L-Laurance?! W-Wha..." and the video ends with ominous sounding music.

Trivia Edit

  • The thumbnail for this video features Laurance.
  • This is the first time we have seen Laurance in an episode since Episode 76: Back to the Temple.
  • This is the first video we have seen Aphmau change into her Irene form out of will.

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IT'S A TRAP! - Minecraft Diaries -S2-

IT'S A TRAP! - Minecraft Diaries -S2- .91 Minecraft Roleplay-

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