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"...And Then We Said Goodbye."

"Here In My Arms"

Jess: Hey guys, Do you want your own talking plush? Well, too bad because this one doesn't talk but you can make it talk like I do! (Plush Voice) So be sure to check it out. Enjoy the episode! Yay!


Aphmau: Wow! The ocean looks so beautiful!

Melissa: (Giggles) All we've seen is the ocean for the past 12 hours. How does it look more beautiful than all the other ocean we've seen?

Aphmau: Well the waters looking more clear and blue and it's just got a different kind of shade to it!

Melissa: Mm-hmm and...

Aphmau: (Squeal) The closer we get, the more excited I am! I can't help it, I'm just so happy! I'm going to see Aaron and you have no idea. How much longer until we get there?

Melissa: (Giggles) Well... you won't have to wait much longer. If you look out of your left windows, you can see the island from the plane.

Aphmau: What!? Really?

Melissa: Mm-hmm. Not many people get to see this view of the Starlight park, since the boat is usually the way people travel. But, you get to see it first hand.

Aphmau: (Giggles and walks to the window) [Plane noise] (Pressed against window voice) Oh my Irene! It's there, it's right there! Aaron is on the island. (gasps) I think I see him. Oh no wait, uh that's a boat.

Melissa: (Laughing) Your so cute. Hmmm, we are like 10,000 feet in the air. Everything is going to be hard to make out from here in the sky. Speaking of make out, what are you planning on doing when you see Aaron for the first time?

Aphmau: (Turns around) Huh, I don't know! I, M-Melissa! Really!?

Melissa: What? Come on, I'm curious. [Pause] How do you think you're going to react to him?

Aphmau: Easy. I, uh, I (stuttering) just, I'll... (panicked) I have no idea! I didn't think this far!

Melissa: Aphmau, you okay?

Aphmau: Be right back, I have to... go to the bathroom!

Aphmau's Plush: Ahh, this is the life.

Aphmau: And I need this!

Aphmau's Plush: Yap! (Goes to the bathroom)

Melissa: Huh, okay.

Aphmau: (Giggles) I can't believe I'm here! I'm here at starlight! Do you realize how big this is?

Aphmau's Plush: Mm hmm! Plus, Aaron...

Aphmau: (scared gasp) It's been one whole year since we've last seen each other in person. W-what if he looks different? What if I look different? Agha! Did I gain weight since I last saw him!? Aww! I knew I shouldn't have kept eating those sweets that Kawaii~Chan kept bringing me! What if he doesn't find me attractive any more because I'm a human!

Aphmau's Plush: Well then that means I have a chance to get with him now. (Giggles)

Aphmau: Wha-

Pilot: (Loudspeaker) Attention all passengers, we are now making final preparations for landing. We will be arriving at the Starlight resort in 30 minutes.

Aphmau: Ahh!

Melissa: (Walks in) Aphmau?

Aphmau: Melissa! H-how do you know I wasn't using the bathroom just now!?

Melissa: Well, you see, I'm a werewolf so with these ears I can hear slightly better than I can when I'm a human. Also, you're kind of screaming all your emotions everywhere. (Giggles)

Aphmau: Melissa, what am I going to do?

Melissa: Hmm, follow me! [Pause] Look out there. Down on that island there is someone who has been waiting to see you. I can't help you with how you feel, but I can assure you that he wants to see you just as bad as you want to see him. So whatever happens, just let it happen! (Giggles)

Aphmau: I'm, just, really nervous.

Melissa: Hmm, well here, how about this? Lets fix up your hair and get you looking a little more stylish. That will at least give you a little more confidence. (Giggles)

Aphmau: You'll really help me with that?

Melissa: (Giggles) Of course! Come on, let's get you even more beautiful than you already are. That way when you see Aaron, you won't question it. You will just do the first thing that comes to mind. Hurry, before we land!

(Intro Music)

"1, 2, 1, 2, 3"

"I've been feeling so small"

"Watch the clock ticking off the wall"

"But tonight I'm letting it go"

"Spend my coin for sure"

"I'm going to be myself, or I could be someone else"

"No one's stopping me now"

"I'm going to skip my breaks, I'm going to make mistakes"

"I just wanna feel alive"

'It's just what I do when I'm out so"

Melissa: We're here!

Aphmau: (Gasps) AARON!

Melissa: Aphmau, wait!

(Gives Derek a hug, thinking he's Aaron)

Aphmau: I've missed you so much. I-I'm sorry, i just want to hold you right now. I.. Huh? Heh, you're not as firm as I remember, but..

Derek: Well, I mean, I'm not as young as I used to be. (Laughs)

Aphmau: Huh?

Derek: I didn't realize you were so happy to see me.

Aphmau: B-But I. Thought. You. Were...

Derek: I can see why you would mistake me for Aaron from behind. We're both Ultima's so our ears are very similar in shape.

Melissa: (Laughs) Aphmau, when I said do the first thing that comes to mind, I didn't mean hug my dad.

Derek: There you are, Melissa. A little late, aren't you?

Melissa: Hey, we had a shopping emergency to take care of.

Derek: (sighs) Aaron was waiting for a while you know.

Aphmau: He was?

Melissa: What's a few more hours, besides I wanted Aphmau here to look her best for when she meets Aaron.

Aphmau: Speaking of which, where is Aaron?

Derek: Oh well, um, he had a physical therapy session he had to attend. He was going to skip it and for you, but I wasn't going to have that.

Melissa: Dad! What did you do?

Derek: I might have thrown him back to the house.

Melissa: How is that supposed to help his recovery?

Derek: He's just about done with the sessions anyways besides, he keeps getting lost here. I was just helping him find the way back to his place.

Melissa: Ugh, yeah that's a good point. It is easy to get lost here. All these new scents probably make it hard to find anything around here.

Aphmau: I-I see. I... wait! You guys! Your werewolves!

Melissa: Um... yeah.

Derek: We've always been.

Aphmau: No! I mean your ears and tail are showing! Don't you guys hide them everyone?! Everyone can see them!?

Derek: Oh, (Laughs) Yeah, right, I forgot. Um... You see Aphmau, this past year with Aaron has been rather... interesting. We've been trying to embrace who we are as a family. Which means living without hiding the fact that we're werewolves.

Melissa: That means our ears and tails are out almost all the time. We wanted to make sure Aaron felt like he wasn't alone while he adjusted to this new part of his life. He's basically learning how to live again. Also, he wasn't the only one who was new to all of this.

Derek: (Grunts)

Melissa: Aaron helped a little someone else accept who they are as well.

Derek: Enough of that.

Melissa: Anyways, because we are now known by so many as humans back at home, we have to be careful about how we go about showing this part of ourselves.

Derek: Exactly. But here, no one knows us, so we're using a different last name to hide who we are. So, we can show that we're werewolves as we please. Now let's find Aaron. Here Aphmau, let me show you to the house.

Melissa: Great idea, Dad! I mean, wait she's not a werewolf.

Aphmau: Oh my gosh, it's high school all over again!

Derek: But you said she wears ears and a tail to bed.

Aphmau: Melissa!

Melissa: Dad, Shut up! I never said that.

Aphmau: Please, I just want to see Aaron.

Melissa: Alright fine. Let's go. Speaking of which dad, What is the new fake last name you gave us?

Guy: Ah, there you are. Mr. Wolfwere. I got the extra keys for the house you asked for.

Derek: Perfect. Thank you.

Melissa: Really Dad. Mr. Wolfwere?

Derek: What!? I thought it sounded cool, like a company name for underwear or something.

Melissa: Ugh.. It's bad enough our real last name is Lycan, now your just making it obvious.

Derek: Oh Princess, come on. She'll get over it. In the meantime, let me help you with your things.

Aphmau: (laughs) Sure, Mr. Wolfwere.

Derek: I'm going to regret this, aren't I?

Aphmau: (Laughs)

(Scene changes)

Aphmau: Wow!

(Background Music)

Aphmau: This is all for us?

Melissa: Uh-huh! Oh! And check this out. [Pause] He got all of this just for you.

Aphmau: For me?

Derek: Yep. Stole half of them from me when he thought I wasn't looking. I was looking the entire time.

Melissa: Oh, Shut up Dad! Anyway, that's not all! There's the.... (Scene changes) pool area. (Scene changes)Luxury bathroom...(Scene changes) Kitchen....(Scene changes) minibar...(Scene changes) other luxury bathroom...(Scene changes) big T.V and finally..... (Scene changes) your bedroom.

Aphmau: Ehhh!

Derek: As you can see, we spared no expense to make sure you guys are comfortable.

Aphmau: I appreciate it, but really this is too much.

Melissa: But this bed is really comfortable!

Aphmau; Would you...

Rachel: Oh Derek, there you are! I just fixed up the rest of the bedroom. This will be the perfect place for them to make pups! I- Ooooooh She's here.

Derek: Rachel!

Melissa: Mom!

Rachel: I'm leaving! (Goes out then pops head back in) I want to be a grandma.

Derek: Ugghhhh!... Ignore my crazy wife.

Rachel: I heard that!

Aphmau: Can I just die now?!

Derek: Now Aphmau, you are going to be at starlight all summer. You'll have more than enough time to make use of the space here, and this isn't even the best part. There's still all the parks of starlight to explore. This island is just the first one. Besides, we got this house for a good reason.

Aphmau: Huh?


Aphmau: Huh? Huh! (More Barking) Celesita! Oh Celesita! Your here! Wait, how is Celesita here? She stays with my mom.

Melissa: (Laughs)

Aphmau: Wait. No, you guys didn't. Take me to her, girl.

(Music, Scene changes)

Everyone: Surprise!

Aphmau: Mom!? Wh- What are you guys doing here!?

Derek: (Laughs) We invited them. Like I said there's a reason this place is so big. There's room here for all of your friends.

Rachel: We wanted you to be comfortable here and be around those you love.

Melissa: ( Laughs) It's our surprise for you and Aaron. (Laughs)

Derek: After everything that happened back at the lodge, we felt terrible. We were the reason why everyone was sent there. You all could have been seriously....

Slvanna: (Laughs) Let's try not to think about that. Shall we? Those are sad times that we're all getting through together.

Aphmau: This is wonderful! But wait, I thought you guys are all going on a camping trip.

Lucinda: Well, it wouldn't be much of a surprise if you knew we were coming here would it?

Garroth: Exactly, besides we all wanted to come to starlight too.

(Kim punches him)

Garroth: Owww!

Kim: We wanted to be here to support you and Aaron.

Ghost: Plus be here with Zane.( Laughs)

Slvanna: Oh mija, you look so beautiful. Come on, let's get you something to eat.

Aphmau: B-But I...

Zane: Ah, that reminds me, be right back. I gotta go feed my cat.

Garroth: Cat?

Garroth: Hey, my food! Stupid cat!

(Scene changes)

Zane: I got food for ya. You can come out.

Kawaii-Chan: Gaghh! (Sighs)

Zane: SHHH! Keep it down! Do you know how much trouble we're going to get into if they found out I snuck you into this place?

Kawaii-Chan: Oh, Sorry Zane-Kun. (Giggles) But I'm glad you brought me and I'm glad you brought food.

Zane: You're glad?! You said you would tell everyone about Aaron being a werewolf if I didn't bring you.

Kawaii-Chan: Kawaii-Chan didn't really mean it. I just wanted to see Aarmau for the first time in a year. She wasn't going to miss this.


Kawaii-Chan: (Sneezes)

Zane: Kawaii-Chan, SHHH!

Kawaii-Chan: Kawaii-Chan's just a little stuffed up. Again, thank you for bringing me.

Zane: Yeah, Yeah. But you gotta listen to everything I say. At least until I can get a ticket for you to be here. Derek went through a lot of trouble to set this up and he only invited so many people.

Kawaii-Chan: So what is Kawaii-Chan going to do?

Zane: Hmm here. You can live in this bathroom until I figure something out.

Kawaii-Chan: B-But your rooming with Garroth-Kun. Wouldn't Garroth find me here?

Zane: No, Garroth is smart, but he's oblivious sometimes. He'll get distracted by the mirror and won't notice you as long as you keep quiet and don't make noise. We can figure something out.

(Stomach growling)

Zane: (Sighs) Just go eat.

Kawaii-Chan: YAY!!!

Zane: Get in the bathroom and I'll try to get you some dessert. Here, have a pill mint until then.

Kawaii-Chan: Ooh! Minty Chocolate!

Ghost: Zane! Hello!

Zane: Quick, hide!

(Kawaii-Chan Screams)

Ghost: Ahh, Zane! Come on, you're going to miss bonding time with Aphmau.

Zane: Uhhh.. You're

Ghost: (Laughs) Yep. It's Me! Now come on, we need to spend time with our friends. (Laughs)

Zane: Uh, okay. Let's go.

(Music, Scene Changes)

Slyvanna: Mija, are you okay?

Aphmau: I haven't seen Aaron in a year and now he can walk in at any moment. I'm a nervous wreck.

Slyvanna: Nervous? What are you nervous about?

Aphmau: Just... I guess I wonder if he's changed.

Slyvanna: Huh?

Melissa: Hey Aphmau, Can I steal you for a sec?

Aphmau: Hmm? S-Sure.

Melissa: Okay, so Aphmau, Aaron is going to get out of his physical therapy in about 20 minutes. I was thinking maybe you could surprise him when he gets out.

Aphmau: I would love to!

Melissa: Perfect. Now, all you have to do is go two houses to the right and then take the time..

Aphmau: I'm going to see Aaron for the first time in forever and do I look okay. I'm so nervous.

Melissa: You got all that?

Aphmau: Absolutely. I'll go catch him right now. Thanks Melissa.

(Scene changes)

Aphmau: Ughh. Where is this place? Can you find him, girl?


Aphmau: Too many new smells, huh. Melissa and Derek were talking about that. Then I guess I have to go and find him on my own. Follow me, Girl. I should have listened. I should have payed more attention. I need to be here for him. I need to be stronger. I'm lost. I'm weak.

(Scene changes)

Aphmau: (Crying) He's in pain because of what I did, because I didn't listen. Because I wasn't strong enough. He just wanted everyone to be happy again. Even if it hurt him. He shouldn't have saved me. I wasn't worth saving. I don't deserve this place. I don't deserve him. What am I even doing here?


"Alone for a while"

"I've been searching through the dark"

"For traces of the love you left inside my lonely heart"

"To weave by picking up the pieces that remain"

"Melodies of Life, Love's lost refrain"

"Our paths they did cross,though I cannot say just why"

"We met, we laughed, we held on fast, and then we said goodbye"

" And who'll hear the echos of stories near told?"

"Let them ring out loud till they unfold"

"In my dearest memories"

"I see you reaching out to me"

"Though you're gone"

" I still believe that you can call out my name"

"A voice from the past, joining yours and mine"

"Adding up the layers of harmony"

" And so it goes, on and on"

" Melodies of life"

" To the sky beyond the flying birds"

"Forever and Beyond"