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"Ein Saves Aphmau"

"Aphmau's Love Confession"

(Aphmau plush screen comes up)

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(Episode starts with Ein and Aphmau running through the hallway together. Aphmau sits down to rest and catch her breath, and Ein turns around and walks over to her)

Ein: Aphmau, what's wrong?

Aphmau: (crying) I can't believe this is happening!

Ein: Come on. It'll be fine! We'll find the person that actually tagged the cafeteria, and clear your name.

Aphmau: What if we don't?

Ein: We will!

Aphmau: My mom is going to kill me!

Ein: Hey, come on! Don't think about that. We have five hours to find whoever did this.

Aphmau: What if we don't?

Ein: If we don't, I'll stay home with you while you're suspended.

Aphmau: Ein, you... can't do that. You'll just get in trouble, too.

Ein: Maybe, but I think it's wrong they accused you of doing this without evidence. I don't want you to be the only one that suffers for this.

Aphmau: Ein...

Ein: Now come on! We gotta get started if we want to find the Shadow Knights!

Aphmau: Mm, mm hm! Yeah.

Ein: Where should we start, Alpha?

Aphmau: Well, first things first, stop calling me Alpha.

Ein: But I—

Aphmau: A bu-bu!

Ein: All right. Fine, A-aphmau.

Aphmau: Hehe. Thank you. Now, the first place we should start is the scene of the crime. We need to gather evidence first.

Ein: Right. That's a great idea!

Aphmau: Come on, this way! (They walk off)

(The music changes and the screen fades to show Garroth and Ivy, outside by the field (how'd they get there? Garroth was in the hallway when Ivy found him last episode). Garroth is explaining something to Ivy)

Ivy: So, let me get this straight. You're saying that you were tired of girls fawning all over you, so you made up a "pretend girlfriend" so they would leave you alone?

Garroth: Uh, yeah. Uh, that's exactly what happened.

Ivy: That's insane. How long have you been going this now?

Garroth: Uh, a month? Maybe it's been more. (How did Ivy just find out about this now? She's, in her own head canon, anyway, dating him.)

Ivy: How have you been getting away without anyone noticing?

Garroth: Uh, well...

(Flashback starts)

(Garroth is standing in front of the girls' bathroom He looks around and doesn't see anyone, so he goes in. When he comes out, some guys see him (not leaving the bathroom, but see him standing there)

Guy 1: Woah, Garroth, is that lipstick on your collar?

Garroth: Oh, this? Ha, yeah. That's my girlfriend's. She's super hot and real.

Guy 2: Man, I wish I had a girlfriend.

Guy 1: Garroth is so lucky!

(The flashback changes to show Garroth on his phone in front of a computer. A flower delivery person walks up to Garroth)

Delivery Guy: Um, Mr. Garroth Ro'maeve?

Garroth: That's me.

Delivery Guy: I have a flower delivery from your girlfriend.

Garroth: Oh, really?! I was totally not expecting this!

Delivery Guy: Well, the instructions were ridiculously specific. Anyway, the card reads, (what delivery guy reads the card that was sent, especially out loud!) "Garroth, you are so hot, and cool, and awesome, and I love you. Signed, your totally real girlfriend."

Random guy: Wow, Garroth is so lucky!

(The flashback changes again to Garroth in class. His phone rings)

Garroth: Oh, it's my girlfriend. Gotta take this. One second. (on the phone) Hey babe.

Zianna: GarGar! Did you smear your lipstick on your collar again?!

Garroth: Heh, of course! I think your lips are pretty.

Zianna: What?! (sighs) Oh, sweetie, if you're trying to pretend to have a girlfriend to be cool in front of your friends, then you're doing a really bad job at it.

Garroth: Oh, r-really?!

Zianna: That's what you get for being a jerk to Aphmau, sweetie! Or else you might have actually had a girlfriend. Now please, next time you decide to smear my lipstick all over your collar, MAKE SURE YOU WASH IT OUT! AND DON'T USE MY LIPSTICK ANYMORE!

Garroth: (with a scared face) Heh, haha! (hanging up) Heh, girlfriends.

(Flashbacks end)

Ivy: I see.

Garroth: Please don't tell anyone! Please! If people find out I lied about my girlfriend, then they'll think I'm a loser! Wahaha!

Ivy: Aww, Garroth-baby, no one would ever think you're a loser!

Garroth: Well, not before, but now I feel pathetic for lying.

Ivy: Well, maybe, you don't have to lie!

Garroth: Huh?

(The music changes and the screen fades out. It comes up on Zenix and Sasha in the "Out of order" girls' bathroom. Zenix is pacing across the floor)

Sasha: Come on. Come on! PICK UP ALREADY!

Zenix: Oh man, this is bad! We're going to get in so much trouble!

Sasha: Zenix, calm down. You're starting to devolve.

Zenix: I can't help it! Things were going great until...

Sasha: ZENIX! Stop! You were doing so well as the leader of the Shadow Knights! Now is not the time to break down.

Zenix: You're right! You're right. Once Gene answers, this should all blow over.

Sasha: Right, just act cool.

Gene: (picking up) Hello?

Zenix: (clears his throat) WE'RE IN DEEP TROUBLE!

Sasha: Zenix!

Gene: What the? What's going on?

Sasha: Ignore Zenix. He's just falling apart because someone framed us by tagging the Shadow Knight logo all over the entire cafeteria.

Zenix: They even called the cops!

Gene: Really?

Sasha: They did. Now, we're hiding out in the girls' bathroom. Basically, we need your help, Gene.

Gene: I see. So, where are the pictures?

Sasha: You got to be kidding me. We can't—

Gene: I've been waiting for the Aphmau pictures.(that’s not creepy at all)

Zenix: She's like a cat! She won't stand still!

Gene: (sighs) Fine, I'll help you guys. I guess. So what's your plan?

Sasha: We're thinking we might turn ourselves in, and just make the teachers feel bad for us.

Zenix: Yeah, that's the best way!

Gene: Alright. Let me ask you, have any of the teachers seen you guys?

Sasha and Zenix: No.

Gene: Did you guys skip school yesterday?

Sasha and Zenix: Yes.

Gene: Good. Then get out of the school.

Sasha and Zenix: WHAT?!

Gene: Get out without anyone seeing you. Stay home, and play sick. If they think you've been home sick, then they can't pin the blame on you guys. Simple as that.

Sasha and Zenix: Oooooh.

Zenix: See?! That's why you're our leader, Gene!

Gene: Yeah yeah. At least outside of school. Inside, you're the leader, Zenix. Start acting like one.

Zenix: Yes, sir!

Gene: Now I gotta get back to work. I'd better get those pictures when this blows over.

Sasha: Right. (they hang up) Alright, we need get out of here.

Zenix: Right behind you. (They walk off)

(The screen fades to the cafeteria, where Aphmau is walking to with Ein. They look around)

Aphmau: Anything?

Ein: One second. (he sniffs around) Here!

Aphmau: Huh? (They walk over to where Ein was talking about. He picks up a spray paint can)

Ein: A spray paint can.

Aphmau: So? What's so great about it?

Ein: Ugh, sorry, it smells disgusting. Ugh. What's great about it is whoever did it left their scent. So that means I can follow it.

Aphmau: That will lead straight to the Shadow Knights. Oh, this is so cool! Werewolves are awesome!

Ein: (blushing) Heheheh. Now come on! This way!

(Ein walks off. Aphmau starts to follow him, but pulls out her phone instead. Then, Kai walks over to her)

Kai: Aphmau?

Aphmau: Hm? (turns and sees him) AH!

Kai: Where are you off to?

Aphmau: Um, uh, uh, nowhere!

Kai: Good! I wanted to see if you wanted to hang out until class starts, I—

(The camera changes to Ein, who is walking when he notices that Aphmau didn't follow him and stops)

Ein: Aphmau? Where are yo— oh. There you are.

Aphmau: AH! Ein!

Ein: We really should get going.

Kai: Ah, I see, so you're busy.

Aphmau: No! No, I, uh, not for you, but,

Kai: Huh?

Aphmau: Ah, nothing, nothing! Ah hahahaha!

Ein: (to himself) Does she like him?

Aphmau: Oh! Kai, this is Ein. Ein, Kai.

Kai: Pleasure.

Ein: Hi.

Aphmau: So, what were you saying, Kai?

Kai: I was saying—

Ein: Aphmau, we really should get going.

Aphmau: But—

Kai: It's alright, we can talk later. But, uh, I did want to ask you if you wanted to hang out. Sometime... during the weekend?

Aphmau: M-m-me?! With you?! I- I— (the bell rings)

Kai: Oh, think on it, okay? (he chuckles) Alpha.(me:KILL ME NOW)

Ein: Heh.

Aphmau: I sure will! See ya, Kai! (Kai walks off, and she watches him leave) Hehehe! Oh...

Ein: Aphmau? Aph? APHMAU!

Aphmau: Huh? Oh, sorry, um, the bell rang. That means we have to get to class. Oh, I shouldn't have been fawning over Ka- (realizes that Ein's there) Uh, heh, I mean, I'm sorry. I should have payed attention. (sighs) Let's... go to class.

Ein: No way.

Aphmau: Huh? But— we'll get in trouble!

Ein: Yeah, but you'll be in even more trouble if we don't find out who did this. Plus, you won't be able to go to class for awhile.

Aphmau: You're right. Let's go!

Ein: Right! (They walk over to Zenix's locker) Here, this one!

Aphmau: (tries to open it, to no avail) It's locked tight. Ugh. It's hopeless. Even if we find something inside as proof, what good is that going to do? (Ein opens the locker) Ein— why did you—

Ein: We need some kind of lead, and it might be in here.

Aphmau: D-Did you just open that locker with your bare hands?! How did you—

Ein: I'm a werewolf. If you haven't noticed by now, we're pretty strong.

Aphmau: Oh, right. Ahem! Now, let's see what's in here. (They look at some papers on the floor) Just... overdue homework! There's not even a name on them.

Ein: Keep looking!

Zenix: (from around the corner) Quick, this way!

Aphmau: Ah, someone's coming!

Ein: Quick, hide!

Aphmau: Uh, uh, um, IN THE LOCKER!

Ein: But, we won't both fit. Ah! (Aphmau pulls him into the locker and closes the door)(me:me oh nooo)

(Just then, Zenix and Sasha walk by and Zenix tries to open his locker)

Sasha: We need to get out of here now, Zenix! Now isn't the time to worry about your locker.

Aphmau: (whispering) There they are!

Ein: (whispering) Let's get 'em.

Aphmau: (whispering) No! They might run. We can't scare them until we have the upper hand. Just wait.

Zenix: I just want to make sure there aren't any spray cans inside. That could be evidence against us!

Sasha: Just, hurry!

Zenix: (tries to open the locker, but it won't open) Huh? I-It's stuck!

Sasha: Just forget it! We have to go!

Zenix: W-Wait for me! (He runs off)

Aphmau: Now! Huh?! It's locked!

Ein: Well, it is a locker.

Aphmau: Oh, shush! What did you do to it?

Ein: I think... I accidentally jammed it.

Aphmau: So we're stuck in here?!

Ein: I... suppose.

Aphmau: Ugh, you can't be serious!

(The camera turns away to follow Zenix and Sasha, who are walking through the hallway. They see some people talking)

Sasha: Other way! (They turn around and walk off in a different direction, just to find Mr. Gavin standing there)

Zenix: Gah!

(They go another way, to find someone getting stuff from a locker)

Sasha: Ugh, this is useless! Back to the bathroom!

(They walk over there, just to see a teacher inspecting their "out of order" sign)

Zenix: Ah! There's nowhere to run! We're so doomed!

Sasha: Shh! We've been running around for an hour without anyone seeing us. Don't blow our cover with your loud mouth. Now, come on. Let's go to our lockers. We can hide in there until school is over.

Zenix: Right!

(The camera goes back to Ein and Aphmau in the locker)

Ein: Are you getting tired?

Aphmau: Yeah, but I don't want to fall asleep.

Ein: You can rest on me. At least until we can get out of here.

Aphmau: Okay. (She does that, and he blushes)

(Zenix then starts to try to open the locker once again)

Ein: (whispering or thinking) No, not now!

Sasha: Just kick it open.

Zenix: Alright. WATAAWW! (he busts open the door and Ein and Aphmau fall out)

Sasha: What the?

Zenix: Huh? Why were you guys in my locker?!

Aphmau: Ugh! What happened?

Sasha: Get out of the way. We need to hide.

Mr. Arnold: (coming around the corner, probably after hearing the locker open) There you are! Consorting with each other! I knew it.

Aphmau: Meep!

Ein: No, wait!

Sasha: Ah, shoot.

Zenix: Run, Sasha!

(The SKs try to run away, but Mr. Arnold easily catches them)

Arnold: Oh no you don't! I can outrun an ox, bruh. We're going to the principal's office. All of us!

Aphmau: Mmm!

(The camera skips to when they're at the principal's office)

Layla: Well, you found them, Aphmau. But I'm afraid it was in coordination with them.

Aphmau: WHAT?!

Ein: That's not fair!

Layla: I'm sorry, but there's more evidence against you than with you. I'm afraid you're all suspended.

Zane: I wouldn't bother, Principal Layla. (Zane to the rescue (sort of))(me:*gasp* LE GASP)

Layla: Huh?

Zane: I don't appreciate you giving credit to these losers who didn't even lift a finger to do the crime.

Arnold: Uh, what?

Zane: Hahaha. You thought it was the Shadow Knights, but you were wrong! (well, you did tag the walls with the Shadow Knight's logo, so what were they supposed to think?) It was me, Zane!

Layla: That's... insane. (You mean inzane) Why would I believe you?

Zane: Because I have video evidence. A feat this fantastic and evil, I wouldn't have the credit go to these low-life losers. (well, if suspension is your "reward" for this feat, then it's a pretty lame one in my book)

Layla: Prove it.

Zane: Here. Take my phone.

Arnold: (taking the phone) He- he did do it! There's, like, video right here on his phone!

Layla: Well, it seems I've made a mistake. Everyone here, you have my sincerest apologies. You're free to leave.

Zenix and Sasha: Yes! (They leave)

Aphmau: Well, okay then.

(She gets up to leave, and Ein follows. When she passes Zane, she pauses) Zane, I'm... disappointed in you. (Why? he just saved you from suspension and death my your mom)

Zane: Oh? Well, good. Because I don't care.

(He looks away, and Aphmau walks out the door. Ein passes him, looks back at Zane, and follows out the door after Aphmau)

Layla: Now, let's discuss your punishment.

(The camera changes to Aphmau and Ein, who are sitting on the bleachers, probably after school. Aphmau looks really tired)

Aphmau: I'm glad that's over. Still...

Ein: Are you okay? You sound tired.

Aphmau: Just a little. I— (she falls over on the bleacher)

Ein: Aph? Did she just... fall asleep? Heh, yeah. Rest. You need your energy. I'll make sure you're okay.(me:aww…ish,kinda,not really,AARMAU!!!)

(The screen then turns to show Zane leaving school at the end of the school day. The outro music starts to play. Sasha and Zenix run after Zane)

Sasha: Wait!

Zenix: (panting) Zane... what you did... and even taking credit... that was really hard core!

Sasha: Yeah, it was!

Zenix: We are honored to accept you back into the Shadow Knights!

Zane: Oh, thanks, but I'm not interested.

Sasha and Zenix: Huh?!

Zane: I've decided, you guys aren't hard core enough for me. Which is why I'm going to create my own gang.

Sasha and Zenix: What?!

Zane: Hahahahaha! See you later, losers! Hahahahaha!

(The screen pans up at the trees and the sky, then the outro screen comes up)