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Lady Irene Staute

This looks really real. And alive

Summary of Irene[]

Lady Irene is one of the Divine Warriors. She has angel wings. She is most famous for stopping a war. There is an entire faith based on Lady Irene, however this faith only belongs to the Ru'aun Region. This is understandable, seeing as Lady Irene was from the Ru'aun region, Scaleswind. She is highly worshiped and prayed to.

First Appearance[]

After the first incident with Zane, parts of Phoenix Drop were covered in a blackness that couldn't be removed. Aphmau had discovered that you could put an Irene statue down and it would rid them of the blackness. Later, they would discover, that the mysterious blackness, is called a Barrier Rip

Making Irene's Statue[]

After hearing of this news Aphmau quickly set out to find a way to make one of the statues. She had gone to the Wyverns that were stuck in this realm for help. They told her to grab what she needed in their cave and no more than that. They also gave her a recently passed away Ungrth's soul. They said she needed a Wyverns soul in order to make it. They told her to build the statue with her materials and put an infinite water source inside of it. Then she had to throw the soul into the water.

The Power of Irene[]

Aphmau had taken her materials to the plaza, where she used carpenters blocks and stairs to make it. Then she filled it up with water and threw the soul in. Immediately after throwing the it in, a statue of Lady Irene sprung up from the water. To Aphmau great astonishment, everything that was once dangerous barrier rip, were now replaced with pure diamond. The town was rich and the barrier rip was removed thanks to the power of Lady Irene.