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  • Jury of Nine Member
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Ivy (MyStreet)

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"The Refugee's Plight"

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"Battle of O'Khasis"

Voice Actor

Tomoyo Ichijouji

Ivy is the main antagonist in Minecraft Diaries: War Of The Magi. She was once a member of the Jury of Nine, and is now working for the King of Tu'la, and is known by the name "Ivy the Venom Scythe".

In "Battle of O'Khasis" Ivy engaged Garroth and Vylad in a fight. Easily disarming the Shadow Knight, Garroth charges, gaining the advantage. On the ground, Ivy pleads to Garroth to spare her life, which he follows so that she can receive a fair trial. However, Ivy storms one more attack but her time comes to an end as Raven flies down and decapitates her by consuming her head. so no head?


Ivy appears in Minecraft Diaries as "Ivy the Venom Scythe". Though she was never seen in Season One, during that time period she had been working for Zane in the Jury of Nine, but now, she works as an agent for the King of Tu'la, and is in the Ru'aun Region on behalf of the King to perform his requests.

In Episode 83, "Ivy and The Wolf", she and Gavin interrupted Garroth and Aphmau talking. She began to taunt Aphmau with comments alluding to the recent death of Aphmau's good friend Aaron, and out of anger, Aphmau attacked her in her Irene form. Ivy managed to stop her attack by blocking and thus preventing, the assault with her sword, telekinetically lifting Aphmau in the air. She stated that she wanted Aphmau so that she could get the relic that is absorbed into Aphmau's being out of her so that she could have it.

Vylad interrupted the confrontation when Gavin knocked Garroth unconscious with his sword, and upon realising that he was a Shadow Knight, Ivy and Gavin decided to retreat. When Garroth and Aphmau spy on her in "Spying on Ivy" they find out that Ivy wants something with relics.

In "IT'S A TRAP!" Aphmau, Garroth and Katelyn attempt to lure Ivy out of O'khasis. They find her in the forest. All three of them attack her, but Ivy knocks Garroth and Katelyn out with her relic. It leaves Aphmau fighting alone with Ivy. Aphmau manages to bring Ivy down but is then stopped by Laurance. Ivy, being the cowardly monster she is, takes the chance to escape while Aphmau is busy with Laurance.

In "She's Pregnant!?" a message has been sent to Phoenix Drop about Ivy wanting to kill Lady Ro'Meave. Garroth travels into O'khasis to save her with Vylad. They manage to kill loads of Tu'la guards, but then have to face Ivy. Vylad attacks her first but is pushed against a building. She then says she hasn't killed a Shadow Knight in a while. Garroth attacks her next and is about to kill her.

Ivy attempts to manipulate Garroth into sparing her by stating that he would kill her in front of his own mother. Garroth combats this by stating all the bad things she's done, including taking thousands of innocent lives, thus making killing her a pleasure. But knowing what's right, he realizes that he should let O'khasis determine her fate. Ivy, having no honor, stands up and calls Garroth "stupid" for letting her go. But before having the chance to kill him, she is then killed by Raven, who bites her head off. Lady Ro'Meave then removes Ivy's relic from her decapitated corpse and leaves with her sons.


Ivy has wavy cerise pink hair that meets her waist and has a fringe that almost covers her right eye. She has fairly pale skin and light turquoise colored eyes framed by prominent black eyelashes. she's gorgeous she's my wife

She wears the typical armor of a member of the Jury of Nine, but it is colored pink.


Ivy is an intimidating, harsh young woman who radiates a hostile atmosphere, who likes to mock and taunt others with the intention of irritating them. It seems that she has no sense of loyalty, as she will easily give up on her afflictions for another if she thinks it will benefit her own selfish needs. In fact, Katelyn mentions in Episode 80 that the only reason Ivy joined the Jury of Nine in the first place was so that she could be above the law and abuse her power and authority over others, but after growing bored of waiting for her boss, Zane, to return during the fifteen year time skip between Season One and Season Two, she became an agent for the King of Tu'la instead, stating in Episode 80 that she doesn't care who she works for as long as she continues to do "what she loves". Though she does not state what she means by this, it is safe to assume that is referring to her apparent hobby of tormenting and harming the innocent.

Ivy finds amusement in tormenting others or watching arguments, to see the reactions. She appears to have no sense of empathy or sympathy, being perfectly capable of laughing at a person who has experienced the death of a loved one like when she enjoyed watching Aphmau rage at her in Ivy and The Wolf.

She has shown that she loved to anger Katelyn. In one episode she angers Katelyn and they get in a fight.

Trivia Edit

  • Ivy is a name of English origin, and means "Faithfulness". The name is derived from the word 'm ivy, a common nickname for a leafy plant called hedera. A well-known subspecies of the plant, toxicodendron radicans is commonly referred to as "poison ivy", because of its ability to cause an itching, irritating and sometimes painful rash in most people that touch the plant. This may be a reference to Ivy's title: Ivy the Venom Scythe since venom is a type of poison.
    • A scythe is traditionally an agricultural tool used for cutting or mowing plants and crops and is built of a wooden shaft (some modern versions have the shaft made of metal or plastic) with a stone or metal blade on one end. In folklore, the scythe is used by Grim Reapers to penetrate the soul of a person who is either already dead or destined to die soon and the Reaper then collects the soul.
    • Venom is a poisonous substance usually stored inside the mouths of animals like snakes, spiders, and scorpions which are then injected into their prey by either biting or stinging their victim. However, metaphorically, the venom can also be an adjective to describe hostility and bitterness in someone's tone or actions.
  • Ivy, along with Alex and Teony, are the first characters to have appeared in the MyStreet storyline without a counterpart in the Minecraft Diaries plot.
    • However, Ivy was then introduced as an antagonist in Episode 80 of Season Two (titled "The Refugees Plight"). Alex and Teony are yet to be given counterparts.
  • It appears that Ivy can jump very high, being able to jump out of a large tree to confront Aphmau and Katelyn, and then jump back into the tree when leaving. Later, Katelyn states that Ivy was using something, perhaps a consumable substance or a form of magicks, in order to make her stronger (later confirmed to be a relic), explaining how she defeated Katelyn in a sword fight. However, whether this is also the explanation of her exceptional jumping skills is not clear.
  • In Phoenix Drop High, Ivy is portrayed as a sophomore student, meaning she is a year older than Aphmau - whether this also applies to her Minecraft Diaries counterpart is unclear.
    • It is also mentioned in Phoenix Drop High that she is Lily's cousin; since Lily is the wife of Aaron in Minecraft Diaries if this relation also exists in this series, that means Ivy is Aaron's cousin-in-law. However, there is no evidence to suggest that this is canon in Minecraft Diaries, and due to Ivy's death, it is unlikely to ever be discussed.

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