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Ivy is one of the main antagonists in MyStreet Phoenix Drop High and a main character in MyStreet: Love~Love Paradise & Phoenix Drop High Season 2. She was a student from Phoenix Drop High, often accompanied by Lily and Alex. She first appeared in "First Day of School!", where she mocks Aphmau for "playing" the dumb freshman. 

She makes a reappearance in Season Two of "MyStreet", where it is clear that she has matured from her high school days and she try to befriends Aphmau rather than belittling her and apologizes for the way she behaved in high school.


Early Life and EducationEdit

Not much as been revealed about what her life was like at home, but it is revealed in the episode "FC and Shu" that Lily is her cousin and they appear to be good friends.

In the series MyStreet Phoenix Drop High, Ivy is the leader of a clique and has an evident crush on Garroth. Even though they are not a couple and Garroth does not seem to have any interest in her, she insists on referring to him as "her man". She will viciously verbally attack any other girls who express an interest in him, including Aphmau. If the girl continues to talk to Garroth, she would move from verbal attacks to physical assault, getting teachers on her side by lying and shoving the girl in a locker.

She is first seen in the first episode of the series, where she finds Aphmau on the school grounds, a few minutes before the bell goes to signify to start of the school day and claims that she saw Aphmau "drooling over" Garroth, embarrassing Aphmau. She then appears in episode 3, when Ivy sees Aphmau on her way to school. Alex and Lily are with her when Ivy warns Aphmau to stay away from Garroth or she will be punished. As she walks away, Lily calls Aphmau a loser.

Later, it turns out Aphmau is in a class with Garroth and Laurance. Ivy spies on Aphmau while she nervously speaks to Garroth. It is not confirmed, but it is highly certain she ditched class in order to do so.

In episode 4, Aphmau heads into the changing room for her P.E. class. She got changed in the bathroom and saw that the coast was clear, only to realize Ivy and her friends were camping her. Ivy starts being rude to Aphmau and yells at Aphmau for "stealing" Garroth. Aphmau says that Ivy shouldn't be the one to tell her what to do.

In frustration, Ivy pushes Aphmau to the ground. Aphmau remains on the floor for a couple of seconds, but soon recovers from her surprise and stands back up and shoves Ivy to the floor in response, but quickly regrets it and asks Ivy if she is ok.

Unfortunately for Aphmau, at this moment the teacher, Hyria, enters the room, observes the scene and asks what happened. Ivy fakes crying and says that Aphmau pushed her for no reason. Although Hyria asks Aphmau if it's true, Lily plays along with Ivy's lies before Aphmau even has a chance to respond. Though Aphmau quickly protests, Hyria apologizes to Aphmau, stating that she has to go by what she sees, and so she gives Aphmau detention while letting the true aggressor get away with her actions with no consequences. Thankfully, this did not affect Aphmau's permanent record.

On field day, Ivy once again sees Aphmau taking to Garroth. In response, she politely intervenes to break up the conversation. Garroth, not knowing of Ivy's history with Aphmau, introduces her to Aphmau. Ivy gets jealous once she realizes Garroth has known Aphmau longer than her. Once Garroth left, Ivy aggressively warned Aphmau once again to stay away from Garroth.

When Garroth was talking to Aphmau again, Ivy once again saw the conversation. She and her friends then wait for Aphmau to pass by the boy's locker room. When Aphmau walks by, she hears someone (Ivy) crying. Aphmau goes to investigate when Lily knocks her out from behind. Ivy and Lily then shove Aphmau into a locker and leave her to rot until the next school day. However Ivy was unaware that the locker that they had shoved Aphmau into belonged to Aaron and that he has yet to stop by it, ultimately resulting in him opening his locker and freeing Aphmau.

She is later involved in helping Gene get revenge on Aaron and Aphmau for his phone being broken. When she and Lily were chatting about Lily faking being Aaron’s friend, Aphmau heard this and immediately decided to go to Aaron despite not liking him at the time. Ivy and Lily were going to give chase, but Gene told them to let Aphmau tell Aaron. When Aphmau started being close to Aaron however, Ivy decided to call off her deal with Gene since she is no longer a threat to her “relationship”.

She later found another reason to bully Aphmau when she started bringing a wolf plush to school, but Aphmau just ignored her taunts. Balto later paid Ivy to steal Aphmau’s plush for him so he could bribe Aaron into challenging him.

During the next year, she intentionally caused Aphmau to trip as she and Lily laughed at her. She was later able to get Garroth to be her boyfriend, but she sometimes made Garroth feel uncomfortable.


Not much is known about Ivy after high school. She attended college and became friends with Teony. It is also said that she had a boyfriend who broke up with her.

In "Blast From The Past!", she meets Aphmau and the group again. She apologizes to Aphmau about being so mean to her in high school. Aphmau decides to accept the apology and keep an eye on her. Ivy also meets Garroth and yells "Garr~ath" at him. Garroth runs away and screams.

In "Friendship is Sandcastles!", Ivy and Aphmau both participate in a sand castle competition. They both think that they might win as they both are older and more experienced than the other participants. Sadly, a storm comes that destroys all of the castles.

Ivy goes back in the middle of the night to rebuild Aphmau's sand castle. She receives flashbacks from when she bullied Aphmau and really wants to make it right again. Aphmau suddenly appears behind her and decides that they could team in the competition after realizing what Ivy was doing. They both rebuild the sand castle and stay up all night. In the morning the winner is announced. Ivy and Aphmau are the runner-ups. They winners are some kids that built a impressive dinosaur. Ivy and Aphmau are both shocked and Ivy faints. They are both carried to the sofa bed to sleep together.

In "The Double Date", she goes on a date with Garroth (to support Travis and Katelyn's date). At first Ivy is shy and doesn't speak much. She meets Aphmau in the bathroom and says that she was to make the date as good as possible for Travis and Katelyn. Ivy is still sad about her boyfriend and Aphmau tells her that she is always there for Ivy to talk to. This shows that a bond between the two is starting to grow. When Aphmau mentions Garroth, Ivy blushes, showing that Ivy might have a crush on Garroth. At the end of the date she apologizes to Garroth about pronouncing his name wrong and reveals that she always had a lisp. The two talk for the rest of the evening.


During her adolescence, Ivy had a typical "queen bee" and "mean girl" persona and she ran a clique with Lily, her cousin and Alex, their friend. Of the trio, she appeared to be the leader and thought very highly of herself, but was also prone to threatening people, particularly Aphmau, who was a victim of Ivy's bullying. With regards to her affection for Garroth and her jealousy towards that fact that he was friend with Aphmau, Ivy seemed to have a yandere persona (Yandere is a Japanese term for a person who is initially very loving and gentle to someone, or at least innocent, before their devotion becomes destructive in nature, often through violence and/or brutality, as shown when Ivy bullies Aphmau when she suspects that Aphmau likes Garroth).

In Season Two of MyStreet, she seems to have a changed personality and seems a lot nicer and more friendly than she was in high school. Along with that, her attitude has mellowed and calmed as she reached college, during which time she befriended her now best friend Teony. She also has had a change of heart as she apologizes for her actions during high school, wanting to start anew with Aphmau and her friends. UwU


Ivy has a very pale complexion, long cerise pink hair that is somewhat wavy at the ends and bright turquoise eyes. As a teenager, her hair was wavy and long, reaching her hip when at its full length. As an adult, her hair is shorter and reaches the small of her back, curling upwards in a large wave.

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  • Ivy is a name of English origin and means "Faithfulness". The name is derived from the word "ivy", a common nickname for a leafy plant called hedera.
  • It is revealed in the episode "The Double Date" that Ivy has a lisp and this is why she has difficulty at pronouncing Garroth's name. A lisp is a speech defect in which s is pronounced like th in thick and z is pronounced like th in this.

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