Jax is a background character in the MyStreet PDH series.
Full Name










Hair Color

Dark Green

Eye Color

Icy Blue

Professional Status


Previous Occupation(s)

Phoenix Drop High Student

Personal Status


  • Ryder (Best Friend)
  • Ein (Leader)
  • Other Delinquent Werewolves


Last Appearance

"Ultima" (So Far)


Jax is a student at Phoenix Drop High along with his pal Ryder. He only made major appearance during the later half of Season 2, making only minor appearances in the beginning. At first, the two were obedient to Aphmau as the Alpha Female and didn't show interest in running as Alpha Male, but when Ein was chosen as Alpha, they completely ignored Aphmau and swore loyalty to him. Like Ryder, Jax often get into fights and the two then steal Aphmau's phone when she was texting Aaron, despite her pleads because although she is the Alpha Female, they only listen to Ein the Alpha Male, who agrees with all of the fighting, along with the fact that Aphmau is a human, which Ein secretly find weak, imperfect and disgusting. They rush off to deliver the phone to Ein, to which he was mad about, but later accepts as it gives him a plan.

  1. In "Omega", he, Ryder and Ein are in the bathroom talking about Ein's plan to take over the school by forcing Aphmau to become his trophy girlfriend after winning the Werewolf Games when Kacey interrupts their conversation. Jax and Ryder offer to beat him up severely, but Ein told them to let him handle it after Kacey slaps him. After Kacey is severely hurt from the punch, the trio fled the bathroom, unaware of him recording their crimes. Currently Jax is one of many of the Phoniex Drop High exclusive characters and it is unknown if he will appear in any Mystreet series in the future


Jax has dark blue-green hair that fades from dark and muddy-colored blue/green/gray to a light blue-gray. His ears and tail are deep blue, and Jax's eyes are very light ice blue. Jax has tanned skin that appears almost yellowish. He wears the normal Phoenix Drop High male outfit at school. Outside of school, he wears a brown and tan short-sleeved shirt with tan cuffs and two white string hanging from the hood, green-colored jeans, and what appears to be black Converse.


He is very calm, collected, and generally agreeable. Jax likes to agree to whatever any figure of power tells him, whether he is doing a duty for them or not. He likes to spread rumors and trouble, and can be very clueless. He has a dislike of Meif'wa due to their gossiping. Jax is a follower rather than a leader, and often just agrees with things others have said rather than offering his own opinion. Jax tends to be very moody and reluctant. He can also be very violent, sometimes in a joking kind of manner, but often not. According to Aphmau, he and Ryder are troublemakers, responsible for a lot of fights. Ein hints that they don't really do anything productive. Jax is very corrupted by the forces of evil, often resorting to thievery, lying, and violence. He is very good at lying, but not so much at apologizing or attracting women.


  • He was present during Aphmau's date with Kai.
  • He stole Aphmau's phone and refuses to return it, even after her begging him and Ryder.
  • Throughout the whole series, he has been friends with Ryder, another werewolf.
  • Jessica has a pet kitten named Jax. Whether or not this is a coincidence is unknown.
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