Jeffory The Golden Heart




Golden Glaive





Hair Color


Eye Color


Professional Status
Previous Occupation(s)

Jury Of Nine Guard

Previous Partner

Unnamed Wife; Deceased

Personal Status



Abby (Daughter)


Katelyn (Best Friend)


Jeffory (MyStreet)

First Appearance

"The Missing Lord"

Last Appearance

"Respect for Irene"

Voice Actor
  • AwesomeDom (S1)
  • TheDragonHat

Biography Edit

Jeffory was one of the members of the Jury of Nine and is known as Jeffory the Golden Heart, and carries around gold weapons. Jeffory first met Aphmau in a tavern in Pikoro Village. It was there we learned Jeffory has a daughter named Abby. Jeffory had a wife but he claimed that she passed away giving birth to Abby. Jeffory was known as 'Jeffory the Golden Heart' of the Jury of Nine.

In Episode 74, Season One, Jeffory finds Aphmau in the sewers underneath the well and lets her take the two lords that were held in the sewer to be killed. Sadly, Jeffory was later killed by Zane for treason of allowing Aphmau to leave with the captured lords. It is unknown to him that Katelyn has a crush on him. Jeffory was also used against Katelyn by the imps by the "Demon Warlock" who live in the "Enki Tribe". Jeffory has most likely visited the "Enki Tribe" because imps can only take form of people they've seen. The imp's illusion makes Katelyn become weak and is she was taken down easily. He may have died in the main series, but MyStreet is an alternate universe and he is still alive there.

Appearance Edit

Jeffory has pale green eyes, soft dark brown hair with a cowlick and wears a Jury of Nine uniform with malachite green sections and black gloves.

Personality Edit

Jeffory is very caring and nice. He is also very friendly and family orientated. He does seem to have a slight flirty side and is outgoing with new people. He also follows orders well even is people think they were betrayed.

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Jeffory image gallery


  • The name Jeffory is of English origin, and is derived from the French name Geoffrey, which in turn is derived from the Germanic name Gaut. The name means "Pledge of Peace" or "Peaceful Pledge".
  • Jeffory is older than Katelyn by a few years.
  • It is thought that he and Katelyn had a "thing" together.
  • His Voice Actor is TheDragonHat, the same as Levin and Garroth.
    • However in Minecraft Diaries Ep. 91 he may have had a different voice actor and he was unlisted. People have said his voice in this episode sounds a lot like Aaron's voice actor, Jason, AKA AwesomeDom who is Jess' husband in real life.
    • In the description of Aphmau's MyStreet videos, his name is spelled as Jeffery. Though this could have been a mistake. 
  • It was mentioned by Ivy the Venom Scythe to Katelyn in S2 Ep80 "The Refugee's Plight" that "he can't hold you back from his place in the Nether." Here, it is implied that he may be still alive, or that the Nether is just Ivy's depiction of the Underworld.
  • Jeffory was one of the few jurors to work against Zane instead of with him.

NOTICE On the episode Jeffory died, his last words were: "No... not like this... Abby..."

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