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Full Name

Jennifer Rose

  • Jenny (Given by her friends; Cathy, Betty, and Herself)
  • Ms. Jennifer (Given by Peter)
  • Cutie (by Xavier)




Hair Color

Pale grey

Eye Color

Dark Bluish-Indigo

Professional Status
Previous Occupation(s)

Falcon Claw University Student

Previous Team

Jenny's University Team

Personal Status



Aaron (Crush, “Ex-Boyfriend”) [diana](girlfriend)


Jenny (A Royal Tale)

First Appearance

"Last Day of School"

Last Appearance

"Leaving The Past Behind"

Voice Actor

Elsie Lovelock

Jennifer "Jenny" Rose is the tritagonist of Falcon Claw University.


Jenny is at her fourth year at Falcon Claw University. She is very popular and has a crush on Aaron. Some of her many friends include; Cathy, Betty, Diana, and Mac. Jenny was also a mentor to several students on campus at the end of last year including; Aphmau, Kawaii~Chan, Zane, and Tera. For a period of time, Aaron was her boyfriend who she obsessed over before and during her relationship with him.


Jenny has tanned skin, with an orange undertone, which gives her a contrasting palette, with her dark bluish-indigo eyes and titanium blonde hair, which comes down to her waist, and drapes over both of her shoulders.

Everyday Outfit - In Jenny's everyday outfit, she wears a long, gray, off the shoulder cardigan sweater with a sky blue, strapless dress. On her feet, Jenny wears white flats.

Team Leader Outfit - This Outfit is the same as her normal outfit but with a long, red t-shirt with "team leader" on the back, placed over her normal outfit.


Jenny is known to be very girly and social. During most of the season, any mention of Aaron would cause her to get flustered and blush. Cathy even once compared her with that of a yandere when she got mad at another girl who was talking to Aaron while watching them from afar. Despite this, she still respects Aphmau being near Aaron.

When she did get into a relationship with Aaron, she has shown to be obsessive over him. She would often complain about Aaron being around Aphmau more than her. She also barely let Aaron say how he really felt about their relationship, constantly changing the subject. At one point, she had Xavier flirt with her so she could make Aaron jealous. When Aaron broke up with her, she got very upset and was hypocritical about what happened.

Toward the end of the season, she starts to realize how wrong her behavior is after learning what Cathy has been up to behind her back. She later apologizes to Aaron for the way she treated him. Her last appearance was when she walked with Mac inside the university.


  • Jenny's first name is Jennifer, but people call her by her nickname.
  • Jenny is obsessive when it comes to talking about Aaron.
  • On the third episode of Phoenix Drop High: Graduation Days, it was revealed that Jenny's full name was Jennifer Rose.
  • At the end of Will She Win His Heart?, she confesses to Aaron about her feelings for him; in shock, Aaron accidentally says yes when she asked to be his girlfriend.
  • When she and Aaron were "dating", she bragged to her friends that she had a boyfriend.
  • At one point, she turns into an obsessing yandere and gets upset when anybody else other than her hung out with Aaron. (especially Aphmau)


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