Origin Edit

At least 1000 years ago, once Lady Irene brought peace to the land, many sought after her hand in marriage, to assassinate her, to glorify her, and so on. She had a difficult time setting foot anywhere. Then, Xavier stepped in and established The Jury of Nine - to pass judgement on anyone who dared to speak with her with intent both pure and malicious.

According to Katelyn, the Jury of Nine have disbanded after Zane's sudden disappearance. The remaining jurors are implied to have left and are working on solo jobs.  

It is unknown if a new Jury of Nine has been revived or formed while the 15 year time-skip appeared. 

Title Edit

The way that the Jury members' titles work could be a number of things, including what weapon they use, what materials they use, their personality, or how they use their weapon. However, none of this is confirmed as being canon. Although Jeffory the Golden Heart is speculated to get his title from how he uses golden weapons, or it could be the in retrospect "His kind, golden, heart."

Powers and Abilities Edit

Every member of the Jury has to leave their family in order to fulfill their duties. Also, members likely are given powerful armor and potentially weaponry as well so long as they are loyal. . Each member seems to have a special transformation form as well- we see Katelyn in her transformation in ''The Amulet's Secret''. As said above, the Jurors are given armor and weapons in return for their loyalty, and not having that loyalty anymore would get your armor taken away (or killed if you are under Zane's rule). However, it seems that not having loyalty to O'khasis anymore does not have a direct connection to a members powers and arsenal. An example would be Katelyn, who renounced her place in the Jury unofficially and kept the armor and her powers, until Zane took her powers away. The lord the member protects probably does the taking away of the arsenal and powers.

  • To be noted; The title ''Garroth the Diamond Soul'' is fanon, rather than canon, and based on heavy implications and canon facts about personalities, histories, and weaponry.
  • It is also seen that the Jury of Nine power can do major damage as Katelyn attack on Lillian missed and caused a crater on the beach without going into full power.
  • Also Zane has probably Enchanted all of the items the Jury has, due to the fact that when Aphmau, Laurance and Katelyn were held hostage and their items were burnt, Katelyn's claws remained intact.

Known members Edit

Assumed Members Edit

  • Zane the High Priest of O'khasis

Guards In Line For Jury Edit

Since there are always 9 members of the Jury of Nine, guards who do exceptionally well during guard training will be put on a list. If a member of the Jury of Nine dies, renounces their own place in the Jury, or is relieved of their position for any reason, then the next guard prodigy on the list will take their place. It could also be that titles run in bloodlines, seeing as Abby introduced herself as ''Abby the Golden Heart'', though this could also just be because of some sort of honorary titling system.

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