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Hair Color

Light Pink

Eye Color


Professional Status
  • Zane
  • Ein (Formerly)
Personal Status
  • Aphmau
  • Kim
  • Noi
  • Ein (Not really)
  • Aaron

Kawaii~Chan (MyStreet)

Voice Actor


You are sugar and spice and everything nice! You are a lover of all sweet things, and are no pushover!

―Aphmeow.com quiz result

KC is a main character in the Aphmau SMP.


KC adores cats and baking sweets, especially cakes. She's kind to her friends, but she can be playfully chaotic. KC takes the game a little seriously, getting very upset once someone griefs her. Zane is usually her love interest, but she sometimes either doesn't know he exists or leaves her for Ein, Aaron, or even a mob or animal. However, she herself can get jealous whenever Zane is with another girl. She claims that Aphmau and Aaron are her OTP and that she won't let anyone get in the way of her ship. However, that doesn't mean that she won't try to steal Aaron for herself. Despite her sweet side, she can get angry at other people very easily, especially Zane. She and Aphmau are considered besties, but even she can't help but turn against Aphmau either out of jealousy, a misunderstanding, or for Zane's sake. She'll also sometimes try to hide being against someone by playing innocent. She also has a strong sense of entitlement when it comes to love, pets, babies, and baking, and she'll grief, kidnap, and steal whenever she feels entitled enough. She is also prone to acting like an actual cat sometimes.


KC has long pink hair as well as gold-colored eyes. She also has black cat ears. her minecraft character's thumbnail model has ears has pink on the inside while her Minecraft model has white on the inside, a tail of the same color of the outside with the latter fitted with a red bow. On her left is a small pink bow in her hair as well as a larger pink bow on the back of her head. She also wears a pink shirt, white shorts, and pink boots, making her attire similar to her MyStreet counterpart during the first season.


KC's base is often comprised of birch wood and pink blocks. She has a big room for her kitchen where her cats live. In one instance, her house is decorated with a pair of giant cat ears.


  • Her name is short for Kawaii~Chan.
  • In the thumbnails, her ears and tail are fully modeled rather than being part of her skin.
  • In her summer attire, she used to not have her ears and tail due to the outfit and skin being borrowed from MyStreet.
  • Surprisingly, she is sometimes referred to as being human despite her character's meif'wa origins.
  • Her cats are sometimes shown to be ocelots rather than actual cats.
  • People usually prank her by stealing and eating her cakes and messing with her cats.
  • In the past, KC had an interest in bad boys, which convinced Zane to prank, grief, and try to kill Aphmau (and no one else) in order to win her affection instead of confessing his feelings towards her.