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"High School Love"

"Aaron Is Jealous!"

(Episode comes up on the hallway at PDH high school, then shows Aphmau's homeroom class, where she is sitting next to Katelyn and humming)

Katelyn: Well, someone' is in a happy mood today.

Aphmau: Of course I am! Want to know why?

Katelyn: Well, I have a feeling we're going to find out anyways, so, yes, I do want to know the source of you happiness.

Aphmau: Hehe! It's your smile, Katelyn!

Katelyn: O-t- Oh, you. (Aphmau giggles) But really, what exactly is the reason you're in such a good mood.

Aphmau: Well, your smile is one of the things that puts me in a good mood, but if you are curious, I have art class today! But, not only that, I managed to finish my art assignment, not only early, but I created a masterpiece!

Katelyn: Is the masterpiece your smile?

Aphmau: Are you trying to one-up me on compliments?

Katelyn: Well, maybe?

Aphmau: Oh, hahaha. Then it's on. Just like how on-point your personality always is.

Katelyn: Exactly. But not as on-point as your eyes!

Travis: (turning around from where he is sitting from in front of Aphmau) Are we talking about how great Katelyn's personality is?

Aphmau: Always!

Katelyn: BUT, also Aphmau's eyes, as well.

Travis: (sighing dreamily) I see those eyes are very pretty, too. But, if there's a compliment war going on, then you ladies can feel free to compliment me. (wow, fishing for compliments much)

Katelyn: So what was this art masterpiece you were talking about?

Aphmau: Oh, right, I almost forgot about that!

Travis: (in a creepy voice) I'll get that compliment from you girls some day. Some day! (He walks away creepily)

Aphmau: The assignment was to draw something you love! So, I drew this! (She holds up her drawing, which is of an orange cat with hearts around it and a blue fish background and a tuna sandwich on the floor next to it)

Katelyn: Aww, that's so cute! And it looks really good, too. You're actually improving on your drawing skills.

Aphmau: Was that a compliment for the compliment war we're having?

Katelyn: Yes, but I really do mean that. You've come far since you first started drawing.

Aphmau: Thanks! But, I mean, I'm not great, I just—

Katelyn: Sh-shshsh! Shut up and let me compliment your art!

Aphmau: (with starry, crying eyes) Oh, Katelyn!

Kawaii~Chan: (walking over) Wow, that drawing is adorable!

Aphmau: Ah! Kawaii~Chan!

Katelyn: Geez, Kawaii~Chan, you scared me!

Kawaii~Chan: Whoops! Sorry about that! Hehehe! (she looks at the drawing again) You know what, now that Kawaii~Chan takes a closer look at Aphmau~Senpai's drawing, it looks a lot like Kai!

Katelyn: Who?

Aphmau: (blushing a bit) W-What?! N-no it doesn't!

Kawaii~Chan: Yeah it does, look! See, it's got his color fur, his shade of eyes, you even put a little mark on his adorable dimples!

Aphmau: (blushing even more) No I didn't! How can you even tell, it's just a regular cat!

Kawaii~Chan: Nya, it just looks like Kai~Kun to me. Plus, Kai is super awesome. Almost all the meifwas like him!

Aphmau: He is? I didn't know that.

Katelyn: Ah, so you do know this guy, huh?

Aphmau: Uh— so what?!

Kawaii~Chan: Hehehe! You even put a tuna sandwich next to him! Kai loves those! He makes the best! (How does she know that? Did he make her a sandwich)

Aphmau: Enough, alright! It's just a cat, that so happens to look like Kai. I love cats, and- and they're cute, and they go "Nya!" Just like all animals. (only cats go "nya", Aph) So- so can we just drop the subject?

Kawaii~Chan: Kawaii~Chan didn't know that Aphmau~Senpai knew Kai~Kun! That's awesome! Kai happens to be one of the nicest meifwa around!

Aphmau: He is?

Kawaii~Chan: Yeah, he's pretty popular, too! Not crazy popular, but everyone who meets him remembers him very well. He's always exciting to be around.

Aphmau: Ah, I see. (sighs) (thinking) "I didn't realize that. He must think I'm boring then."

Kawaii~Chan: Yeah! So everyone thought it was weird when he didn't take the role of saber when it was offered to him.

Aphmau: A saber? What's that?

Kawaii~Chan: Oh, meifwa have four students who are sabers. Basically like mentors, but for other meifwa. It's really cool!

Katelyn: Really? I didn't know that.

Kawaii~Chan: Yeah! One saber for each year! It's really cool and an honor to be one. (the bell rings)

Katelyn: Well, that's the bell for first class. Good luck with your art class, Aphmau. We'll finish our compliment war later.

Aphmau: That's very kind of you.

Katelyn: Not as kind as you are! (She leaves) (Kawaii~Chan also leaves)

Aphmau: A— oh, darn it. She left before I could say anything nice! Oh well. I'll see her again. (She walks towards the door, but before she leaves, Mr. Moore calls her over)

Mr. Moore: Ah, Aphmau, may I have a word with you?

Aphmau: Me? Uh, sure! But, I might be late to class.

Mr. Moore: It's not a problem, I'll write you a hall pass. Now, I was just reading an email from the principal, and it seems your schedule has been changed. I wanted to catch you before you headed out to your next class.

Aphmau: My schedule's been changed?! What?! Why?! How?!

Mr. Moore: Well, it seems... let's see here... your schedule wasn't optimized for you. So some changes were made to make sure you get the most out of your education.

Aphmau: What?! Oh, please, tell me I still have art class!

Mr. Moore: Hmm, nope. It seems it was changed.

Aphmau: Are you serious?! But this is drawing I made! I worked so hard! I—

Mr. Moore: I'm so sorry, Aphmau. Believe me, your kitty cat painting looks amazing! If it were up to me, I would make sure no schedules were changed, but that's not in my power.

Aphmau: Awww...

Mr. Moore: Hey, come on. Cheer up. It looks like I'm still your homeroom teacher, so that's a plus!

Aphmau: (starts crying) (wow she's really emotional about this schedule change)

Mr. Moore: Hey, don't get so worked up! Look, how about this. If you can't think of anything to do with your drawing by tomorrow, I'll hang it up in the classroom so everyone can see how beautiful it is. Okay?

Aphmau: T-that would be awesome. Thank you so much.

Mr. Moore: No problem. Now, it seems like your next class is still the same, (I thought her next class was art?) but you should pick up your schedule during lunch if you can.

Aphmau: Alright, Thank you so much, Mr. Moore. I'll see you later!

Mr. Moore: See you later, Miss Aphmau.

(The camera changes to show Principal Layla and a student named Henry talking outside of the principal's office (why are they talking in the hallway? The principal has an office for a reason))

Student: This is the fourth time my schedule has been changed.

Layla: I'm so sorry. Please, understand that this is just temporary, I—

Henry: Miss Layla, please, it's been months since school's started, and schedules are still changing.

Layla: Again, I'm really sorry about this. As I had said before, the school has been going through the educational reform program, and these things can take time. I'll see what I can do about your schedule not changing any more.

Henry: Alright, thanks. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to get snappy, but, it's just I don't feel attached to any of my classes because of this.

Layla: I can completely understand. I'll make sure this is looked into immediately.

Henry: Thank you, Principal Layla. See you later.

Layla: See you later, Henry. (Henry walks away, and she sighs) This school needs a lot more work. (She goes into her office)

(The screen fades to Aphmau walking through the hallway to her creative writing class with Garroth and Laurance)

Aphmau: I'm just really glad I still have this class with you guys.

Garroth: Same. Ah, though you shouldn't bee too worked up about your schedule changing. Mine was changed a few times, too.

Laurance: Same here. But, mine's only been changed once.

Aphmau: Hm?

Garroth: Ah, so! Uh, Aphmau, anything new?

Aphmau: Oh, uh, not much.

Laurance: Heard you have been hanging out with werewolves lately.

Aphmau: Uh, yeah. I-I have!

Laurance: Wow, so it's true.

Garroth: You got a crush on one.

Aphmau: Huh? Uh, no. It's, um, I made friends with a lot of werewolves last year, when I took werewolf class, so... Plus, I joined werewolf club too!

Garroth: Oh, that's awesome!

Laurance: Yeah, I don't much about werewolves.

Aphmau: Well, I'm still learning, so maybe I'll teach you some time!

Laurance: Know anything abut meifwa?

Aphmau: Huh?

Garroth: Ah, for your girlfriend, Laurance?

Aphmau: Girlfriend?!

Laurance: Shh!

Garroth: What? It's not a secret. Laurance has a girlfriend who's a meifwa.

Aphmau: Really?! Oh, well, ahem, congratulations.

Laurance: Thanks.

Aphmau: Is she really pretty?

Laurance: Heheh, is someone jealous?

Aphmau: Hehehe! No, I'm not, I just— well, I'm not sure if I ever pictured you with a girlfriend.

Laurance: Ouch!

Aphmau: No, no, not like that. I mean, like, you always have those cute fangirls, so I didn't think you had a moment. Plus, soccer. Your schedule must be crazy.

Laurance: Yeah, it is. But I'm willing to give it a shot.

Garroth: Yeah. Plus, Michi seems like a nice girl.

Aphmau: Michi? Oh, her! I've heard great things about her. Heh, she is a cutie!

Laurance: Heh, thanks. (The bell rings)

Ms. Shellie: Alright students, please turn in your essays. have a great day, and remember: Nothing is impossible with... Imagination.

Aphmau: See you guys later! (She leaves)

Garroth and Laurance: Later!

(The screen then shows the lunch room. Kai looks around, but doesn't see Aphmau)

Kai: Huh? Oh no, did she- she must have gotten her schedule changed.

Aphmau: Hey, up here! (she is sitting on the same plant that Kai was that one time) Boo! Hehehe! Did I scare you? Hehehe.

Kai: Uh, w-what are you doing in that tree?

Aphmau: I'm trying to impress you! You always greet me by climbing in trees, so, this time, I wanted to turn the tables.

Kai: Did you think this plan through?

Aphmau: Yep!

Kai: Are you sure?

Aphmau: Yeah!

Kai: Because I can, uh, see up you skirt.

Aphmau: (blushing) What?! W-Why are you looking?!

Kai: It's kind of hard for me not to look if you're up there!

Aphmau: Oh, well, help me get down, before someone sees!

Kai: Haha! Just jump down, I'll catch you.

Aphmau: Seriously?!

Kai: I mean I don't kind the view, but...

Aphmau: No, I got it! I'll jump!

(She jumps down, and Kai catches her in a bridal-style position)

Kai: (helping her to her feet) Are you okay?

Aphmau: Y-Yeah.

Kai: What was that all about?

Aphmau: Like I said, I wanted to turn the tables on you, so... yeah.

Kai: Hahaha. Well, I'm surprised you managed to climb up there. Unless you're used to landing on your feet, it can get tricky.

Aphmau: Yeah, I... noticed.

Kai: Is this yours? (he hands her the drawing she made)

Aphmau: Ah! (blushing) I-It's... just a drawing of a cat! Hahahaha!

Kai: I see. It's really cute. Quite a handsome cat, if I do say so myself.

Aphmau: (she giggles quietly and nervously) I'm glad you think so, because I think he's cute too.

Kai: (blushing slightly) So, you want to get to lunch?

Aphmau: (sighs) Yes, please. I'm starving, and... embarrassed.

Kai: Alright then. Say, how about today, you and I eat lunch outside?

Aphmau: Really? Sure. I-I would like that.

Kai: Awesome. Then let's get something to eat. I heard they're serving... skirt steak for lunch. Hahahaha!

Aphmau: Seriously, you're making jokes, and I could have died?!

Kai: (is still laughing, but it does out as they walk to the cafeteria) (wow, he laughs a lot)

(The screen fades and comes up on them sitting on the bleachers outside)

Aphmau: I thought it was against the rules to eat outside. (You wait until you actually are outside to mention this?)

Kai: Last year it was. But this year, they're letting kids eat outside. It's kind of nice, if you ask me.

Aphmau: I didn't know that.

Kai: I didn't either until today. So yeah, I just wanted to spend time with ya outside. By the way, what was that drawing for?

Aphmau: Oh, ah, hahaha, it was for my art class. Well, when I had art class. My schedule got changed, so now all that work was for nothing.

Kai: It looks beautiful. What are you going to do with it?

Aphmau: I don't know.

Kai: Can I have it?

Aphmau: Y-y-you want it?!

Kai: Sure, I like cats. (Aphmau scooches closer, and he breaks out in a nervous sweat He freaks out a bit when Aphmau's eyes get starry)

Aphmau: Can... you... nya?

Kai: W-what?!

Aphmau: I-I don't know!

Kai: Hahahahaha! That was so sudden!

Aphmau: I mean, you said you liked cats, and then I realized your ears, and I- and I thought it would be cute!

Kai: Haha, hahaha. Only if you bark, Alpha.

Aphmau: You found out?

Kai: I've known for a bit, yeah.

Aphmau: Ah! I didn't want anyone but the werewolves to know about that!

Kai: It's not a big deal. You can just—

Aphmau: Uh, here! Take the painting, just don't tell anyone else but the werewolves I'm alpha. I don't know why I'm acting weird when I'm around you, I'm so sorry, just please, take it and I'll go! (She gives him the painting and walks off)

Kai: (The outro music starts to play) Aphmau! Wait. (She pauses at the bottom of the bleachers and turns around to face him) Nya.

Aphmau: (blushing with wide eyes) Eeeeeeeeeeeeee! Hahaha! (she faints)

Kai: (walking over) Uh, Aphmau, you okay? Aphmau? Aphmau!

(The screen pans upward towards the sky, then the outro screen comes up)