Kai's Crush
Season 2, Episode 15
Post Date April 1, 2017
Duration 21:04
Written By Aphmau
Produced By Dom
Episode Guide
"Aphmau's Love Confession"
"A DATE!?"
"Kai's Crush" is the 15th episode of the second season of Phoenix Drop High. It premiered on April 1, 2017, and runs for 21 minutes and 4 seconds.

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Aphmau is still heartbroken after the event she went through in the previous episode, she wants to stay at home during this day, but Sylvana still sends her to school.

Daniel joins Dottie and Rylan, saying he's late because he watched two werewolves, Fenrir and Blaze, started fighting because one told the other he's going to be alpha, but as the other says "has the alpha female recognized you?" the others says that he doesn't need her to fight. Rylan says the he loves the alpha female to be alpha because she's really nice. All three then go greet a passing by Aphmau, and tells her that it would be time to pick an alpha male, but she answers she can't, as she walks off the group figures out she was sad and crying and so they think they must help her, they think of calling Aaron but none of them has his number.

Aphmau sits on a bench in a corridor asking herself what she'll do if Kai was to show up, as she says that Kai does show up on the other side of the corridor coming to ask her why she hasn't answered his texts, but Aphmau walks away and go sit on another bench. Ein finds Aphmau and, seeing she's crying, asks her who hurt her and pull her towards him, as he does the group of Dottie sees that and thinks that Ein is making her cry and takes a picture. Ein then goes take chocolate thinking it helps humans in Aphmau's Situation.

Aphmau then join Katelyn and Teony who ask her what happened, she tells but cries even more, Teony tells her that has her friend she should be happy for him, and both tell her that she should be there for him.

Aphmau joins Kai to apologize running off yesterday, Kai says it's not a problem, she tells him that she wants to help him with the advice he asked after school, as Aphmau says that she is happy to support him, Kai hugs and thanks her, saying she's like a sister for him.

Meanwhile, The group of Dottie enters the Principles office probably to find Aaron's number, Dottie does find it and calls him, they get shocked that Aaron remembers them, first things they ask him are : what college is like, have you marked your territory and is there an alpha there. Aaron asks them how they got his number, they then tell him that Aphmau is in trouble and send him the previously taken picture. Aaron tells them he'll try to reach to her after school, the trio then leaves the office by breaking the window since they got discovered and the doorway got blocked.

Back outside, Aphmau was giving the Advice Kai was looking for, then Kai shows her who his crush is, Aphmau figures out it's Katelyn ! As Katelyn waves at them Kai (Kinda Shy around her) runs off.

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  • This is the first episode where Sylvana is seen wielding a "chancla" (Spanish for flip-flop).
  • It is revealed that Kai has a crush on Katelyn.

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Kai's Crush - Phoenix Drop High S2 -Ep

Kai's Crush - Phoenix Drop High S2 -Ep.15- - Minecraft Roleplay

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