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Light Orange

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Phoenix Drop High


Starlight intern

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Phoenix Drop High Student

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Voice Actor
  • SungWon Cho
  • Patrick M. Seymour (Fill-in)

Kai is a meif'wa senior student in Phoenix Drop High season 2. He is a minor character in MyStreet: Starlight.


Phoenix Drop High: Season 2[]

Kai was introduced in "High School Crush" where he scolds Ivy and Lily for starting a conflict with Aphmau, telling them they owe her an apology, but they leave instead. He also picks Aphmau's books from the ground. They end up staring at each other for a moment before Aphmau leaves him.

In Ep.2, he comes to the helpers stand, behind which were Sasha and Zenix, to ask them questions, he learned about Aphmau's nickname they gave her (aka Kitty). He then catches Aphmau to ask her if she got the books to the principal's office, but they got interrupted by Teony. In Ep.3 he intervenes in a "challenge" given to Aphmau by Maria, he was asked to not interfere, but he still did by throwing a ball. The werewolves were not stupid enough to go fetch it, but enough to look away while he took Aphmau away from them.

In the next scene, Dante comes and asks him if he's "having a hard time picking up the ladies", but when he discovers he's with Aphmau, he tells him to forget that. Aphmau remembers she needs to find her phone and Kai asks her to mentor him and asks for the principal's office, they go there, but find nothing so he tells her to call her phone with his. He then gives a hug to Aphmau and introduces himself, but that's to get his phone back from her pocket.

In Ep.4, just before class, he texts Aphmau, who was surprised and asks him how he got her number, he replies saying she called her own phone before, he tells her that they should hang out sometime, we then see him at lunch asking Aphmau if the place next to her is taken, it was not, so he sits next to her and asks what she's got for lunch, since Aphmau forgot her lunch money and the tacos her mother had made he gave her one of his tuna sandwiches, Aphmau says (outside of her mind by mistake) "so cats really like fish" and he found that really funny and tells her that he's a big fan of seafood.

A month later in Ep.6, he told Aphmau they could meet at the entrance of the dining room, where he was waiting on top of a plant, he states that climbing is in his nature and tells her that he enjoys perching at high places, Aphmau had made a giant fish taco for Kai, who didn't know how to react because it was the first time someone had made lunch for him. Things get much funnier when Lucinda and her new boyfriend Ivan, come into the scene, Lucinda says that Aphmau got herself a cutie there and Ivan continues by asking Kai if he's Aphmau's boyfriend, both blushes, Aphmau just tells them they're friends (or lunch buddies since they're having lunch together), they get joined by the new couple and they state that this will be an awkward lunch. After the lunch, Aphmau and Kai bluff about the awkwardness of that lunch saying to each other that he/she was the awkwardest.

In the beginning of the episode "Kai's Angel", Kawaii~Chan told Aphmau and Katelyn how good and popular Kai is. Later in the episode he appears at lunch looking for Aphmau, but didn't see her in the dining room and was thinking her schedule had changed, thankfully he quickly discovers that she's perching on the plant he was used to perching on trying to impress him, that moment gets even more awkward for both since he tells her that he can see up her skirt, he states that "It's kinda hard for me not to look if your up there!" and helps Aphmau to get down saying he'll catch her, he does catch her in his arms (hence the awkward thumbnail) but drops her drawing, Kai takes it off the ground for her but notices that it's a cat with his appearance, both blushes, he then invites Aphmau to lunch outside. Outside he asks about the drawing and since Aphmau told him it was for art class (that she doesn't have anymore) he asks if he can have it stating that he like cats, from that moment forward Aphmau starts to approach Kai slowly but surely with Kai sweating more and more, Aphmau's eyes then illuminate and she suddenly asks him if he can "Nya", he tells her only if she barks (also stating he knew for some time about her being the Alpha) and as Aphmau had given him the drawing and was leaving, he did "Nya" to her and she fainted over. In the episode "Aaron is Jealous!" we learn that he carried Aphmau to the school's nursery.

In the episode "In a Locker", Kai asks Aphmau if they can hang out after school, but got interrupted by Ein asking Aphmau to concentrate on their mission to find the Shadow Knights.

The episode "Aphmau's Love Confession" is where a ship has sailed and immediately sunk! Aphmau was asking herself if she should tell Kai about her feelings for him, within the episode she encounters Kim who tells her that she made her mistake in a similar fashion (she was too shy to tell Laurance, who meanwhile got Michi as his girlfriend), Kim tells Aphmau that if she has the chance to tell her crush about her feelings, she should seize that chance before it's too late. After a big thought about it, she texts Kai asking him to join her after school, she then imagines Kai bringing her a bouquet (with a dead bird in it instead of flowers) and saying the "Nya" that made her faint before. Back to reality, Aphmau joins Kai and says that she needs to tell her something important, after many tense moments trying to say she is interested in one guy (namely Kai), Kai grabs hold of Aphmau's hands and says that she doesn't need to say anymore. He tells her that he "have a crush on this girl too", but when he states that she is a junior, Aphmau understood it wasn't her and left him behind heartbroken.

In the Episode "Kai's Crush" he tries to approach Aphmau to ask her why she didn't answer his texts, but she ran off. Later in the episode he is joined by Aphmau who apologizes for running off yesterday and let him know that she wants to give him the advice he wants, so after school ,they meet in the sports field, that is when he shows Aphmau who his crush is, that happens to be Katelyn and as she waves at them Kai runs off.

In the episode "A Mistake", he joins Aphmau, Katelyn and Ein to go to the arcade and head to the movies afterwards Kai and Katelyn get to play a racing game and get along well, Katelyn states that he is hilarious, then they all move on for the movie, during which he grabs Katelyn's hand. After the movie is done, he told Aphmau that he'll tell Katelyn how he feels about her. He takes Katelyn outside and confesses his feelings towards her. Katelyn would've given him a chance, but then Katelyn remembers that Aphmau has a crush on Kai and she tells him, also stating that she can't take him from Aphmau, but states that they can be friends. The two watch Ein kiss Aphmau's cheek from afar, before walking home, Kai offering to take Katelyn home.

In the episode "A Change Of Heart", he invites Aphmau to hang out with him after classes, telling her that he's missed being around her, since the two haven't made contact in a while. He later asks Aphmau on a date, wanting to know more about her. Though, it's unsure if he has romantic feelings for Aphmau, since there is a possibility that he did it for Katelyn.

In the two episodes "What Do You Know About Me?" (Part 1 & Part 2), he gets caught in school by Ein who asks him if he's going to a date with Aphmau, but he tells Ein that it's none of his business. Near the end of the first episode, he gets joined by Aphmau in front of an ice-skating ring that doubles as a restaurant for their date. However, during the date, he pays little to no attention to her, which Jax and Ryder (who were sent by Ein to ruin the date) noticed. Ein confronts Kai himself, and the latter confesses that Aphmau was too immature for him and that he only went on this date so he could eventually learn to love her. However, Aphmau hears this and calls the date off in tears.

In "An Apology", he apologizes to Apmau and they choose to remain friends.

MyStreet: Starlight[]

Kai’s first official Mystreet appearance was during the episode “My Ears And Tail”, in which he approaches Katelyn to apologize for his friend hitting on her, as he was recently divorced and fairly stubborn. To which he proceeds to recognize the person he’s talking to and vice versa. Aaron walks over and is introduced to Kai by Katelyn and Aphmau, before Kai mentions that he and his friends are just getting settled at the resort and he’s willing to exchange contact information so they could catch up. Once he walks away, Aphmau proceeds to mention that he was a jerk back in Highschool, despite the fact she had a crush on him. T which Aaron responds that he thought Kai was just a fictional person that Aph came up with to make him jealous. Throughout the entire interaction and introduction, Travis is incredibly reluctant to view Kai in a positive light due to his apparent interest in Katelyn, even if only seemingly platonic.

In the following episode, “Kawaii-Chan’s Ex-Boyfriends”, Kai is seen having lunch with Travis and Katelyn. He mentions that he didn’t expect Katelyn to take him up on the offer to catch up and Katelyn responds that she doesn’t mind, and that she didn’t have anything planned regardless. Kai apologizes to Travis for stealing Katelyn away to chat and Travis passive aggressively responds that that’s why he’s here. Katelyn asks what brings Kai to Starlight and Kai begins to explain how his friend is recently divorced due to his wife cheating on him, while in the middle of the explanation, Travis begins to critique the types of people Kai seems to befriend. The topic changes to dating life, and Kai says how he seems to be unlucky in his attempts. Katelyn offers advice, saying how it’s as simple as walking up to a girl and asking if she’s interested. Katelyn points out a girl for Kai to attempt the method on before realizing that the girl is kissing somebody at the moment. She proceeds to recognize the girl and the man she’s kissing, being Zane and Kawaii~Chan. Katelyn and Travis get up to figure out the situation, seemingly ending the gathering.

In the episode “Hiding Aphmau”, Kai walks up to Katelyn and Kawaii~Chan as they discuss KC’s recent interest in Zane. Kai explains that he can’t stay long as he’s part of the Ru’aun wildlife fundraiser. Katelyn and KC take interest and say that it sounds fun, to which Kai invites them to the party being held for the fundraiser. He mentions that they can feel free to bring friends, before saying goodbye, and that he’s excited about seeing them there, especially Katelyn.


An average height meif'wa with orange colored eyes. Kai also has dark purple ears and tail with orange inside his ears. He also has tangerine hair. As well as all of Phoenix Drop students, he has his uniform in the generic style with light blue slacks.


With all of the characteristics of a cat, Kai seems to be a very polite boy, well-mannered and with very kind intentions. As warm as he may seem he also can show a more of a joking side of him, where he comments on how he likes the view of under Aphmau's skirt. He seems to get Aphmau out of some sticky situations by popping up at the right moment, almost protective of her well-being.

Despite all this, he can sometimes say stuff that offends or upsets others when he's not trying to be rude. Aaron pointed that out and told him to work on thinking before speaking.



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Lucinda: [...] I see you got yourself a cutie here.

Aphmau: What ?

Ivan: Are you Aphmau's boyfriend ?

Aph and Kai blush

Aphmau: No! We're just friends.

Kai: She says we're lunch buddies

Ivan and Lucinda to Aph. and Kai at launch - PDH2 Ep6

Everyone is a part of this world, and it doesn't matter who you are or where you're from, we should all strive to get to know each other in some way, shape or form.

Kai to Aph. - PDH2 Ep8

Kawaii~Chan: Aphmau~Senpai's drawing, it look a lot like Kai! [...] It just look like Kai~Kun to me, plus Kai is super awesome, almost all the meif'wa's like him.

Aphmau: He is? I didn't know that.

Katelyn: Aww, so you do know this Kai guy?


Kawaii~Chan: Kawaii~Chan didn't know Aphmau~Senpai knew Kai~Kun, that's awesome! Kai happens to be one of the nicest meif'wa around.

Aphmau: He is?

Kawaii~Chan: Yeeaaah, he's pretty popular too, not crazy popular but everyone who meets him remembers him very well, he's always exciting to be around.

Kawaii~Chan to Aphmau and Katelyn about Kai, PDH2 Ep.10

Aphmau: Boo! Did I scare you? *giggles*

Kai: Hmm ... What are you doing in that tree?

Aphmau: I'm trying to impress you, you always greet me by climbing in trees, so this time I wanted to turn the tables.

Kai: Did you think this plan through?

Aphmau: Yup!

Kai: Are you sure?

Aphmau: Yeah!

Kai: Because I can ... uhhhhhh ... see up your skirt!

Aphmau: What!? Why are you looking!?

Kai: It's kinda hard for me not to look if you're up there!

Aphmau: Well, help me get down before someone sees!

Kai: Just jump down, I'll catch you.

Aphmau: I can't!

Kai: I don't mind the view, but...

Aphmau and Kai, Awkward moments, PDH2 Ep.10


  • He has a taste for heights.
  • He has a taste for seafood.
  • It's unclear whether or not he is a Saber (in episode 14, Kawaii~Chan states that Kai turned down the role of being a Saber and in episode 23, a werewolf that follows Ein around says he is a meif'wa Saber).
  • He states that he does not see himself taking interest in Aphmau romantically and finds her to be more of a sister-figure, applying the characteristics of one to her as well, sometimes seeing her as childish or annoying.
  • In the teaser for Season 7, he was mistakenly given werewolf ears instead of meif'wa ears. They weren't even the same color as his normal ears, with them being colored light gray with white insides instead of dark purple with orange insides.


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