Katelyn is the tritagonist of Minecraft Diaries: War Of The Magi and Minecraft Diaries: The Realm Protector, and a main character in Minecraft Diaries: The Rise Of Phoenix Drop.

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Katelyn Meif'wa






Katelyn The Fire Fist




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Hair Color

Powder Blue

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Professional Status
  • Dragon Ward
  • Bright Port
Previous Affiliation(s)
  • O'Khasis
  • Phoenix Drop Alliance
  • Dragon Ward Leader
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Katelyn (MyStreet)

First Appearance

"A Boat On Water"

Voice Actor

Princess Rizu

Biography Edit

Katelyn appeared in Phoenix Drop in S1, E82. In that episode, she docks at Phoenix Drop and asks to stay there to conduct an investigation on Jeffory the Golden Heart's death, even though she already knew who murdered him. At first she is seen as a enemy but later on becomes comrades with Aphmau. In S1, E26, it seems as though the (for lack of a better term) first animated display shown in the episode shows Katelyn in the little boat enlarging Mittens the cat on Crazy Cat Lady Island instead of Sasha.

In Episode 98, Katelyn renounces to her position as a member of the Jury of Nine and gives her ship to Aphmau, who uses it to transport all the children and non-battle ready villagers away from the battle. When she renounced her position as Katelyn the Fire Fist, a Jury of Nine guard, because Jeffory the Golden Heart was killed, and there was no point in working for Zane if she wasn't actually on his side. Once she renounced her position, she became a guard of Aphmau, Lord of Phoenix Drop and aided in the battle against Scaleswind and O'khasis.

After the battle, she went with Aphmau, Laurence, Emmalyn, Aaron, and Kenmur to Irene's Dimension after Zane, Lillian and Garroth. However, before this, she had a Jury of Nine transformation. But it was stripped away from her due to Zane using one of the amulets. When Zoey rescued them, she celebrated having Zane trapped in Irene's Dimension, locked in combat with Garroth, away from harming her world ever again. It is presumed that she will stay in the 'decayed' Phoenix Drop which resulted from Aphmau and the others being away 15 years. Of course, it only seemed like 15 minutes to them, as time passes slower in Irene's Dimension. Katelyn was drugged by Michi and turned into a meif'wa. She was then imprisoned in the dungeon of the South - Eastern Werewolf tribe as leverage to get Aphmau to marry Prince Fenrir and is stuck in the dungeon but later gets out and discovers that Abby was imprisoned. In Episode S2 34, Katelyn tells what had happened on the ship to Aphmau and says that one of the imps has taken the form of Jeffory and she had thought the imp form was really him.

When Aphmau came back to Phoenix Drop from Bright Port, she says that Lord Levin, Malachi, and Zoey were kidnapped by Michi, who was a Meif'wa. Katelyn, Aphmau, Laurance and some others went after Michi to save their friends. Katelyn and the others were at a tavern looking for Aphmau since she has been gone for a day. Then after Katelyn sees Aphmau she had told her how worried she had been. In the meantime, O'khasis is being attacked so everyone decides to head in the forest to escape. While they are in the forest Aphmau had come back from going into the forest one more time and had got potions to turned Katelyn and Laurance back into their normal body without being a Meif'wa. Aphmau and the rest get to Phoenix Drop and find out Emmalyn is getting married to Kenmur. After the wonderful wedding, Aphmau finally tells Levin and Malachi what happened in O'khasis. Aphmau wants to find Lucinda for help if the Tu'la region attacks Phoenix Drop. Katelyn goes to find Nicole to warn her about O'Khasis. Aaron, Travis, Laurance, and Aphmau get ready to find Lucinda. Vylad stays at Phoenix Drop.

In "The Refugee's Plight" , she encounters Ivy, a former member of the Jury of Nine. The two exchange statements before a collision erupts. Katelyn blocks Ivy's attacks but fails as the latter strikes her on the shoulder, causing bloodshed. Katelyn passes out from the blood loss. 

In "His Choice" , Katelyn is resting from her injuries. She informs Aphmau on Ivy's affiliation with her. Katelyn reveals that Ivy was a follower of Zane and her attitude to abuse her power. 

In "Her Grief" , after a week after Aaron's death, Katelyn visits Aphmau, who is mourning over the loss of a comrade. Katelyn's wounds have healed and regrets for not being by Aphmau's side. As she leaves, she tells Aphmau on the missing Laurance and Vylad. 

In "The Next Step" , Katelyn joins Aphmau and Garroth on their to journey to O'Khasis to find out what Tu'La wants. Two episodes later they look around Zane's house. Katelyn finds Jeffory's weapon in the room where he was executed. She refuses to take it because Jeffory killed too many innocent people with it. She then tells Aphmau that she and Jeffory had to join the Jury of Nine because Zane would have killed their families otherwise. She had no choice but to obey Zane. She then calls herself a bad person. Aphmau comforts her and says that that is not true.

In "Stuck in O'Khasis", Katelyn, Aphmau, and Garroth run around O'Khasis trying to gain as much information as possible on Tu'la. They end up having to take refuge in an abandoned house Garroth use to go to a lot as a child. Before Garroth can open the actual door Katelyn punches a window creating a new "door" Aphmau a scolds her worried that they made too much noise. They then talk about Lady Zianna (Garroth's Mother) for a while before resting till nightfall.

In episode 100, it is revealed that Aphmau is Irene and that Katelyn could possibly be Menphia. We don't know for sure since Menphia wasn't seen in Aphmau's visions, but many fans believe this.

In S3, when she found out Zane returned from the Nether as a Shadow Knight, she managed to hold him down and later into custody as he is being questioned by Aphmau. Later in the next episode as she, Aphmau and Garroth went into the Nether with Zane, she quickly told Aphmau and Garroth to run after Aphmau freezes up after seeing Shad in Aaron's body, and throughout the episodes so far, she travels with Aphmau to the Yggdrasil Forest to chat with Zoey about Shad's Heart of Darkness and are now returning back to the Phoenix Capital to find Travis.

Jeffory's Glaive

Jeffory's Glaive in Katelyn's office

In the three year time gap between S2 and S3, Katelyn had gone back to O'khasis to retrieve Jeffory's glaive, even though last time, in S2, she had refused to take it. This is known as Jeffory's glaive is seen in Brightport, inside Katelyn's office, through Garroth's POV. It has not been revealed why she took Jeffory's glaive.

During the boat ride back to the Phoenix Drop Alliance Island, Katelyn had a fight with Garroth over the trust of Liochant after they anger each other when Katelyn mentioned Vylad and Garroth mentioned her family until Aphmau stopped them. Katelyn later went up to Travis' hideout where she helped save Liochant from an imp disguised as Garroth, who she thought was there to kill him. She, Aphmau, Travis and Alina, who Aphmau found on the boat then went to Enki Island to help slay Travis' father, the Demon Warlock.

After Alina inadvertently opened the portal when Travis couldn't do it, Katelyn was given the task of taking care of her and help pick flowers as Aphmau and Travis go in the portal. She then went with Aphmau to the cave to learn more about Enki and Lady Irene where she witnesses Aphmau see a memory as Irene and the two head back to tell the news to Garroth and the others.

While Katelyn and Travis talked about the shopping spree and why Travis refused to become a descendant of a Divine Warrior, Levin arrived and told them that Pikoro was attacked by Shad's army and they want Alina. Katelyn realized that she needs to be back at the at the Dragon Ward along with Liochant and Travis, who she needs to bring along, and bid a farewell to Aphmau, Garroth and the kids as they sail off to meet Hyria.

Sidestories Edit

(Slumber Party): She resolves various conflicts and gets straight to the point between the boys and the girls. "And if I even catch you looking at the stairs, I will personally kill all of you to death. Got it?"

(The Big Misunderstanding): She is seen working at IHOP with Kawaii~Chan, she was completely embarrassed for Aphmau to see her in her working outfit, she was then asked to move into Aphmau's new house.

Appearance Edit

Katelyn has powder blue hair that drapes over her right shoulder and has slightly unnaturally ice blue eyes. She wore a grey Jury of Nine armored outfit with light blue sections and black gloves.[1]

When Katelyn undergoes her Jury of Nine transformation, her eyes dull and become a murky silvery white, her hair takes on a gray and unsaturated color, and her skin seems to pale into a light gray tone. Her armor also becomes darker, such as the light blue sections becoming more of a dark blue, and blue sparks of magic emanate from her body.

In the episode 'The Cat's Meow' she was turned into a Meif'wa along with Aphmau, gaining blue ears and a tail.

She primarily wears clothes that are blue, mostly powder blue. However, she also has light brown, white, and black on her outfits. 

In episode 22 of Minecraft Diaries season 2, 'Memories of the Past', Katelyn is wearing a dull green long sleeved top with brown cuffs and reddish-brown shorts with a belt. She is also wearing a pair of mid-calf high brown boots with black shoelaces and black knee-length socks. She also has a dark brown strap over her left shoulder.

Her most recent outfit change was in episode 87, Minecraft Diaries season 2, 'Zane's House'. She wears armor with many shades of blue: Her torso being an average blue colour, and her arms and legs have silver for about 1/3 for each end of the arm/leg (so 2/3), and then the rest is a dark blue.

Minecraft Diaries Side stories (Slumber Party): Katelyn's pajamas are a plain blue t-shirt and a light grayish green color pants.

Minecraft Diaries Side Stories: Katelyn wears a long sleeved shirt. The sleeves are brown and white stripes and the torso of the shirt is plain white. Katelyn's shorts are beige and ripped. She has a brown belt with a gold buckle. Her shoes are brown sneakers with white laces.She also can be blue haired in Minecraft MyStreet!

Personality Edit

Katelyn is serious and well-mannered, as well as very down-to-earth, and holds a lot of pride, making high expectations of herself as a person. She is also quite a philosophical minded person as when Aphmau tried to talk to her in Episode 3 of Season 2 (Home Sweet Home), she mumbled to herself about being attuned to nature all while drinking her tea. However, Katelyn does give in to temptations as when she wolfed down a bunch of cookies in Episode 17 of Season 2, The Cat's Meow, though she is very self-deprecating of herself afterward. She hates showing signs of weakness. Katelyn does have a softer side but tends to keep it under wraps as she prefers to be more serious. She is extremely loyal and doesn't like talking about herself at all, although she does open up to Aphmau when Aphmau is in a gloom. She is still distraught over the death of her beloved friend, Jeffory, this proves she can be very compassionate. She gets angry at herself for not noticing the distress her friend was in. 

Minecraft Diaries Side Stories (Slumber Party)Edit

She appears to be considerably socially inept, as she in unsure about what to do at the sleepover, and is not comfortable with doing the same girly things as everyone else, but instead stands in the corner of the room. This makes some of the other girls feel slightly uncomfortable, with Cadenza sayings things such as "I wonder if she ever had a childhood", and "She acts so manly sometimes". Though Aphmau dismisses these as rude, it is evident that Katelyn makes the rest of them feel relatively awkward, though they try to look past it. Katelyn doesn't like to mess around and gets straight to the point when it comes to sorting out the altercations between the boys and girls. Recently, Katelyn kissed Travis because of Lucinda's trick to get her to.

Minecraft Diaries Side Stories (Fall Festival) Edit

In the second episode "Haunted House" she seems to have loosened up a bit, as she is seen enjoying the merry-go-round and cheating at a game. When she sees Laurence with Garroth together (Episode 3) she takes out her phone and starts taking photos despite the protests from the boys. Nicole says "She was foaming at the mouth and acting like a crazed fangirl".

Quotes Edit

I shouldn't have let my guard down...for cookies.

-Katelyn, Season 2 Episode 17

I want Michi dead. I want her to suffer my wrath.

- Katelyn, Season 2, Episode 26

Well, would you look at that... my ship has sailed.

-Katelyn, Fall Carnival Days, Side Stories


-Katelyn, Fall Carnival Days, Side Stories


-Katelyn, Haunted House, Side Stories


-Katelyn, FALLing For You, Side Stories

... As your friend... I didn't even notice the pain you were going through... Trying to lead an alliance... build a village... stop a war... rescue refugees... raise a child... Honestly at times, I forgot you were human.

Katelyn, Season 2 Episode 82

Jeffory... he... when he died... I never really got over it. Jeffory meant a lot to me as a friend... and he was special to me.

Katelyn, Season 2 Episode 82

I'm glad you have Lilith to help you through this...She'll be a strong person...Just like her dad.

Katelyn, Season 2 Episode 82

Wwhat on earth do you think your doing! Do you not realise how much this will hurt Aphmau? First Laurance, now you! I can't believe you would do something like this to her! Wait.

Katelyn to imp Garroth, Season 3 Episode 11

Gallery Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • The name Katelyn is of British origin, and means "Pure". It is the phonetic variation of the name Caitlin, and the Irish variation of the name Katherine.
  • Katelyn's weapon of choice is her Pugilists Knuckles, it is said she punches so fast her fist turns into flames so powerful that their heat can even melt a sword. Her weapons also possess a fire ward which stops them from burning in flames.
  • Katelyn is voiced by PrincessRizu.
  • In Minecraft Side Stories Beach Vacation there is someone who is name Kaitlyn and she has blue hair like Katelyn.
    • However they are probably not the same person as the names are speltleddifferently despite being pronounced in the same way.
  • Katelyn has a slight uneasiness near needles, suggesting she may have aichmophobia.
  • Katelyn doesn't do well on very long voyages oversea, and is prone to showing symptoms of seasickness such as nausea and vomiting.
  • Katelyn is one of Jessica's favorite characters in Minecraft Diaries, along with Lucinda.
  • Katelyn is possibly bisexual, but Jess has not confirmed it.
  • In a blooper video, Jess said that Moeka was intended to be Katelyn's voice actress.
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