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MyStreet 2 Katelyn Paradise

MyStreet Katelyn Regular


  • Uniform
  • Athletic
  • Casual
  • Prom
  • Sleepover (Werewolf)

  • Regular
  • Animated
  • Forever Potion

  • Fionna Cosplay
  • Cat
  • Sleepover
  • Winter

  • Firecracker (by Jeffory)
  • Sugar Pea (by Eric)
  • Princess (by Zane)
  • Blueberry (by Travis)
  • Auntie Katelyn (by Abby, Jeffory's daughter)
  • Babe or Baby (by Travis)
  • Blue-Haired Mailman (by Blaze)



Punching (brainwashed)











Hair Color
  • Powder Blue with Dark Blue Highlights
  • Powder Blue Hair with Powder Blue Highlights (Dyed)
Eye Color
  • Turquoise
  • Emerald Green (caused by forever potions)
Professional Status
Previous Affiliation(s)
  • Phoenix Drop High
  • Falcon Claw University
  • Waitress
  • Director
Previous Occupation(s)
  • Phoenix Drop High Student
  • Phoenix Drop High Volleyball Captain

Travis (Boyfriend)

Previous Partner
Personal Status






First Appearance
Voice Actor

Princess Rizu (Lizzy Hofe)

Katelyn is the tritagonist in Minecraft MyStreet, a main character in MyStreet: Love~Love Paradise, MyStreet: Lover's Lane, MyStreet: Starlight & MyStreet Phoenix Drop High, & a supporting character in MyStreet: Emerald Secret & Phoenix Drop High Season 2.


Early LifeEdit

In “The Decoration Fight”, she is revealed to have brothers and came from a poverty-stricken home. Her mother was a doctor and magicks user. She "disappeared" shortly after she gave Katelyn a prototype forever potion of strength. Katelyn was upset over the loss of her mother and always had a tantrum whenever her father planned to be with another woman. She grew past this grief however but also decided not to include any photos of her mother in her family album.

MyStreet Phoenix Drop HighEdit

In her sophomore year, she threw a volleyball at Travis, rendering him unconscious for a short period of time.

Katelyn and Jeffory were in a relationship. They get along fairly well. Jeffory often annoys Katelyn, but she does not appear to be bothered by it and simply plays along.

During their final exams, she and Jeffory broke up as Katelyn believed Jeffory's “too nice to her”. During prom, however, she and Jeffory made amends and continued to be friends.

She also became great friends with Aphmau, Teony, and Kawaii~Chan. Lucinda was also a friend of hers, but they tend to bicker a lot. Furthermore, she values her great friendship with Nicole and is willing to beat up anyone who hurts her and vice versa.

It is was later implied that she and Aphmau kissed during their youth.


During “The Big Move”, she was invited by Aphmau to move in with her, an offer which she obligingly accepted, followed by Kawaii~Chan. After the disclosure of the guys moving into the vacant house across from theirs, she enjoys teasing Aphmau with the guys who took a liking to her. She is shown to be quite competitive as she immediately retaliated Aphmau with snowballs. Overall, she has a short fuse that can ignite at any given time.

Katelyn detests Kawaii~Chan's obsession with shipping and scolds her for it. However, after knowing about the shipping shrine that Kawaii~Chan built in their basement in honor of Aarmau, Katelyn enjoyed teasing Aphmau, even going as far as to read her a bedtime story about it.

Although Katelyn is short-tempered and sarcastic at times, she can be regretful to those she hurt unintentionally. Despite this, she finds it hard to apologize for her misbehavior and prefers to put it all behind her.

Katelyn is shown to have an interest in plays and creative arts in general. During the “Neighborhood Play Arc”, she showed Jeffory that she wanted to attend a few college courses and direct plays.

Once Jeffory informed Aphmau about their current situation, Katelyn was overjoyed to hear that Aphmau and Zane were producing a play. Rigorously, she wanted the play to go on smoothly, writing the play immediately and accepting the job as a director. After the play had completed, she is delighted with the great response and plans to create more plays. She also hates Travis, who tries to hit on her multiple times. She later learns to warm up to him.


Katelyn disclosed her relationship with Jeffory to Aphmau. She strictly refuses to disclose it to anyone else due to the risk of her father finding out. Travis implied that, when everyone else is screaming, she and Jeffory would go off on their own.

MyStreet Season 2Edit

Despite Katelyn being the typical hot-headed girl, she seemed to loosen up on their vacation at Love~Love Paradise, seeing as how she kept on implying, “what happens at vacation, stays at vacation.”

Katelyn was shown to be very competitive as a volleyball player, which was also shown during her years at Phoenix Drop High.

At this point in time, she began to develop feelings for Travis, supported by the fact that she was the first one to question his absence during the trip, looked after him while he was recovering, and overall cared for him deeply.

Katelyn felt a bit upset when Aphmau told Zane about her inability to swim and not her since she is shown to have a liking to water parks and felt responsible for forcing Aphmau to go with them.

MyStreet Season 3Edit

After the original MyStreet exploded Katelyn and Kawaii~Chan move into a house together at Lovers Lane. Katelyn gets closer to Travis, plays Mystic Messenger, helps Kawaii~Chan and Lucinda in a contest with the guys to see who can get the most views on a video, acts as a model for Kawaii~Chan when she is designing the Maid Outfits for The Maid Cafe, and also suffers from no peace or quiet when Kawaii~Chan and Damien started dating.

Aphmau's YearEdit

Ep 4.While hanging out with Travis, Travis' father (Terry) comes over, it is then that Travis' reveals that he had been lying to his father and told him they were dating so his dad wouldn't worry about him. When he asks her to pretend for him she declines him at first, but when his father mentions taking them out for a spa, she instantly agrees. On their way home Katelyn briefly mentions her feelings about werewolves, after a run-in with Dottie, and Travis then proceeds to tell her the story of the Ultima Werewolf.

MyStreet Season 5Edit

Katelyn and Travis' are taken to Starlight by Terry, because of this they have to pretend they are dating. They find out Aaron, Aphmau, Garroth, and Kawaii~Chan are on the island, and they also find out that Aaron is a werewolf (but they do not find out he's an Ultima). Travis and Katelyn bond through a series of events and start dating by the end of the season.

MyStreet Season 6Edit

She migrated to the boardwalk with Travis when the beach resort was quarantined by the Guardian Forces. She is upset about being trapped on the island and wished to escape, but she also didn't want Travis to get himself in trouble. The forever potion given to her as a kid had other effects that took over when Michael took Travis' consciousness. Her and Garroth were under forever potions that made them follow all of Michael's orders. She snapped out of the potion thanks to Lucinda allowing her to hit her and she couldn't go through with it.


Katelyn has pale skin, turquoise blue eyes and pastel blue hair (which was later revealed that she dyes her highlights) that partially drapes over her right shoulder.

In a lot of her outfits, Katelyn incorporates the color blue, which appears to be her favorite color, though she seems to also like the color white, beige and gray in her outfits, as they are also recurring colors.

In her younger years, she used more lavender and lilac into her attires.

Katelyn's swimwear is a normal blue swimming costume.

As a cat, she is pale blue with darker blue stripes and wears a blue-purple scarf, much like her human form.

In MyStreet Season 6 Episode 8, part 2 when she got snapped by Travis/Michael, her eyes are emerald green.

On Episode 9, Katelyn wears a guardian force outfit and she also wear shades and got bruises as she tries to defeat the Ultima along with Garroth.

Screenshot 2017-05-21 at 5.30.05 PM


In MyStreet, Katelyn keeps her serious and quiet nature. Although she can get angry at times, she easily mellows her nerves by meditating. She also mocks of others misfortune and mocks them in a playful manner. However, if her intentions do hurt people she cares about, she will likely keep to herself, isolating her from the problem and would rather forget. Katelyn does possess a stressful nature during moments of hysteria as she can be so distraught that her thoughts may not be clear and become too gullible at any suggestion given.

Her kind nature is expressed by her close friends, such as Aphmau, Nicole, Kawaii~Chan, Jeffory and Abby (Jeffory's daughter). Katelyn seems to be fond of Abby as the two are seen to be very close. Abby seems to have taken a liking of Katelyn's mannerism and fighter attitude. She takes her school work seriously, even if it makes her anxious and hysterical. She holds a competitive nature, where she often competes against her friends.

She also cares very much about her friend's feelings in high school, because when Kai expresses his feelings, she thinks of Aphmau and does not accept them, but will still be friends with Kai. It also is implied in Love-Love Paradise that she had feelings for Aphmau in college, as they talk about their parents dating.


Katelyn has an evident passion for the theater, though she tends to be quite secretive and embarrassed by it and appears to be fan of the play Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, have always wanted to direct it in the theater. It is also possible that she had read other Shakespearean works, though she has not mentioned it. She has also expressed an interest in singing and screenwriting. Katelyn is also quite athletic and was the captain of her high school's volleyball team.

She likes One Direction, but is very embarrassed by it and so like to keep her poster of them hidden in the back of her closet. If the posters on her bedroom wall are anything to go by, she is also a fan of the American rock band Linkin Park and a fan of the television series Once Upon A Time. It also seems that she is a fan of cartoons, since during A-Con 2016 she attends the convention cosplaying as the characters Ruby from Steven Universe and Fiona from Adventure Time and a year later in A-Con 2017 where she cosplayed as Peridot, also from Steven Universe. However, she is also very shy about this as well and she behaves very indifferent about attending the convention until Aphmau tells her that she can do whatever she wants, at which point she runs off into the midst of the convention while giggling and squealing in excitement.


Lucinda: Katelyn, I always thought of you as a great rival and a great friend.

Katelyn: What I wouldn't give to wipe that smug look off your face.

Lucinda: *inhale* Go ahead.

MyStreet Season 6 When Angel's Fall | Ethereal Bonds

Once upon a time, there was a princess named Aphmau... and a knight named Aaron.

-Katelyn, MyStreet, Season 1 Episode 1


-Katelyn, MyStreet, Episode 17

Where in the name of Irene's Pantyhose IS EVERYBODY!!!!

-Teenager Katelyn, Hide and Seek Phoenix Drop High


  • Katelyn is of British origin and means "Pure". It is the phonetic variation of the name Caitlin and the Irish variation of the name Katherine.
  • As stated in the "Big Move" arc of the series, Katelyn owns a martial arts academy along with Nicole. Katelyn has to take a part-time job at IHOP in order to earn enough money to support it. She later quits.
  • Katelyn has confessed to having anger management issues and uses meditation as a form of therapy for it.
  • It has been confirmed that Katelyn and Garroth are under forever potions of strength
  • She likes to sing and be in or direct plays as shown in MyStreet.
  • Her signature color is powder blue. The type of blue mostly seen in her clothing and her hair.
  • In the Build Battle minigame, Katelyn opposes the idea of Dante and Nicole as a couple.
    • She is also in favor for Aphmau and Aaron as a couple as she believes that opposites attract. However, as long as Aphmau is happy, Katelyn would be fine with the match.
  • In high school, Katelyn was the captain of the school volleyball team.
  • Due to the success of her modernized adaptation of the play Romeo and Juliet by English writer William Shakespeare, she continued to produce more plays.
    • It is mentioned by Nicole that when Katelyn was younger, she was cast as the role of Tybalt, the antagonistic cousin of the character Juliet, in another version of the play.
  • Her grandma knitted a doll with dark blue hair that she still holds to this day.
  • Katelyn considers herself to be a dog person than a cat person.
  • She dislikes honey badgers because of their creepy personalities.
  • As stated by Eric (Katelyn's dad), Katelyn and Aphmau could have been sisters and they may end up being.
  • In "How Dante Got his Groove Back", it is revealed that Katelyn dyes her hair. She is also revealed to be bad at keeping secrets.
  • Her favorite character in Undertale is Papyrus. She shares this with Aphmau and Travis.
    • She also revealed that she likes her baked potato with ranch.
  • Her favorite Pokemon is Glaceon.
  • In a Hide and Seek it is confirmed that Katelyn and Travis go off on their own together when everyone is screaming.
  • In the minigames, Katelyn likes Travis' demonic voice.
  • She donated her prom dress.
  • Katelyn was the last one to get a voice actor. Jess called Lizzy the day MyStreet Episode 1 was introduced to YouTube for a voice acting job as Katelyn.
  • As stated in a Minecraft Minigame, Katelyn doesn't like blueberries, but instead she prefers strawberries.
  • Katelyn holds a grudge against Ein and is generally awkward/fearful around werewolves after the incident with her brother, Kacey, back in high school.
  • Katelyn has been proven to go from being extremely lazy to insanely competitive quickly.
  • She is bisexual.
  • When she is de-brainwashed by Lucinda, she still has green eyes. Either this is an animation error or she is faking it.
Katelyn gives intj vibes


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