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  • Love~Love Paradise
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Full Name

Nana 'Kawaii-Chan' Ashida

  • KC (by Travis and Dante)
  • Miss Chan (by Zane)
  • Pinkie~Chan (by Blaze)
  • Kawaii~Kun (Masked Identity in Starlight Mini-Games)
  • Nana (by Zane)
  • Four (by Zane)
















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Eye Color


Professional Status

Aphmau's Maid Café

Previous Affiliation(s)
  • Phoenix Drop High
  • Falcon Claw University
  • Maid Cafe (Restaurant)
  • IHOP

Waitress at Kawaii~Treat Maid~Sweet Café

Previous Occupation(s)
  • Phoenix Drop High Student
  • Waitress at Maid Café
  • Waitress at IHOP
  • Meif'wa Scout

Zane (Boyfriend)

Previous Partner
Personal Status



Unknown 11 Brothers & Sisters

  • Michi (Frenemy)
  • Maid Cafe Manager


First Appearance
Voice Actor
  • Megan Moeka
  • Amanda Deitz (Fill-in)
  • Jess (Aphmau) (Fill-in)

Kawaii~Chan (Given name Nana Ashida) is one of the main characters in MyStreet.


Little is known about her life before meeting Aphmau. She grew in a seemingly happy home with eleven siblings. However, she grew to hate the fact that people often confused her with her siblings since she resembles her brothers and sisters. She tried to stand out by taking the nickname "Kawaii-chan" and began acting sweet, talking in the third person, overachieving as a Meif'wa scout, and acting overly hyper and creating ships. She soon attended Phoenix Drop High.

Phoenix Drop High (S1) Edit

She isn't seen interacting with others regularly, but she did start a habit of spying on Aphmau and Aaron, keeping an eye on her ship. She soon became best friends with Aphmau and Katelyn when Aphmau accidentally sent a letter to Nicole that soon got into the hands of Kawaii~Chan at a sleepover. While there, she admitted that she was shipping Aaron and Aphmau as a couple. When Gene and Balto tried to force Aaron and Aphmau to fight them, Kawaii~Chan took the chance to change them into cats. She and Katelyn later threw a party at Aphmau’s house, which quickly got out of control. Aphmau had to call Aaron so he could get the guests to leave. Afterward, Aphmau said she wanted to be alone with Aaron, resulting in Kawaii~Chan squealing in excitement.

Phoenix Drop High (S2) Edit

Though she makes small appearances, Kawaii~Chan doesn't have many big roles in the series besides becoming friends with Kai, for being nice and the Meif'wa not accepting the title of Saber. She does not appear much afterward.

MyStreet: Season One Edit

Kawaii~Chan has a major ship "crisis" since Kawaii~Chan has a shrine for her ship "Aarmau" in the basement of her, Aphmau and Katelyn's new home. Where she goes to the shrine to give strength to her ship. While they don't appreciate the ship, Kawaii~Chan asks Aphmau about her feelings toward the shrine to make sure Aphmau isn't too uncomfortable with it.

After Aphmau tells her she can't ship Aarmau, she creates a shrine for Dancole (Dante and Nicole).

Kawaii~Chan is shown to have a one-sided crush on a pink pizza delivery man; Reese from Mod Mod World, a retired Aphmau series. Another friend/frenemy named Michi is also shown hanging around Reese often.

MyStreet: Lover's Lane Edit

In Season 3, she becomes the love interest of a boy that asks for her number while she was working at a maid cafe, the boy called Damien who later got a job in Aphmau's new maid cafe and asks her on a date. She agrees, but in PostS3 Ep13, they break up, leaving Kawaii~Chan heartbroken, the next episode, however, they reconcile and become friends again (not a couple though). Zane also gives her advice in the episode to help her reconnect with Damien.

MyStreet: Aphmau's Year Edit

During Aphmau's Year, Kawaii~Chan helps keep an eye on Aphmau with Zane, she was suspicious of Zane's attitude and figures that something bad happened to Aphmau during their time at the lodge. Zane reveals that Aaron was severely injured and had to be separated from Aphmau for the year, and asks her to promise she won't tell anyone else. Kawaii~Chan agrees to keep it a secret between the two and continues to help Aphmau through the year.

MyStreet: Starlight Edit

In Season 5, Zane sneaks Kawaii~Chan into Starlight Wonderland hiding her in a large, pink, suitcase but moves her to the bathroom so no one would notice.

In Episode 2, when Garroth enters the bathroom, Kawaii~Chan pretends to be a mirror stand for Garroth to show off his handsome looks, or "beautify himself up".

In Episode 3, she blows her cover after getting annoyed by Garroth arguing with his mirror-self, she tries to act like a magic mirror to cover it up but fails after sneezing and accidentally dropping the mirror. Zane comes in after hearing screaming from Kawaii~Chan and Garroth, Garroth assumes that she snuck in without Zane knowing. Zane and Kawaii~Chan go along with the assumption.

In Episode 7, it's revealed that she has eleven brothers and sisters and that Kawaii~Chan isn't her real name and was a nickname to fit her new persona, so she could stand out from her brothers and sisters due to them all having the same hair and eye colour. Though much of her past is still unknown, she tells Zane that the reason she told him her past was that she trusted him.

In Episode 9, Kawaii~Chan and Zane spy on Aphmau, Aaron, Katelyn and Travis at the Tropical Jungle Cafe on a double date. She tells Zane why Aphmau and Aaron are her OTP (One True Pairing), but also ends up telling Zane her real name: Nana.

In Episode 13, Kawaii~Chan makes pancakes as a way to make up for stealing pancakes from Derek. Derek suspects Zane for making the pancakes and bursts into the room, not giving Kawaii~Chan time to hide, resulting in her finally being found out. Derek promises to get her a ticket if she keeps Aaron's secret and continues to make pancakes for Derek and Rachel.

In Episode 14, Zane reveals to Aaron and Aphmau that Kawaii~Chan is here. She squeals and in a very creepy tone demands them to kiss. Zane warns them to run, with Kawaii~Chan chasing after them.

In Episode 15, Kawaii~Chan learns that Kim is possessed by Ghost who is infatuated with Zane (Kim herself is not, much to Kawaii~Chan's relief). Ghost demands Kawaii~Chan to ship her with Zane, but Kawaii~Chan quickly refuses, considering a type of ship with no chemistry a "cracks". When Ghost attempts to get closer to Zane in the haunted house, Kawaii~Chan helps Zane hide from her. At the end of the episode, she admits to him that she has a crush on him and they share a kiss.

After the kiss, in Episode 16, the two are extremely embarrassed and beg Aphmau and Aaron on the phone for advice. Zane asks what he should to say to Kawaii~Chan while Kawaii~Chan worries Zane might not like her because they kissed all of a sudden. By the end of the episode, Zane asks Kawaii~Chan on a date, which she accepts. Later in the next episode, Garroth suggests that the two go to the amusement park at night, saying it's more romantic that way.

In Episode 18, while Kawaii~Chan and Zane are at Starlight Adventure Park, Kawaii~Chan notices Zane was embarrassed when she asked about the bumper cars while in line. When Zane returns and gets on the ride, Kawaii~Chan is ambushed by Ghost, who was disguised as Starry, one of the mascots at Starlight Wonderland. Zane quickly takes her out of the ride and tells her to run from Starry. Once they got away from Ghost, the two continue their date, where on the Ferris Wheel, Kawaii~Chan tells Zane it's okay to call her Nana, but only him as she is not ready to tell the others.

When Starlight holds a barbecue/dance (Episode 26-27), Kawaii~Chan and Garroth express excitement for the face paint, Kawaii~Chan has her face painted like a cheetah. As she talks with Zane, she gets the impression that he doesn’t love her anymore after refusing to take the relationship further, saying he wasn’t ready. Kawaii~Chan leaves heartbroken, and meets up with Travis, who cheers her up and tells her she often takes relationships too fast, and that some people just need time, advising that she respects Zane's wishes and give him time. Travis tells her that actions speak louder than words and that she should write him a note and surprise him with a "romantic gesture", then talk to him about the problem. She does exactly that, writing an anonymous letter, telling him to meet her at the beach. However before Zane can find a said letter, Garroth discovers the message and assumes it's addressed to him. He arrives at the spot described in the letter, Kawaii~Chan assuming it was Zane, surprises him with a kiss. Unfortunately, that was exactly when Zane walks in, having read the letter moments after Garroth. He witnesses Kawaii~Chan and Garroth kissing and breaks down into tears, running from the scene thinking Kawaii~Chan betrayed him for his brother. Kawaii~Chan chases after him and thankfully manages to explain everything. They talk things out and makeup.

In Episode 34, when Aaron unleashes Hell’s Vengeance after seeing Ein, Garroth accidentally looks at his eyes and collapses to the ground in agony. Zane and Kawaii~Chan are understandably horrified by Garroth's state fearing he might die. Fortunately, he survives due to a Forever Potion inflicted upon him during his youth but still has to bear through the painful transformation of becoming a werewolf. Kawaii~Chan was moping with Zane, who couldn't help but blame Aaron for Garroth's state. Melissa helps cheer up the party, and Kawaii~Chan presents Derek with some pancakes.


Kawaii~Chan has bright pink hair, amber-colored eyes, and a very pale white skin tone. Her ears and tail are black. In season one of both MyStreet and Phoenix Drop High, the inside of her ear flaps were white. When her ears and tail were given models, the inside turned pink.

She typically wears pink clothing, with white often used to accessorize. She has a love for anything cute, so her clothing is often of a 'girly' or 'feminine' style.

During Mystreet Season 6: When Angels Fall, Kawaii~Chan gained a large scar across her torso from Garroth, under possession, cutting her down when she stood between him and Zane to save him from being killed.

In her younger years, she appeared to have liked darker colors like mauve and purple.

In her cat form, her fur is white with pink splotches, and has pink bows around her ears and tail, The ribbon on her tail also features a little golden bell. 

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Personality Edit

In MyStreet, she keeps her overall personality from Minecraft Diaries. She has many occupations but works hard and keeps a determined attitude. When her house caught fire, she felt guilty since it was caused due to an accident while she was in the kitchen, and ensured that she was capable of repairing the house herself. Her determination is shown plenty as she strives to be the best at what she does, as well as her kind nature. This kindness was displayed when she persisted to care for Michi when she was too sick to work, despite the fact that Michi was after her crush at the time and posed as Kawaii~Chan's rival. She is bubbly and easily excitable but is often shown to be oblivious and naive. She's been shown to have a selfish side as well, but in most instances is able to stop herself and apologises for her behaviour.

Episode AppearancesEdit

MyStreet Phoenix Drop High

The Big Move


Season 1

Season 2

MyStreet - The Bigger Move

Season 3

Aphmau's Year

Season 5


  • The word 'Kawaii' is the Japanese word for 'Cute' while 'Chan' is an informal Japanese honorific attached to a name as a suffix. 'Chan' is typically used for those you have close relations to, but is also used when people find a person or animal cute.
  • Kawaii~Chan’s real name, ‘Nana’, can be seen as the translation of ‘Seven’ in Japanese, it might be because she was the seventh child in her family, but this was never confirmed.
    • In the finale of Season 6, Zane constantly calls her ‘Four’ after being expelled from Aphmau’s body. Again hinting at the fact that ‘Nana’ may very well have a certain meaning behind it.
  • In Season 1, Kawaii~Chan could be sweet-talked into buying things very easily. Aphmau tried her best to remedy the problem.
  • She had a shipping shrine dedicated to Aarmau, but has since been taken down.
  • Oddly enough, she doesn't threaten Travis as she does with Kai and Ein when Aphmau was with them in high school and Garroth, Dante, and Laurance when they try to flirt with Aphmau. This is possibly because she doesn't view Travis as a threat to Aaron and Aphmau's relationship.
  • It was noted in a minigames episode by Travis that all of the ships that get put into her 'shipping shrine' become a reality. This is evident as she's made shrines for both Dancole and Aarmau and both became a reality in MyStreet.
    • However, Dancole sank in an episode of Love Love Paradise.
  • Aphmau and Kawaii~Chan became friends only because of a sleepover that she wasn't supposed to be invited to. 
  • In the episode "Fight or Flight", she is seen in a flashback where she sees Aaron and Aphmau running into each other.
  • Kawaii~Chan always keeps sugar on her person in Phoenix Drop High, whether she does it in MyStreet is unknown but highly likely.
    • She does not do this in When Angels Fall.
  • Kawaii~Chan received an update on her skin by gaining more detailed cat ears and moving tail. This is first seen in "Love~Love Paradise!", the first episode of the MyStreet season two. Will/KamiWasa, the artist for Jess and close friends, uses a similar model for Aphmau's "Leave a Like" animation.
    • Will also teased out an image of a mannequin wearing the ears on his Twitter page in this tweet before Jess even teased out the first thumbnail. 
  • Jess temporarily voiced her as a fill-in from "Zane's Pants" to the latest episode. MegaMoeka also informs that these episodes were filmed early July and could not voice her due to her busy schedule.
  • Kawaii~Chan fangirl explodes when she contacts with Aarmau, most notably in Episode 28 of Season 5.
  • She makes cookies when she is sad and gives them as an apology.
  • Out of the people who stayed behind during the events of Emerald Secret, she is the first to know of Aaron's condition, Zane being the one who told her.
  • In "Kawaii~Chan's Secret" she reveals that "Kawaii~Chan" is not her real name.
    • In "My Real Name" it was revealed her real name was Nana.
      • Jason confirmed the spelling on a twitter post.
      • In episode 5 of MyStreet season 6: When Angels Fall, her full name was revealed as Nana Ashida.
  • After being caught, Kawaii~Chan is promised a ticket to Starlight by Derek as long as she keeps Aaron's secret and continues to make pancakes for Derek.
  • Kawaii~Chan confessed her feelings to Zane in "I Like You...", ending the video with a kiss.
  • As of Starlight Episode 15, Kawaii~Chan ships herself with Zane.
  • Of all of the people we've seen that's been with Kawaii-Chan romantically (Reese *although it was mainly one-sided*, Dante, Damien, and Zane), each guy had a form of blue eyes. Reese had bright blue, Zane sky blue, Damien with dark blue eyes and Dante also with dark blue eyes. This is probably just a coincidence, but it could be an easter egg or a trait that Kawaii~Chan likes in a guy.
  • She has a fear of cucumbers. 🥒
  • In mini-games, whenever Kawaii~Chan is found in Hide and Seek, she would often whine and say "Dang it...", even crying once during a Love~Love~Paradise minigame.
  • It is proven in Graduation Days Episode 5 by Nekoette that Kawaii~Chan has been a Meif'wa Scout. It is also stated that she was/is the best Meif'wa scout ever (at least in the eyes of the wise Nekoette).
  • Her character was originally meant to be a kind of yandere, but be unaware that she acts like one.
    • This can be seen in the early days of MyStreet by how aggressive she acts when someone messes with her ships.
    • This also explains why she had a shipping shrine in Season 1.
  • Nana bears numerous subtle similarities with her boyfriend, Zane.
    • They each have problems with self-esteem and confidence and cope with these issues by fabricating alternate personas and hiding behind facades, only revealing their true personalities to their most trusted friends.
  • Kawaii~Chan is able to see Aaron's untamed eyes without transforming or dying. This is probably due to her nature as a Meif'wa.
  • The etymology of "Nana" is an abbreviation of the word "banana". Since all bananas are genetically identical to each other but are also a unique mutation of plantain, Kawaii~chan shares a similarity to the fruit when considering her 11 siblings and how she stood out among them.
    • The name "Nana" [七] also mean the number 7, possibly making Nana the seventh sibling.
    • The etymology of "Ashida" comes from the Japanese "ashi" [芦] (reed/bullrush) and "da" [田] (field/rice paddy).


Katelyn~Sama will just hit Kawaii~Chan in the face with a door again...

-Kawaii~Chan, MyStreet, Episode 5 "A Present of Love"


—Kawaii~Chan From Phoenix drop high

Dang it !!

Kawaii~Chan, Every minigame EVER

Kawaii~Chan: I started shipping them in high school before I really became friends with Aphmau, at first I started shipping them because they were complete opposites and I thought that was cute they had this tsundere kind of feel to them.

Zane: Go on

Kawaii~Chan: But then I guess something happened between them and they, they started to fall in love they never said it but it was there. Then I saw the way Aaron looked at her I saw it I saw the spark of love in his eyes. It was then that I knew they were my OTP

. Zane: Why on Earth would you think that?

Kawaii~Chan: Because I had hoped that someday someone would look at me with those loving eyes

Kawaii~Chan and Zane; Mystreet Starlight, Episode 9

Kawaii~Chan: *Hugs Zane* If...You need to talk, Kawaii~Chan's here...

Zane: Thank you...Kawaii~Chan...

Kawaii~Chan and Zane; Mystreet Aphmau's Year, Episode 1

Kawaii~Chan' Ships Edit



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