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Kawaii~Treat Maid~Sweet Café's Logo

The Kawaii~Treat Maid~Sweet Café is a location in the MyStreet series, which made its debut in The Grand Opening!

MyStreet Lover's Lane[]

Following the events after Kawaii~Chan's dismissal from the Maid Café, it had seen a drastic loss of staff efficiency and customer satisfactory. Aphmau tried to get her boss to rehire Kawaii~Chan to save the café, but upon learning that Kawaii~Chan was fired solely because her boss found her annoying, Aphmau quit. To make it up to Kawaii~Chan for not being able to get her job back, she told her that they were going to open their own maid café. The logo and name of the café were both made in honor of Kawaii~Chan specifically.

The café did so well that Zane kept suggesting Aphmau to expand it into a chain of cafés, which she was uncomfortable about. The café temporarily closed when Ivan decided to vandalize the building using cat potions that he bought from Lucinda as a prank which caused a fire in the café's kitchen. Aaron ended up taking the blame, which resulted in him choosing to move back to his parents.

When Aphmau and her friends went to Starlight, the Shadow Knights turned the café into a night club with Aphmau's permission.


  • In the original Lapiz Point map, this café is a generically made café named the "Blue Cafe," which sits on the southwest corner of 14th Street and West M. Remus Ave by a bank, a video store, a Baton Rouge restaurant (which was used as an Italian restaurant), and a Walmart, north of the football stadium and east of the downtown area.
  • In MyStreet Side Stories, the Shadow Knights still ran the café when Aphmau and her friends returned from Starlight, which Aphmau was upset about since they were supposed to give it back to her.