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Phoenix Drop

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Redstone Engineer

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Councilmen of Meteli


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Sasha (Former Fiancee)

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Kenmur (MyStreet)

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"The Admirer"

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"The Truth"

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Kenmur is a supporting character in Minecraft Diaries.


Kenmur came from a noble family who, due to their technological advancement in redstone engineering, ruled a prosperous kingdom, before falling to unknown attackers who burned down the kingdom and slaughtered the inhabitants. Kenmur, who was only a baby around the time, and Ulrich escaped the attack and settled in Meteli.

Kenmur was the fiancé of Sasha before she died and became a Shadow Knight. He was in love with Cadenza and he was a candidate for Lord of Meteli. He is reasonably smart and aided in the help of finding Nicole (which prevented a war with Scaleswind and O'Khasis) with his heat seeking goggles that Emmalyn and he made. He was one of the few that were transported to Lady Irene's dimension and escaped. He had a crush on Emmalyn, which she reciprocated in EP 49 ("An Honorable Request"). In that episode Emmalyn asks Aphmau to be her Maid of Honor, and in episode 51 ("A Phoenix Drop Wedding"), after one day of preparation they got married overlooking the ocean and next to statue of Lady Irene.

In Season 3, Kenmur received news from Dante that his wife, Emmalyn was kidnapped after unknowingly revealed her location to a disguised Zane, who was overhearing him when he was getting noodles and was also one of the people that he encountered with his memories altered by Gene.

Kenmur and Dante looked around until they found a village up in flames with dead bodies surrounding the area. They found Zane and Emmalyn there. Dante, enraged that he killed most of the villagers all for the blame of Emmalyn, engaged in a sword fight with Zane. When Zane managed to get the upper hand, he threatened Emmalyn with Kenmur's death if she didn't come with him. Kenmur didn't want his wife to be at the hands of the Shadow Knight and grabbed a sword from a nearby guard's body to defend her, however Zane easily stabbed and fatally wounded Kenmur.

Eventually, Lucinda appeared and tried to fire a shot at Zane with her staff until a child appeared in front of them, looking for his grandmother. Zane took this as an opportunity to threatened Emmalyn again with the child's murder, this time, she has no choice but to accept as she felt like everywhere she goes with Zane, death and destruction, much to Dante's shock at her forced betrayal. The two then teleport as Dante and Lucinda comes to Kenmur's side, who briefly regain consciousness, asking if they save Emmalyn. Not wanting Kenmur to feel like his sacrifice was in vain, Dante say that she is safe, albeit at the hands of Zane, but does not mention so. Kenmur is relieved before he dies for the second and final time.

Dante later carried his body back to Phoenix Drop where he makes a grave for him to rest in peace in and paid his respects with his family.

Later, inside the Celestial cannon, Emmalyn made a final attempt to bring Kenmur back to life. However, something went horribly wrong as her soul was split apart and her memories, including that of Kenmur, faded.

Side Stories[]

Minecraft Diaries Side Stories (Fall Festival):

When surrounded by the trio of bullies Aphmau and Katelyn had encountered earlier, Kenmur tries to protect Emmalyn. When Katelyn looms up behind the two, the group runs away, as Katelyn beat one of them up earlier. Emmalyn then kisses Kenmur, thinking it was him who they were afraid of, before Katelyn says that "Their ship has sailed".


Kenmur has brown hair, brown eyes, and a pair of black goggles on his forehead. He wears a red jacket, a brown belt, blue pants with brown kneecaps and red shoes.

His main design is the Minecraft skin ChildM13 from the Minecraft Comes Alive mod.

Personality []

One thing we do know is that he is also reasonably funny, as shown in S2, E4 "Dance of Swords," in which he does a "dance" called "The Wave" which involves you moving around on the floor quickly, looking like you are crawling but you are not. Kyle attempts it but ends up falling asleep. He then calls himself "The Master of The Wave!"

In "Scholar's of Irene", he exhibits his more intelligible and observant personality as he examines the new village that Emmalyn and himself entered. Apparently, he does this so often, which Emmalyn seems to takes notice to. He is consistently shown to be inventive and observant, as shown when he adjusted his glasses to find both Nicole during the Phoenix War and Emmalyn after she was kidnapped by Zane, and quite scholarly, enjoying researching Lady Irene and the ruins on Alliance Island during season 2.

He is shown to be patient with his love, not confessing it until certain of it, as he didn't confess to Cadenza before losing feelings and proposed to both Sasha and Emmalyn, staying with each of them until Sasha's death and his own.


I could theoretically upgrade my googles to detect the Nether's traces, but it would require a entire block of obsidian, and I do not want to invite a ton of monsters and Shadow Knights.

Kenmur to Dante, Episode 16, Season 3, "Travis' Past"

It's like trying to find a needle in a stack of needles..

Kenmur to Dante, Episode 16, Season 3, "Travis' Past"

Don’t you touch her!

Kenmur to zane, Minecraft Diaries Season 3 episode 30, "Zane's Wrath"


  • Laurance was the best man at Kenmur's wedding.
  • Kenmur's Minecraft skin very closely resembles the skin of the Minecraft Youtuber BajanCanadian. However, since both skins come from the Minecraft Comes Alive mod, this could just be a coincidence.