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  • Female
  • Male (temporary)








Hair Color
  • Red (Formerly)
  • Brown with blonde highlights (Currently)
Eye Color
  • Dark Amber
  • Blue (When Ghost takes over)
Professional Status

Smoothie Shop (City Mall)

Previous Affiliation(s)

Phoenix Drop High

  • Making Smoothies
  • Yoga Teacher
Previous Occupation(s)

Phoenix Drop High Student

Personal Status



An Older Brother

First Appearance
Voice Actor

Corinne Sudberg


Phoenix Drop High 2Edit

She was introduced sneaking behind Garroth in Ep.9 when he was giving props to Laurance for patience dealing with fangirls. She said "that's what I like about him" out loud and startled Garroth, she apologizes for it and tells him that no one hears her she was just "admiring him from afar". It gets more awkward when she congrats Garroth for his (fake/inexistent) girlfriend and asks him if Laurance would notice her, Garroth didn't know what to answer at first, but tells her maybe, she then said "then I still have hope" and runs off.

Unfortunately for her, that hope got dissipated fast when Laurance got himself a girlfriend, namely Michi. In Ep.14, Kim was siting at a bench in the school where, by chance, Aphmau came to sit next to, she told Aphmau that she better tell the one she crushes on that she loves him before it's too late, like it happened to him.

New Years Party Edit

She was first heard of in New Years Party episode 1 "Marry My Daughter!", where she was texting Laurance and got invited by him to the party, that's also when we learn that Garroth was hanging out with her at the time. In the episode "Aaron's Proposal Plan", she gets to meet Laurance again, as she hasn't seen him since high school. They were both pretty shy to start, but thanks to some help from Garroth launching a subject, they got to talk and speak about themselves.

MyStreet Post-S3 Edit

In the episode "Don't Make Kim Cry...", she was at work in a smoothie shop at the mall, where she was serving a customer, although she did serve her, the client said that she ordered something else, leaving Kim thinking she made a mistake. She immediately gets to making the actual order of her client, but even though she did make the right order, the client declines it too and says that she has ordered something else.

Garroth recognizes Kim's voice and watched the whole thing happening. Recognizing the client as Lily, he walked in and bumped into her, but he made it on purpose to get back at her for what she's done to Kim. She then gets invited by Garroth to lunch, thinking he can help her forget about what happened, that is where we learn that Lily is her "friend" and roommate who likes to pick on her, but they later spend some time together to enjoy the mall.

Season 4 Edit

Season Prequel Edit

She now is a main character, she is seen first in Aaron's Ticket (happening during the mall day) where she just was hanging with Garroth to later go to the mall, when Aaron asks him for help with his surprise project for Aphmau, Kim suggests to look on the internet and they all start a big search for jobs. Later both Aaron and Garroth gets called by their fathers for a job and invited to join them in the Ro'Meaves place, Kim follows them. She gets shocked by Zianna "busting" the door at Garroth's approach and then gets dragged again into the mission without asking. During the time before departure, Garroth and Kim were at the mall to make her a complete makeover.

Within Season 4 Edit

After she got dragged to the "mansion" in episode 1, she tried to activate the lights, but was unsuccessful and got immediately scared, so she decided to go check for the breakers outside. But after hearing wolves, she gets scared and jumps back in. In episode 2, wolves and an unknown person enters the "mansion" by forcing the door, and they begin to look for something. Kim thinks they're all gonna die, so after they're gone, she faints due to getting scared to death. After coming back to herself, she gets reassured by Lucinda (since she is kinda a "really jumpy type") which really changed her mood.

At the beginning of episode 3, the others thought they lost her, so they search for her in the "mansion", she was found only later by Zane, but she acted really strange to him upon entering her room, she approached him and expressed her feelings of love to Zane, before fainting over.

A few days later in Ep.4, she wakes up as herself and asks if the guy she "attacked" is alright, but then says that she owes an apology to this "deviously handsome face". Lucinda wakes her back up from her possession before she goes too far thinking about Zane's soft lips, leaving Zane kinda psychologically broken. Kim then takes a ride with Aphmau, Lucinda and Aaron to the closest town for its shop in order to buy supplies. Back at the mansion with the group, they were almost attacked by Garroth who was thinking they were intruders, but he soon realizes that it's his friends and even call Kim "Kimmy", they then hear Zane screaming and go look at him but cant actually find him, during the research for Zane, Garroth finds the switch for a hidden tunnel that leads outside, Kim congratulates Garroth for the find.

In Ep.6, in the tunnel (actually looking like a cave at this point) Aphmau makes gravel fall in front of her which scares off Garroth, Aphmau not knowing who screamed like a girl thought it was Kim and so apologizes to her, Kim tells Aphmau that it wasn't her and tries to reassure Garroth, but also points out that whoever took Zane away planned this out, this also saddens Aphmau. At a bifurcation she stayed with Lucinda and Garroth to find a rather strange place, they have discovered a potion lab with many incomplete potions. The group then regroups with Aphmau and Aaron and heads back for the lodge.

In Ep.7, back at the lodge ready for food, she was in the company of Aphmau and Lucinda, they are seen blushing all together at Aaron making lunch.

In the Ep.8, after Zane has comeback (having forgotten Garroth completely) she has placed Zane's clothes to the wash and Lucinda's to the dryer, weird things start again when she asks Lucinda if Aphmau and Zane still hugging, continues by saying she wanders what happened to him but her next words are the most disturbing as she said "[...] better get her hands off my man", a second after she said it though she couldn't remember saying anything.

In Ep.11, she sneaked in the room Zane was sleeping in being very careful, she then kissed him as he woke up, that firstly made him scream and secondly made Kim faint, when Aphmau, Garroth and Aaron came into the room Kim was sitting unconscious on a chair. At first nobody believed Zane since Kim (normally) is as shy as anyone gets, after Aphmau and Zane left the room Kim wakes up and hugs with Garroth and asks what happened and where Zane is, she said "He what!" when Garroth told her that he left with Aphmau, she gets surprised to hear that Zane said that she might have kissed him, she then gets "shadowy" again and asks Garroth who is Aphmau to Zane and after getting the information she asked for she disappeared only to reappear behind Aaron telling him he shouldn't try to leave and asks him he's going to take Zane with him, as awkward as it sounded to Aaron she told him that if Lucinda is gone it's for the better, stating that it's less competition for her prince (namely Zane), we then see a ghost like figure flying behind Aphmau as the fire extinguished, talking to her, we then understand that this ghost is the one who made Kim become weird and act really strange with Zane since Ep.3.

In Ep.12, she was laying down on the floor in a room, unconscious, she wakes up next to Garroth and Aaron and tells them that she had a bad dream about her kissing Zane and being in love with him! She then tells them she has a headache and goes to rest. Then as the ghostly figure talks with Zane we do get the confirmation that she was controlling Kim all along, telling him that she maybe should return to her body just to hug Zane, also telling him she used Kim to kiss Zane.

She then assists Aaron in Ep.15, when they hear her being strangled by the same ghost who wants Zane. She allowed the ghost to possess her body so that the ghost can go with them and helped Garroth bring Lucinda back from Ein's control by tossing the potion that Aaron created when it fell from his hands while defending her from Lucinda.

In Ep.16, she helps Garroth find Zane and restore his memory, after this she is seen holding back a disgruntled brainwashed Aphmau, she lets her go along with Garroth after Aaron tells them to do so, though the both of them were reluctant to do so cause releasing Aphmau will cause her to try and kill Aaron again, slashing him with the knife and screaming her absolute hatred, demanding him to die. Aaron took all of the hits and embraced her and he used the last of his dying breath to remind her of his everlasting love to his "stupid potato", then he collapsed and "dies" for the second time.

According to Zane in a flashback, everyone was grief-stricken over his death, with Aphmau panicking over his dead body. Kim watched Lucinda freeze Aaron's body and demands to bring him back to the lodge and call a doctor.

In Ep.17 (a week after the events of Ep.16), she is seen hosting the lodge, helping people with checking in and out of their rooms, when the Ghost wants to tell Zane how much she loves him while Zane and Garroth are having a brotherly time. Kim overpowers her and brings her into a different room to tell her not to constantly be doing that, when The Ghost tells her she has no place to go, after people started to go to the lodge it no longer felt like home, and asks Kim if she can stay with her for awhile, Kim agrees under the conditions that The Ghost does not constantly take over her and that it wouldn't be forever. She later goes home along with the rest of the crew.

In Aphmau's Year Ep.1, she helped renew Aphmau's accounts on Netflix and Crunchyroll so she can watch TV and also tried to cover up the fact that Aaron's is in hiding due to his Ultima nature and that he is severely injured.

In Aphmau's Year Ep.3, she helped tie the ribbon on the presents that Kawaii~Chan made and she admits that she, with the help of Ghost, is very good at tying ribbon. She later got a phone call from Lucinda about someone breaking into her house last night and stole the potion book from the snake-eyed man, as explained to Garroth later in a one-on-one chat. She is later seen celebrating Christmas with the others and was also talking to Lucinda about the person who stole the potion book.

Season 5Edit

In "In My Dearest Memories", Kim along with the gang that went to the lodge surprises Aphmau at her resort as they explain that the "camping trip" that was mentioned by Katelyn was actually a way for them to leave and meet Aphmau at Starlight. She was then seen being moved to tears as Aphmau reunited with Aaron on the beach before being forced to leave by Lucinda.

In "Here In My Arms", as the gang was walking around the resort after watching Aphmau and Aaron together, a frisbee was thrown near them, only to be quickly caught by Blaze, who was staying at Starlight. Lucinda and Ghost was upset by Blaze interrupting them, only for Kim to snap Ghost out.

In "I Like You...", after watching Ghost wanting to be with Zane at the boat and at the haunted house, Kim told her that she needs to have a conversation about her love for Zane.

As Kawaii~Chan and Zane go on their date in "Choose...", Ghost starts to spy on them and attempt to sabotage the date, with Kim attempting to stop her and according to Lucinda, Kim is starting to lose control of keeping an eye of Ghost, with the potential that Ghost would completely possess Kim's body.

In "Lucinda Breaks In", Kim is happy that Aphmau and Aaron are engaged and have a place for the wedding and was later being asked by Lucinda to act as a decoy while she enters Terry's house. Kim was confused at why she is asking about this during such a happy time since Ghost is not interfering with Zane and Kawaii~Chan and Aphmau and Aaron are engaged. Lucinda and Ghost explains that she is suspicious about Terry and how often Travis talks about his strictness as a teacher in potion class during high school. She was also suspicious about Travis' reaction to the spell book and believes he stole it during Christmas. Kim doesn't understand why now at this time and Lucinda explains that since the book has recipes to create Forever Potions, if used in the wrong hands, everyone they know will suffer more since the tragedy they experience at the lodge.

Ghost then pulls Kim into her consciousness where she reveals her true appearance and voice, explaining that someone scary is nearby preventing their happiness and that's all she knows. She tells Kim to avoid telling Lucinda the information. When Kim returns from consciousness, Lucinda gives her a bikini and she heads out to say hi to Katelyn. She suggests that the two go play volleyball, with Katelyn gladly agrees. While playing a game, Katelyn accidentally hits Kim with the ball and had to get an ice pack after Kim blacked out. While she recovered, Kim sees the spell book on the floor and Ghost panics, asking Katelyn about why Travis has the book. Katelyn simply replies that Travis reads that often.

Season 6 Edit

Kim stayed at the hotel with everyone else after they escape an ambush by the Guardian Force. She volunteered to take Garroth's place after there was no sign of him returning with Agent R. When Kawaii~Chan wanted to go to a casino gala, Kim opted to not go and was told that she missed out a lot. The next day, as the GF raided the hotel, she went with Lucinda and Garroth as they teleport to Starlight Adventure Park, where people freaked out over Garroth's werewolf form. As they went into hiding, Kim started to hear voices and she and Ghost were dragged into a white void where a woman wearing a pink hood and white dress greets them. She returns to reality where she and Ghost explain that Terry is the man behind the lodge tragedy and second ambush. He is going to manipulate the GF with the same power as Michael and is planning to make them go against each other. With the new information, Lucinda and Kim set out to confront Terry while Garroth goes separately to find his family.

Appearance Edit

In PDH2, she was seen wearing the generic female student uniform, she also is wearing her glasses in front of her dark amber eyes and has brown hair.

In MyStreet New Years Party and Post S3, she still is wearing glasses, has dark amber eyes and red hair.

In Season 4, thanks to Garroth, she got a complete makeover, she now wears gray boots, light blue pants, light green pullover with open shoulders, dark brown hair with blond highlights and she left her glasses in exchange for contact lenses (but she is seen in the lodge with her glasses just before going to bed). When Ghost takes control of her, a shadow covers her face.

In Aphmau's Year, she is seen with a light green pullover with short sleeves, dark brown hair and blonde highlights, blue shorts and brown shoes in the first episode. In the third episode, she is seen with a dark green jacket with a white shirt, a pink bow, purple boots and with the same hair color, dark brown hair with blonde highlights. Her eyes now turn pale blue when being controlled by Ghost.

In Mystreet Starlight, she is wearing a dress with little green spots with a pink bow, her hair stays the same as Season 4, dark brown hair with blonde highlights.

Personality Edit

She is mostly shy and does not have much self-confidence, she also happens to say things out-loud with confidence when she actually didn't want to. She also happens to faint at any overly shocking events.

After the tragic lodge incident, Kim seems to gain more confidence when speaking to others, especially since Ghost likes to intervene with Zane and Kawaii~Chan's relationship, but after a few episodes it seems to have ceased for now.

Episode Appearances Edit

Post Season 3Edit

Season 4 prequelEdit

Season 4Edit

Aphmau's YearEdit

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NewYearPartyE3 Kim with Laurance

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Trivia Edit

  • In Season 4 since ep.3, she had some moments where she was acting weird (to say the least), it was revealed in ep.12 that she was possessed by a ghost who was in love with Zane.
  • She had a crush on Laurance since highschool.
  • She seems to know about mines and caves.
  • When Garroth sees her for the first time after high school, he says that she "got hot", showing that despite they're not being much difference with her PDH and PostS3 appearance, she still looked better appearance-wise.
  • Kim has a older brother who is a jerk to Kim. 
  • During high school, Kim seemed to have a passion for history. 

Quotes Edit

  • Garroth: [...] Props to Laurance, he's got more patience than me.

Kim: That's what I like about him! [...] I'm so sorry, honestly I didn't think you were gonna hear me, no one does. I was just admiring him from afar. Hum, hmm, do you think Laurance would notice me Garroth ? [...] Then I still have hope !

Kim about Laurance, PDH2 Ep.9

Wow! She got HOT!

Garroth talking to Laurance about Kim - New Years Party Ep3

Look, Garroth, I appreciate you trying to help me, but you just started to hang out with me today, I don't appreciate you trying to run into my business so suddenly. Oops, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to say that!

- Kim, EP Don't Make Kim Cry ... realizing what she said with much confidence

This seems like the set-up for a horror movie where someone is gonna pop-out and kill us! [...] There's... no... internet! We're going to die!

Kim - S4 Ep1

Kim: My Love, I waited for you for so long.

Zane: What the ... Kim?

Kim: When you say my name, it sounds like heaven.

Zane: I think you have me confused for someone else.

Kim: I can never confuse you my Love, you're the only one for me.

Zane: If this is some kind of prank, it isn't funny!

Kim: I can assure you, my love for you is no joke. ~Kim corners Zane, Zane blushes

Zane: Don't you ...

Kim: Kiss me!

Zane: What! No way!

Kim: I love you!!! ~Kim screams and faints

Kim love talking to Zane - S4 Ep3

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