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King Zoir was the former king of Everlastia and the main antagonist of A Royal Tale.

King Zoir
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Garroth (son)

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"Find Your True Love"

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River Kanoff


At the start of the series, he summoned all the princes and princesses of every kingdom to his castle. Once they were all present, he told all of them that they all must marry within three months or else they won't get their kingdoms, leaving everyone in a panic. Seeing that some of them don't want to marry, he orders Travis to make them fall in love, but Travis refuses, stating that he's not allowed to use his powers in the mortal realm.

When Garroth questions him, he takes him to their kingdom's crystal and tells his son that there are thieves stealing (and even breaking) crystals from other kingdoms. He assumes that the culprits are of royal blood, and that those who do not marry within the three months are guilty. He also has Zane guard the crystal. However, when Zane (who is actually one of the bandits) tries to steal the crystal himself, it disappears, and Zoir orders for Zane's arrest. However, the traitor teleports away.

After they fail to capture Zane, Zoir tells Garroth to not tell anyone about what happened to the crystal, only to make the announcement himself to the royal guests, requesting for the aid of their kingdoms to prevent Everlastia from falling. He is then approached by two warrior princesses, Aphmau and Katelyn, and they volunteer to find who took the crystal. However, Xoir declines their assistance and even mocks their tomboyish was, stating that princesses can never and should never be warriors.

Later, while Zoir was with Garroth, the two princesses reported to him that they were able to find the bandits responsible, but Zoir ordered for their arrest instead, stating that by leaving the ballroom, they went against his orders. He then returned to the ballroom to dismiss the rest of the royals while Aphmau and Katelyn were kept in their chamber to be executed as scapegoats for the very crime they were trying to solve.

After the princesses escaped upon learning they were being framed, an earthquake was felt, with the aftermath having the crystal in the foyer of the castle as the princesses and the bandits fight over it. When Zoir appeared, Aphmau told him that they found the bandits responsible for the crystal's disappearance, but Zane revealed that the king stole his own crystal. Having no other choice, Zoir told them all of his true intentions, to trick the other kingdoms into thinking Everlastia lost its crystal so that they would providing extra recourses to the kingdom to keep it from dying. And once he has enough resources, he will overpower all the other kingdoms and unite them under his own empire before eliminating any form of freedom. He then announced that none of them will leave the room alive as he revealed himself to be a powerful warlock, intending to kill everyone in the room in order to silence them.

When Garroth arrived in the room with Jenny, he saw his father's true colors and questioned his actions. Zoir does his best to persuade Garroth to be on his side, telling him to do it for his kingdom, but Garroth didn't fall for it and instead impale his father with his sword, refusing to look as Zoir took his final breaths.


He has fair skin, black hair, and blue eyes. His face has a beard on it. Along with his golden crown, he wears a kingly outfit consisting of reds, whites, and golden details.


Appearing to be a benevolent king to the public and his son, King Zoir is actually a power-hungry warlock seeking to take over every kingdom and rule all of them at once. He is also deceptive, tricking the public into thinking that Everlastia's crystal was stolen when he actually stole it himself. He can also be described as an incriminator, for he first framed Zane for stealing the crystal and later Aphmau and Katelyn when it was more convenient. He is also highly against the concept of freedom, intending to eliminate such rights across all kingdoms once he has them all united under his empire.


  • Unlike most elements and characters from A Royal Tale, King Zoir doesn't appear to be a reference to anything from Disney, for at the time, there were no evil kings in any Disney film besides Maleficent, which was a remake of Sleeping Beauty.
    • Eventually though, Disney’s Wish introduced King Magnifico, who was a villainous king who knew magic and appeared to be good in the public eye, just like King Zoir.
  • It can be assumed that King Zoir intended to claim custody over the kingdoms whose royals don't marry within three months. It can also be assumed that he fully intended to take over Aphmau and Katelyn's kingdoms once he framed and executed them. Regardless, his true intentions are to dethrone all of them.