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Biography Edit

Kyle is the son of Emma and Corey. Aphmau gave his parents an arranged marriage before they had become 'aware'. He was born soon after his parents were married and was in a swaddle for a while. The village buzzed about him when he was born, and had many play dates with Levin. He grew out of his swaddle sometime before Logan and Donna's wedding. In Season 1, Episode 55, Kyle and Alexis had a joint baby shower. After Alexis was cursed by Zane, Corey built a stronghold for Emma and Kyle to hide in. After Aphmau came back from her latest adventure, it was safe enough for Emma and Corey to come out. Kyle continued to grow, having lots of fun and eventually leaving with the other kids. He had a crush on Alexis at the age of 13.

In Season 2, Kyle's parents moved out of Phoenix Drop, but he decided to stay. Sometime after that, he became a guard.

Personality Edit

Kyle was sweet, curious, and energetic as a child. He loved to play with Levin, his BBF (best bro forever) and always had the energy to have fun. As a child, his favorite animal was the turtle and had a pet turtle. Like the other kids, he made mostly baby sounds as a baby, with a few full words. As a child, he uses more words, but never used complete sentences or engaged in a conversation. He liked calling Aphmau "Apple".

As an adult guard, he has changed a lot. He seemed more mature, but still a bit fun and playful. He could strangely remember many things from his childhood because he had an advanced memory. This was shown when he remembered the times when he used to call Aphmau "Apple" because he couldn't pronounce Aphmau's name correctly.

Appearance Edit

In season 1, Kyle's physical appearance mainly does not change. He had bright green eyes, kawaii dimples, and a two-pixel black mouth (look at the pictures). Early on, he is bald, but has pale orange hair as he grows older. He mainly wears a green tank top and a white diaper with a green pin. In episode 51, he wears a black suit with a white button-down shirt, and a green tie with a green flower on his lapel. At the beach, he wears enormous sunglasses.

15 years later, he has dirty blonde hair with some small black beads in it, vibrant green eyes, and he wears blue-grey armor.

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Kyle's train

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Quotes Edit

"Gaaah!~ <3"
"Ha~Hamasteeers! Hehehe!"
"Hi Apple! My, Name...Kyle!"
"I want to play...but am tired...but play! Play! Play! Yes, Apple, YES! But sleep too..."
"Hi Apple! There is LOTS of sand!"
"Baby like burrito! Is delicious? VERY LOUD! Hehe!"
"Guuu! Beach! Yay!"
"Run! Run! Run! Hehe!"
"Hi Apple! I Kyle! I um, like to play!"
"Sorry I was absent yesterday. Kyle got sick and hurt...Oh! So Kyle brought his toy turtle because turtles are cool and I like turtles and this turtle is the best turtle because when this turtle turtles he turtles better than anyone else and he is the first turtle to turtle but then this other turtle was like 'I am better turtle than you!' and when turtle feel sad he goes into his shell. THE END!!"


  • Kyle is a Scottish name. In Scottish, the name Kyle means "a narrow spit of land".
  • He calls Aphmau Apple.
  • He remembers Aphmau more than Alexis does.