Don't you dare run to where I can't protect you.

Laurance to Aphmau, Season 2 Episode 14



Laurance S2E97



Full Name

Laurance Zvahl


Casanova of Meteli (by Aphmau)

  • Shadow Knight
  • Human (Formerly)
  • Emerald Sword and Shield Combo (Past)
  • Emerald Greatsword (Current)
  • Shadow Knight Greatsword (Ongoing)



Fairly Tanned

Hair Color
  • Ginger (Past)
  • Light Brown (Current)
Eye Color
  • Bright Green (Past)
  • Light Blue (Current)
  • Red (Shadow Knight Form)
Professional Status
  • Rebellion in the Nether
Previous Affiliation(s)
  • Phoenix Drop
  • Old Meteli
  • Leader of rebellion in the Nether
  • Guard of The New Village Settlement
  • Shadow Knight
Previous Occupation(s)
  • Head Guard of Meteli
  • Guard of Aphmau
  • Second-in-Command Guard of Phoenix Drop
Personal Status


  • Cadenza (Adoptive Sister)
  • Hayden (Adoptive Father; Deceased)
  • Joh (Adoptive Father; Deceased)
  • Aphmau (Love Interest/Close Friend)
  • Garroth (Best Friend/"Brother")
  • Dante (Friend/"Brother")
  • Ungrth (Wyvern/Close Friend; Deceased)
  • Lucinda (Close Friend)
  • Vylad (Close Friend/Shadow Knight Peer)
  • Zenix (Ally in Rebellion)
  • Table (Joking Love Interest)
  • Aphmau (Void Paradox (Ally))
  • Jayden (Void Paradox (Temporary enemy turned Ally))
  • Holes (Hatred started to develop in S2 episode 62)
  • Gene
  • Shad (Leads rebellion against him in the Nether)
  • The Alter (Void Paradox)

Laurance (MyStreet)

First Appearance

"The Admirer"

Became "Aware"

"The Admirer"

Voice Actor

Sebastian Todd

Laurance is a character who appears as the tritagonist in Minecraft Diaries: Rise Of Phoenix Drop, a main character in Minecraft Diaries:War Of The Magi & VOID Paradox, and a supporting character in Minecraft Diaries:The Realm Protector. He was originally the head guard of Meteli under Lord Hayden, but soon left his position to become 2nd in command under Lady Aphmau. In season 1, he became a Shadow Knight, but did not reveal his true form until Season 2. Laurance now resides in the Nether and is leading a rebellion after refusing to answer The Calling.

Biography Minecraft Diaries Edit

Laurance was an orphan who was adopted by the old lord of Meteli, Joh. Laurance failed to protect Joh from a brainwashed Sasha as he turned away for one second. When he turned back, Joh had an arrow pierced through his heart. After his adoptive father's death, he considered Hayden as a father figure, but still sometimes calls him by his name. Laurance became Head Guard of the village of Meteli and has an adoptive sister named Cadenza. Aphmau met him during her quest for the Crazy Cat Lady's potion for her oversized cat Mittens. Laurance instantly fell in love with Aphmau.

It is discovered that Castor, The Chicken Shaman was captured by the Shadow Lord and was held, prisoner. Laurance agreed to go to the Nether with Aphmau in order to save Castor. They succeeded, but in order to hold back the Shadow Lord, Laurance stayed back and did not return for a short period of time.

He was then put into a torture routine and was turned into a Shadow Knight. Later, he tells Aphmau that the only reason he did not fully succumb to the Shadow Lord is that he kept thinking of her, his true love. Then his best friend, a Wyvern named Ungrth, rescued him from the Nether before his full Shadow Knight transformation. But, sadly, Ungrth died after breaking through the realm barriers. Laurance lost his sight for a short period of time after he came back, but regained it now with pale blue eyes instead of lime green, thanks to the statue of Lady Irene.

Laurance has travelled on many adventures with Aphmau to villages all around and protects her with his life. It is hinted at in several episodes that Aphmau may love Laurance romantically. Laurance has also grown close to Garroth and Dante, whomare also guards that protect Phoenix Drop. He considers them as his "brothers."

After Scaleswind's attack on Phoenix Drop, Aphmau gave Laurance the pendant so he could protect it. He was knocked out by a brainwashed Garroth, waking up in another dimension. With the help of Aphmau from that dimension and Tommy, her adopted son, he was able to return to Phoenix Drop, albeit without any mention of the experience.

Laurance, Aphmau, Katelyn, Aaron, Garroth, Kenmur and Emmalyn went to the Irene Dimension to stop Zane from getting Irene's Relic. Then Zoey appeared with a portal to help them escape the dimension but in order to stop Zane, Garroth stayed back and confessed his love to Aphmau and asked her to find a better man. After going through the portal, the group, excluding Garroth, found themselves on the outskirts of the ruins of Phoenix Drop. Aphmau took it really hard to see her village being decayed. Laurance decides to guard Aphmau (although she's no longer a lord) as she has been through a lot and he still loves her.

After leaving the Irene Dimension through Zoey's portal, Laurance splits off from the rest of the group to go and visit Ungrths grave, only to find that it has been robbed. This leads him to break down in front of Aphmau, asking her if it could just be a bad dream. She pinches him, letting him know that what he is experiencing is real. He then talks about his experience as a Shadow Knight, and how he hasn't felt any of the urges associated with being one.

In ''The Vows We Take'', it is discovered that Laurance is able to transform into his Shadow Knight form. This is caused by the jealousy that overwhelms him as Aphmau is forced into marriage with Fenrir, the prince of the South-Eastern Wolf Tribe. He slaughters all the werewolves at the wedding, including the king of the tribe. He is quoted saying "Well, that was not as messy as I was hoping for" After killing the king or leader wolf. He is just about to kill Fenrir when Aphmau comes and tries to persuade him of not doing so, which ended up with them kissing, bringing him back to reality. As Aphmau knew that was reason he didn't fully turn her, so she kissed him to help him remember his love for Aphmau. After escaping, Laurance makes a promise to both Aphmau and Garroth that he will not pursue Aphmau since Garroth sacrificed himself in the Irene dimension. He promised to wait until Garroth returned before he would "make Aphmau his".

Afterwards, at Scaleswind, shadow souls appear, he goes with Aphmau to fight them, but he lost control of his shadow knight power and turns his blade on Aphmau, and is knocked out by Aaron. After waking up he then kisses Aphmau again to "seal" his promise of not turning to a Shadow Knight until he can fully control it.

Aphmau, Katelyn, and Laurance return home to Phoenix Drop and discover that Dmitri and Nekoette were stow-aways on their ship and had come to Phoenix Drop with them. When Aphmau returns to the Dream Realm and sees Garroth they talk about what's been going on between her and Laurance. When Aphmau wakes up, Katelyn tells her that Laurance watched over her all night since she went to the Dream Realm.

In ''My Golden Friend''; Aphmau was having a peaceful sleep and she awoke to find Laurance was sitting beside her on the bed when Aphmau became flustered and started assuming 'things' happened the night before. Travis heard Aphmau screaming and rushed in the room and asked what happened. Laurance simply answered "Cockroach" and denied sitting by Aphmau's bed. Later, Aphmau decides to go to the bathroom and get ready and Laurance asks if he should "Surprise her in the washroom as well" Aphmau replies with a hard slap/punch or a falcon punch/slap.

In ''Into the Forest''; Laurance has become a bit more on edge due to their situation of having to flee to Phoenix Drop through the cursed forest after O'Khasis is attacked by the Tu'la region. When the group reaches the forest, Aphmau is distressed about the safety of Aaron, seeing that Aaron was left behind by the group in Nahakra Village. Aaron appears in the forest by coincidence and Aphmau runs to him; almost embracing him out of joy. Laurance approaches Aphmau and accuses her of showing too much affection towards people who aren't important (he subtly mentioned Aaron and Vylad). Aphmau realizes that he was jealous of her showing any affection to any other male. When the group decides to stop in a clearing against Aphmau's will, Aphmau is displeased and runs into a man named Chad in the forest. Aphmau and Chad try and run back to camp, but end up being captured by Hyria, a witch. Laurance obviously really cares about Aphmau a lot, but he is kind of letting his emotions get the better of him.

At Emmalyn and Kenmur's wedding in ''A Phoenix Drop Wedding'', Laurance was Kenmur's best man. Then in the following episode, Laurance got Aphmau's approval for him to turn into his Shadow Knight form only because so that he can control it and be with Aphmau, we can only hope he can control it for Aphmau.

By ''Vylad's Song'', as Aphmau was asleep, Laurance walks in about to take a nap himself but finds Aphmau awake. He questioned her if she saw Garroth in her dreams again, but she did not. Aphmau then becomes frustrated, and Laurance quieted her by hugging her for a long while. When they pulled apart, Laurance simply said "I'm sorry, I can't be Garroth, nor do I know the key to seeing him again. However know that I am here, and I will do whatever I can...My lord." This calmed the tension around them.

Laurance, Aphmau, and the rest of the crew landed at an uncharted island due to Travis' book getting out of hand from him not keeping it in check in a while.

Laurance, Aphmau, and Aaron explored the eastern side of the island while Katelyn, Chad, and Vylad explored the west. Laurance then finds himself fallen into a hole and landed on his butt. Aphmau and Aaron follow him down and met some old friends, the Wyverns. They met a very well known Wyvern that goes by the human name of Raven. Laurance was not too fond of these Wyverns since they exiled his own, Ungrth.

Laurance then finds Aphmau holding a baby and Aaron without his jacket. Thanks to his experience as an orphan living at an orphanage, he is able to help by getting milk for the little one. Later on, the baby is given the name Lilith Garnet.

Afterwards, they found themselves on an island where they encountered the Demon Warlock. This forces Laurance to become enraged and revert into his Shadow Knight form. After their encounter, Laurance almost "rips Travis' head off" after finding out he's the son of the Demon Warlock. Aaron calls for him to calm down but is ignored, and it isn't until Vylad speaks up that Laurance drops Travis and the two Shadow Knights leave with Vylad saying "He needs to meditate and remember who he is."

Long after that misunderstanding, everyone went off exploring. They found themselves in range of what looks like what is left of a village. Laurance, Katelyn, and Aphmau explore a temple that is still standing over everything else that looked like the one they saw in Irene's Dimension.

As Laurance and Katelyn were arguing, Aphmau walked over and Laurance and Aphmau fell through the floor and on top of each other (Aphmau on top of Laurance) into what looks like some kind of a dungeon. They explored the dungeon and found some interesting things on Lady Irene, including a mosaic that depicts the final battle between the Divine Warriors and the Shadow Lord.

In "Her Grief", Laurance and Vylad, both Shadow Knights, have been missing for about 2 weeks. This odd behaviour is noticed by Garroth, a close friend to Aphmau. The issue is also mentioned in "Ivy and the Wolf", as Vylad states, "It's Laurance...I think he's in trouble."

In ''Always With You'', it is stated by Vylad that the Nether is calling out to him, as it is named ''The Calling''. Vylad mentioned that no one should talk to him or go near him as he needs to realize that he isn't normal; and that he is a Shadow Knight. He needs to lose all emotion and he must do this on his own or the Nether will be all he thinks about.

In ''A Lord and Her Guards'', Laurance attacks Aphmau in his Shadow Knight form while she is holding Ivy down, thinking that she is Zane. Just as he is about to kill Aphmau, Garroth comes back to his senses and stops him. Sadly, Ivy got the chance to escape while this was happening. Laurance travels with Aphmau back to Phoenix Drop. In ''Spa Day'', he was spotted spying on Aphmau while she was about to reveal who she had a crush on. He was there together with Garroth, Dante and Travis. They were pretty shocked when they were spotted by Lucinda.

In ''Shadows of the Past'', Aphmau thinks she sees Aaron, but it turns out that it was just an Imp. Later when Aphmau is grieving, Laurance talks to her. He demanded to know what Aphmau's relationship was with Aaron. Aphmau refuses to tell him, but he tries to force her. He is stopped by Garroth, who says that Aphmau needs some time for herself because she is still grieving. Laurance says that it's Garroth's fault that she is grieving in the first place and walks away.

In ''She's Pregnant!?'', Vincent talks to Laurance and asks if he has answered the calling yet. He advises Laurance to not let his pride control him. Laurance gets angry and says that Vincent shouldn't tell him what to do. He wants to attack Vincent, but Vincent manages to stop him. Later in the episode, he overhears Aphmau telling her friends that she is pregnant with Aaron's child. This causes him to become angry and leave the settlement.

In ''The Angel Irene'', he is seen standing in front of the Nether Portal with Michi and Sasha watching. He is about to answer the Calling. It is unknown why, but he freed Michi and Sasha from where the two had been held and helped them escape at one point earlier that night. Laurance says that he needs to look for a person before entering the Nether portal. It is unknown who he is talking about, but it is highly speculated that it could be Shad/The Shadow Lord.

In "A Goddess Divine", contrary to what fans believed that Laurance will become evil, he did not and instead created a rebellion along with Zenix in the Nether and now resides in it. In "The Nether", Aphmau, Garroth, Katelyn, and Zane head into the Nether to go find Laurance. Zane leads them into a castle and gets attacked by Laurance. Zane denies fighting Laurance and shows him Aphmau. Laurance gets furious over Aphmau being there and denies Aphmau trying to help him. He's interrupted by feeling the presence of Shad and tells Aphmau, Katelyn and Garroth to leave. They refuse, and Laurance pushes Aphmau and Katelyn off the bridge onto the floor beneath them. Laurance tells Garroth to hide and confronts Shad on his own. Laurance fights Gene, but Aphmau sees Shad and becomes frozen at the sight of him. Aphmau, Katelyn, and Garroth leave the Nether, leaving Laurance fighting Gene. In "Our Daughter", he is seen at his base fighting Gene, the former episode because of Shad's order while he handles Aphmau and the latter were interrupted by Zenix.

Side Stories Edit

Just like in the main series, Laurance is one of the main characters in the side stories.

Beach Vacation Edit

Laurance is taken to the beach with Aphmau, Garroth and the others, but Zane takes the spot Garroth wants. In the end, Aphmau fights an O'Khasis guard for it. (She kicked butt by the way)

Island Vacation Edit

Laurance goes on a vacation with Aphmau and the others to a beach island theme park. While on a double date with Aphmau, Brendan, and Kawaii~Chan, he pushes Brendan down a slide. He also tricks Garroth into thinking Aphmau is in love with Prince Reese which they then ended up in the island's jail (not Laurance, but Garroth and Brendan) cell for a while. (About 1-2 days.) Yeesh.

Movie Date/Dinner After Movie Edit

Laurance is dragged along to the movies with Brendan who asks Laurance to help him out of the situation because he asked two girls out to the movies, but he doesn't help. Later, he gives Garroth a confidence potion at dinner, which made him act like Laurance for a while (In front of Aphmau) and was soon worn out. He acts as a wingman for Garroth.

Slumber Party Edit

Laurance is one of the guys who decided to sneak into the girl's slumber party, stole all of their pizza and hot wings, then had a slumber party for themselves. Later, he agrees to have a slumber party all together.

Carnival Days Edit

Laurance is taken to the Fall Carnival with Aphmau and the others. He ends up hanging around with Dante and Garroth, later going to the haunted house with the group including Nicole, who the guys found. In the end, Laurance is embarrassed by Garroth "hitting" on him and Katelyn taking pictures. (Thus created the Garroth x Laurance ship) Laurance then runs out of the haunted house with Garroth chasing after from close behind.

Trick Or Treat Edit

Laurance and the other boys were accidentally turned into kids by Lucinda. They go trick or treating with Aphmau and wake up later that day, forgetting everything that happened. After Lucinda returned, she accidentally changes Aphmau's clothes to something more revealing. Because of this, Garroth faints from a nosebleed, Dante gasps, and Laurance whistles. Aphmau is embarrassed but she and Laurance end up carving pumpkins.

The Big Move Edit

Garroth and Laurance think there is something between Aphmau and Aaron, but he is just helping her move. This causes Garroth and Laurance to do some crazy antics to find out where Aphmau is moving to and whether or not there is something between Aphmau and Aaron. In the 4th part, Aaron plays along with their assumption of him and Aphmau by saying they are on a date. As a result of this, Laurance goes into his Shadow Knight form and Garroth goes into his Jury of Nine form, but were defeated by The Aarmau Fans.

MyStreet Edit

Laurance decides that it would be a good idea to move in across the street from Aphmau, Katelyn, and Kawaii~Chan along with Garroth and Dante. However, Aphmau see's it and Dante starts to try and impress her and this leads to trouble between the guys. But when the guys saw Aphmau kiss Zane under the mistletoe. All the boys start to watch My Little Horsies (parody of My Little Pony) to step up their game because Zane and Aphmau watch it. With no luck, Laurance and Dante end up drawing ponies on Garroth's face while he was asleep. Also, on the new year's eve party, when Garroth runs out saying "Laurance! APHMAU IS KEEPING SECRETS FROM US AGAIN!", Laurance replies with, "OH NO, SHE DIDN'T!" With a high level of sass involved. Then later Travis moves in and goes to Aaron's house to see what Travis would do but later causes himself, Laurance and even Garroth to become shirtless. Then later Travis makes a BAD "guns" pun that causes Laurance to punch him. Aphmau laughs hysterically at how bad the pun was.

Laurance accompanies Aphmau and the crew to an anime convention, where he is not seen for most of the time, But he is seen in the end when Aphmau and Aaron announce their relationship.

Laurance keeps his protective nature as he looks out for his friends and Aphmau greatly. Although a bit jumpy at times, Laurance tries to endure a situation at the best way possible. However, when pushed to the limit, he can become overprotective, even to the point of infusing with the emotion of rage. He facades his emotions to the point of keeping jealousy bottled up.

Pixel Painters Edit

Aphmau is joined by Laurance and Garroth for a few rounds of Pixel Painters, a mini-game on the Hypixel server. In that video the username of Laurance's character is LauranceZvahl. That is the only proof so far that Zvahl is Laurance's last name. In the end, he was chased by an angry Garroth, who was threatening to kill him.

His voice actor, Sebastian Todd, stated on Twitter: "For those wondering, yes, Zvahl is Laurance official last name. Cut and dry, Jess and I decided on it the other day.''

Void ParadoxEdit

Laurance wakes up in the Mod Mod World dimension after he gets knocked out in Episode 100 of Minecraft Diaries Season 1. He figures out that he is in a completely different dimension and that his "alter" wants to kill him. Laurance, along with alternate-dimension Aphmau, go in search of the alter while Modzilla, Polly, Laila, and Tommy try to find a way to stop the void from spreading back at the lab at the end he is left in the world while the rest travel to another dimension

Appearance Edit

In the earlier episodes, Laurance had long orange hair which was dyed by Cadenza and bright green eyes. He wore a white outfit with dark cuffs and gold sections.

When he turns into his Shadow Knight form his eyes turn red and has red particles floating around him (as he is a shadow knight), a very dark red and black chest plate with matching pants suddenly appears on him and wields a long red sword (assumed as ruby or nether material) with a greyish-black handle with a red stone. His hair and skin also becomes lower in saturation that the natural skin and hair colour.

When he was blinded, his eye color changed to a pale blueish-grey color and wore a tattered blue shirt and ripped brown pants.

His hair was dyed back to a light brown (his natural hair color) by Cadenza, and he regained his sight. Aphmau joked saying Cadenza dyed it blue causing Laurance to get upset. It was then noted by Aphmau that his eyes had changed to a sky blue.

He wore brown gloves, a white shirt, a blue jacket, and black pants before getting new armor.

When he got a new armor set, given to by Katelyn, it was a brown chain mail with a matching emerald green cape. It also came with a feather on top of the helmet. His new weapon was also given to him by Katelyn, which is an emerald great sword that was blessed by a priest of one of the Divine Warriors. For most of Season 1 he uses an emerald shield.

In ''Prince of Werewolves'', Laurance had become a Meif'wa, obtaining orange and white Meif'wa ears, a orange tail and his clothes were very ragged and torn up. 

When they were in Scaleswind, he is given has a green cape around his neck, a brown leather vest from neck to knee and a long-sleeved undershirt to wear.

In ''The Search for Michi'', Laurance was relieved from his Meif'wa curse by the potions Hyria gave to Aphmau.

Laurance mainly wears clothes that are light brown and knight themed. The most notable things people notice is his signature green scarf. In other media, Laurance wears sweaters and jackets that are green in color.

Personality Edit

Laurance used to be a huge casanova and tried to keep his cool but sometimes he could be extremely hot headed. He's always jumping to conclusions, but it's just in his nature to be careful. He states that after becoming a Shadow Knight, he is more impatient when things don't turn out like he wants to (possible foreshadowing). He admitted in an episode that he would put himself in front of any sword to defend Aphmau from harm. He also is very stubborn, persistent and funny. In ''The Amulet's Secret'', he also reverted Garroth back to normal with some words of wisdom. He can make things awkward at times by flirting with Aphmau, but he will do anything for those he cares about. He is also a playful person and always seems to have a smile on his face, and he cheers people up during their darkest hours. In ''Her Power'', Cadenza stated he was playing the "nice guy" with Aphmau and how he never thinks about his own feelings and has always helped other people be happy. Cadenza was also angry that Aphmau never gave him a chance. Cadenza said she just wanted Laurance to be happy, and Laurance replied saying, "I'm happy just to be around her." In another episode, Vincent (It's discovered he is a full Shadow Knight, having killed his lord.) and Laurance got into a fight, since Vincent called Laurance a "Premature Shadow Knight" and Laurance yelled at Vincent because he was flirting with Aphmau- which got Laurance so angry he pulled out his sword and met Vincent in the middle of the room, swords pushing against each other. Aphmau broke it up by asking him to go outside and take a breather.

Laurance has also been known to get jealous of any guy who has any emotional interaction with Aphmau. He is a naturally sassy person, who's good with funny comebacks, and he cares deeply for Garroth and Dante, who he considers brothers.

As a Shadow Knight, he struggles greatly with the Calling. Vylad states that he is different than other shadow knights, and is becoming "overwhelmed by his emotions." This causes him to become hard to speak to and stay around, as he is easier to temper. I don't want to be one that assumes things, but he seems to be slowly breaking on the inside. His emotional struggle makes him disappear for many episodes at a time. That is, until ''The Angel Irene'', where he released Michi and Sasha and also answered the Calling, stepping through the Nether portal. Maybe it all was too much for him to handle.

Despite the Calling pulling him to join the Shadow Lord and fight against Aphmau, he managed to refuse and start a rebellion, showing that his love of Aphmau is still making him unwilling to become evil.

After some traumatic events such as Michi's devious behavior and werewolf slaughter, Laurance has kept to himself occasionally. He's managed to keep his mind and atmosphere calm despite all the negative events that has occurred. 

Laurance never got to be Aphmau's and he is just trying to keep up things and get everything on good times. But the voices and noises in his head is getting worst. Vylad tries to help but nothing works, and he is still out of control.

In MyStreet Season 1, Laurance shares some similar traits to his Diaries counterpart, in terms of his collected and often eccentric nature. Some differences are noticeable: He's often also shown as spastic, smug, and easily annoyed by Dante or Travis' antics. He's shown as the most reasonable and often plays the peacekeeper whenever the other guys bicker. However, he's just as bent on winning Aphmau over as the rest of the male characters, and sometimes goes to lengths extreme enough to the point of almost juvenile.

He's not seen at all in Season 2 of MyStreet.

With his return in Season 3, Laurance appears to be much more level-headed. He's shown as much more optimistic and shows signs of getting along with those he rarely used to, such as Aaron or Zane (though his relationship with Zane is still one of viewing each other as an annoyance), and the people he gets along with already is even more so, showing kindness and even support for Garroth, Aphmau, and Dante.

In Phoenix Drop High, Laurance is much calmer and his eccentricities are much more visible, showing no fear when it comes to approaching a girl he's never met before (Aphmau) and automatically aiming to win her over. His flirtatious nature is on display even more so than his Diaries counterpart, almost being the school's token player. (playa)

Relationships Edit

Aphmau: Laurance has always been a very big casanova, speaking his feelings for Aphmau frequently, which often ends up in them making a joke of it or in a subject change. At first his advances seemed playfully flirtatious in a very non-committal and joking way, but later it became clear that he really did love Aphmau, ultimately ending up with his sacrifice of staying behind in the Nether. After his return, the two ended up becoming very good friends and often joked around and had fun. In season two, Laurance still had open feelings towards Aphmau but it simply sat at a very happy and content friendship as he felt it would be unfair to court her while Garroth was trapped in the Irene Dimension after sacrificing himself to help the other escape. But he still loves her ever since the day they met and still hopes of making her his someday. Aphmau has kissed Laurance when she was going to get married to the werewolf prince but then Laurance slaughtered them all and shared a kiss with Aphmau. Later on, Laurance still continued to be romantic and kissed Aphmau. He does, however, show jealousy when she shows affection towards another guy such as Aaron or Travis. 

Towards the end of the second season, his relationship with Aphmau is not as great as it had once been, with him spending long amounts of time away from her due to the calling. After he finds out that Aphmau is pregnant with Aarons baby, he leaves and isn't seen again until "The Angel Irene" where he answers the calling and enters the nether. 

When they meet again in season three, Laurance doesn't seem to want anything to do with Aphmau as he seems to hate her for betraying him and breaking his heart. However, it is possible he may still harbour feelings for her, as he is seen trying to keep her hidden and protected from Shad. 

So for now, their relationship is a very complicated one. 

Garroth: Laurance often pokes fun at Garroth about his feelings towards Aphmau. Though they may admire the same woman, that doesn't stop them from being friends in the least. They don't have a rivalry, or even act bitter towards one another -- in fact, they both state on separate occasions that they felt like brothers. Laurance, Dante, and Garroth all mesh well, as best friends and as guards.

Katelyn: It is shown that in Season 2 of Minecraft Diaries, that Laurance and Katelyn have a close relationship with eachother. In the episode "The Jury's Bane", Katelyn asks Aphmau to talk to Sasha after having visited her, where she started talking as if she knew more about Laurance than the others. She then states: "Look, I normally don't care what he does. Laurance can take care of himself, but he's been acting different since we arrived on the island." This moment shows that Katelyn has been looking out for him and watching over him. Laurance X Katelyn (Laurlyn) was a large ship during the early days of Katelyn's arrival into the series due to the Slumber Party (Side Stories), where the girls are talking about who the hottest guy in Phoenix Drop is, and Katelyn states, "Pardon me for saying this, but... Laurance trumps them all.". Kawaii~Chan also used to ship this in the early days of MyStreet, but it was quick to be shut down by Katelyn. In  Fall Carnival Days, which is part of the Autumn Minecraft Side Stories, where Laurance notices that Katelyn isn't having the best time and says, "Geez... Katelyn really seems down about this festival... did she have a bad experience or something?". He then goes on to advise Aphmau to show Katelyn a good time by saying: "Why don't you take Katelyn around and show her how to have a good time at the carnival."

Cadenza: Cadenza and Laurance are very close. They grew up together as siblings, having been adopted by the same parents. They know each other very well and are protective of one another, and all in all, are great siblings to each other.

Chicken Shaman Castor: Laurance has known Castor for a long time, since the Chicken Shaman had always been near Meteli. It's a bit of a strange friendship, Castor frequently asking where "Laurance's stupid face" is. But they do enjoy talking and catching up, so they're more 'friendly acquaintances' than anything. Laurance also owes Castor five dollars, however the reason for this is currently unknown. (Castor lowered it to two dollars when Laurance sacrificed himself to save him in Season 1, Episode 40. Apparently, if you sacrifice yourself and are Castor's friend, you get a "friend discount".)

Hayden: Hayden, the old Lord of Meteli, adopted Laurance as a young orphan and raised him with his daughter, Cadenza. Laurance treats him just like if he were his birth fathr, and vice versa. Even though Laurance is adopted, the three of them are no doubt, a loving and caring family.

Dante: Like Garroth, Laurance is good friends with Dante. All three of the guards not only worked together as Lord Aphmau's guards in Season 1, but as brothers. Although it isn't in the main series on Side Stories Episode 13, "The New Guy", it shows that they can hear each other's thoughts. But Aphmau does put subtle messages in the series like how Vylad was related to Garroth and Zane. But it seems like Garroth and Laurance have much more of a closer relationship

Ungrth: Ungrth was a very good friend of Laurance's. Although it is often said that Laurance met Ungrth while he was an adult, this is not true. According to a conversation Laurance and Aphmau had in Season 1, Episode 37, Ungrth has actually a friend of Laurance's family for several generations. However, whether Laurance meant his adoptive family or biological family is unconfirmed. In the end, Ungrth sacrificed his life to get Laurance out of the Nether to end his suffering. From then on, Laurance would regularly visit Ungrth's grave to honour and remember him.

Table: He and Aphmau fell in love with the same table as a joke.

Sasha: Sasha and Laurance have been close friends since childhood, with Laurance saying she was the only girl he could talk to without sounding like a 'total prick' (season 1 episode 38). They worked together as guards in Meteli before Sasha was killed by Gene. She was like a mentor to him during his time in the nether and he still cares for her, as can be seen from the way he helped her escape at the end of season two.

Vylad: Vylad and Laurance have a close relationship throughout the series. Aside from Aphmau, Vylad is the only one who can help Laurance to calm down when he is enraged and/or in his Shadow Knight form. The two first met in the nether, after Laurance had told Aphmau and Castor to run and save themselves. Vylad had shut the portal leading to to the overworld and gotten the two captured by Shadow Knights. It is known that the two were close during the time they spent in the nether and that Laurance was the only one who would come and speak with Vylad and he seems to hold a fondness towards him. It is also known that Laurance had promised to help Vylad escape from where he was imprisoned but he was unable to due to Ungrth breaking the realm barrier to get him out, something he apologises for in S2 EP38. During season 2, Vylad spends a lot of time helping Laurance control his Shadow Knight form/abilities. The two spend time engaging in meditation on the beach to and Vylad tracks Laurance whenever he wanders off to stop him from harming himself or others.

Trivia Edit

  • Laurance is an English name meaning "man from Laurentum". Laurentum was an ancient Roman city on the west coast of the Italian Peninsula, southwest of Rome.
  • Laurance was blind for a short period of time after returning from the Nether.
  • In his earliest appearances, Laurance's name was spelled Laurance.
  • He said Cadenza looked "like a trash can" in "The Girl From Another Village." episode and was punched.
  • In The Slumber Party side stories, he is said by Brendan to have personality traits that resemble those of the character Rainboom Flash, in My Little Horsies (a character in a parody of the show My Little Pony.)
  • He has made jokes with Aphmau about his undying love for her, in one even joking about proposing to her.
  • At one point, he was cursed to be a Meif'wa, and Aphmau was trying to find a way to break the curse. All three characters Katelyn, Laurance, and Aphmau were cursed.
  • His favorite color is green, specifically the type of green mostly seen in his clothing.
  • Laurance falling down into a hole has become a reoccurring joke in the series and fandom.
  • He also appears to have a problem with killing plants, as seen in Season 2, Episode 97. This joke is small, but has a chance of growing if Laurance keeps murdering Mother Nature. 
  • Laurance's design prior to the wedding between Logan and Donna is that of Luke fon Fabre, the main protagonist of the game Tales of the Abyss
  • Laurance is often referred to as "Little Laurance" by Zane in both Minecraft Diaries and MyStreet. However, the reason this nickname was given to him is currently unknown. In retort, Laurance calls Zane, Cyclops. 
  • After all this time, Laurance still probably hasn't gotten that $5.00 he owes his best friend Castor, the Chicken Shaman.
  • His sass is unbeatable; not even Dante can stand a chance against him.
  • Laurance cuddles his pillow when he sleeps.
  • Laurances Shadow Knight transformation was unique, with him becoming one without actually dying.
  • Thanks to being top of the class on his year in the guard academy, Laurance made it to the Jury of Nine successor list. This means that if any spot in the Jury is open, aurance is fit to take it.

Quotes Edit

Good afternoon m'lady... Oh my...

—Laurance, Season 1 Episode 26

I'm sorry it's's ever so rare I see a maiden as beautiful as you. You're like a pearl that has just fallen from the lost city of Atlantis, rare...beautiful...enough to take my breath away. Aphmau: <WHOA! CALM DOWN CASSANOVA!>

-Laurance and Aphmau (first meeting), Season 1 Episode 26

Lady Aphmau! Your beauty is as stunning as ever...alas now isn't the time to talk about our undying attraction to each other. Aphmau: <Please, calm down.> My apologies, I'm not one to wait for love to find me.

-Laurance and Aphmau Season 1 Episode 27

My love! We meet again! I knew as soon as I gazed down unto the Earth that I had to stop and behold the angel that fell from Heaven that is you. Aphmau: <Didn't Garroth talk to you about something?> Who Garroth? Of course he did, he was obviously envious of our love together and what we have. No matter, he's just all talk. He would have challenged me to a duel for your heart if he really cared.

-Laurance and Aphmau, Season 1 Episode 37

I cannot describe how much pain both mentally, physically, and spiritually becoming one of them is...

—Laurance, Season 1, Episode 53

You know... I'd much rather be here with you and no sight than to be there and be able to see.

—Laurance, Season 1, Episode 53

Aphmau: <Lie.> Yeah, your hair is blue... haha!


—Aphmau and Laurance, Season 1, Episode 56

You're trying to take away the love of my life...the only person who brings light into a world that turned into dark for me...

-Laurance, Season 1 Episode 56


-Laurance, Season 1 Episode 65


-Laurance, Dante, and Garroth, Season 1 Episode 65

I love you, I am a knight of Shadows and you are the light in my darkness. Please don't leave me.

—Laurance, Season 1 Episode 77

When one door closes, another opens...

—Laurance, Season 1 Episode 98

He did learn from the best after all! *He motions toward himself*

—Laurance, Season 2 Episode 2

You know, I feel like a father to Malachi and Levin...I feel so proud of the people they both have become...I don't know if this is how a father feels or if it's just me beaming with joy but man...this is so moving to see them take care of everyone and put others before themselves.

-Laurance, Season 2 Episode 3

Whew...dancing is nothing like fighting. At least I don't have to worry about how I look while I'm fighting.

-Laurance,Season 2 Episode 4

But you, look at you Cadenza! You've changed from the prissy princess into some kind of trash can.

—Laurance, Season 2 Episode 6

I am happy, Cadenza. I'm just happy to be around her.

-Laurance, Season 2 Episode 7

I mean if I did dress up like a girl let's face it... I'd be much hotter than you Cadenza...

—Laurance, Season 2 Episode 10

Remember a good guard sleeps with one eye open, right? ...So did he kiss you again? Aphmau: <No. We just talked about what's been going on.> Heh, he's getting more confident it seems- that is if it's the real Garroth. I have no doubt it's him though, the way you say he talked sounds like him. Man, you think if I got to visit him in that dream realm he'd be so happy he'd kiss me too?

-Laurance and Aphmau, Season 2 Episode 15

Who wouldn't want to kiss this hunk of a guard?

—Laurance, Season 2 Episode 15

Well, that wasn't as messy as I was hoping for.

—Insane Shadow Knight Laurance, Season 2 Episode 20

... Look at me... I'm a monster...

—Laurance, Season 2 Episode 21

What? HEY! Yeah I flirted with girls in the past, but you were my first kiss...

—Laurance, Season 2 Episode 34

[Aphmau: Laurance, you're here with me now.]

...and I love every minute of it.

—Laurance, Season 2 Episode 38

Aphmau: Laurance, I can't lose him!

Laurence: I CAN'T LOSE YOU!

—Laurance Season 2 Episode 44

Aphmau's butt would be the first thing I grab!

—Laurance, Season 2 Episode 58


Laurance: ...It's nice.

Aphmau: What do you mean?

Laurance: As someone who was an orphan.... you have no idea how I dreamed of someone taking me in... someone who'd love me.

—Laurance and Aphmau, Season 2 Episode 63


One of these days I'd like to see if your sword is as fast as your mouth

Laurance to Vincent, S2 EP97

Fight me if you will, I care not. All that stands against me will be destroyed. You are no exception.

Laurance, Minecraft Diaries Season 3 trailer

Seriously...The Great Aphmau herself has come to see me in person... [...]Help?! Hahahaha! You could never help me! You made a grave mistake to think you could come- *senses the Shadow Lord coming* No! It can't be... Aphmau: <Laurance!> Get out of here! *pushes Aphmau and Katelyn*

-Laurance and Aphmau, Season 3 Episode 2

I didn't summon you here...and I'll never surrender. Gene: <*sighs* We're going to have to do this the hard way then. What a shame.> Shad: Well, it's about time you tried, after all your army couldn't. Gene: <> Shad: <Let him talk. It's the only thing he's got. After all, we have nearly half of his rebellion under our control.> I'll make you pay.

-Laurance, Gene, and Shad, Season 3 Episode 2
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