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Laurance Aphmaus Other Self VOID Paradox Ep8


Laurance S2E97

Full Name

Laurance Zvahl

  • Casanova of Meteli (by Aphmau)
  • Chad Jr. (by Katelyn)
  • Shadow Knight
  • Human (Formerly)
  • Emerald Sword and Shield Combo (Past)
  • Emerald Greatsword (Current)
  • Shadow Knight Greatsword (Ongoing)


Hair Color
  • Ginger (Formerly; dyed)
  • Light Brown (Current)
Eye Color
  • Bright Green (Formerly)
  • Clouded White (Blind)
  • Light Blue (Current)
  • Red (Shadow Knight Form)
Professional Status
  • Rebellion in the Nether
Previous Affiliation(s)
  • Phoenix Drop
  • Old Meteli
  • Leader of rebellion in the Nether
  • Guard of The New Village Settlement
  • Shadow Knight
Previous Occupation(s)
  • Head Guard of Meteli
  • Guard of Aphmau
  • Second-in-Command Guard of Phoenix Drop
Personal Status

Undead (Shadow Knight)

  • Cadenza (Adoptive Sister)
  • Hayden (Adoptive Father; Deceased)
  • Joh (Adoptive Father; Deceased)
  • Aphmau (ex Love Interest/Former Close Friend)
  • Garroth (Former Best Friend/Brother in Arms)
  • Dante (Former Friend/Brother in Arms)
  • Ungrth (Wyvern/Close Friend; Deceased)
  • Lucinda (Close Friend)
  • Vylad (Close Friend/Shadow Knight Peer)
  • Zenix (Ally in Rebellion/Former Adversary)
  • Aphmau (Void Paradox (Ally))
  • Jayden (Void Paradox (Temporary enemy turned Ally))
  • Gene
  • Shad (Leads rebellion against him in the Nether)
  • The Alter (Void Paradox)

Laurance (MyStreet)

First Appearance

"The Admirer"

Voice Actor

"Sebastian Todd"

Don't you dare run to where I can't protect you.

―Laurance to Aphmau, Season 2 Episode 14 ("Trust Earned")

Laurance Zvahl is a major character in Minecraft Diaries and VOID Paradox. He is Cadenza's brother and adopted son of Hayden and Joh. Laurance was formerly the head guard of Meteli under Lord Hayden before choosing to become Aphmau's guard in the village of Phoenix Drop.


Laurance was introduced with long, orange dyed hair with bright green eyes. He wore a white outfit with dark cuffs and gold sections, as part of his original skin design being a Minecraft version of Luke Fon Fabre (Tales of the Abyss).

When he turns into his Shadow Knight form, his eyes turn red and he has red particles floating around him, a dark red and black chest plate with matching pants suddenly appears and he wields a long red sword (presumably ruby or Nether material) with a greyish-black handle and a red stone. His hair and skin also become lower in saturation than his natural skin and hair color.

When he was blinded, his eye color changed to a pale blueish-grey color and he wore a tattered blue shirt and ripped brown pants.

His hair was dyed back to a light brown (his natural hair color) by Cadenza, and he regained his sight. Aphmau joked saying Cadenza dyed it blue causing Laurance to get upset. It was then noted by Aphmau that his eyes had changed to a sky blue.

He wore brown gloves, a white shirt, a blue jacket, and black pants before getting new armor.

When he got a new armor set, given to him by Katelyn, it was a brown chain mail with a matching emerald green cape. It also came with a feather on top of the helmet. His new weapon was also given to him by Katelyn, which is an emerald great sword that was blessed by a priest of one of the Divine Warriors. For most of Season 1 he uses an emerald shield.

In "Prince of Werewolves", Laurance had become a Meif'wa, obtaining orange and white Meif'wa ears, an orange tail and his clothes were very ragged and torn up.

When they were in Scaleswind, he was given a green cape around his neck, a brown leather vest from neck to knee and a long-sleeved undershirt to wear.

In "The Search for Michi", Laurance was relieved from his Meif'wa curse by the potions Hyria gave to Aphmau.

Laurance mainly wears clothes that are light brown and knight-themed. The most notable things people notice is his signature green scarf. In other media, Laurance wears sweaters and jackets that are green in color.


Laurance is a charismatic yet sometimes hotheaded character who was once a casanova. He's cautious by nature, often jumping to conclusions. As a Shadow Knight, he can be impatient and struggles with his emotions. Despite his flaws, he deeply cares for Aphmau and his friends Garroth and Dante. Laurance's jealousy and sassy comebacks add to his personality. However, the Calling and his emotional turmoil make him unpredictable and prone to disappearing. Despite these challenges, he remains steadfast in his love for Aphmau, refusing to join the Shadow Lord and starting a rebellion instead. Laurance has endured traumatic events but manages to maintain a calm demeanor. He longs for a relationship with Aphmau but wrestles with the voices and noises in his head, with Vylad's attempts to help proving ineffective.


  • Laurance was blind for a short period of time after returning from the Nether.
  • In his earliest appearances, Laurance's name was spelled "Laurence", with an 'E'. The canonical spelling is now with an 'A'.
  • He said Cadenza looked "like a trash can" in "The Girl From Another Village" episode and was punched.
  • In The Slumber Party side stories, he is said by Brendan to have personality traits that resemble those of the character Rainboom Flash, in My Little Horsies (a character in a parody of the show My Little Pony.)
  • He has made jokes with Aphmau about his undying love for her, in one even joking about proposing to her.
  • His favorite color is green, specifically the type of green mostly seen in his clothing.
  • Laurance falling down into a hole has become a reoccurring joke in the series and fandom.
  • Laurance's initial skin design is PriestM1 from the Minecraft Comes Alive mod. The design is of the main protagonist of the 2005 JRPG, Tales of the Abyss, Luke fon Fabre.
    • Laurance's skin in Season 2 with the green parka/scarf is an edited version of "Classic Medieval Peasant" by LukyLucaz on Planet Minecraft.
  • Laurance is often referred to as "Little Laurance" by Zane in both Minecraft Diaries and MyStreet. However, the reason this nickname was given to him is currently unknown. In retort, Laurance calls Zane "Cyclops".
  • After all this time, Laurance still probably hasn't gotten that $5.00 he owes his best friend Castor, the Chicken Shaman.
  • Laurance was Kenmur's the best man at his wedding.
  • Laurance cuddles his pillow when he sleeps.
  • Laurance's Shadow Knight transformation was unique, with him becoming one without actually dying. Vincent is implied to share this trait.
  • Thanks to being top of the class on his year in the guard academy, Laurance made it to the Jury of Nine successor list. This means that if any spot in the Jury was opened, Laurance was fit to take it.
  • It is still unknown as to why Laurance freed Michi and Sasha from their cells before returning to the Nether, especially considering what they did to get locked up in the first place.


I'm sorry it's just..it's ever so rare I see a maiden as beautiful as you. You're like a pearl that has just fallen from the lost city of Atlantis, rare...beautiful...enough to take my breath away.


-Laurance and Aphmau (first meeting), Season 1 Episode 26

My love! We meet again! I knew as soon as I gazed down unto the Earth that I had to stop and behold the angel that fell from Heaven that is you.

Aphmau: <Didn't Garroth talk to you about something?>

Who Garroth? Of course he did, he was obviously envious of our love together and what we have. No matter, he's just all talk. He would have challenged me to a duel for your heart if he really cared.

-Laurance and Aphmau, Season 1 Episode 37

You know... I'd much rather be here with you and no sight than to be there and be able to see.

—Laurance, Season 1, Episode 53

You're trying to take away the love of my life...the only person who brings light into a world that turned into dark for me...

-Laurance, Season 1 Episode 56


-Laurance, Season 1 Episode 65

I love you, I am a knight of Shadows and you are the light in my darkness. Please don't leave me.

—Laurance, Season 1 Episode 77

When one door closes, another opens...

—Laurance, Season 1 Episode 98

He did learn from the best after all! *He motions toward himself*

—Laurance, Season 2 Episode 2

You know, I feel like a father to Malachi and Levin...I feel so proud of the people they both have become...I don't know if this is how a father feels or if it's just me beaming with joy but man...this is so moving to see them take care of everyone and put others before themselves.

-Laurance, Season 2 Episode 3

Whew...dancing is nothing like fighting. At least I don't have to worry about how I look while I'm fighting.

-Laurance,Season 2 Episode 4

I am happy, Cadenza. I'm just happy to be around her.

-Laurance, Season 2 Episode 7

I mean if I did dress up like a girl let's face it... I'd be much hotter than you Cadenza...

—Laurance, Season 2 Episode 10

Remember a good guard sleeps with one eye open, right? ...So did he kiss you again?

Aphmau: <No. We just talked about what's been going on.>

Heh, he's getting more confident it seems- that is if it's the real Garroth. I have no doubt it's him though, the way you say he talked sounds like him. Man, you think if I got to visit him in that dream realm he'd be so happy he'd kiss me too?

-Laurance and Aphmau, Season 2 Episode 15

Well, that wasn't as messy as I was hoping for.

—Enraged Laurance, Season 2 Episode 20

... Look at me... I'm a monster...

—Laurance, Season 2 Episode 21

[Aphmau: Laurance, you're here with me now.]

...and I love every minute of it.

—Laurance, Season 2 Episode 38

Aphmau: Laurance, I can't lose him!

Laurance: I CAN'T LOSE YOU!

—Laurance Season 2 Episode 44

Fight me if you will, I care not. All that stands against me will be destroyed. You are no exception.

Laurance, Minecraft Diaries Season 3 trailer

Seriously...The Great Aphmau herself has come to see me in person...


Help? Hahahaha! You could never help me! You made a grave mistake to think you could come- *senses the Shadow Lord coming* No! It can't be...

Aphmau: <Laurance!>

Get out of here!

-Laurance and Aphmau, Season 3 Episode 2