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Full Name

Laurance Zvahl

  • Teddy Bear (by Michi)
  • Muffincake ( by Michi)
  • Little Laurance (by Zane)
  • Stupid Laurance (by Zane)
  • Casanova
  • Laur
  • Bro (by Garroth)



Sass Hair flips








Fairly Tanned

Hair Color
  • Orange (Dyed; Freshman)
  • Light Brown
Eye Color

Light Blue

Professional Status
Previous Affiliation(s)

Phoenix Drop High

Previous Occupation(s)
  • Phoenix Drop High Student
  • Phoenix Drop High Soccer Captain
  • Waiter at Maid Cafe
Previous Team
Previous Partner

Michi (Ex-Girlfriend)

Personal Status




First Appearance
Voice Actor

Sebastian Todd

Laurance is one of the main characters of MyStreet.


He was one of the main characters in the roleplay and has been a close friend of Aphmau's. In MyStreet, he is known to have lived on a farm with his parents and sister Cadenza. There is not much known about Laurance's past.

In Phoenix Drop High Season 2 he has got very popular in the school at the point where some students made a fan club about him, but he couldn't handle it all, so he got himself a girlfriend, that changed the hearts of all his fans who from then on left him alone with Michi, his girlfriend.

We learned in S3 episode 13: "Laurance's Baby Brother" that he has a baby brother who goes by the name Caleb.

Later, in New Years Party E1, he was texting a new friend, later in the episode, we get to know that it is Kim and that they already have met in the backgrounds of PDH. He gets to invite her to the new year's party to hopefully meet her and connect again. They never go past being friends, however.


Laurance has light brown hair and baby blue eyes. He is normally seen wearing a white and navy striped hoodie in MyStreet [S1].

In MyStreet Phoenix Drop High he is seen wearing the long sleeved boys uniform during school hours. He also happens to be a women magnet just by appearance.

In his cat form, he is orange with a green collar.

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In MyStreet Phoenix Drop High, he is more confident as he shows to have a big ego. This is shown when Aphmau was lost in the hallways and he quickly believed that she was falling for him because of his looks. However, this appears to be false as he regresses and explains to not fall for his looks. After he got Aphmau to her homeroom, he compliments her on her uniform.

As he matured, he is still confident but often feels anxious at special events. In MyStreet Season 1, Laurance shares some similar traits to his Diaries counterpart, in terms of his collected and often eccentric nature. Some differences are noticeable: He's often also shown as spastic, smug, and easily annoyed by Dante or Travis' antics. He's shown as the most reasonable and often plays the peacekeeper whenever the other guys bicker. However, he's just as bent on winning Aphmau over as the rest of the male characters, and sometimes goes to lengths extreme enough to the point of almost juvenile.

He's not seen at all in Season 2 of MyStreet.

With his return in Season 3, Laurance appears to be much more level-headed. He's shown as much more optimistic and shows signs of getting along with those he rarely used to, such as Aaron or Zane (though his relationship with Zane is still one of viewing each other as an annoyance), and the people he gets along with already is even more so, showing kindness and even support for Garroth, Aphmau, and Dante.

Episode Appearances Edit

MyStreet Phoenix Drop High

Season 1

Season 2

The Big Move


Season 1

Season 2

The Bigger Move

Season 3


  • It is revealed that during his freshman year at Phoenix Drop High, Laurance's sister had dyed his hair orange to supposedly look like his sister and not adopted.
  • According to Pixel Painters, his favorite sweets are roasted marshmallows.
  • Katelyn and Dante have stated that Laurance is the king cook.
  • In Phoenix Drop High, Laurance (along with Garroth) appear to have a talent for attracting girls and are very much aware of it. 
  • He was the captain of the school soccer team while attending Phoenix Drop High.
  • When he was young, he had green duck plush.
  • It was unknown where he was in MyStreet Season 2, until in "You'll Never Guess Who We Found" that his adoptive mother was in labour.
  • His cosplay is Sanji from the anime One Piece.
  • As of the MyStreet episode "You'll Never Guess Who We Found", Laurance now has a younger brother named Caleb.
  • In Episode 3 of MyStreet Season 1, it was revealed Laurance is a fan of the American rock band 'The Trans Siberian Orchestra'.
  • He's a flirt and has been nicknamed 'Casanova'.
  • He has great hair.


Huh. Well I'm glad you work at a puppy hospital, Because you're going to need a puppy to hug when Aaron STEALS YO GURL!

- Sassy Laurance, MyStreet Episode 14


- Sassy Laurance, MyStreet Episode 13

Katelyn: Garroth, do you think I'm adorable?

Garroth: *goes with the safe answer* I think everything's adorable. *points randomly at Laurance* You see that? It's adorable.

Aphmau: Oh, Laurance?? You think Laurance is adorable???

Garroth: No, Laurance, get out of the-


Honest Laurance, Aphmau's Childhood Home | Phoenix Drop High Minecraft Prop Hunt

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