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  • Green Dual Sickles
  • Healing Magic




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Healer Guard/Knight

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"The Prince's Desire"

Voice Actor

Austin Lee Matthews

Leif is one of the main protagonists in My Inner Demons. He, Asch, and his fellow knights are sent to Earth, and along the way meet Ava, a human girl. After taking her "prisoner", he and the rest of the daemos boys slowly begin to care and fall for Ava. As of the Season 1 finale, he is currently back on Daemos.


In his early life, Leif lived outside the kingdom. When he was young his parents abandoned him, and he joined a group of other daemos children without families. The group all worked alongside each other as assassins to stay alive, and Leif considered them to be his family. One day, during what Leif assumed to be a normal assignment, the group left him completely alone in the middle of a fight. He completed the mission successfully on his own and returned to their home, but they had already left by the time he arrived. Though his exact age during this time was unknown, it can be presumed that he was still fairly young.

From then on, he swore to work alone. Distracting himself from his trauma by focusing all of his energy into his work, killing started to become recreational for him as it was the only mechanism, he knew of that could relieve emotional pain. Thus, he became dependent on bloodshed to keep him mentally stable - almost as if it were an addiction.

As he grew accustomed to working alone, Leif specialized in two types of magic: teleportation and healing. Leif often needs to travel undercover to complete missions, and teleportation is an easy way to do that. Since Leif is reckless and fights mainly in close combat, he would need to use magic to heal injuries that he sustained while fighting.

At some point, he got caught and was going to be executed. Asch spared him and he became once of Asch's knights, though the details are kept vague.


Leif has tan skin, white hair, and teal eyes, along with a scar on his right eye. He has sharp, shark-like teeth. He has two green horns that curve out of his head upward. He wears black skintight armor, with grey and green armor/cloth, a yellow rope around his hips, and armored arms.

In his human disguise, Leif has a white shirt and a green collared shirt with buttons over it that goes up to his elbows. He has khaki shorts, tan and brown sandals, a brown leather bracelet with a golden buckle on it, and a shark tooth on a silver string around his neck.


Leif is a bit feisty, but also very bold when it comes to things. He can be shown to be slightly challenging and quick to assume things, such as him instantly assuming Ava dead when she was found to be unconscious. He has also been shown to be dangerous, as shown by the many threats towards Ava's life. However aside from the threats, he eventually learns to love Ava and can't bear to see her hurt as seen in "Pierce's Quick Moves" when he asked Ava not to leave them again and during the finale where he refuses to let Zex hurt her. This shows he does care about Ava's safety to the point where he worries about her and will actively defend her. According to him, he can't make any promises on not killing her, but did tell her that she was with him until she dies. He is also rather kill-happy and will kill anyone who tries to mess with Ava as well as threatening to kill her as well, which as he learns is not a way to Ava's heart. He can be slightly flirtatious at times and is described as 'charming' by the other daemos.

As for the other daemos, it was unknown just how much care Leif has for them, such as seeming apathetic to the possibility of them dying. However, it can be assumed that he holds some level of care for them, seen when he calms Noi down in the first episode. It is also possible this lack of outward care stems from some sort of trust issues from his prior experiences with groups, which is hinted at many times but never directly confirmed.


  • Leif knew what cleaning was but claims it is one of the most boring tasks ever, and that he only did it once or twice.
  • Leif specializes in teleportation and healing magic.
  • Leif appears to be the closest to Ava according to Lorelai and her friends, to the degree that Lorelai even thought that he is Ava's boyfriend.
  • Leif can perhaps be seen as an older brother figure to Noi, as shown in the episode The Prince's Desire when he places a hand on Noi's shoulder to calm him down.
  • According to himself, he views Asch as a "royal brat", but still respects him.
  • It is possible that Leif's layered personality is a metaphor for nature. He's violent, dangerous, and merciless at first glance, but is truly nurturing and helpful if you can figure out how to manage him.
  • In canon concept art, Leif was originally supposed to be an orange-coded character. This may be what inspired Noi's final design as Noi is orange coded.
  • Leif was abandoned by parents as a young child, and then his friends at a young age on a mission when he was an assassin, however he survived, and developed some trust issues.
  • Leif has a weird liking to poke Ava as shown in “The Most Impressive Thing Guys Do."
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