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Lord of Phoenix Drop





  • 4 or 5 (Season 1)
  • 20 (Season 2)
  • 23 (Season 3)


Hair Color

Bleach Blond

Eye Color

Light Blue

Professional Status
  • Phoenix Drop
  • Phoenix Alliance

Lord of Phoenix Drop

Personal Status



Levin (MyStreet)

First Appearance

"The Baby"

Became "Aware"

"The New Lord"

Voice Actor
  • TheDragonHat (Season 2)
  • Kellen Goff (Season 3)

Biography Edit

Levin is the biological son of Matilda, the wife of Malik, the previous lord of Phoenix Drop. Therefore, he is the rightful heir to Phoenix Drop. He is a descendant of Lady Irene and many Shadow Knights and dark potion makers wanted to use his blood because of his lineage. After the old lord died, Matilda moved to Scaleswind, but Levin was still not safe. Matilda gave him to Vylad to get him to a safe village and Levin was left on Aphmau's doorstep in Phoenix Drop with his name on a tag. Aphmau adopted him, and built a room for him with a crib and baby toys. 

In the episode "Levin Grows!", Levin grows out of his swaddle and is able to sit up, stand, and crawl. Around that time, Zoey came to town and became his nanny. Aphmau takes him on a tour through the village, and to the old lord's house. At the old lord's house, Levin was put under a levitation spell that made him stand and walk outside the old lord's house, and Aphmau followed him. This was probably done so that she would go outside and see Laurance, who was standing in front of the house, and in hope that she would want to go to the Nether again and be captured. Dr. Doctor said that his only injury was when he fell on his bottom after the levitation spell wore off, but should not be out and about for a while because of the magic "juju".  

Aphmau builds a playground for him, and often is babysat by other villagers like BrendanKawaii-Chan and Dale. Levin continues to grow and change as season one progresses, and misses his mom when she goes on adventures. Levin was very happy to have a new brother when he met Malachi after Aphmau's last out-of-town adventure, and the two played and danced together at the welcome-back party. Afterward, Levin had a very strong relationship with Malachi, completely disregarding (or not even noticing) their differences. Aphmau built them a room to share with real beds (Levin grew out of his crib). Levin and his brother often played together with Kyle and Alexis.  

When Malachi became human again, Levin didn't really care because his brother was his brother, living human or dead ghost. They also made a tree house together from an Yggdrasil sapling. Around the time of the O'Khasis incident, Zoey had started to teach him to read, and he was gaining in maturity. When the kids had to leave because it was too dangerous for them, Levin was very sad but stayed strong and said goodbye. Zoey took him and Malachi to The Yggdrasil Forest and they felt sad, as they thought Aphmau disappeared because she didn't love them anymore. Not much else is known about Levin between then and Season 2, but apparently he had a crush on Alexis, along with Kyle and Malachi.  

Also, after Aphmau and everyone escaped Irene's Dimension, Phoenix Drop's wall was was broken and bandits ransacked the city. The villagers who decided to stay retreated to the Yggdrasil Tree and built a smaller Phoenix Drop and Tree-Base around and in the tree respectively. About a year before the beginning of Season 2, Levin became the Lord of Phoenix Drop. He said the village needed a lord, and as he was the rightful heir and there were no other volunteers, he stepped up. He built his house on the same spot that the old lord's (before Aphmau) house was. He also took care of Aphmau's house and the Irene statue while she was gone

In S2, Episode 2 "The New Lord", he finally meets Aphmau once again. He is suprised to see that she hasn't aged over the 15 years. They head towards his house to catch up. Soon Aphmau heads out on her adventures again and he doesn't see her very often. While away on a trade in Bright Port, he and Malachi are kidnapped by Michi. She takes them to the theives guild near Nahakra Village and attempts to sell them. She doesn't succeed and heads to some bandits near New Meteli. She sells them this time. Levin and Malachi don't stay there for long as Aphmau rescues them, using her Irene Sword for the second time.

In S2 Episode 3 "Home Sweet Home" After meeting with Malachi,Dale And Others (Back from trade) Levin and Malchi spend the whole day with aphmau and after that they show her that they fixed her house up.

In S2, Episode 82 "Her Grief" Aphmau is in a depressed state due to loss of Aaron. She does not want to speak to anyone, not even Levin. Levin is very worried about her and hopes that she feels better soon. In episode 100 it is revealed that Aphmau is Lady Irene. Irene never had any kids herself, but she probably had siblings who had. This means that Levin carries Aphmau's (Irene's) blood.  

In Season Three, Levin appears to be more grown up and responsible, but still wants his mom to read him a "Bed Time" story.  

Appearance Edit

In episode 25, 10:00, he was said to have brown hair and green eyes, which is also the exact description of a missing child in a missing child report. This description caused Garroth to ask Aphmau to investigate, just to make sure they had the right mother.

After Levin grows up, he has big blue eyes and starts out bald. He grows to have brown and blonde curls, then pure blonde with a curl in the front, kind of like Garroth's .

In earlier episodes, he wore a light blue tank top and a white diaper with a blue pin. His last childhood outfit was a gift from Cadenza: a white and blue striped shirt, a black belt with a yellow buckle, light brown pants, and dark brown shoes that Cadenza had made. At the reception in episode 51, he wore a black suit with a white button down shirt, a blue tie, and a blue flower at his lapel. At the beach, he wore blue swim trunks with a white trim, and large sunglasses.

Fifteen years later when Aphmau leaves Lady Irene's Dimension, Levin is much older and has a strong resemblance to Garroth as said in Season 2 Episode 2 at 3:21 in the video. He looks the same as he did in his childhood, except with longer hair and no dimples. He wears a navy blue jacket with a white undershirt, black gloves, a quiver, brown pants, and black shoes.

First Appearances (when we saw him) Edit

  • First ever appearance: episode 22 (in a swaddle)
  • Became Aware: episode 42
  • Everyday outfit: episode 42
  • In a suit: episode 51
  • Learned to walk normally: episode 58
  • With hair: episode 59
  • Met his brother Malachi: episode 77
  • Tree house built by Aphmau: episode 81
  • Learning to read: episodes 91-96
  • New clothes: episode 92
  • Left Phoenix Drop: episode 98
  • Grown up: episode 1-present

Personality Edit

Levin is a generally sweet and kind boy towards everybody in Phoenix Drop. As a child, he is very curious, naive, playful, joyful, loving, and excitable. When he met Malachi, he was overwhelmed with joy at having a real brother. He loves and cares for Malachi very much, and wants to make him happy (mostly by playing). He loves Zoey like a second mother and loves Aphmau even more than playing, and that's saying something. It is speculated by some that he considers Laurance or Garroth to be like a father to him (maybe it'll happen, depending on who Aphmau chooses). When Levin was born Garroth told Aphmau he would help raise Levin as dale stated making seem like a father figure to Levin.

After Aphmau disappeared into Irene's Dimension, he was very distraught. When he was around thirteen, he had a crush on Alexis, as did Kyle and Malachi. He has trouble sleeping sometimes, but a music box that his mother gave helps him sleep. Levin is the eldest baby in season one, and Kyle is his best friend. As a baby, he does not speak full words that often; we mostly hear him laughing, saying "Guuu!", and making other baby sounds, along with a few full words. When he grows up a bit, his language improves. He says many new words and speaks in cute little broken sentences. Eventually, he was able to engage in real conversation.

15 years later, Levin has changed. He is not very carefree (as he was as a child), and is mostly calm and responsible, being lord of the village and all. Being the new lord has made him courageous and holds a leadership attribute. He is probably still pretty curious, as he wanted to try Kenmur's not-really dance move. He feels protective of Aphmau and worries about her, and calls her by her name instead of "Mama" or "Aphmooo". But now, he calls Aphmau Mom again after she saved them from the bandits that Michi sold them to.

Gallery Edit

Levin and his food

Levin image gallery

Quotes Edit

"Guuuu <3"
"Ma....Ma....Aphmooo! <3"
"Maaaa!~ <3
"heheheh!~ Gaaaa!"
"Hi Mama! <3"
"Ha! Ha! Gaah!~"
"Guuu!~ Mama!"
"Mama! Hi! Hehe!"
"Hi Mama! I love you!"
"Boat! My Boat! Hehe!"
"Mama! So happy to see you!"
"My brother...BEST! Hehe!"
"Brother crying...? He not happy?"
"Oh, so Brother happy? Okay! He happy, Levin happy! Hehee!"
"Fooood! Yummy!"
"Dolls? Wow!"
"Dolls are fun! Can I have one mommy?"
"Oh, okay! I play with Brother then, hehe!"
"Why Brother scream? Is spider on him? Like Zoey?"
"Huh? But house is behind you why make tree house? Like squirrel?"
"You okay? Gar so cool! Can we play?"
"Levin want bed..."
"Brother is fun! Hehe!"
"What the knight do next, Zoey?"
"Mommy go? ... Oh! Okay! I love you! *muah!* "
"Alexis is pretty!"
"There's a new baby mama! I want to see! Hehe!"
"I am trying to read but it's hard!"
"Hi Momma! I'm eating a snack!"
"Hehe! I love seeing you!" *hugs Aphmau*
"Present? Oh! Gimme, Gimme!, please?"
"Wow! Levin looks different, what are these on my leg?"
"Oh! diaper no more?"
"Its okay! Levin is big now! Hehe!"
"Mommy, why is Zoey crying?"
"Mommy, Zoey says I make her happy. Levin will protect family!"
"Mommy...Malachi...he has feels!"
"Norman? What that mean? He was not norman befores? Oh well, Levin play with him anyway, hehe!"
"" (learning to read)
"Momma! Look I have made our town!"
"Thank you Momma! I am happy!"
"Okay! And Momma too, right? Yay!"
"...b-but, why?, Momma, are you okay?"
"When Momma is done with help others, please come join us? Ok? Ok!" *smiles*
"Want to play?"
"Mommy join us soon, right?...*sniffles*...I love you.."
"Sandcastle!! Guuu!~"
"Wawa! Splash! Splash! Hehe!~ Yay! Games!"
"Hehe! Laurance chase! Laurance chase!"
"Best! Sandcastle! Mama!"
"Morrrrning! Hehe! I awake! Hehe! Nap good!"
" Hehe! I chase! I chase! Hehe!"
"I'm Levin and I like to play! play! play! Hehe!"
"Um, this is a swing! When my Mommy pushes me on it Levin goes very fast and is tall in the air and one time Levin fall down but Mommy helped back up and I was happy and swing made me happy!"
"Cookie! Cookie!"
"Malachi you're dead!

Trivia Edit

  • Levin is at least 15 years old after the timeskip. At the finale of the first season, he is few months old. He then mentions he took the throne of Phoenix Drop Lord a year before his mother Aphmau returned from the Irene Dimension.
    • This concludes that the minimum age for a candidate to become a Lord is 14 years old. 
    • He is at least 18 years old after the timeskip and don't get all offended because I know how to count the years Aphmau was in the Lady Irene Dimension. Minutes turn to years in the Lady Irene Dimension. 

Name meaning Edit

lightning; thunderbolts

The different meanings of the name Levin are:

  • Hebrew meaning: Heart
  • English meaning: Dear friend

The meaning of the name “Levin” is different in several languages, countries and cultures and has more than one possibly same or different meanings available.

Gender: Boy Names

Origins: English, Hebrew

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