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The Daughters of Irene (shares title with Alina)

Full Name

Lilith Garnet









Hair Color

Golden Brown

Eye Color


Personal Status


  • (Unknown Biological Mother)†
  • (Unknown Biological Father)†
  • Aphmau (Adoptive Mother)
  • Aaron (Adoptive Father)†
  • Malachi (Adoptive Older Brother)
  • Levin (Adoptive Older Brother)
  • Alina (Adoptive Sister)
  • Jacob (Step Brother)†
First Appearance

"Jeweled Cavern"

Voice Actor



Lilith S2 Ep81 His Choice

Lilith Garnet is the adoptive daughter of Aphmau and Aaron and is the adoptive sister of Levin, Malachi and Alina. As of the series' third season, Lilith appears to be between the ages of three and four, but due to the circumstances of her birth it is unlikely that anyone knows her precise age.

Biography Edit

Lilith is an adopted child under Aphmau's care. She is first seen in the last few moments of Episode 62 of Season 2 and is heard crying. In Episode 63, it is explained that she was found by Raven, Garroth's Wyvern, after a boat crashed on the shore of the island and when he approached a fatally wounded woman, she passed the child that she held in her arms to him and begged him to take care of her on her last dying breath.

However, Wyverns are unable to care for human children, as they cannot raise them with the same capability as a real human and so when Aphmau appeared in the cave, the baby was given to her to adopt. Aphmau officially accepted the baby as her own towards the end of the episode. Aaron took care of the little one. In that episode, the bundle of joy hadn't been named yet.

In Episode 64 of Season Two, Aphmau and Aaron discuss on the name of the baby, but is interrupted by Chad, who was interested in ginger growing on the side of the mountains on a cliff.

After returning, Aphmau and the rest of the crew are gathered on the front of the boat. Aphmau informs the group that she has decided to name the child 'Lily', after Aaron's deceased wife. However, Aaron interrupts her and suggests the name Lilith, explaining that the real Lily, who had always wanted a daughter of her own, would have wanted to name her own child by that name and Aphmau happily agrees. Aaron then adds that he would like to give Lilith a middle name, Garnet. Aaron suggests the name Garnet to be named after someone special that Aphmau lost, whom is Garroth. Entirely, the baby's name is Lilith Garnet, the child of the lost.

Her first time talking was when Aaron left to open up the Irene portal. She calls him "Dada", which is her first word. Aaron says that Aphmau will take good care of her, then leaves. Lilith is next seen in Aphmau's house in Pheonix Drop. Aphmau is taking care of her while grieving for Aaron. Lilith was the only person Aphmau talked to.

3 years later, she is seen playing with her sister, Alina and also went with Aphmau when she wanted to talk to Zoey.

When they were at the Phoenix Alliance Island, she helped Alina sneak out and told Garroth that Alina sneaked away when he was looking for her.

She reunited with her mom when they returned and was told that she and Alina were going to see Hyria, who gave them cookies as they run around breaking things.

Lilith was with Alina when Aphmau told them that a "very bad man" is looking for Lilith's sister and went with Alina to beat up trees with sticks.

Appearance Edit

She has light golden brown hair, tan skin, blue eyes, and rosy cheeks. She also wore Aaron's black leather jacket for warmth at first, then Lucinda made her a blanket using her Witchcraft. As of the third season of the series, her hair reaches past her shoulders, and she has grown taller. She wears a pink dress with brown boots.


Even though she's very small, she's very nice. She loves her mom and dad very much. She also hugs Aphmau when she cries. She is a great big sister and loves her family. 

Three years later, she is playful just like her sister Alina and also cares for her when she screamed due to Alina's leaking magic. 

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  • Lilith is a Hebrew name meaning "Storm Goddess" and is derived from the Akkadian word lilitu meaning "of the night".
    • In the series, the choice of the name Lilith derives from the name "Lily", in reference to Aaron's first wife, Lily, which in turn is after the flower of the same name.
    • Her middle name Garnet, is a traditional gemstone that is considered the birthstone that represents the month of January. Garnets come in a variety of colors, varying in shades of reds, oranges or violets.
  • Raven was going to name Lilith Pikjuasgfdhojdggh (in wyvern language, this is pronounced as a "roar-like" sound). However, this is a wyvern-given name and since Lilith is human, Raven only found it right to have a human take over the child's guardianship and give her a human name.
  • Aphmau considers Lilith to be the fourth child she has adopted, with the other three being Levin, Malachi and Yip. However, Lilith is technically her third, as Yip is now the adopted child of Donna and Logan rather than Aphmau, though he was discovered by Aphmau in Season One.