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"Hero In Disguise"

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James Brown Jr.

Lo is a supporting character in Minecraft Diaries The Realm Protector.


Lo was introduced when Aphmau and Gary were about to be busted by two of Skystead's guards. He knocked the guards out with a frying pan, and instantly berated Gary for being a liar, a "no-good thief", and also stealing his idea of sneaking into lordly events for his own personal gain. He suggested to team up with Aphmau to save Lord Haley after he was told that she was being forced to marry Balder, showing blatant disgust at the idea of being in a loveless relationship.

When Lo and Aphmau were on their way to make a rescue attempt for Haley, two handmaidens approached Lo in distress, claiming that a guard is continuously harassing the kitchen staff, and interrupting the preparations for the feast. Lo and Aphmau then try to get the guard to leave, but he persistently claims that the handmaiden he's speaking to is "lucky to have him" and that she owes him a romantic relationship, as he saved her from a wild mule-bear. Lo and Aphmau fend him off, as Lo threatens to inform Lord Janna of the guard's harassment and entitlement. After a short exchange, they head back upstairs to find Haley.

Lo and Aphmau find Haley, and after a brief scuffle over the matter of Lo doing Haley's dress-fitting, they decide on an escape plan: the door. However, as soon as they leave, they are ambushed by the guards, and Lord Janna blasts them with Haley's magicks that she had taken after imprisoning her.

Lo agrees to go with Aphmau to Enki Island after she wakes up, once they're outside the village of Skystead. Lo changed into a different outfit and met with Aphmau on the boat, along with Lucinda, a witch and an old friend to Aphmau. While on the boat, Aphmau told Lo her entire story starting from waking up as a new Minecraft player in Season 1, to the Irene revelation at the finale of Season 2, after he insists she tell her past after he explained his.


Lo, in disguise as one of the handmaidens, wears a simple cerulean gown with white sleeves and a white/blue corset. He has brown skin, lightish maroon hair, and stormy, blue-gray eyes.


Lo is shown to be incredibly protective of the handmaidens, and calls them his "girls." He tells Aphmau that he sneaks into Skystead's formal events to protect the handmaidens from the harassment of the guards. He also shows blatant disgust at being informed Haley is being forced to marry Balder, and without hesitation tries to help Aphmau in rescuing her. This eagerness to protect the handmaidens and Haley may partly spawn from the fact that he later mentions his mother was "victim of a loveless marriage."

Lo also is shown to have an easy-going sense of humor, making jokes about his "delightful company" and his grace. Not much else is known about Lo outside of his persona Lois.



  • Has implications of being Menphia's decendant, though nothing has been confirmed.