Looking for an Alpha
Looking for an alpha
Season 2, Episode 18
Post Date April 12, 2017
Duration 19:32
Written By Aphmau and Dom/Jason
Produced By Aphmau and Dom/Jason
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"A Kiss"


"Aphmau must choose an Alpha Male, but instead of doing it the werewolf way she decides to do it her own way!"


The episode starts with a teacher meeting between Layla and other teachers. It is revealed that the meetings are optional and Layla thanks the teachers that came. After the meeting, Gavin pulls Layla aside to talk about werewolf matters. Layla rejects Gavin in werewolf matters and she says that Gavin needs to do this himself. Dottie, Daniel, and Rylan were eavesdropping and Gavin had discovered them. The three werewolves argue and Gavin instructs them to get Aphmau to pick a werewolf alpha.

The scene then cuts to Aphmau and Doggo the Wolf Plush. Aphmau talks about how she feels about Katelyn and Kai, feeling awkward about the hangout. Aaron rings Aphmau and they talk about spring break as Sylvana would not let Aphmau see Aaron. After Aphmau is done with the phone, Aphmau taunts herself as Doggo. They end up getting into a 'fight'.

At the next day of school, Aphmau is determined to find an Alpha Male. Dottie, Rylan, Daniel, and Ein are very supportive of her. Even if her idea isn't exciting to Dottie, Daniel, and Rylan. They all put up posters and then wait for Alpha Males to show up. Dottie, Daniel, Rylan, and Ein are watching Aphmau interview potential Alphas from a window. Fenrir is the first to show up and Dottie is excited about it. Aphmau and Fenrir talk about what makes him a good alpha. Ein thinks the interview went well, while the other three werewolves think it was boring.

Then, Blaze shows up and pushes Fenrir out the window. Causing the three werewolves to be excited that Blaze has showed up. Blaze and Aphmau of course interview which leads to Blaze ripping off his shirt. Dottie is excited about it and say he's perfect! Mr.Gavin walks in and then rips him on shirt off. Causing Blaze and Aphmau to leave the Werewolf Clubroom. Blaze tells Aphmau that he will be the best Alpha ever. Aphmau wants to wait for other potential Alphas, but Dottie, Rylan, and Daniel have shredded most of the flyers. Aphmau hopes that Ein hasn't shredded any flyers, but he has. Aphmau gets Blaze to get more potential Alphas for tomorrow. Causing the episode to end.


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  • This episode was reuploaded for unknown reasons, likely due to video quality.
  • This episode reveals that the school's werewolf pack is struggling due to Aphmau being a pure human.
  • Principal Layla is revealed to have even more trouble with the school.
  • As of this episode, Aphmau is still grounded and that Aphmau hasn't spoken with Katelyn or Kai since the date.
  • This episode has the smallest cast listed in the description, with being four.
    • Despite this, there are more than four characters in the episode.
  • Dottie, Rylan, and Daniel are still uncomfortable being near Ein.
  • Fenrir is revealed to be in the same high school year as Aphmau.


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