Lord Hailey




Lord Hailey

  • Human
  • Witch
  • Witchcraft
  • Black Scepter/Staff




Hair Color
  • Auburn (Formerly)
  • Faded Purple
Eye Color


Professional Status

Pikoro Village

  • Witch
  • Lord of Pikoro Village
Personal Status


First Appearance

"Lucinda's Apprentice"

Voice Actor

Michelle Marie

Hailey is a pure witch who is the current lord of what is left of Pikoro Village.

Biography Edit

Hailey is Lucinda's apprentice witch. She is currently the lord of Pikoro Village. She does not come from a very kind background, as she tells Aphmau that humans would treat her poorly because she is a full-blooded witch.

On Episode 54, Lucinda and Aphmau visit the quarters of Lord Hailey. But before they go in, Lucinda says she worries about Hailey a bit too much, and thinks of her as her daughter. When they enter the quarters, almost immediately off the bat Hailey acts very submissive, and shy. She says she couldn't keep the spirit of Ivan, Lucinda's previous "boyfriend," in check, causing the spirit of Ivan to leave. Lucinda yells at Hailey to be more careful and leaves to talk with the father of the little girl who went missing. Hailey begins to cry and Aphmau comes over to talk to her. She tells her of the story of Ivan, and eventually Aphmau leaves Hailey to look in her crystal ball to find the missing people.

When Aphmau wakes up from unconsciousness in Episode 56: Aphmau's Trust, Hailey is there by her bedside filling her in on what has happened and that everyone thinks Travis tried to kill Aphmau. After conversing with Hailey about this, Aphmau leaves to see what is going on to learn more and find Travis and Lucinda.

In Episode 58 she says goodbye to Aphmau. During Aphmau and Hailey's conversation, she makes mention of how she accepted Aphmau's request to join the Phoenix Alliance, saying Pikoro would gladly fight at their side when needed. She says Aphmau should probably go soon, making note of Lucinda's impatience at times.

In Season 3 Episode 2, after Katelyn warned about Shad coming out of the Nether portal in Bright Port, she tried to create a barrier to stop him, but Shad easily deflected it.

In the next episode, she informed Katelyn that the portal in front of Bright Port disappear with no trace in sight.

In episode 20, she rescued Aphmau after founding her unconscious where she told her about how no one wants to move back to Pikoro due to the presence of a Nether Portal and that's it's her job as Lord to deal with it. She and Aphmau decided to explore Lucinda's house for more information and she explained that the lord of Skystead Village wants her to marry the lord's son and was escorted by guards from said village.

Aphmau interrupt's Hailey's meeting with Skystead's lord, who threatens to put her in a dungeon. Hailey thinks quick and explains that Aphmau is her maiden "Apple". With both escorted to a room for Hailey to get ready for her date with Balder, Aphmau is confused and asks what a date is. After Hailey explained, she asks Aphmau for advice due to her prior relationship with Aaron and his "sharp sword". On the date, Aphmau watches from a distance to help Hailey. Balder asked about her being a witch, making Hailey nervous. She went to Aphmau for help and came back saying that she is a witch. Things continued going well until Shad arrived.

Hailey at first thought Aphmau was flirting, but Balder explained he knew what dating is and that Aphmau was really in trouble. With that, Hailey got up to try and save her. Balder grabbed her. Confused, Hailey reminded Balder that Aphmau needed help. With no response from him, she slowly realizing he doesn't want Aphmau to be rescued at all. Balder then punches Hailey's face, knocking her out. He then goes to bring her to his mother to expose her identity as a witch.

With Hailey still unconscious, Aphmau finds her and Balder, who claims to be bringing her to their wedding. Aphmau refuses to let him take her, but he plans to hold the live of Pikoro's survivors hostage and put the blame on the Shadow Knights. Furious, Aphmau attacks him. He scolds her as he heads back to Skystead. Aphmau wakes Hailey up and tells her they're not safe where they are and that they need to run.

Back at the camp, Hailey and Aphmau discuss about Shad controlling Aaron. They are stopped when someone informs them that guards from Skystead have come to escort Hailey. She refuses to go, with the guards withdrawing their swords and threatening her people. Aphmau steps in, with the guards disgusted of her working with a witch. The citizens of Pikoro step in and say that they don't care if Hailey is a witch and that they won't go down without a fight. With the guards falling back to get reinforcements, Aphmau informs Hailey to evacuate the camp.

The camp is almost evacuated, but someone spotted guards in the forest. Aphmau and Hailey confront them to buy the citizens more time. Hailey unleashes an energy ball, knocking the guards out. With more guards coming, Hailey informs Aphmau to head back to the camp and help the rest of her people evacuate. Hailey was eventually outmatched and brought to the lord of Skystead, who declares that the wedding will be put in action. To make sure she has no hope for escape, Janice uses an artifact to nullify Hailey's powers.

While in a wedding dress, Aphmau managed to sneak in, telling her that she will be free from the wedding, but had to go to hiding as Janice demands that Hailey gets married no matter what so she can expand her kingdom to being greater than O'Khasis and possibly as a mean to bribe her, she mention that she knows the location of the fourth Divine Warrior Relic.

Aphmau asked about the relic and Hailey said that she may have met with some powerful figures to know the location of the fourth relic, however she doesn't have it. She is stressed about being forced to marry someone she doesn't love and begs Aphmau to find a way out. Aphmau told her of a story where she was forced to marry someone she doesn't love, though she doesn't want to tell what happened. When the two found some guards outside, Hailey suggested that Aphmau go seduce them, but she refused. Hailey herself doesn't want to go out and seduce the guards, so Aphmau thought of a plan to destroy the relic that Lord Janna has that prevents Hailey from using magic.

Aphmau returned to Hailey with another maiden named Lo. Hailey recognized "her" as the maiden who helped dressed her up in the wedding dress and was greatly surprised when Lo is revealed to be a man and she was shocked that she changed in front of a guy. Lo reassured her that he's not a pervert and he just did what Lord Janna ordered him to do, otherwise his cover would've been blown. He lead them outside her chamber and told them to follow him around the floor they're on. However, as soon as they stepped out, guards surrounded them, having been foretold by a thief that there's a spy helping Hailey escape. Soon, Janna, using the artifact, knocked the three out and demanded that Hailey get tightened security while her handmaids Aphmau and Lo be executed.

Fortunately Aphmau and Lo escaped and, wearing the armor that they got after Aphmau defeated the guards while possessed by Irene, the three were once again stopped by Lord Janna, who knew that they would escape. She use the artifact to create an immobilizing spell, freezing the trio. Aphmau retaliated against Lord Janna but she knocked her out with her fist, causing Lord Hailey to accidentally reveal her true name. Lord Janna was surprised that the Lord of Phoenix Drop and goddess of the world has come to stop her and think of a different plan with Lady Aphmau as she and Lo are being dragged away.

At the wedding, Lord Hailey had no choice but to make the vow and Lord Janna brings out Lo so she can execute him in front of her people. Three maidens attempted to stop her and release Lo but Janna promised to execute them after Lo. Guilty and angered for being forced to watch the wedding without any interruptions, Aphmau begs Lady Irene to become one and goes berserk. She kills the guards and demands Janna to surrender. Janna refused and reveals that she had trained dark magic just to defeat her. Aphmau declares that she is not Aphmau doing this, but Irene herself and throws her into the wall.

Lord Hailey promptly divorced her new husband and alters Lord Janna mind so she nevers harm anyone again after Lo smashes the artifact. Then she declares that they get out of here ASAP.

She carried Aphmau outside away from the village where she woke up. There, Hailey explains that after the attack, she was knocked out hard and Aphmau explains that after Hailey divorced Balder, she must find a way for Lo to take the maidens to safety and suggested the Alliance Island to keep them from Skystead, who couldn't possibly declare war on the entire Alliance, let alone declaring war on Pikoro. Aphmau wanted to find Lucinda and Hailey offered to go with her as she knows the most about Lucinda. Aphmau states that the journey is a personal level. Lo wanted to go as a payback but Aphmau doesn't want him to go either as he has the maidens to worry about. Finally, Hailey suggest that they all go back to the Phoenix Alliance Island and think of a solution there and they all head off.

Appearance Edit

Hailey has pale skin and dirty blue eyes, similar to that of a light cyan color. She has light auburn hair that reaches her waist, that comes into a side ponytail tied with a silver band. She wears a black, hooded dress, similar in style to Lucinda's dress in Season One. In Season Three, her hair has turned lavender.

Personality Edit

Hailey is a withdrawn crybaby due to a series of unfortunate events she's experienced in life, as well as being tormented since her childhood, having seen many tragedies, which have cracked her mentality. Her childhood was tough, troubled, and full of forced servitude, bullying, and constant pursuing by humans. At the first impression, she seems simplistic and pure in heart. But in reality, she holds an unstable temper, in the same manner as a small child. She also holds very high expectations for herself, and acknowledges that she is very dependent on Lucinda for help and advice, and as a result of this she is trying to lessen her dependence, but often ends up making big mistakes and puts people in potential danger, as she is not capable to ruling an entire village herself.

She tends to be very informal, particularly when meeting someone for the first time or when asking questions, and Lucinda often has to tell her to be more well-spoken and ladylike when she speaks. Hailey also appears to be rather shy, and doesn't feel very comfortable around strangers, and is also prone to feeling jealous of anyone who Lucinda holds dear. She seems to be prone to innuendos when it comes to asking someone, (so far, just Aphmau), about romance.

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Trivia Edit

  • Hailey is an English name, which means a "Field of Hay", and is a modernized respelling of the name Hayley, which originated from the English surname Hale.
  • She shares a name with one of our admins, PinkLemonadez.
  • Hailey is also the name of a comet, although the comet is spelled "Halley."
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