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Love At First Sight
Episode 8
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August 8th, 2017



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"Love At First Sight" is the 8th episode of 'Mermaid Tales'. It premiered on August 8th, 2017.


"Oh boy... this could get messy. Who is she?"


Teony and Katelyn manage to leave the cave they're hiding in. Teony bumps headfirst into the dock, and they find the flower crown Aphmau was making for 'Mr. Whale'. Katelyn starts to wonder why she was making a flower crown so big, but she's interrupted by the sea buns calling out to them. The Sea Bun King finds them and is shocked to find not only two more mermaids, but that one is a princess. He offers them shelter and dinner, but tells one of his sea buns that they're definitely going to eat them, and they all swim off.

On Garroth's ship, Travis tells him he's waiting for the maiden and date he was promised. He quickly remembers Aphmau getting dressed inside the ship and lies, saying that his date just isn't ready yet. This shocks even his crew, including Alfredo, who almost ruins the lie- that is, until Garroth has him thrown off the ship. Travis admires his show of power, and Garroth has the crew set things up for the date while he goes to fetch Aphmau and convince her to do it.

Aphmau fails to put on her clothes correctly, forcing Aaron to tell her what she's doing wrong each time. It takes her a few tries, but she manages to put them on correctly and gain his approval. Garroth interrupts, judging her for wearing 'a man's clothes', and quickly saying she can't be wearing that on a date. Aaron questions him, and immediately refuses when Garroth tells him what he's planning. He decides to ask Aphmau herself when Aaron agrees she can make her own choices. He talks to Aph like she's a little girl, trying to convince her- and she agrees, but only in exchange for his hair. Garroth laughs at her but agrees, cutting off some of his hair to prove it. She goes along with it, and Aaron explains to her how to put on the dress Garroth gave her.

Zane goes for a stroll along the ocean floor, only to get caught in one of Ivan's nets. When he's pulled up he accidentally speaks in human language, frightening Ivan. He throws Zane back into the ocean, but immediately regrets his decision and yells for him to come back. However, Zane recognizes him as the human that chased Tavari into the ocean, and goes to warn him.

Back on the ship, Aphmau comes out fully dressed. Aaron does her hair for her, based on his experience from apparently once having had long hair. He also helps her walk out onto the deck, where Travis is waiting at a fully set up table, Garroth's crew standing by.



  • The song Zane is humming is "Under the Sea" from the Little Mermaid- a song sung by the character Sebastian, who is also a talking crab.



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