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Love Pizza
MyStreet 2
Season 1, Episode 2
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November 27, 2015



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"The Cool Guys"

"Love Pizza" is the 2nd episode of MyStreet. It premiered on November 27th, 2015. 


"Aphmau, Katelyn, and Kawaii~Chan are getting settled in their house, but what happens when they get hungry?"


The doorbell ringing catches the attention of Aphmau. Aphmau opens the door to Zane, who introduces himself as part of the neighborhood watch but shows no interest in her. Kawaii~Chan appears, causing Aphmau to remember a disturbing memory and cry loudly. Katelyn comes down to quiet them and offers a story in exchange for the state of Kawaii~Chan's cookies.

Aphmau recalls Zane's strange behavior and plans for their new home. She explores the house, avoiding the basement. Feeling empty in her room, Aphmau mocks Katelyn's embarrassing poster. Aphmau and Kawaii~Chan decide to order pizza.

Reese, the pizza delivery boy, tells Aphmau her credit card declined, prompting her to fetch cash upstairs. Going back down, Kawaii~Chan lies that Reese left. Aphmau finds Reese sleeping in Kawaii~Chan's room and brings him downstairs. Kawaii~Chan imagines waking him with a kiss, but Aphmau scolds her. Reese wakes up, compliments them, and leaves swiftly.

At the guys' house, Zane is mocked by Garroth and Laurance. Dante asks about him, and they share it was Zane, with Dante complimenting his voice.



  • It is revealed that Zane also resides in the same neighborhood and is a part of the neighborhood watch. 
  • This episode reveals the Yandere part of Kawaii~Chan, as she kidnaps Reese because she thinks he's cute. 
  • It's revealed that Katelyn meditates to calm her anger while Kawaii~Chan despises spicy food and prefers sweets. 
  • Kawaii~Chan describes Reese as a "prince," referencing his title (Prince Reese) in Mod Mod World.
  • Near the end of the episode, Dante compliments Zane's voice. This is a nod to the audience as both Zane and Dante are voiced by the same voice actor, LucariosKlaw.



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