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Lucinda Breaks In
Mystreet5 E29
Season 5, Episode 29
Post Date

September 13, 2017



Written by

Jess, Jason & Calvin

Directed by

Jess, Jason & Will

Produced by

Jess, Jason, Jessie & Ross

Edited by

Kristina & Ross

Storyboarded by

Sean & Jordan

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"We're Engaged!"

"Aphmau's Ex-Crush"

"Lucinda Breaks In" is the twenty-ninth episode of "MyStreet Starlight. It premiered on September 13th, 2017.


Garroth, Zane, Kawaii-Chan, Kim and Lucinda get Aphmau and Aaron's message to come to Twilight Beach. They are wondering if this is important so they head there. Aphmau and Aaron tell them that they are engaged and everyone is very happy, including Kawaii-Chan. Aphmau and Aaron explain that they wanted to share it with their friends before their parents do. Aaron then explains to everyone how they got engaged and Garroth reveals to Aphmau that they all went to the lodge so Aaron could have this moment to propose to her.

After that, Lucinda and Kim have planned to break into Travis's house to find the book from the lodge. Kim seems unsure about doing this because Ghost is not coming out anymore and Aaron and Aphmau are engaged, she doesn't think its the right time to it. Lucinda explains that she reasons to retrieving the book because it had a lot of rare potions and spells. Ghost then explains that if its in the wrong hands, everyone could be in danger. Lucinda tells Kim that she doesn't want anyone to go through the pain they went through back at the lodge, which is why she wants to get the book back.

Ghost then pulls Kim into her consciousness where she reveals her true appearance and voice, explaining that someone scary is nearby preventing their happiness and that's all she knows. She tells Kim to avoid telling Lucinda the information. When Kim returns from consciousness, Lucinda gives her a bikini because its a part of her plan.

The doorbell rings inside Travis's house. Katelyn goes to get it and is greeted by Kim. Kim suggests that the two go play volleyball, which Katelyn declines at first but after being provoked after hearing what Lucinda thinks of her, she agrees. The two then play volleyball while Travis watches from the balcony. Terry and Travis then find each other together watching the girls play. Lucinda sneaks into the house while Travis and Terry and outside. Terry asks why Travis called Katelyn his girlfriend because he knows that they're pretending and that Travis should stop. The two continue looking at the girls play while Lucinda continues rummaging for the book. Terry and Travis have their conversation about Katelyn and Travis reveals how he wanted to talk to Katelyn ever since he saw her. They continue watching Katelyn and Kim play while Lucinda is still searching for the book. Terry goes inside to check while Lucinda hides but find nothing. Lucinda goes outside after failing to find the book.

While playing volleyball, Katelyn accidentally hits Kim with the ball and had to get an ice pack after Kim blacked out. While she recovered, Kim sees the spell book on the floor and Ghost panics, asking Katelyn about why Travis has the book. Katelyn simply replies that Travis reads that often. Ghost, in Kim's body, stares at the book but Kim rushes out of the house after Ghost interfered.

Zack is at the dock staring at the ocean with Derek finding him and asking him to leave his family alone. Zack then said that people wanted the forever potions but Derek said that people didn't. Zack changes the subject to Derek's family and asking him what made him soft, which Derek replied that his family made him stronger. Zack then showed him an article of the Lycan family revealing that two of them are Ultimas, which makes Derek shocked.



  • The Ghost is revealed to be Emmalyn from Minecraft Diaries in Kim's Mind.


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