Biography Edit

Mac is a third year at Falcon Claw University. He has a crush on Jenny and he has confessed his feelings to her before, though got rejected. He still tries to get closer to her, as he still has feelings for her.

Appearance Edit

Physical Appearance - Edit

Mac's physical appearance has lots of contrasting colors such as green, hazel brown and dark gray.

In General - Edit

In general, Mac has tanned skin with short hair which is the same color as his eyes,

Personality Edit

Mac is nice to all his friends. He might be a bit jealous about the fact that Jenny is noticing Aaron and not him, but he's a nice person. This jealousy does not manifest itself nearly as much as in Jenny or Betty.

Trivia Edit

  • Mac has confessed to Jenny before and has been rejected, yet still tries to get closer to her.
  • He might be aware of the fact that Jenny and Diana have feelings for Aaron.
  • In “No more BEDTIME! (Episode 25), Aphmau discovers that Mac likes to draw
  • He possibly dislikes Aaron
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