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Hey and welcome to my guide to Minecraft Diaries: Magicks and Witchcraft (Potions included). Each kind of Magicks we know of will be covered briefly in its own section. Each Magick's user or witchcraft will be listed and the concept of Magicks from what we know will be explained in the best terms. Be warned this is very extensive and long, I made this to grasp Magicks more, please do not alter this page.



Magicks is limited to only one thing the user can specialize in, Witchcraft is a little more free. Both take time to master, it's very dangerous and requires a load of studying and very time-consuming. Often Witchcraft comes in the form of potions. Magicks comes from rituals or can be bottled. Rituals vary, some can be trivial, while others are energy consuming.

Not everyone is born with a magical/witchcraft ability, we learn that these special abilities are most likely random in order to possibly keep a healthy balance of both non-magi/witchery people as well those who reach beyond.

Witchcraft and Magicks seem to require a 'familiar' to perform acts that turn a person into an animal. Lucinda has Bigglesworth and Castor the Chicken Shaman has his army of chickens. Whether this 'familiar' is needed to be human or animal is unknown but by an educated guess I will assume so. An animal is needed to turn a human into an animal and vice versa.

It is revealed that Magicks/Witchery can be passive, active, or inactive. Active is where the user is enabled to active their Magicks or witchery at anytime and can control it to make it active or inactive. Passive is more exclusive to Magicks from what we know. Passive is where the Magicks is (are) active all the time without draining the user's energy, such as Kiki's animal magicks. Inactive is what most undiscovered Magicks/witchery users are, they have not discovered their magicks and cannot enable it.

Potions are magical concoctions that are made for various purposes, whether it be to heal a wound or save someone from the brink of death. Potions can be very powerful or very weak, potionmakers often take form in witches or potion specialists such as Sasha, Castor, or Lucinda.

A very notable and highly worshiped Magicks user is Lady Irene, who possessed the ability to speak to wyverns and seal a realm and create one where time passes faster.

And there is a magic that can be inside a person, but they can't use it such as Cadenza. They are often used by Shadow Knights to extend their portals. They often need to be protected because they give a sustaining power to the wrong people. The only one so far is Cadenza and her guards said she was a medium so she can extend the portal.


Amulets are a form of Magicks and Witchcraft, they are very powerful and sacred things. Such as the Zonaralian amulet which was able to birth female babies that was given to Kiki by Zane. The amulet that cursed a baby named Alexis who turned into a grown woman and Shadow Knight (partially, not really) is another example. The realm-hopper amulet which was created from the Zonaralian Amulet and the cursing Amulet,was able to transport the user to any realm. And finally ,Lady Irene's relic, the source of power absorbed into Aphmau has unknown abilities.

Amulets and Relics seem to the source of many dark magicks or powerful Magicks in general. Ones that can curse or bless users with unspeakable power. Amulets can be combined, enchanted, or destroyed. Zane the High Priest of O'khasis has been noted to be able to obtain and curse many people under the guise of a gift.


Zoey - An elf from the Yggdrasil Forest, she specializes in Barrier Magicks. Zoey is immortal and is considered to be good at her magicks. Shown when she is able to create a portal to Lady Irene's Realm to rescue Aphmau and her friends, she sacrificed something very important to her to get there though, which was her immortality.

Kawaii~Chan - Kawaii~Chan is a Meif'wa (Cat/Human Hybrid) who specializes in animation Magicks and is able to bring dolls to life as her maids. She can enchant them for various things (combat, healing).

Castor the Chicken Shaman- A highly skilled Magicks user, a little crazy but nonetheless he is able to counter Sasha's Magicks and is mentioned many times to be very useful if angered in war.

Sasha - A shadow knight and potion maker. She is the only known character to have more than one type of Magicks. She has powerful Magicks to enchant a book closed, and force animals to grow alarmingly big.

Kiki - Passive Magicks user, her magicks is active all the time hence her ability to connect and commune with animals.

Emmalyn - She is known to possess an understanding of Witchery and can perform minor witchery acts such as moving Irene's statue respectfully.

Lucinda - A witchcraft user, she is efficient in witchery enough to break powerful witches spells on an amulet that cursed Alexis. Able to conjure armor and counter black mage spells.

Lady Irene - A highly respected Magicks user who existed long ago (900 years), she has god-like powers including ones to seal or create realms.

Malachi - Malachi used to be a ghost gifted with the ability to see people's worst fears and show it to them. Since he has become human, he has lost his abilities to show fears.

Gene- Gene is a shadow knight and his magicks gives him the ability to change and remove people's memories and he is shown to be able to use it on many people at same time.

Aphmau-Aphmau is the reincarnation of Lady Irene from after about (900 years of slumber) so she can do magiks because in mystreet starlight she can heal a lit oftle bit of Aaron's scars.


Animation Magicks - Granted the user ability to enchant vessels to life, for many purposes or uses. A notable user are Kawaii~Chan.

Barrier Magicks - Able to hold back powerful Magicks users or amulets, can be used for protection. A notable user is Zoey.

Healing Magicks - Able to heal wounds and save people from the brink of death, notable users are Lord Burt, until his magicks were taken away. We also know Aphmau (AKA Irene) has Healing Magicks, and is able to save those who already died. 

Animal Magicks - Ability to commune with animals, offers a greater understanding and a more skilled healer with them. A notable user is Kiki (Even some werewolves).

Nature Magicks - Abilities currently unknown.

Written By Gaia The Guider