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"Are Meif'wa Afraid of Cucumbers?"


[Mr. Sanders approaches the house and knocks on the door. Zane answers.]

Mr. Sanders: Hello hello young gentleman, do you think a bright budding youth like you might be interested in taking part of your community?

[crickets chirping]

Mr. Sanders: [clears throat] My name is.. Mr. Sanders.

Garroth: Is the chicken man here?

Zane: You ordered chicken and didn't tell me?

Mr. Sanders: As I was saying... [clears throat] I am the chairman of your local neighborhood First Association of Resident Tenants division.

Garroth: [incoherent mumbles] ... F... A... R... Aha! That spells F.A.R.T.! You're a member of a F.A.R.T. division! [laughing]

Zane: [laughing]

Mr. Sanders: Gentlemen. Please, contain yourselves. We're very aware of our name. [clears throat] As I was saying, the First Association of Resident Tenants. It is a tenured organization of concerned homeowners that has existed since the inception of-

Garroth: [giggling] F.A.R.T...!

Zane: Pfft--

Mr. Sanders: [clears throat again] It seems I may have caught you at a bad time, gentlemen. If you have no interest in my proposal, then maybe we will have to simply allow our paths to cross in the future.

Garroth: [still cracking up] Thanks, but we don't need any farts..! We're all good here..!

Chairmen: [through gritted teeth] Good day.

[Zane closes the door, laughing.]

Zane: I know I'm supposed to be mature, but that just caught me off guard..! [deadpan] Plus it got rid of that guy.

Garroth: What if he tries to sell his farts to someone else?!

Zane: We need to call and warn them.

[Mr. Sanders walks down the street towards Katelyn and KC's house.]

Mr. Sanders: [grumbling] Kids these days, with their.. water bottle flips.. and their dabs.. and fidget spinners. No respect, it's just.. only memes..

[He rings the doorbell and Kawaii~Chan answers it.]

Mr. Sanders: Hello hello, young miss! Do you think a bright, budding youth like you might be interested in taking part of your community?

Kawaii~Chan: Me? Interested in-...

Mr. Sanders: Yes! I'm the Chairman of the First Association of Resident Tenants! I'm currently looking to fill our Neighborhood Development Head position--

Zane: Back away from her!

Garroth: Yeah! She doesn't wanna buy any of your sketchy farts!

Zane: She's too pure for that!

Kawaii~Chan: Hey, girls fart too!

Mr. Sanders: What!? I'm not some unsavory salesman!

Kawaii~Chan: Seriously, what's going on?

Garroth: This dude is trying to sell his farts in our neighborhood!

Mr. Sanders: It's an acronym!

Kawaii~Chan: I'm so glad you guys came, then! I hate door to door salesmen..! Unless they're cute Meif'wa scouts selling cookies! I don't want any farts, sir!

Mr. Sanders: My Irene, it's an ACRONYM! Are you people dense!?

Garroth: Keep it moving, old man.

Mr. Sanders: With pleasure!

[Aphmau and Aaron hear the doorbell ring. Aphmau answers.]

Aphmau: Hm? Who could that be?

Mr. Sanders: For the love of Irene, please tell me you are mature.

Aphmau: I'm probably one of the most mature people I know.

Zane: That old man is selling farts!

Aphmau: [cracks up laughing] You said fart..!

Mr. Sanders: How old are you people!? Where are your parents!? And I'm not old, I-

Kawaii~Chan: He tried to sell me farts!

Aphmau: [giggling, then abruptly stops] Should I call the police?

Mr. Sanders: Do you people let anyone finish a s-

Aphmau: I'm calling the police!

Garroth: File a missing grandpa report! We need to get him back to his home!

Mr. Sanders: Oh, sweet Irene. [deep breath] Listen to me. I am not a fart salesman. I am simply the Chairman of an incredibly prestigious association, here to elect a like-minded individual for a position in neighborhood development.

[crickets chirping]

Mr. Sanders: Aaaand you're not getting any of this. [sighs] You know that empty plot of land in the neighborhood?

Aphmau: Yeah. The small one at the end of the road.

Garroth: Hey, that's where I feed my animal friends!

Zane: What animal friends?

Garroth: The little trash bears!

[There's a flashback of Garroth offering a squeaking raccoon a donut. It jumps on him and starts scratching him, so he screams and the flashback ends.]

Garroth: And we've been friends ever since..!

Mr. Sanders: Well, someone on this street can be elected to advocate for something to be constructed on it. Anything they want.

Aaron: .. Anything we want?

Mr. Sanders: Sure. As long as it benefits the neighborhood.

Aphmau: Ohhh. So you're, like, the opposite of a fff- [cracking up] ffart salesman, then?

Mr. Sanders: You had to bring that up again.. [clears throat] Do you think any of you young.. er, mature adults would be up to the responsibility?

Aaron: Hmm..

[In Aaron's thoughts he's built a dog park and he's giggling while holding a puppy and running around, chased by a bunch of other puppies.]

[In Zane's thoughts he's built a pool, relaxing by it by himself.]

Zane: [maniacal laughter] The power.. it's mine! IT'S ALL MINE!

Kawaii~Chan: Wow, Zane, it was so cool and powerful of you to build this pool for all of us!

Zane: It.. wasn't a big deal at all, Nana..

[In Garroth's mind he's built a small 'Trash Bear Preserve' and is being attacked by raccoons again inside a tiny building filled with trash cans for them.]

Garroth: I have to protect the trash bears' native home!

Aaron: Wait. What? We should rightfully build an off-leash dog park there for the dogs of the world!

Garroth: The entire world is already a friendly dog park for dogs! What about the trash bears?!

Aaron: Ugh..! You're not supposed to be feeding the raccoons! It's bad for their health!

Garroth: They are NOT raccoons! You take that back!

Aaron: They are raccoons!

Garroth: At least they aren't stupid like dogs are!

Aaron: Say. That. Again.

Aphmau: Aaron...

Aaron: Sorry.

Zane: I'm sorry, but you two chumps will have to step aside this time. That land has a new swimming pool with my name on it.

Kawaii~Chan: Since when does Zane-kun like to swim?

Zane: What does that have to do with anything? It's for the b-.. neighborhood!

Aaron: Dog park!

Zane: No, it's going to be a pool!

Garroth: Traaaash beaaaars!

Mr. Sanders: [laughing] Young kids. I remember when I first got into helping out my community. Had quite a few fisticuffs with many folk myself! [clears throat] So! Sounds like you three have a lot to hash out. I'll leave you to it, then! I'll be back this evening to see if the neighborhood has come to an agreement, hm?

Garroth: Murderers!

Mr. Sanders: That sounds like my cue to depart.

Kawaii~Chan: Oh! Oh! Does Mr. Fart Salesman want a cookie before he goes? They're probably not as good as grandma's cookies, but Kawaii~Chan is a pretty good baker!

Mr. Sanders: I don't like the implication that I am a grandpa. [eats cookie] Oh my Irene, these are delicious! Thank you, young miss! I see a bright future ahead of you.

Aphmau: I'm still gonna call the police.

[Garroth, Aaron, and Zane continue to argue and all talk over each other until Kawaii~Chan has had enough.]

Kawaii~Chan: Boys! Stop fighting right now!

[They all stop.]

Kawaii~Chan: As friends, we need to be civilized! If we're going to choose a leader, we're gonna do it the right way! In the name of the moon- I-I mean justice!

Aaron: And for the rights for pups everywhere to have access to a safe dog park!

Aphmau: You're.. going to run, Aaron? Oooh! I can make campaign buttons!

Aaron: Uh.. sure!

Aphmau: I'm going to be the First Lady of F.A.R.T.!

Kawaii~Chan: Today is a historic day! MyStreet is going to host.. an election!

[At the mall, KC has Zane, Aaron, and Garroth gathered.]

Kawaii~Chan: Okay! So, first off, let's test everybody's people skills!

Zane: My what?

Kawaii~Chan: Schmoozing and mooching, the foundation of a good leader!

Aaron: I'm.. pretty sure that's not--

Kawaii~Chan: Last one to get someone to vouch their vote to your cause is a loser! One, two, three, four, GO!

[Everyone runs off in different directions. Zane approaches a mother and her son.]

Zane: Hello, ma'am. Can I talk to you for a minute about a neighborhood development project?

Mother: Hmm?

Zane: Consider this: A pool is a summertime staple. Cool, refreshing, hydrating. A staple of the modern culture revolving around summer commercialism.

Mother: Uh.. Uh-huh.

Zane: I'm sure when you were younger--

[The mother punches him out and he shouts in pain. Aaron, holding money and with a dog behind him, approaches a random man shopping.]

Aaron: Hey. I'll pay you five bucks if you say you'll vote pro-dog in an upcoming election.

Man: Yo, I'm all about dogs and money! Where do I sign?

[Garroth, sitting on a bench, is attempting to recruit the raccoons to his cause.]

Garroth: So. Would you be open to helping develop a trash bear preserve?

Raccoon: [chittering]

Garroth: Oh no, it's okay! Take your time to respond.

Zane: It would really mean a lot if you could sign this in support of a local pool..!

[The mother punches him again.]

[Aaron pays off the man.]

Aaron: Pleasure doin' business with ya.

Garroth: Really, take as much time as you need!

Raccon: [more chittering]

Kawaii~Chan: Okay, time's up, and it looks like... Aaron and Garroth managed to get their signatures! Which means.. Zane failed!

Zane: Tch. It's not fair..! And why are we even asking random strangers who don't live in our neighborhood to do this?

Kawaii~Chan: I understand your frustration, Zane, but skills pay the bills!

Zane: [sighs]

Kawaii~Chan: You'll get 'em next time. And speaking of, your next test is the true test of a politician! Kissing babies!

Aaron: That's... awkward.

Kawaii~Chan: First one to kiss a baby is the best politician, いち に さん し GO!

[Everyone runs off except for Aaron. Garroth tries to kiss a raccoon by the bench.]

Garroth: Hey, little buddy..! Can I-- oh god no!

[He's attacked by the raccoons.]

[Zane approaches the same mother and child from before.]

Zane: Excuse me, ma'am.. Sorry to.. bother you, again, but.. Would you mind if I kissed your baby?

Mother: Excuse me!?

Zane: N-n-no, you see.. I'm a politician, and..!

[She beats him with her purse and he yells out in pain.]

[Back at the start, Aaron leans down and kisses Alexander who has been following him around.]

Aaron: Done.

Kawaii~Chan: Aaron, that doesn't count! It's supposed to be a baby.

Aaron: He's my baby!

[With everyone having failed, they gather again.]

Kawaii~Chan: [sighs] Okay, that could've gone better. Let's try one more, okay?

Zane: [groans in frustration] Uuuughh..!

Kawaii~Chan: Okay, great! Your task is to negotiate down the price of any item with a shopkeeper! The person who gets the best deal wins! いち に さん し GO!

[Everyone runs off in different directions. At a clothing store, Aaron goes to the counter.]

Aaron: [whispering] Hey, hey, listen up! I've got a deal for you. Here's how it works: I give you ten dollars, and you sell me this novelty plush toy for two.

Cashier: What?

Aaron: It's simple math..!

Cashier: Hey, there's no dogs allowed in here!

[They're kicked out.]

Aaron: They didn't deserve us anyway, boy!

Alexander: [barks]

[Garroth chooses a Starbucks.]

Garroth: Okay, let's try this. I will give you $6.50 for the coffee.

Barista: Sir, the coffee is only six dollars.

Garroth: Oooh, you do drive a hard bargain. Seven dollars, final offer!

Barista: Sir. Sir, you're not listening.

Garroth: You got me. $7.25.

Barista: [sighs heavily] Listen, man, I don't set the prices. The franchise does.

Garroth: Eight dollars!

Barista: [clears his throat] Order for... 'Trash Boy'?

Garroth: Hey! I'm a trash bear boy!

[Everyone gathers back at the start again.]

Kawaii~Chan: Okay, future leaders of MyStreet! How did we do?

Aaron: Uhh..

Zane: I got these clothes for free.

Kawaii~Chan: Wha!? How did Zane pull that off?!

Zane: Simple! I stole them.

Kawaii~Chan: Zane, you cheater..!

Zane: Hey, -- if Aaron was going to play dirty, I had to find some way to keep up.

Mother: There he is! Him and his friends have been causing trouble all afternoon!

Hot Topic Cashier: That's the awkward shoplifter that bolted from my store without paying!

[police sirens wail]

Zane: Book it!

[Back on the street in the evening, Mr. Sanders finds the four returning.]

Mr. Sanders: [laughs] Welcome home!

[Kawaii~Chan, Garroth, Zane, and Aaron all groan.]

Kawaii~Chan: Hello!

Mr. Sanders: Hello! Have you decided amongst yourselves who is going to be-

Aphmau: Aaron! I finished your buttons!

Mr. Sanders: STOP INTERRUPTING ME! [clears throat] Pardon me.

Kawaii~Chan: Kawaii~Chan and friends haven't quite decided who should be in charge of the empty plot! Kawaii~Chan was very busy organizing the competition to elect someone!

Mr. Sanders: ..Oh! Who came up with that idea?

Kawaii~Chan: Kawaii~Chan did, sir!

Mr. Sanders: I like that spunk! We need someone with that kind of initiative! How would you feel about taking over as Neighborhood Development Head?

Aaron: Wha?

Garroth: Wha?

Zane: Whaa..?

Aphmau: Wha?

Kawaii~Chan: Me?

Mr. Sanders: Well, if you organized everything as you said, then that's--

Aphmau: Hey! I organized these buttons!


Aaron: If Kawaii~Chan's in charge, then.. What's going to happen to the empty plot!?

Mr. Sanders: Oh, yeah.. Sorry, that was sold.

Aaron: Wha!?

Garroth: Whaaaa?

Zane: Whuh..?

Aphmau: Wha!?

Kawaii~Chan: Wha!?

Mr. Sanders: Gotta move fast in politics, kids! Anyway, this is for you.

[He hands Kawaii~Chan a paper.]

Mr. Sanders: There we go! Now, I'm off to Bermuda! You kiddos have fun!

Zane: Well, that was a complete waste of time.

Aphmau: Buttons!

[While Mr. Sanders yells 'I'm free!' in the background, Aphmau pins the buttons she made for Aaron to everyone.]

Aphmau: I'm supportive! Hehe!