Full Name


  • Human
  • Ghost (Formerly)



Around 900 years old



Hair Color

Cinnamon Brown

Eye Color

Peppermint Green

Professional Status
  • Phoenix Drop
  • Phoenix Alliance


Personal Status


Dead ( Formerly)


Malachi (MyStreet)

First Appearance

"Our Fears..."

Voice Actor

Kellen Goff

 Biography Edit

Unnamed (2)
Malachi (mal-ak-eye) was born over 919 years ago. He was a very strange child, having the uncontrollable power of creating fears and nightmares. The village complained, so his parents sent him to live with a therapist in a castle. However, the therapist went insane because of Malachi's fear powers, and accidentally pushed Malachi off a tower, killing him. Malachi was bound to the castle for 900 years, terrorizing anyone who entered by showing them their greatest fear.

Eventually, a descendant of the therapist who killed Malachi all those years ago set him free from the castle, and he was adopted by Aphmau despite his condition as a ghost. He returned with her, met Levin, and lived happily in Phoenix Drop. Zoey let him play with potions one day, and a small explosion happened. Malachi accidentally used a Yggdrasil Forest Sapling in a potion, and it created extra strong effects.

Yggdrasil Saplings absorb the life force of those who die near them, and are generally not meant to be used for potion making. The sapling Malachi had used in the potion had absorbed someone's life force, and it was transferred into Malachi, giving him new life. A while later, he left Phoenix Drop with the other kids during the war between The Phoenix Alliance and O'Khasis and Scaleswind.

In Season 2, Malachi is a trader for Phoenix Drop and helps Levin run the village. He remembers much more of Aphmau, seeing as when he was a ghost, his mental capacity remained very much intact, while Levin's mind was still that of a child with considerably undeveloped capabilities. Where Levin has called her Aphmau, Malachi refers to her as "mom".

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Minecraft Kindergarten Edit

Malachi shows up in the first season of Minecraft Kindergarten as one of the good kids. He is taken out after Season 1.

Appearance Edit

Malachi is first met in the episode "Our Fears". As a ghost, his whole body is translucent, with some parts being invisible. He had long white hair, white eyes, dimples, wore wispy; ragged clothes, and his hands were partly invisible.

When he was given new life, he had dark brown hair, green eyes, and a blue-grey ragged tunic and tan skin. In Season Two - fifteen years after the events of the first season - he wears a malachite-colored scarf that covers his mouth and nose, a brown shirt with blue sleeves, and blue-grey trousers.

His style seems to be similar to that of Laurance's, however the green he wear is more vibrant and has a tint to blue. He wears a variety of browns and tan. His signature is his malachite-colored scarf. 

Personality Edit

Malachi is kind and joyful. He may not see that with the things he did to Aphmau, Garroth, Dante and Laurence. He is very intelligent and friendly. He helps run town with his brother and is largely in charge of trade.

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  • Malachi is a Hebrew name with various meanings. In some translations, it means "my angel", and in others, it means "messenger of God".
  • The shade of green that matches the color of his eyes once he gains a human form is malachite. His name could possibly be linked to the color, though this may not be the case.
  • In the first episode Malachi was in, Aphmau pronounced his name "Mala-chi" not "Mala-kai".
  • Altough his voice actor was never listed in the episode he was voice acted in, but it's speculated that Malachi was voiced by TheDragonHat due to familiar voices.
  • A lifeguard resembling Malachi appeared when Sylvana tried to set him up with Aphmau. However, Katelyn flirted with him. He had vivid green eyes, tan skin and brown hair. 
  • When Malachi and Levin quizzed Aphmau about 'who the father was' Malachi's first question was: ''Is it Laurance?'' which made many fans believe Malachi is a 'Laurmau shipper'.