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Hair Color


Eye Color
  • Amber
  • Dark Lilac
Professional Status
Previous Affiliation(s)

Phoenix Drop


Malik (Husband; Deceased)

Personal Status



Levin (Son)

First Appearance

"Zenix and Garroth's "Thank You"" (Flashback)

Last Appearance

"Levin's Mom"


Matilda once lived in a village before moving to Phoenix Drop, where she fell in love with Lord Malik, and they had a son, Levin. One night, her home was set ablaze, and Malik was murdered by the knight in training, Zenix. She and her son, Levin, were rescued by a cloaked Shadow Knight and she entrusted the man to bring her infant son back to Phoenix Drop, leaving the custody of Levin to Aphmau.

She was stolen away again at some point by Zenix and held hostage in a cellar under the tavern in Scaleswind. Aphmau discovered her and attempted to bring her back home, but she refused, terrified that the Shadow Knights will trace her magic and hunt her son down for being a descendant of Lady Irene. She is disappointed to learn that Garroth and the village had forgotten about her due to the Shadow Knight's magicks. Matilda asked Aphmau to take care of Levin before she gave her his music box. She warned that Zenix would return any moment, and so she stayed down there and was never seen again.


Matilda has titian hair with multicolored beads tied among it. Her eyes are a muted lilac. She was seen wearing a dark gray off-the-shoulder dress with light gray along the neck and hemline and also wears several bracelets. Matilda appears to have elongated ears, the same design as an elf, but this was never explained.


Not much is known about her personality, except that she would risk her safety just so Levin would be safe.


  • Although Zenix was on his way to attack Phoenix Drop while Aphmau was talking to Matilda, it's possible that Zenix returned to Scaleswind to murder Matilda after his mission failed.
  • Though she appears on the thumbnail of Episode 36 of Season 1 with amber colored eyes, in the actual episode itself it is shown that her eyes are actually lilac.
  • Lord Malik refers to Matilda as "Milfina" in his journal entires. This is not explained.
  • It could be possible that the original iteration of her name, Milfina, was a reference to Minfilia from FFXIV, where fans may sometimes jokingly refer to her as Milfina.