Meeting FC
Phoenix Drop High 21
Season 1, Episode 21
Post Date May 25, 2016
Duration 13:21
Written By Aphmau
Produced By Dom
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"Aphmau Plays Cupid"
"FC and Shu"
"Meeting FC" is the 21st episode of MyStreet Phoenix Drop High. It premiered on May 25th, 2016.


"Aphmau meets a friend she's known for a long time."

Episode OverviewEdit

Trouble begins to brew in this episode as Laurance eavesdrops on two werewolf students. The pair discuss their admiration for the alpha of their pack (Aaron) and his supposed mate's (Aphmau) relationship. This leads Laurance to believe that Aphmau had been playing him for a fool because she was supposedly dating Aaron, while still engaging in romantic exchanges with him. Distraught, Laurance tells Garroth about this news. Both confess that they've kissed her before, and Garroth also tells Laurance about his feelings for Aphmau. Both decide to deal with this situation in their own ways.

Aphmau, Katelyn, and Teony discuss grades in the girls bathroom. After Katelyn and Teony leave while Aphmau stays to go to the bathroom, Ivy and Lilly come in and start gossiping about Aaron, unaware of Aphmau's presence. After Lilly states how she's just using Aaron for Gene's plan, Aphmau leaves her stall and exits the bathroom. The other girls assume she heard their conversation and begin to follow her when Gene comes in their way. At first Gene grows angry, but then becomes calm and states that they should let Aphmau tell Aaron.

Aphmau goes to tell Aaron about the gossip she heard, but he refuses to believe her and just walks away. Frustrated, Aphmau goes to talk to Laurance about her problem when she finds him flirting with Michi. Confused and hurt, Aphmau questions him, but Laurance refuses to explain and just walks away. Aphmau decides to then confide in Garroth, but he remains quite distant and upset. He walks away, leaving Aphmau very upset.

Aphmau goes to the door in the music room where she once found an unknown person behind the door who would listen to her problems. But even though he listened to her once, he refuses to cooperate with her and tells her to go away, leaving Aphmau teary-eyed.

Finally, Aphmau texts FC. He talks to her, but after a couple texts, both begins to hear the chime of a received text message every time they get or receive a new message. After a bit of tests to see if it's just a coincidence, the unknown person behind the door opens the door and not only reveals himself as FC, but as Aaron.

Aphmau bursts into tears and tries to leave, but Aaron convinces her to stay, exclaiming that he never liked Aphmau, but always liked Shu, Aphmau's online persona. Aphmau tells Aaron she never liked Aaron, but always liked FC. The episode ends with both beginning to engage in a conversation.


  • Garroth
  • Laurence
  • Werewolf Kid 1 (Rylan)
  • Werewolf Kid 2
  • Teony
  • Katelyn
  • Aphmau
  • Lily
  • Gene
  • Aaron
  • Michi
  • Dante
  • FC (Via Text Message)


  • Two werewolf students receive voice roles but their actors are unknown.
  • This is the first time FC appears and Aphmau meet in person. FC is revealed to be Aaron.
  • Aphmau mentions 0-100, which is an internet meme for when events turns to escalate.
  • This episode is the first time Michi's crush on Laurance is noticed.

Video Edit

Meeting FC - MyStreet Phoenix Drop High -Ep

Meeting FC - MyStreet Phoenix Drop High -Ep.21 Minecraft Roleplay-

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