Meif'wa (also known as Khajiit or simply Cat People), are a species with cat traits, such as cat ears, a cat tail, or other feline characteristics on an otherwise human body. The species appears to have evolved in the Tu'la Region, though Meif'wa occasionally migrate to the Ru'aun Region, and many have been arriving in the region as of Season Two of Minecraft Diaries due to the corrupt ways of the King of Tu'la causing many to arrive as refugees.

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The Meif'wa are half cat/half human creatures, and are known to worship the Sun. The first appearance of a Meif'wa was in Episode 32 of Season 1 (entitled Maid in Heaven), which introduced the character Kawaii~Chan, who owned a maid café near the Neapolitan village. However. despite Meif'wa being introduced in the first season, the history and origins behind the species were not explored until the second season, where Aphmau meets Michi. Michi explains that the species originates from Tu'la, where they are as common as the Lu'pine of Ru'aun.

In Episode 23 of Season 2, Aphmau meets Mikai, the twin brother of Michi, who lead a group of refugees from Tu'la, and he informs her that the King of Tu'la is corrupt and tyrannical, taking advantage of the towns and villages in his land and drains them of their resources, leaving the communities destitute and poor.


Meif'wa have human bodies, but feature the ears and tail of a cat. Those who are born as said species tend to have naturally colored fur on their ears and tail, with black and dark grey being a common coloration, while those who have fallen victim to the Meif'wa Curse, which gives a human these feline characteristics, tend to have abnormally colored fur - for example, Aphmau's ears and tail while under the curse were purple, while Katelyn's were light blue.

Meif'wa tend to have either amber or green colored eyes, which are the common iris colors in actual cats, and tend to have unnaturally colored hair - for example, Kawaii~Chan's hair is light pink, while Michi and Mikai both have lilac hair.

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Though most Meif'wa are born with feline characteristics, it is shown in Episode 17 of Season Two of Minecraft Diaries, that there is a curse able to turn humans into Meif'wa. The curse causes the victim to gain the physical characteristics of the typical Meif'wa: Cat ears and tail. So far, this curse has only been shown once in the series, when Michi curses Aphmau, Laurance, and Katelyn. It was not until they encountered the witch, Hyria who could tell that the ears and tail were not Aphmau's birthright, that they were able to find a cure, as Hyria was able to conjure a potion that would extract the essence of the curse and place it into an Orb Essence. It would also allow the victim to turn back if needed by breaking the orb.

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Meif'wa are publicly ridiculed and are victims of racism, as seen in the city of O'Khasis, stereotyped as being unintelligent and weak, and thus are unwelcome in the city. This is proven when Aphmau, while cursed with the appearance of a Meif'wa, tried to enter O'Khasis, but was refused access into the city by a guard, who then taunted her with crude comments. It's likely that others outside of O'Khasis have a similar mindset towards Meif'wa.

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In Season Two, Kawaii~Chan marries Dante, a human, and together they have a daughter: Nekoette, who is consequently a hybrid of a human and Meif'wa.

It is unknown if there are other half-Meif'wa like her, but it is a possibility, since there are known to be half-werewolves born under similar parentage.

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  • The King of the Tu'la region is most likely a Meif'wa, but Jess has not confirmed it. 
  • All known Meif'wa, except those who are cursed, seem to have some association with Japanese culture, as some use Japanese honorifics when referencing to other people (such as Kawaii~Chan and Michi), and all of them have Japanese names. This is likely a reference to the fact that cat-human hybrids are popular in Japanese shows and books.
  • A Meif'wa's ears or tail has never been touched in any of Aphmau's role play series compared to the werewolves, who had their Ultima's ears being touched by Aphmau.
  • Meif'wa appear to like sugar, or at least the majority of them.
  • All of the currently known Meif'wa have light-colored hair. Jess says this is just a Meif'wa thing.
  • Meif'wa seem to be the polar opposite to Werewolves, worshiping the sun, being cat-like humanoids instead of wolf-like, etc.
  • It was confirmed on Discord that Meif'wa do not have human ears.