Melissa s6



  • Miss Wolfwere (Formerly)
  • Miss Lycan
Full Name

Melissa Lycan






34/35 (somewhere around mid to late thirties)





Hair Color

Dark Brown

Eye Color


Professional Status

Lycan Corporation


Business Woman

Personal Status



Guardian Force

First Appearance

"Aaron's Sister!?"

Last Appearance

"Reborn PT.3"

Voice Actor

Morgan Berry

Melissa is a major character in MyStreet: Lover's Lane, MyStreet: Starlight and MyStreet: When Angels Fall.

Biography Edit

Melissa is the older sister to Aaron. Despite coming from a rich family, her childhood wasn't perfect. Her parents had constant meetings and business trips, leaving her home with Aaron. They were also strict, informing her not to expose herself as a werewolf. While she and Aaron were home alone, she acted like a motherly figure to her little brother. Currently, she works for her father's company. She is also sometimes treated like a celebrity for hosting reality shows such as cooking shows. During "Aphmau's Year", she visits Aphmau to give her reports about Aaron's status over in Falcon Claw and helps talk about her thoughts as a werewolf. She also helps Aphmau get new outfits and helped her pack for Starlight Wonderland. Melissa helped the gang from Emerald Secret, Kawaii~Chan, Blaze and the trio plan various activities at Starlight, including a roller coaster and a haunted house and even dinner. She overheard the conversation about when the werewolf gang was banned from entering a werewolf-prejudice restaurant that caused Derek to file a complaint. When she overheard her dad talk about Ultimas and Forever Potions, she wanted him and Rachel to explain what’s going on, since Aaron is involved. She is shocked that Derek used to work with a group of people that made the potions, the same ones at the lodge tragedy a year ago. She then leads the gang to go to a restaurant for the last time, until she saw Aaron with red eyes. Immediately she pushed everyone to get down as Derek and Rachel head off to stop their son from killing anyone in rage. Neither of them nor Aphmau and Melissa were able to stop Aaron’s vengeance on Ein until Garroth saw Aaron’s eyes. Derek got mad at Aaron for attacking anger since he done it once with an Ein look-alike. Melissa was showing concern for Garroth’s survival, until she told Derek that Garroth is alive, due to a potion on him the night after the incident. Derek doesn’t feel happy about it as he fears everyone will be in danger from here on out. Melissa refuses to let the negative train keep going for dinner and tried to cheer up everyone at dinner, who were all depressed and mourning for Garroth’s safety. It works and everyone celebrated and ate dinner. Aaron revealed that he can play guitar and Aphmau and Melissa begged him to sing, but Aaron refused, saying he is bad at singing. Causing Melissa to show of her "singing skills". At one point during the time between Season 5 and Season 6, Melissa got injured on the shoulder. Aphmau helped bandaged up her injuries once in a while. She was originally against the idea of going to the casino gala for fear of being discovered, but Lucinda managed to get masks to hide their faces as they party. Melissa is at least relieved for a bit that she gets to have fun after weeks of terror every day. When the dancing commences, Garroth wants to dance with Lucinda, but Melissa took her and danced with her. The next day, the Guardian Force invaded the hotel room she was staying at, possibly thanks to Ein. The gang was completely unprepared for a surprised invasion. Melissa, Rachel, Rowan (Agent R), and Aaron were in one room as Melissa and Aaron held the door. Rowan explained that Derek has turned himself in, in hopes that he will distract the GF long enough to let the rest of them find a boat and escape. He gave Aaron the briefcase before he jumped up to the window and distracts the GF in the helicopter as the remaining three make their escape. Rachel handled the guards with the door as a shield while Melissa and Aaron made a run for it. Another guard was about to attack but Kawaii~Chan hit him with a vase. They were about to reach the main door out when Toby caught them. Melissa quickly pushed Aaron and Kawaii~Chan into the stairwell and surrenders. On hidden orders from Michael to kill Melissa, the guard whom he had taken control of before had his eyes turn green and shots were heard from the stairwell. Melissa was shot but not killed, as seen in Episode 16, Reborn PT 3. Season 6: when angels fall.

Appearance Edit

She has dark brown hair with bleached tips, tan complexion, and gold eyes color. she mostly hides her werewolf ears and tail, which are similar in color to her hair.

Personality Edit

In public, she stays in her human form. As a woman of business, she is strict, doesn't like nonsense and mostly noses in aphmau and Aarons lives. She does what is set for her without questioning it so people believe it's hard for her to gain a personality of her own. In her werewolf form, which she finds more comforting, her personality takes a shift, being more energetic and sassy. Her father has come to notice this and even once asked if her ears and tail were out when she was sounding sassy on the phone.

Episode Appearances Edit

The Bigger MoveEdit


Season 3Edit

Post-Season 3Edit

Season 4 PrequelEdit

Season 4Edit

Aphmau's YearEdit

Season 5Edit

Season 6 Edit


Aaron, just go!

Take Them By Force

Oh my IREEEEEEEENE!!!!!!!!!!!

Aphmau's Year Ep. 5

Melissa: What are you doing next to Aphmau and Aaron's room?! Huh? Trying to listen to them making out or something?! That sounds like something a weirdo would do!

Kawaii~Chan: No! What are YOU doing here?!

Melissa: Trying to listen to them make out...

Starlight: Hiding Aphmau

Melissa: Wait, so let's think about this. A werewolf and a human together. I wonder what kinds of pups they would ma-

Aphmau(?):*Nervously laughs* Alright Melissa, it's time to go!

Aphmau's Year: We Held On Fast

Aphmau: Now to get these off... and-

Melissa: H-h-hey... (Melissa walks in on Aphmau half naked with werewolf ears and tail)

Aphmau's Year: We Held On Fast

Melissa: Let's get going to the last store, then we'll go home and get you dressed up.

Aphmau: Ok! *giggles* What's the last store?

(goes to Victoria's secret)

Aphmau: Melissa!!!!!

...And Then We Said Goodbye.

Kawaii~Chan: What! Why would you admit that?!

Melissa: Because I have no shame!!! ...I mean I have some shame when it comes to other people ... but Aaron is family, my brother and I am a supportive sister!!!

Kawaii~Chan: Wait, you are his sister?

Melissa: Wait, you don't know? I swear I told you before!

Kawaii~Chan: So, would you say you ship them?

Melissa: Excuse me!!! I am a grown woman! I have important business meetings, drink red wine and watch Game of Thrones!!!

Kawaii~Chan: Ohhhhh!!

Melissa: But yes, I do ship them!!!!!

Both: Eeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!

Starlight: Hiding Aphmau

Garroth: Dancing is my specialty! (Put His hand to Lucinda) M'lady

Melissa: Nope this is my dance!

Lucinda: Oh Qui Qui!

MyStreet Season 6: Stay With Me

So tell me, girlfriend, how did you become his girlfriend?!

Melissa gossiping with Aphmau

Gallery Edit

MyStreet - The Bigger Move Episode 4 Screenshot29

Melissa (MyStreet) image gallery

Trivia Edit

  • When she and Aaron were kids, she loved roller coasters. She also made Aaron go on just about every roller coaster, which he had a fear of. As she matured, she developed a phobia, which Aaron took advantage of at Starlight.
  • Like Kawaii~Chan, she's an Aarmau shipper, though she's always sneaky and curious whenever the topic is about them.
  • During "The Bigger Move" she refers to the Lycan Corporation as "The Lominsa Family Corporation," and they are said to make movies.
  • She was "killed" protecting Kawaii~Chan and Aaron from the Guardian Force.
    • She is the first MyStreet character to die, if one doesn't count Aaron (due to his resurrection) or minor characters, like the Guard Alex kills, or the man who died on Agent R's boat.
      • As of the season six finale, it has been confirmed she is still alive.
  • It is implied that Melissa is lesbian, or at least sapphic! she has shown to have no interest in men, but with women such as Aphmau, Michi (Michi flirts with her) and Lucinda, it's a different story. It's implied Lucinda and Melissa have something special.
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