Biography Edit

Meowki was Aphmau's first cat. Its gender is unknown, but is presumed to be a female. Meowki lived a very short life and was killed by a skeleton that was attracted to her litter box. Aphmau got over it quickly by making a "Meowki II".

She, along with some of Aphmau's other cats, were very aggressive towards her. This is because they get mad when they don't get fed, even though Aphmau tried her best to feed them.

Appearance Edit

Meowki was a calico cat with green eyes.

Personality Edit

Very stinky with his/her litter box (if you leave a litter box uncleaned for a while in Minecraft, it attracts mobs), also very annoying with her constantly getting stuck in trees, needing help and meowing.


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  • Meowki came from Brightport.
  • Aphmau nicknamed Meowki Devil Cat, which is the title of season 1 episode 10.
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