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July 7th, 2017


September 22nd, 2017

Mermaid Tales is a series created by CatFace that premiered on July 7th, 2017. It is a spin-off series of Minecraft Diaries and MyStreet, set in an alternate universe where mermaids exist.


Humans and mermaids once lived together in peace and harmony with their rulers- the human king Rosso, and the mermaid queen Mariana. However, the peace was broken when the mermaid people found their queen slaughtered by humans. The mermaid king raged war against humankind, causing their extinction (or so it was told,) and erecting a barrier around the mermaid kingdom to keep his people in and dangers out.

Until one day, Princess Aphmau (the adopted daughter of the current mermaid king) broke out of the barrier and met Aaron- a pirate mercenary working under Captain Garroth. While the two pirates were saved from drowning, Aphmau mistook their ship for a whale and followed them to the port full of humans..



Episode Title Posted Date Duration External Link
1 "The Heart of The Sea" July 7th, 2017 20:36 The Heart of The Sea
2 "Curse of Mermaids" July 11th, 2017 22:15 Curse of Mermaids
3 "Merman?..." July 15th, 2017 21:50 Merman?...
4 "The Human World" July 21st, 2017 16:13 The Human World
5 "I'll Keep You Safe" July 25th, 2017 21:09 I'll Keep You Safe
6 "Don't Tell Him!" July 29th, 2017 16:47 DON'T TELL HIM!
7 "If You Don't Want Her..." August 3rd, 2017 14:30 If You Don't Want Her...
8 "Love At First Sight" August 8th, 2017 14:56 Love At First Sight
9 "The Prince's Date " August 12th, 2017 16:14 The Prince's Date
10 "Mermaids Attack! " August 17th, 2017 16:37 MERMAIDS ATTACK!
11 "Get Away From Her! " August 24th, 2017 16:42 Get Away From Her!
12 "Aaron Flirts" September 1st, 2017 16:39 Aaron Flirts
13 "Aphmau's Date with Travis" September 8th, 2017 15:19 Aphmau's Date with Travis
14 "Mermaids ARE REAL! " September 15th, 2017 17:34 Mermaids ARE REAL!
15 "Our Story Ends... " September 22nd, 2017 25:47 Our Story Ends...


  • The series was originally meant to only have 10 episodes. 5 episodes were added when the story needed more room.
  • There was the possibility of a second season will be made, but that is now no longer the case with the shift from roleplays to Aphmau's everyday content.