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Also referred to as the snake-eyed man's journal, Michael’s book is an unnamed book of spells, potions, and dark magic. Most contents of the book were forbidden, containing forever options and research on ways to turn a person's soul into a stone; a relic. It contains notes on the Ultima's bloodline, tracing it down to the Lycan family. Much of the language is indecipherable to Lucinda, and according to her, the book itself is ancient.


The book was in the possession of Michael for an unknown amount of time. This was until his pawn, Ein, took it from him while Michael was leaving the lodge. Ein wanted to use the book to remake a potion that he was tasked to give someone, but spilled it. He later kidnapped Lucinda to make her make the potion. She told Ein that they didn’t have the right ingredients. The only potions they could make were of obedience, anger, and love. The latter gave Ein a separate agenda to get his long-awaited revenge on Aaron. When he was eventually defeated, Tatiana insisted that Lucinda takes the book home with her.

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While five months passed, Lucinda was able to experiment with the book and make several potions, but with no evil intent. When Travis discovered the book on October 30th, Lucinda felt something suspicious and decided to hide it. The book was eventually stolen on December 17th.

Later, at Starlight, Lucinda met Terry when he tried to flirt at her, and she sensed something dark. She made a plan with Kim to search his house to see if he had the book. Lucinda found nothing and was almost caught by Terry. Kim, however, did spot the book when she was brought in by Katelyn after Kim was injured from volleyball. Katelyn said that Travis had been reading it and she commented on it being creepy.

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The page turned to the Celestial Canon

The book eventually went back into Michael’s possession, with him using it to get information on the Celestial Cannon located in Starlight.


  • It's possible one reason Michael came back to rescue Ein in Emerald Secret and keep him alive was only to retrieve the book that Ein stole.