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Midnight is a book series that is mentioned on several occasions, in several different series. It is meant to be a fun, sort of parody to the book Twilight. all the names in the book, including the Author, Stephanie Meyer, have been altered so their names are food-based puns.   


Midnight's cover in Phoenix Drop High (Cover art by KamiWasa)


Midnight has been spotted in the series Mod Mod World, Minecraft Side Stories, MyStreet Phoenix Drop High, MyStreet, Sassy Lawyer and Minecraft Diaries. In Mod Mod World, Aphmau had read part of the book to Tommy. In the first sleepover episode in the Side Stories, Emmalyn had read it while the boys were there, dressed up as girls. And in Sassy Lawyer, her first case had been defending the author of the Midnight series against claims of Midnight being a rip-off of Twilight.

Midnight has also appeared in SkyDoesMinecraft's (Adam) Do Not Laugh series that he does with his friends. Aphmau has used the book series to make them laugh at it, and it is also where Midnight first popped up.


The author of this series is Sepanny Mayo, seeing as how it was said in Mod Mod World, Sassy Lawyer Chronicles, and Skydoesminecraft's Do Not Laugh. Seepanny Mayo is a parody of the Twilight book's author, Stephanie Mayer. In the Sassy Lawyer series, the publisher was the cookie monster's daughter, Kuki. The Cookie Monster's daughter had strayed away from cookies and had gone into the business of publishing. She has published many other books such as Harry Potato, The Hungry Games, 50 Colors of Sprinkles, The Fault in Our Pizza, and many more. All of these books seem to be real books but with a food twist to them.


All of the known characters of this book series are Nutella Swan, Cakecob BlackCoffee, Mr. Swan, The Cop, Tedward Culinary, and the late Nutella Swan's dad. These names were, once again, taken from the real life book series, and given a food twist. either that, or so it can become a delicious pun.


There was a controversy in late 2015 regarding this book and the series twilight (We checked. It is not capitalized.) by author Stephenie Meyer. According to her publishers, Midnight was a possible "Rip-off" of twilight. The publishers took the case to a court of law. Midnight was deemed an original story with original characters, and the court was dismissed. Since then, several more books have been published in the Midnight series. (Sassy Lawyer)

Here is a link to a full wriiten version of the story written by UnicornGia on Wattpad if you wanted to read it. It is written word for word.