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June 18, 2014


September 6, 2014

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Minecraft Comes Alive! w/ Aphmau

Minecraft Diaries Season 1

If you would like to read about the prequel mini-series, Minecraft Comes Alive! w/ Aphmau, click here.

Minecraft Diaries Origins (Formerly Minecraft Diaries, Minecraft Diaries Season 1, and Minecraft Diaries Season 0) was a modded Minecraft survival series created by Jess. It had a mere 33 Episodes, so it was a fairly short series. Aphmau had gone on many adventures, exploring many different mods like Mo' Creatures, Spider Queen Mod, Minecraft Comes Alive... etc.

Note: The Diary Entries are from Episode 1: "New World" and episode descriptions.

Diary Entries / Episodes[]

Day 1: "Royalty Reborn!"[]

This episode we start off our first entry with the Spider Queen mod, surviving as the Spider Queen and Building one awesome spider army!

Day 2: "Villagers and Spiders Unite!"[]

Aphmau revisits a place from her past! Her husband takes her back despite her new form and her children missed her more than ever! However Aphmau has a dark secret she cannot tell her family... she is a Spider Queen.

Day 3: "Raising an Army!"[]

Now that Aphmau has settled into the village, she leads a temporary double. Taking care of her human children and spider children proves to be quite the task!


Aphmau gets a Spider Army and kind of goes crazy and attacks everything in sight. Meanwhile she attempts to make sure her human family is perfectly safe.



My village, Aphrica!

Aphmau decides it's not over until she punches the Evil Spider Queen in the face! Aphmau assembles a small army of Spiders to seek her out and lift the curse of the Spider Queen...

Day 6: "Mo' Creatures, Mo' Problems"[]

Now that Aphmau has lifted the curse of the Spider Queen she's free to return to her family! The kids are a little down in the dumps lately so Aphmau takes them to purchase their very own kitten!

Day 7: "The Breeding Lo~oove Doctor"[]

Aphmau is well on her way to becoming the crazy cat lady. Aph decides to breed Doomageon, will she be able to come out of this without a single scratch?

Poor Kittyy

You've grown so big.. cat you are suffocating me

Day 8: "Crazy Cat Lady"[]


Day 9: "Hey Dude!"[]

Aphmau has a big problem... she's hording animals with her love.

Day 10: "These Aren't the Horses You're Looking For"[]

Aphmau puts her Mo' Creatures edjumacasion (education) to use and starts to breed some actual Mo' Creatures HORSES! Yaaaaaay PROGRESS!

Day 11: "The Great Pumpkin Shortage!"[]

The Love Doctor is in! Aphmau continues to work on getting her tier 4 Mo' Creatures horse, so she can get a zebrta, so she can get a zorse, so she can get some essence, so she can, so she can get a bat horse, so she can...

Day 12: "Doctor Love Strikes Again!"[]

IM NOT A MATH WIZARD, DONT JUDGE ME! Aphmau becomes a king love doctor math wizard and attempts to breed her villagers ERR, she attempts to hook her villagers with a hot date.

RIP Aceton


Day 13: "NO! ACETON! NO!"[]


Day 14: "Shepard Gets Married"[]

Shepard gets married! I could not be any more prouder!

Day 15: "MeeMa Aphmau?"[]

Aphmau goes insane in the membrane and puts the pressure even more on Shepard to have babies. In the meantime Shepard and his wife continue to crash at Aphmau's house INSTEAD OF MOVING OUT AND GETTING A JOB! Ya bums.

Day 16: "Ostriches... Ostriches Everywhere"[]

ALL I WANTED WAS ONE OSTRICH! Just one, seriously. However, i do get a REALLY SWEET Ostrich! Meanwhile, Aphmau decides it's time for Katniss to settle down, who will Katniss be hooked up with?

Day 17: "Hero of Town!"[]

Aph wakes up one morning to find a fairy has come into her house to tell her she's destined for greatness! Or she wakes up and her uncle dies, whichever is better! Aph adds a new Mod to Diaries the Zelda Sword Skills mod! It's sure to be awesome!

Day 18: "The Master Sword"[]

The Great Smeku Tree told me to do some stuff and i dont know if i'll ever be the same again...

Day 19: "Making Amends! Protect Bolin!"[]

Aphmau seeks to atone for some things she felt off about; afterwards she attempts to help her love interest BOLIN (even though his name is Roy, his nickname is Bolin for obvious reasons) reach her home village.

Day 20: "Tusks and Marriage!"[]


My school is very intelligent very smrt

Aphmau returns with Bolin to her village! However she has a lot of things to do in terms of improving things around town. Love is still in the air as Bolin seems to love Aphmau for who she is.

Day 21: "Fires, Hearts, and Horsemobs!"[]

Aphmau moves into the next phase of getting new creatures but still has the Fairy Horse on her mind! Find out what she's up to today!

Day 22: "My Little Dragon!"[]

Aph travels to the Wyvern's Lair in order to get a Wyvern egg! Lo and behold it turns out to be harder than she anticipated, non-the-less she continues to seek the egg! She also gets her granddaughter a special gift!

Day 23: "Babies and Dragons!"[]

I HAVE A FREGGIN' DRAGON! Cue the How to Train Your Dragon music theme!

Day 24: "FAIRY HORSE! FINALLY In Minecraft!"[]

Fairy Horse


It's been a while since Aph announced her goal of getting a fairy horse and IT'S ABOUT FREAKING TIME WHOO!!! I FINALLY GET MY FAIRY HORSE! *Insert Mr.Crocker Spaz here* Seriously though, this is awesome!

Day 25: "More Fun With My Fairy Horse!"[]

Water. Earth. Fire. Air. Long ago, the four nations lived in harmony. Then, everything changed when some Youtuber decided to add in a mod pack.

Day 26: "Aphatar in Training!"[]

A hundred years passed and wonderful viewers and more discovered the new Avatar, an blockbender named Aphmau. And although her blockbending skills are great, she has a lot to learn before she's ready to save anyone.

Day 27: "The Twister Known as the Aphatar"[]

I've gotta get more scrolls to become a better Aphatar! 

Day 28: "Scroll Searching!"[]

The Aphatar must master all four elements, however she cannot master them without a master... scroll, that is! She's off to search the world for scrolls!

Day 29: "Helping the Neighbors!"[]

We haven't been giving much attention to our surroundings back at home. It's time we make a change!

Day 30: "Fixing Not Fixing"[]

We're helping the village! Just kidding we're not helping! Maybe we are, who knows!

Day 31: "House Building Challenge!"[]

It's time to build that house on the hill that I've been talking about! Since I've put it off for so long what better way to DO the actual building than to time myself while doing so... hopefully... I build something nice within the time limit

Day 32: "The Great Population Boom!"[]

All of the people in Aphrica get married and have kids! It's crazy!

Day 33: "Know Thy Peoples" (FINALE)[]

Since the whole Aphrica population boom of 2014; Aphmau needs to get to know her people and protect them! Not only that but she's added the thaumcraft mod into the whole mix! HAND SHAKES FOR EVERYONE!