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Minecraft Diaries Season 2
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October 2, 2015


June 5, 2016

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This is a page all about what happened or is happening in Season 2 of Minecraft Diaries, War of the Magi. 

After the 100th episode, the series temporarily went on hiatus, with Jess informing of a brand new collaboration series coming soon. Within the following months, Dreams of Estorra took place of Minecraft Diaries, which was replaced by Meteora Valley within several weeks. On November 6th, the series returned with Season 3.

This was the first season of Minecraft Diaries to air alongside the MyStreet series (Post Episode 17)

Prologue Edit

Garroth vs Zane
The Overview of Minecraft Diaries Season 1 can be found here but here is the basics of the Season Finale.

Peace has been restored between the two villages. Scaleswind has joined the Phoenix Alliance and has agreed to help the restoration of Phoenix Drop. Aphmau finds Laurence knocked out by Ungrth's Grave. He woke up, and told Aphmau that Garroth had knocked him out and stole the amulet. Aphmau, Laurance, Kenmur, KatelynEmmalyn and the Stranger go into the woods and find Garroth giving Zane the amulet. Zane had tricked him into thinking Aphmau and Laurence were together to get him to join the Jury of Nine. Before he could be stopped, Zane combined the two amulets, sending everyone to Irene's Dimension, where one minute, is one year in the Overworld. It is presumed that Zane's plan was to get Irene's Relic which would give him magicks. When he went to grab the relic, Aphmau ran into the room and the relic teleported so that it was in front of her in was absorbed by her. Zane began raging and ordered Garroth and Lillian to kill them. Lillian was killed by Katelyn. Garroth went for Laurence, but Laurence convinced him what he was doing was wrong. Right as this happens, Zane becomes corrupted, and is about to kill Aphmau when two things happen. A white portal is opened and a white haired elf walks through, and Garroth blocks Zane from killing Aphmau, confesses his love, and tells them to leave without him. They run through the portal and arrive in Phoenix Drop, fifteen years in the future.

Overall Lore Edit

Ruined Gates of Phoenix Drop

Ruined Gates of Phoenix Drop

Phoenix Drop slowly became decayed, and almost everyone left. No one else wanted to be Lord because Aphmau was a great one. The person that appeared at the portal was Zoey. Aphmau freaks out when she sees the village in ruins. While Katelyn, Emmalyn, Kenmur, Laurence, and the Stranger roam around the battle wounded town, Dante finds Aphmau and shows her to a small part of the town where everyone is residing. He leads her to the gates where Levin immediately recognizes her. Levin and Aphmau go in private to talk about what had happened. Levin explains he had become Lord, and Aphmau finds out that Phoenix Drop pretty much dropped (ha!) as soon as she and the others had gone missing. Aphmau finds out that Dante and Kawaii~Chan married, and had a kid named Nekoette~Tan. Aphmau then goes around town seeing everyone that stayed behind, including Donna, Logan, their kids, Kyle, Alexis, and Zoey. Aphmau finds out that Malachi's trade ship is in town, and he has returned home. She immediately goes down to see him. Aphmau tells Levin that she is not going to take back Lordship and he needs to take care of the town on his own. The next day a party is thrown for the group's return, however Nekoette is kidnapped (litter-ally), and Dante goes after her. Aphmau, seeing Dante leave, goes after him. When they get to the bandit's hideout, Dante is shot and Aphmau is saved by the Stranger. They all go back to the safe hold where it is believed that Dante cannot be healed. However, Aphmau magically heals him and passes out. Emmalyn believed that Aphmau inherited Lady Irene's power when she absorbed the relic. The next day, Aphmau, Laurence, and Katelyn decide the rebuild the original village wall without telling anyone. Katelyn goes to collect resources and comes back with Cadenza. Aphmau finds out the Phoenix Alliance broke up after she went missing, so she decides that she wants to rebuild it. That night, Aphmau takes Laurence to see if she can open the portal to retrieve Garroth. She tries, but fails. The next day, she gets a long speech from Emmalyn and Zoey saying that she put herself in danger and shouldn't do something like that. Later, Aphmau, Emmalyn, Kenmur, Cadenza, and Laurence head out for the New Meteli . On their way, they run into the Chicken Shaman in the Old Meteli . They find out he had claimed the land as his own and started living there with "his people" (A.K.A. chickens). He decides to join the Phoenix Alliance. On their way, they also run into Brendan( which is know as the horse shaman by the chicken shaman ) , who now has a wife named Issa with a kid on its way. They find out Brendan was living away from Phoenix Drop and under the name of "The Horse Shaman" to deter bandits and he breeds horses.The group borrows a few horses and continues to New Meteli. 

New Meteli

New Meteli

When they get there, Cadenza gives all the girls a place to stay and tells them to get some rest. That night, however, Aphmau goes off to what is possibly another realm. She stumbles upon a tree, and Garroth comes out from behind it. Garroth then kisses Aphmau and shortly after, they are transported back. Aphmau comes back to find out Cadenza has the whole town looking for her because she was gone when they woke up. Aphmau tells everyone what happened and they get nervous that it might happen again. Aphmau then decides to go meet the towns folk. On her way around she meets Vincent and Cloud , 2 of the village guards. Later in the day, Cadenza calls a meeting to discus joining the Phoenix Alliance. Gale and Ulrich immediately say yes, while Zack and Vincent decide to take their time. The next day, Meteli is attacked by Shadow Souls and Aphmau finds out that Vincent is a Shadow Knight . After Vincent and Laurence get in a heated argument, Vincent tells Aphmau Meteli probably wasn't the only village attacked, causing Aphmau to take off back to Phoenix Drop. When she arrives, she finds out the village was attacked, but everyone is okay and the new walls held the Shadow Souls off. Aphmau and Alexis talk, Alexis revealing that she has a crush on someone in the village. She also finds out that Aaron (Stranger) came back to the village to make sure that everyone was okay. Aphmau later decides to go try to find Dante, Levin, and Malachi who went out trying to destroy more of the Shadow Soul portals, but instead finds a puppy and mother dog being attacked by a Shadow Soul. She takes the puppy home and names her Celeste . The next day, Aphmau goes to give the mother dog a proper grave, but runs into Sasha . Sasha tells Aphmau to take her back to Phoenix Drop. Once they are back, Aphmau jails her and asks what she is doing. She then finds out that something horrible

Sasha in cell

Sasha in her cell

happened in the nether, Zenix was killing all of the Shadow Knights to possibly revive the Shadow King himself. The next day, Aphmau decides it would be best to have a barrier surrounding the cell, so she asks Zoey. Zoey says she can make a barrier, but she needs special flowers. Aphmau finds the flowers around Aaron's hideout. She then convinces him to reveal who he really is and show his face. She also gets the flowers and returns home where Zoey performs the spell. The next night, Aphmau is transported to the other dimension with Garroth again. They talk about whats been going on and Garroth seems to be getting more comfortable around Aphmau. Once back in the real world, Aphmau talks to Sasha again about what is going on in the nether. She finds out that there were multiple Divine Warriors and Lady Irene was a part of them. Sasha also tells her about the War of the Magi , where the Divine Warriors fought against the Shadow Lord and won. Aphmau and Laurence decide to start an expedition to Scaleswind to find more information on the War of the Magi. The next day, Aphmau asks around for people to join, Emmalyn decides to stay behind with Kenmur who is in shock after seeing Sasha, his former fiancee, alive. The trip begins with Katelyn,

Crazy Cat Lady Island S2

Crazy Cat Lady's old island. Now home to Michi.

Laurence, and Aphmau. On their way, they stumble across the Crazy Cat Lady 's old island. They find Michi on the island and she seems nice at first, but takes the group and turns them into Meif'wa s or cat people and gives Katelyn and Aphmau to the Southeastern wolf tribe for one of them to marry the prince, and they choose Aphmau. She is then sent off to marry Prince Fenrir, however, he is also opposed to getting married. Aphmau then finds out that Michi brought Laurance to the wolf tribe to be executed for being Aphmau's lover. She and Fenrir both want to get themselves and Laurance out of this mess so Fenrir sends Aphmau to see Abby, who is being kept in the dungeon to make sure Fenrir goes through with marriage. Abby happens to have connections with Nicole, who is now the Lord of Scaleswind. After that, Aphmau goes to the barkeep into town to deliver the message. The wedding is that day and Nicole hasn't come yet. The wedding has started and they have nothing to do but get married. Laurence is in the front line but is so sad, angry and upset. He transformed into his Shadow Knight form after about to be beheaded and kills the guards and the king. When he is about to kill Fenrir, Aphmau gets in the way and tries to convince Laurance to calm down, but he doesn't so Aphmau kisses him. Then Laurance says sorry to Aphmau. Afterwards, the group

The Wedding

The wedding arch

escapes with Katelyn, Abby, Aphmau, and Laurence. After Aphmau tells Abby about what happened, Abby runs off not wanted to be affiliated with them. After finding out Abby was Jeffory the Golden Hearts daughter, Katelyn runs after her while Laurance runs down to a lake. Aphmau follows him and they talk about romance and how they shouldn't do anything until Garroth is out of Irene's Dimension. They meet Nicole in the woods and are taken to Scaleswind. Nicole is now the Lord of the city-state and she has a kid named Dmitri. Katelyn and Aphmau find and go through Nicole's old diary and finds out that she was with Dante for a long time. Aaron shows up at the gates as well as some starved travelers. Aphmau magically brings a dead traveler's son back to life. Aphmau goes to meet the leader of the group, Mikai who is Michi's brother. He asks if they can join the Phoenix Alliance and Aphmau accepts them. Afterwords, Nicole is called down to the gate because of Shadow Souls. The rest of the group

Laurence getting consumed by SS

Laurance losing control because of the Shadow Souls

is there and Laurence wants to take them on himself, but Aphmau doesn't let him. Once they are out of the gates, a Shadow Soul takes Laurence's body and Aaron knocks him out. Aphmau and Aaron then take Laurence back to Aphmau's room in Nicole's house. After Aaron leaves, Laurance comes to and explains how Shadow Knights can become corrupt, mindless people if they lose control in their Shadow Knight forms. He then kisses Aphmau and promises her that he would never hurt anyone, especially her. Aphmau then goes downstairs and meets with Kiki and Leona. Leona turns out to be a werewolf, so she is not Zane's daughter like last expected. Kiki then shows Aphmau the puppies of her old dogs (Thorgi, Puma, Jiggy, and Phoenix) and shows her that Thorgi is still alive. Thorgi passes away in Aphmau's hands. Kiki gives Thorgina, Thorgi's oldest puppy, to Aphmau. Aphmau and the group then go back to Phoenix Drop, finding out that Dmitri tagged along. Kawaii~Chan seems to think Dmitri is Dante and Nicole's son. Being a Meif'wa is hurting Katelyn's pride meanwhile Kenmur is still crossed about Sasha being in town. Aphmau ends up in the dream realm again and tells Garroth what is going on with Laurance, as well as admitting her feeling towards him. Once she wakes up, she finds out Levin wants to talk to her. Aphmau finds out that Levin want be her "equal" and call her by her real name, not mom, in order to make it clear Phoenix Drop isn't getting any special attention. Aphmau then reveals her plans to make a different city an live there. Nicole shows up on a boat in the middle of their conversation. Aphmau goes to get Dmitri, but Dante comes along. It is then found out that Dmitri is Dante's son he never knew about. Later, Dante, Nicole, and Kawaii~Chan talk about it and decide it was all an

Ishmel Village


accident and to move past it. Meanwhile Aphmau, Laurence, Katelyn, and others are planning a trip to find a new place to start a new city for the Phoenix Alliance. A storm blows them off course and they end up with Asmund in his village. In order to go home, they must talk to the Demon Warlock. They divised a plan to lure out the demon warlock since he only aims for people who are alone. So Laurence, Aaron and Aphmau soon procceds the plan with Thorgina and Celeste. Leaving Katelyn in charge of the kids. They went their separate ways. Aphmau and Thorgina were camping out when she noticed that Thorgina was staring and growling at the bush. She investigated the bush to be ambushed by a stranger. He stated that Aphmau was a imp for the warlock. Aphmau quickly explained that she wasn't and vaguely described her background. The stranger told Aphmau that the only to get out of this island without the disturbance of the cursed sea is to kiss him. With the thoughts of Nekoette and Dmitri, Aphmau accepted his offer. Laurance just then stepped in to stop it. The stranger, Travis, told Laurence that what he told was true and suggested them to follow him since they are in danger. They followed him to his house. Travis told Aphmau of his past and soon suggest for them to explore the ruins of Enki the Keeper since he noticed that Ahpmau has some sort of connection to Irene. She hesitated but agreed to his suggestion. They arrived at the location of the ruins. Aphmau placed her hand on the ruin door and it opened. At the end of the ruin was a book that was creating strange noises. Aphmau went closer and understood the "sounds" the book was emmiting, like they were words. It was a message for Irene and how Enki loved her. At the end of the message, Travis and Aphmau soon headed back. As they were heading back, Travis noticed smoke and went to investigate. Soon Aphmau realizes that it was coming form the direction of the ship. Worried for Katelyn and the kids, he rushes over. There she found a paralyzed Katelyn who told Aphmau what has happened. An imp disguised as Aaron took over the ship as well as the children with other ship. However, they said in order to take them back, Aphmau need to go to the forest and find the pillar. Without any weapons or companies. Worried about the children Aphmau asked Travis the direction but he refused. Soon after Laurance and Aaron followed. She asked Laurence his thoughts on this and he replied by saying that she should go before he changes his mind. Aphmau walked over to Aaron to see if he is the genuine one. He revealed his face which was enough proof. Soon after Aaron ran off somewhere. Finally Aphmau asked Travis once more in which he gave in and told her the direction of the forest. She left Travis and Laurence to take care of Katelyn and soon headed of without any weapons. Aphmau wondered a while when she spotted Dmitri. She followed Dmitri when he suddenly halted. She was then teleported to witness the real Dmitri and Nekoette unconscious. There she encountered the Demon Warlock. He mocked her for her foolishness but she didn't care for her priority was the children. As she was going to exchange her powers for the children, Aphmau all of the sudden had a sword and angel wings. In that form, she swiftly took out the Demon Warlocks physical body but his essence was still there. Aphmau was confused on what happened and the Demon Warlock's essence spoke to her on what she did. As to commemorate their first meeting, for surely this will not be the last, the warlock will release the children and let them out of his dimension. Aphmau wasn't teleported out of the dimension yet. The warlock insisted for her to change forms and do it herself since she has a connection to a divine warrior. As she was about to do it, she was teleported out along with the kids by Aaron. She explained to Aaron what happened and soon went to the village for safety. There she told Asmund, Laurence and Travis what happened. Aphmau then went outside to take a breather. Laurance appeared behind her and started to comfort her. Saying she isn't a monster. He also told her that if she wants to talk to him, she can. After that Aphmau went inside to see that Travis and Asmund were arguing. Travis then left the room. Asmund then told Aphmau what the argument was. She then asked if they could borrow a boat. But for reasons, Asmund said no. Aphmau then checked on Katelyn and the kids upstairs. When she looked out the balcony, she saw Travis. Since she wants to make sure he is okay, she went over there. Travis was talking to Aphmau what the conversation earlier with Asmund was and talked a little bit of his past. He then asked if they needed a boat and that he has one that could fit all of them. He then suddenly proposed to be a guard in Phoenix Drop. Aphmau accepted his proposal but that he will uphold peace and justice under the name of the alliance and that he will show compassion around him. Before he left to prepare for the sail, Aphmau asked if he knew his father. HE said yes and so does she. The next day, Laurence surprised Aphmau by watching her waking up at her bedside. Travis then arrived at her room since she screamed at the sight of Laurence at her bedside. Since Laurance stole what Travis planned to do, he decided to wake up Katelyn which was a bad idea. She and Laurence soon heard Travis screaming. Aphmau then checked on Katelyn and asked her what really happen that night for she knows that Katelyn couldn't have lost to those imps. Katelyn told Aphmau that one of the imps took the form of Jeffory which made it hard for her to kill. Katelyn was confused on how the imp took form of Jeffory and decided to show it to her. Aphmau then gave Katelyn some time alone and checked the kids. Dmitri didn't remember what happen that night and thinks that Katelyn defeated all the imps. She then went to Travis to see how are the preparations. He then told her that the demon warlock is his father. She was very surprised. Soon after Travis asked where they want to go and she said that since she need to return the kids, they need to go to Phoenix Drop. They were heading off to Phoenix Drop. Travis has a book that his father left to help them navigate through the seas. Laurence then started to wonder what if they hadn't gone through the portal. Aphmau said that she doesn't know but at least they were part of rebuilding Phoenix Drop. He then asked her how Nekoette and Dmitri are going to react that they are siblings. Aphmau doesn't know since she doesn't have siblings or so she thought. She can't recall any of her memories. She then asked Laurence how it felt to be Cadenza's adoptive brother. He said that she was a pain in the butt. However she changed into a wonderful person. Aphmau was positive that Kawaii~chan, Nicole and Dante have gone overboard looking for the ships. When Aphmau was done talking to Laurence, Katelyn asked her to keep the incident a secret. Travis then told her that he was excited to meet all the hot babes in Phoenix Drop. And when he would finally settle with one, She would have the traits of his mother. Since the topic came up, Aphmau asked Travis how his mom and the Warlock met. He replied that he didn't know but all he knows is that his mom took care of him by herself and protected the village. She then asked Nekoette what if Dmitri was her brother. She said that it would be awesome and vice versa to Dmitri. He was bothering Aaron on how to become stronger. They finally arrived at Phoenix Drop. There at the docks was Dante who came up to the kids and hugged them. He then ordered them to go to his house. Soon after, Aphmau followed to explain what happen. Aphmau then pushed Dante to tell them the truth. She asked Dante where is Malachi and Levin. He said that they went to Bright Port for trade purposes along with Zoey. Dante tol the kids to come down and from there he told them the truth. Nekoette was happy to have a brother like Dmitri but Dmitri himself was upset. Soon he dashed out of the door. Dante wanted to go after him but Aphmau insisted for her to go instead. As Aphmau went outside, she was startled by Travis who wanted to know where the babes are. Travis told her the direction Dmitri went to and they started to look for him. They found him at Kiki's old barn. Travis approached him and started to comfort Dmitri in his own way. After that was done, they went ahead to give Dmitri some time alone. When Dmitri headed back to the village, he saw Dante at the entrance. He then ran up to him and they hugged each other. The next day, Aphmau woke up having a hard time sleeping. She was bothered at what Laurence said to her. She doesn't recall any of her memories before she met Vylad at the forest who led her to Phoenix Drop. Dante then came in to talk to her that he and Dmitri made up, sort-of. He told what happen between them and accidentally told her about the family situation. Dante came up to her saying that he is worried about Levin, Malachi and Zoey. Aphmau hasn't still been enlighten with this information so she asked Dante. He wasn't suppose to tell her but Levin thought of making a tri-village alliance with Bright Port and Meteli. Since Dante is busy leading the village while they are away and taking car of the kids, he asked Aphmau to check for them. Aphmau said yes but under the condition that he will not tell anyone else. She thinks that this is just a trivial matter that no one else needs to know. She also needs to ask Bright Port if they could join the Phoenix Alliance. She checked on everyone and all of them are busy so Aphmau headed to Bright Port via boat quickly. At the docks was John who was Vischer son. He was the current Lord of Bright Port. Aphmau asked if Levin had stopped by in which he did. He then said to Aphmau that he could send some of his guards to check the shore to see any signs of them. She then went to the wolf tribe to see that it was in ruins. She then headed in the cave which held to nether portal. The portal was active. Sensing that this was a bad situation, she tried to close the portal using her powers. It worked. As she was heading back to Bright Port to continue her search, she noticed a man. Being cautious, she went closer to him. It was Vlyad. He then told her that he was the one who left Levin at her doorsteps.She remembered that he was the one who helped Matilda escape. Aphmau then gave Vlyad a brief explanation what happened to Phoenix Drop. He asked about Garroth and since Aphmau is still cautious of him, she told him that he was gone. She lied and said that he was dead. Vlyad was having a meltdown and Aphmau asked if he knew him. Vlyad told her that he was his brother. Vlyad was the half-brother of Garroth and Zane. Upon hearing this, she told him the truth. Vlyad then told her some of his past. Garroth treated him like a real brother but Zane rejected him. He was then reborn as a shadow knight. Aphmau told him that she broke the portal. Vlyad said that the portal couldn't be broken that easily and then dashed to where the portal was. Aphmau quickly followed to see that the portal was active and it had expanded. Vlyad told her that there are consequences on messing with the nether portal. He then explained that shadow knights won't come out yet since the fabric of society in the nether has changed. Since Zenix has entered the nether and absorbing other shadow knight, they released the prisoners to fight but Vlyad took this oppurtunity to escape and since has been looking after the portal in case something comes out. However with Garroth stuck in the Irene DImension with Zane, Vylad decided to come with Aphmau. She answered with fine but before that, Aphmau must tell John about this. Just as Aphmau was wondering around calling out John when suddenly he appeared right before her. She told him about the portal but after Aphmau was finish talking, John told her that they found Levin's ship crashed at the shoreline. Aphmau and John hurried to the shore. Aphmau was very tired when she was running. She thought that this must be the result of doing something that she wasn't suppose to do. They arrived at the shore and it was positive that it was Levin's boat. One of the guards then handed her Malachi's scarf since they found it at the sand that was sticking out. She inspected the ship further to see that one of the barrels had evidence of strands of light purple hair. The only person that Aphmau knows is Michi.  Aphmau returns to Phoenix Drop and searches for information on where Michi could've went and how to get her sons back. The search led her, Laurance, Katelyn, Aaron and Vylad to Nahakra Village, where Aphmau had a run in with a pickpocket named Amber, who stole Levin's music box from her. Aphmau befriended Amber and found the thieves' guild, where Dante told her that Michi would most likely take them to sell them off as slaves. Amber lied to smuggle Aphmau into the guild, promising to return the music box to her afterwards. In order to get the information, the boss of the thieves' guild demanded Aphmau to prove that she is loyal to the guild, since Amber said Aphmau is a fellow thief that is interested in joining. Aphmau and Amber was assigned three trials in order to join. The first one was to steal something of value from Nahakra Village. Aphmau, instead went to find Laurance, who kindly helped out by letting Aphmau "rob" him. The second Trial however was to steal a certain something from a certain someone in O'Khasis. As Aphmau is in deep thought, Kalzul approaches her and asks her how Amber did in the first trial. She admits guiltily that she had helped in Amber's escape. Kalzul then tells Aphmau how Amber was not cut out to be a thief in the first place, as she is "as sweet as a button" and "can't kill anyone". Kalzul then reveals that Amber was a good friend of his, and had joined the Guild without Amber knowing before one day the Boss was followed by Amber. Since then she had been taking the trial over and over again. Then he cautiously asks her "to keep an eye on her". He wishes her good luck and takes his leave. Aphmau then begins thinking out loud, wondering why she should carry on. Until she has a flashback of her hugging Malachi and Levin before the war between O'Khasis and Scaleswind.

Aphmau Malachi And Levin

She then gives herself a pep talk, encouraging herself to not back out after her hard work. The Boss then pops out of no where, telling her (or stating) that she "shouldn't speak outloud like that" and that people would think she was crazy. Aphmau fires back, as The Boss nods to it. She gives her an assignment (Spelt 'Affmoo' as the Boss lady calls her). Confused, Aphmau asks that if they were suppose to gather in a small group and talk about it. The Boss Lady explains that not all of the trials were the same, and that each person had a different assignment, and that it was an individual task, instead of stealing someone else's item. The second Trial was a more focused job, as the first one was to "Weed out the weak ones", an ameatur job. The Boss lady gives her twenty four hours to complete the task, quoting "I don't care how you get it done." Aphmau then confronts the Boss, and realizes she's letting Amber go, even if Aphmau saved her. She stole successfully, but got cocky. Aphmau takes a look at her target. Ivern Everir, Aphmau needs to take his precious crystal called the Aragonite. If she is captured or finished, she must destroy the book.

Aphmau comes outside to see Amber preparing to take off. Amber thanks Aphmau for saving her, and that she was really happy to pass. Aphmau tries to tell Amber that she was not cut out to be a thief, but couldn't say it in words and instead wished her good luck. Amber took her leave. Aphmau heads to the gates leading to O'Khasis, suprised to see guards. She asked one of the guards if this was the way to O'Khasis, and he tells her to take the path and she'll end up there. The guard then offered to escort her, Aphmau denies his help. He then curses under his breath "I bet she's ugly under that mask.." Aphmau lets herself wonder in her thoughts, until she accidentally stumbles upon an abandoned village, which were in ruins. She wonders around, finding Aaron and suddenly she has a flashback. Aaron's son, (which we learn his name is Jacob), was given an amulet by Zane. Aaron takes it back, only at the cost of the lives at his village. His wife (Who is Lily from Phoenix Drop High), son and all his villagers die. He runs outside, only seeing everyone dead and Zane laughing. He then vows to get revenge on Zane ever since that day.

Story Arcs Edit

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Diary Entries Edit

Episode 1 “Welcome to Phoenix Drop Edit

Dear Diary,

I still can’t believe it… 15 years. 15 minutes was 15 years. Zoey was the person at the portal and, wow, she changed. She told me that no one wanted to be Lord and most people went off to Scaleswind. I'm still afraid Garroth will get hurt by Zane...I hope we can save him soon.

Aph's old house

My old house.

It’s still so hard to believe. Zoey said that some people did stay though, and that there’s a small settlement by the shoreline. The Stranger doesn’t seem too shaken up about it, but he respects the fact that I am, Laurance seems distraught over the fact that someone robbed Ungrth’s grave. I would be too, if I were him. Kenmur is helping Emmalyn collect what’s left of her research, I’m glad she has someone. Katelyn told me that I shouldn’t worry so much about everyone else right now and help myself, she was right. I went up to the Irene statue and Dante found me there. He came to the exact same spot I told him to stay and waited. Every single day. Except today, the day we came back. He led me past my old house and to the settlement. My old house was still intact and he told me someone was taking care of it, I’m curious to know who. As soon as we got to the settlement, Levin was waiting for us. But I am wondering how to get Garroth out of Irene's Dimension

Episode 2 “The New Lord Edit


The tree house we're staying in for the time being.

Dear Diary,

I can’t believe how much Levin has grown. The whole 15 years thing is still sinking in. Anyways, Levin told me he was the new Lord! I’m so proud of him. He told me that Zoey took them to live in the Yggdrasil forest for a few years, I bet it was beautiful. When they came back, people were leaving the town and when Levin came of age, he stepped up as Lord. He told me that Malachi’s been helping him out a lot too, but he is currently on his way back from a trade with Alexis and Kyle! Alexis and Kyle became village guards and they’re still here! I went to go see everyone else in the town and I found out that Kawaii~Chan and Dante had a kid! Her name is Nekoette. I ran into Zoey down at the docks. I mentioned Garroth and she revealed that she had given up her immortality for us… I can’t believe she gave up so much to get us back… After that, I ran into Donna! She and Logan had 3 kids and Yip has a human form now. It’s so amazing to see everyone after so many years. I made my way up the tree to where everyone from the portal is staying. Laurance said he was still getting use to everything, but this little settlement already feels like home to me.

Episode 3 “Home Sweet Home Edit

Dear Diary,


My house

Malachi’s trade ship docked this morning, it was amazing to see him after 15 years. He’s grown so much. He also brought up the idea of me taking Lord back, there’s no way I’m doing that. Phoenix Drop is Levin’s town now. Alexis hardly remembers me, but she’s still sweet. She told me that Dale and Molly are still alive, but they left the town and she stayed to become a guard. I also got to see Logan, he’s still a jerk, but he’s still a softy underneath his rough skin. I ran into Laurance on the way to see Kyle, he told me that even though I’m not Lord anymore, he’s still my guard for life. He’s a sweet guy, ya know. Anyways, Kyle remembers me! And he called me Apple, haha! I met Levin and Malachi up at my old house, I found out that they were the ones taking care of my house. He said that it was their way of keeping me alive in this world.

Episode 4 “Dance of Swords Edit


The party!

Dear Diary,

They threw a party! Everyone was there and dancing and having a good time. Kawaii~Chan cooked so many amazing cakes! Logan was acting all hurt so he didn’t have to dance with Donna haha! Classic! Kenmur and Kyle had a little “dance” off, even though all they did was lay on the floor and do nothing, ha! All the fun stopped there though, Nekoette was kidnapped and Dante went after her. Me seeing him run away, I went after him. We came across the bandit’s camp and Dante immediately took one of them out, but he was shot. Then, the Stranger, he came out of nowhere and saved Dante from getting killed. I took out the archer and the others ran so we carried Dante back to the tree with Nekoette. They said Dante couldn’t be healed, not even with magicks… then something happened. I went over to comfort him and there was white light. All of a sudden Dante was healed. I was so overwhelmed that I passed out.

Episode 5 “The Relic Edit

Dear Diary,

Irene's Relic

Irene's Relic

I woke up the next day with Zoey trying to heal me. She said everyone was worried. Zoey sent everyone up to see me and word got around about the relic I absorbed in the Irene Dimension. Emmalyn came up with this theory that I’m directly related to Irene and we need more research on the topic. She then said that absorbing the relic opened up some sort of power within me or something. She seems to think of me as Irene now, I mean she’s starting to call me Lady Irene. Laurance is still Laurance, he made a joke about always knowing I’m a goddess. While it can be annoying, I’m glad he’s still him. I brought up the idea of rebuilding the original wall to keep bandits from coming in, I want to keep this from Levin though, I don’t really want him to stop us because of his pride. I got lots of thank yous from Kawaii~Chan, Nekoette, and Dante. Nekoette wants to do something nice for the Stranger, I’m glad, he deserves it. Me and Laurance get everyone from the past together to rebuild the wall, we sent Katelyn out to get better supplies then just stone. For now, we’re just going to build with what we have.

Episode 6 “The Girl from Another Village Edit

Dear Diary,

Kenmur, Emmalyn, and I seem to have read every single book left in Phoenix Drop and we haven’t found much. We might need to go somewhere else to get any information. Anyways, I feel so bad for Levin. He was really beating himself up after almost losing Dante the other day, so much the Malachi told me to talk to him. I told him about how he needs to be motivated and to keep moving forward, also about allowing others to care for him like he does them and about making hard decisions. I hope he gets everything I told him and he stops beating himself up about one thing, it’ll be better for him and Phoenix Drop. After that, he told that the Phoenix Alliance disbanded. I understand it would be difficult after I left, but I’m still disappointed. When we were done I showed him the now wall, he seemed happy and it proved a lesson on putting aside his pride. You’re never going to guess who Katelyn brought back, it was Cadenza! She was so happy to see me as I was her. I took her to the tree and we talked, when Laurance came up she told us Hayden passed away in his sleep, which is really sad, but Cadenza took up lord! And after Old Meteli burnt down, they settled more inland. And, of course, Laurance being Laurance had to make a joke about Cadenza looking like a trash can, it was uncalled for but pretty funny. Cadenza also sadly told me that Cookie passed away, but she had puppies! Cadenza kept one of them and named him crumb. At the end of the day, I told Dante I want to get the Phoenix Alliance back together.

Episode 7 “Her Power Edit

Dear Diary,

Today I announced that I’m getting the Phoenix Alliance back together, of course Levin joined right away, but Cadenza said that she would have to check in with her guards first. I told her that I’m going back to Meteli with her, and she said that she would love me to. Cadenza wants to stop at old Meteli before we get on our way, I’m curious to see how it looks now. Later, I really wanted to try out my powers and see if I could open the realm barrier and save Garroth. I took Laurance with me to the portal and tried a few things, which didn’t turn out so well. I thought I almost did it, but then I passed out. After waking up in the tree house, I got a stern lecture from both Emmalyn and Zoey. They told me that I was marked by emptiness and I got lucky that they could save me this time, I don’t think I’ll be trying to open the realm barrier any time soon. I need to be able to find out how to open this portal...Im worried about Garroth. In the morning, Levin gave us some supplies and Katelyn, Emmalyn, Kenmur, Laurance, Cadenza, and I all set out for Old Meteli.

Episode 8 “A Shaman's WarEdit

Chicken Shaman and his people

Chicken Shaman and his... "People" in Old Meteli

Dear Diary,

We made it to Old Meteli… where we were quickly greeted by none other than the Chicken Shaman. After 15 years, he’s crazier than ever and seems to have taken Old Meteli as a place where he and “His People” or as I like to call them, chickens, to live. Obviously Laurance just had to bring up the Phoenix Alliance which he quickly joined. I’m sure it’ll look great to other towns looking to join the Alliance if he’s on our list. Great. Anyways, he told us about a horse Shaman somewhere around the place. In need of horses, we looked around to see if we could find him. We found him alright, and he was Brendan! We found out Brendan had moved away from Phoenix Drop to keep away from bandits, mostly because he had a wife named Issa with a kid on its way! Issa is really nice and I’m so happy for him; I hope he visits often and not, then moves back in.

Episode 9 “Dream or Reality?... Edit

New Meteli

New Meteli

Dear Diary,

Today was weird. We made it to New Meteli, which was so beautiful. Cadenza told me that my outfit was out of date and smelly, so she gave me some PJs and took my outfit to wash it. But, when we went to bed… something strange happened. I was teleported to another dimension or something and… well… Garroth was there. He kissed me. Then he went on to tell me that he felt bad doing something like that behind Laurance’s back and something about us kissing in the woods, I tried to explain nothing like that ever happened, but he cut me off and then we were sent back. When I woke up Emmalyn told me the whole town was looking for me… I disappeared last night. Emmalyn thinks I was actually sent to another dimension with Garroth, I have no clue what’s going on, but it’s weird and I need some rest.

Episode 10 “The People of Meteli Edit

Dear Diary,

I woke up to Laurance running up the stairs, worried about me. I told him about the dream and he said that the Garroth I saw didn’t sound like the Garroth he knew. I got into new clothes that Cadenza bought me. It was a cute flowy dress and I like it! The girls are setting up a system of watching over me while I sleep, it sounds creepy, but it’s for the greater good. I decided to walk around town where I met some interesting personalities. One of the head guards, Vincent, tried hitting on me before he knew who I was, haha! I met a nice girl named Yuffie who seemed to be into horses and another farmer girl named Aerith who I helped with a rat problem. I also met another guard named Cloud. He seemed nice, but shy. I met up with Emmalyn and Kenmur in the library for them to inform me that they have not found anything. I was then pulled into the village meeting by Cadenza about joining the Phoenix Alliance. Urich and Gale where there, they said yes right away. As for Vincent and the head guard named Zack, they both might take some time making their decisions.


Zack the head guard of New Meteli

Episode 11 "In the Shadows"Edit

Dear Diary,

In the beginning of the day, my worst worry was about whether Meteli would join the Phoenix Alliance or not, but as soon as I stepped outside I saw these things called Shadow Souls attacking the village and those worries immediately changed as Cadenza got kidnapped by them. Vincent, Cloud, and I went out into the woods to try and find the source of these things and Cadenza. Vincent went off on his own and I got stuck with Cloud. We roamed around until we saw Cadenza lying on a Shadow Knight alter. I told Cloud to go in after her while I distract the Shadow Souls. We got Cadenza, but I was stuck in a predicament. Those things are strong, they knocked my sword out of my hands. Vincent then came in to the rescue, but he was glowing red, revealing that he was a Shadow Knight… Luckily, he’s on our side, but he and Laurance got into a little clash. Vincent then told me that Meteli wasn’t the only village attacked, so I left everyone to go check on Phoenix Drop. I hope everyone is okay.

Episode 12 “Puppy Love Edit

The Puppy

The puppy

Dear Diary,

I finally made it back to Phoenix Drop, luckily everyone was okay. Because of the walls we put up before we left, the guards were able to hold the Shadow Souls back. Luckily, Dante, Levin, and Malachi destroyed the source of those things. I explained what the Shadow Souls are to Dante and he went on to tell me to stay with Laurance and that I was, and still am, like a sister to him. I went inside Levin’s house to talk to Malachi, I explained what the souls were to him to. I wanted to talk to Levin, so I went upstairs. He was having trouble sleeping so I turned on the old music box I got from his mother when he was younger and ended up falling asleep on the floor. When I woke up, I went down stairs to get some breakfast from Alexis. It was a little burnt, but appreciated. She also told me that she has a crush on someone in town! I don’t know who yet, but it’s so cute! I wish she would talk about it more with me. It turns out that the Stranger made his way back to town to make sure the kids were okay. I found out that Dante, Levin, and Malachi went out to find more portals from the Shadow Souls and I wanted to go check on them. However, before I got to them I saw a puppy getting attacked. I went to save her and I managed to kill the Shadow Soul, but the mother dog was dead. I decided to take the puppy back home.

Episode 13 “A Shadow of the Past Edit

Sasha in cell

Sasha in her cell

Dear Diary,

I named the puppy Celeste since her mother’s name was Luna. It might be a little morbid, but I like the name. Later, I went out into the forest to give Luna a proper burial, but I ran into Sasha! She was acting very strange. Instead of attacking she asked me to take her back to Phoenix Drop, so I did. We put her in the jail. I asked her why she was here and she told me that Zenix had betrayed everyone, started killing all the Shadow Knights. She suspects he want to bring back the Shadow Lord himself. She wants help stopping him. Also, Kenmur walked in on us. Sasha being his former fiancée, he went into kind of a shock and started denying her existence. Sasha seem affected by his presence too. I told Laurance what Sasha told me and we took Kenmur back to the safe hold.

Episode 14“Trust Earned Edit



Dear Diary,

Kenmur is still in shock after seeing Sasha, honestly we can’t blame him. Laurance told me some background on Zenix, stating that he’s been killing Shadow Knights for a while now, but not every single one of them. We decided to keep Sasha, she might be a valuable source of information and possible help. After that Laurance… hugged me. I left the safe hold, thinking about romance. I haven’t really gotten the chance to think about anything romantic, and the only time I actually started think about was when Garroth… kissed me. I didn’t have long to think because Alexis was behind me and heard most of the conversation I was having with myself. She told me about this crazy love square with her, Kyle, and Levin and about how she got feeling for Malachi too, but she started talking to Yip about it and he made her realize the one person she truly liked. I still don’t know who it is though. Later, I decided it was a good idea to ask Zoey about putting up a barrier around Sasha. She told me she needed a special flower and sent me out to find some lilies and turn them into the flower. I set out with Celeste and we found some right near the Stranger’s base. I had to wait until night to get the flower so he and I started talking. He told me more about his past and revealed his name to me… Aaron. He also took off his hood and mask for the first time. Admittedly, He’s kind of hot, but before I could talk to him more I got the flower and went back to Phoenix Drop.

Episode 15 “Sasha's Rage Edit

Dear Diary,

Last night I was transported back to the dream realm with you. I told you about everything that happened. you told me you went back to where Zane was and then immediately transported back. you told me you really wished he got to know me more… create memories. I told him that we shouldn’t talk about the past. you asked me if Aaron was hot. Ha! Before I knew it we were transported back. Zoey put the spell around Sasha. There’s no way she’s getting out now. I told Laurance, well he noticed I was gone so I kind of had to, about going to the dream realm. We then went to speak with Sasha, who told us about Divine Warriors and Wars and more about the Nether. The Divine Warriors was a group that Irene was a part of, different warriors are celebrated in different parts of the world. During the War of the Magi, this group brought down the Shadow Lord and banished him to the Nether, at least to put it simply. Sasha went crazy talking about Zenix and I had to knock her out. Laurance and I are deciding to put together an expedition to Scaleswind to find out more.

Episode 16 “Travel Begins Edit

Crazy Cat Lady Island S2

The Crazy Cat Lady's old island

Dear Diary,

Levin and Malachi are giving us supplies and one of their boats for the trip. I told Laurance about Aaron and I told him he was handsome. Ha! The look on his face. I then went around town seeing who would go with us on the trip and saying goodbye to everyone. It looks like it’s just Laurance, Katelyn, Celeste, and I. Logan gave me a ton of supplies for the trip. Aaron wants to stay back to make sure Phoenix Drop gets back on its feet, he seems like he’s getting attached to the town. Yip gave me some sort of stone to show any werewolves that we’re on their side. Emmalyn wants to stay back with Kenmur because she… loves him. I guess I can’t blame her. Kawaii~Chan gave us SO MANY CAKES! I’m going to be fat when we get back. I went to talk to Dante. He and Laurance were talking about telling me something. Laurance left for the boat and I talked to Dante. It seemed like something was on his mind, but he didn’t tell me. Levin and Malachi met us at the docks to say goodbye as we all departed. I saw the Crazy Cat Lady’s old island and just couldn’t resist stopping there. It seems like someone else lives there now though…

Episode 17 “The Cat's Meow Edit

Dear Diary,

Michi's Appearance

Michi's Appearance

Someone else does live on the old Crazy Cat Lady’s island. Her name is Michi and it turns out she’s the Crazy Cat Lady’s adopted daughter. She is a Meif’wa or a cat person, but she likes dogs. Turns out she’s not related to Kawaii~Chan though. She fed us food and cookies and told us about a crazy story of her being rejected and the Crazy Cat Lady taking her in. Turns out that the Cat Lady’s name was Urla and she passed away two years ago. Michi~Chan’s sweets were horrible, but we ate them. She started hitting on Laurance, obviously he rejected her, but suddenly we all passed out. Katelyn and I woke up in a jail cell, somehow cursed to be Meif’wa and striped down to our underwear. A werewolf came in and “chose” me to get married to the prince of the South Eastern Wolf Tribe. I hope I can get out of this somehow.

Episode 18 “Prince of Werewolves Edit

King's Throne

The werewolf king's throne

Dear Diary,

Ylva, the wolf queen, told me I was being forced to marry because of some crazy prophecy the king got about a Meif’wa marrying a werewolf. She then told me if I didn’t behave, the king would kill Katelyn and if I didn’t forget about Laurance, him too. Turns out Michi was the first choice to marry, but she decided to make a deal and get more Meif’wa for the king. Ylva got me dressed to meet the king and took me to his throne. I tried to make a fool of myself, but he eventually said I was perfect for his son. I was then taken up to the prince’s room. His name is Fenrir and I’m so glad he doesn’t want to marry either. He told me his father became corrupt and is forcing him to do this. His crush, Abby, is being kept in the dungeon and they will kill her if he doesn’t go through with this. The wedding is the day after tomorrow, we need to think of a plan and quick. He let me sleep on his bed while he slept on the floor, acting as if he had fallen out of the bed if someone came to check on us.

Episode 19 “Her Eyes Edit

Wolf Tribe Bar

The bar in the wolf's kingdom

Dear Diary,

Michi brought in Laurance, who is also a Meif’wa now, for execution. Luckily, Fenrir bought us time, at least until the wedding. After that, Fenrir told me that Abby has connections. He got his mother to take me to the dungeon to speak with her, Ylva is on our side. Abby told me she can seek help of Nicole… who is the Lord of Scaleswind now. I also found out that this Abby… is Jeffory the Golden Heart’s daughter. She sent me to the tavern to tell the bar tender “The Wind Scales South East Wolves” to get help from Nicole. I hope all turns out well.

Episode 20 “The Vows We Take Edit

Dear Diary,
The Wedding


I talked to Garroth about this whole situation. This is just so stressful. When I woke up, Fenir was worried since every time I go to that dimension, my body disappears. Today was the wedding. Fenir was being really negative so I decided to lighten up the mood. But Mino caught us playing around .I still have hope for me and Fenir to get out of this situation. I arrived at the dressing room waiting for Ylva. When she came, she asked if we found someone to help. I don't know. How did Ylva dealt in this situation? I asked her and she answered. Ylva then asked if wanted something as a last request before the wedding. I wanted to read a book about Lady Irene. Ylva left to get the book and then the ladies-in-waiting dressed me up in my wedding gown. They complimented me and were envious since I was marrying a prince, but truth be told I wanted to switch places with them and not be married. Ylva arrived and handed me the only book about lady Irene. Ironically it was about her love life. If only this was a dream... As I finished the book, Mino came in to get me. He then announced that Laurance gets to see the wedding. It was finally time for the wedding. As we were are saying our vows, Laurance transformed to a Shadow Knight. He slaughtered almost everyone in the wedding, as well as the king. As he was going to get Fenir, I stepped in. This isn't the Laurance I know. Then I kissed him... and he turned back to the Laurance I know. I just don't know how to feel right now....

Episode 21 “By the Lake Edit

Nicole Punching Laurence

Dangit Nicole...

Dear Diary,

With the help of Ylva, we managed to escape. She told us that Fenrir was going to go mad because he still loved his father. Laurance and I went to the dungeon to get to the secret passage, and get Abby and Katelyn. Once we were out, I told Abby what happened and she ran off, saying she didn’t want to be a part of it. I told Katelyn she was Jeffory's daughter, and she went crazy and ran after Abby. While all of this was happening, Laurance went down to a lake nearby. I decided Katelyn could take care of herself, and went after Laurance. We talked about… what happened, and we got into the topic of romance. He told me that he couldn’t take me, at least not without Garroth having a chance and asked me to wait until we got Garroth back. He then told me not to worry about it because he didn’t want it changing me. We stopped mid conversation because of some rustling in the bushes. Laurance went to check it out and Nicole popped out, knocking Laurance out yelling at him to not try to seduce women. Shock on her face appeared when she found out it was us. Then, there was another noise that Nicole checked out, and she scared Katelyn who knocked Nicole out, haha! Anyways, we made it to Scaleswind. Turns out Nicole has a kid now! His name is Dmitri and he can kind of be a little brat, but he’s adorable! Nicole told me his father died before he was born. Sad to hear.

Episode 22 “Memories of the Past Edit

Scalewind's Library

Library in Scaleswind

Dear Diary,

I told Nicole everything. Turns out Kiki lives in Scaleswind now! She’s out at the moment, but she’s coming back soon. Nicole immediately decided to join the Phoenix Alliance, which is awesome. Laurence was dead asleep when I checked on him, so I went to Katelyn. We searched the library for books on Irene, or how to reverse this cat curse, or really anything useful. Katelyn started to get mad and broke bookshelves. Behind one, we found Nicole’s old diary. I told Katelyn to put it back, but she read it anyways. It turns out that Nicole stayed in Phoenix Drop for a while, with Dante. They were together before Nicole went to Scaleswind and when she came back, he was with Kawaii~Chan. We put the book back and Dimitri came and told us someone that we knew was at the gates. It was Aaron. Celeste went and got him. There was someone else at the gate too. Travelers, who were starving of famine. One woman's son was very recently dead, and I felt terrible. I leaned over him, and suddenly a bright light appeared from my hand. I brought him back to life! How did i do it?!? I hands were in the same position as when I healed Dante...and my hands were the same way when I brought the little boy back to life. This is all happening so fast...

Episode 23 “They Travel from Far Edit

Laurence getting consumed by SS

Shadow Soul looking into Laurance's eyes

Dear Diary,

I somehow brought that kid back to life. I don’t know why my power only works sometimes. Nicole thinks that this is bad, the people on the caravan might think it’s some kind of dark witchcraft. Nicole told me and Aaron to go back to her house and stay inside while she talked to them. I went to check on Laurence and right when I got his door, he pounced on me. I told him to stand up and found out Nicole was standing right behind us. She told me that the leader of the refugees wanted to talk to me. His name is Mikai and he’s Michi’s brother. He told us that the group came from the region of Tu’la and that it has been under the rule of a tyrannical king that sways people to believe that they are not oppressed, so they left. He asked to join the Phoenix Alliance, and I accepted them on the account they help us get this Meif’wa curse off of us. One of Nicole’s guards then came into the room telling us that a large group of monsters were at the gate. It was the Shadow Souls. Laurance wanted to take them on alone, but I went with him. As soon as we stepped out of the gates, he went full Shadow Knight. One of the Souls then looked straight at Laurance and… his eyes turned bright red… He lost control or something and looked like he was about to attack me, but Aaron knocked him out as soon as he turned around. I’m so scared right now, I hope Aaron didn't hurt him.

Episode 24 “Promises Made Edit


Kiki's Daughter Leona

Dear Diary,

Laurance is okay! I’m glad Aaron didn’t hurt him, just slashed at him. Aaron was shocked that it was enough to make him pass out, honestly I am to. Aaron left my room, we put Laurance there, and Laurance woke up. Aaron left a pretty bad bruise on him, so I healed him. We talked and he said he wouldn’t transform into a Shadow Knight anymore. He then explained that he had become corrupt and had started to lose his mind, making him go after me. I’m so glad Aaron was there, I would’ve let Laurance kill me if it wasn’t for him. He stood up and… kissed me. He promised that he would never hurt me or anyone else. I guess… I do have feelings for him, but we need to wait for Garroth. Turns out Nicole heard the whole thing too. She thinks I should go with Laurance right now… when did my love life become so complicated? After that, I went downstairs and Katelyn told me there were no books on Irene or this cat people curse. She then ran upstairs as soon as Kiki came in. Kiki still loves animals and Leona has grown so much. She’s a werewolf, which means that she is not Zane’s daughter. I told Nicole that I’m going back to Phoenix Drop, she’s planning this whole banquet and everything. Dmitri overheard us and he really wants to go to Phoenix Drop, but of course Nicole said no. Poor kid haha!

Episode 25 “A Lady’s Best Friend Edit

Old Thorgi

Thorgi with Thorgina before he passed.

Dear Diary,

Today Kiki showed me all the puppies that my other 4 dogs had! The Dalmatians are Phoenix’s, the Beagles are Jiggy’s, the St. Bernard's are Puma’s and, believe it or not, Thorgi had Corgis! It turns out that Thorgi was still alive, Kiki lead me to him and he was so happy to see me, his heart just couldn’t take it and he passed away in my arms… It’s sad, but I’m glad I got to see him. Kiki gave me one of Thorgi’s puppies, her name is Thorgina and she seems to like me! I found out why Kiki left Phoenix Drop, to protect Leona and I don’t blame her. Leona then warned me that Fenrir was looking for us, she gave me chili peppers and said werewolves don’t like the scent and that they would protect us if we were ever out of the gates alone. Nicole then sought us off to Phoenix Drop, she says that she’s going to plan a large slumber party with her and Cadenza, I can’t wait! We got back to Phoenix Drop and found out someone was hiding on the ship with us, it was Dmitri. As soon as Kawaii~Chan saw him, she hugged him. Tight. Then I said he was Nicole’s son and she went to find Dante. I told Dmitri he can stay for ONE day, but I’m telling his mother. Later, Kawaii~Chan said that she will do everything she can to get the curse off of us and told us a bit of backstory about herself. She comes from the same place Mikai and she knows him. Kawaii~Chan seems to think Dante and Nicole had Dmitri together… oh gosh. Meanwhile, Nekoette seems so happy that Dmitri is here, they're the same age, after all..

Episode 26 “Katelyn's Angst Edit


Dear Diary,

I tried going to the dream realm, but I just couldn’t. I hope I make it there soon, I really need to talk to Garroth. Maybe it’s because I might be coming down with a cold. Ugh. Anyways, I found Katelyn on the floor in the tree house. She complained how these cat ears and tail was ruining her pride. I really hope Kawaii~Chan finds something soon. I started messing with her and she kind of admitted she once had a crush on Jeffory the Golden Heart, that’s why she ran after Abby. I sent that letter to Nicole to, Logan was sending things out and he offered to send it with a bird. Nekoette and Dmitri seem to be getting along, Dante came back and Kawaii~Chan dragged him into the house to speak with him. Nicole’s funny. She left chocolate strawberries for me a Laurance. I’m going to enjoy these by myself. Anyways, speaking about Laurance, I was on my way to see him when Dante cut me off. He asked if Dmitri was really Nicole’s kid. I can’t believe he didn’t know she had a kid. He really seems to care about Nicole, but from the sound of it just seeing Dante makes her mad. He seemed pretty happy when I told him she had to come for Dmitri. Anyways, I made my way to the old guard house to meet with Emmalyn. According to her Kenmur is just acting kind of weird around Sasha. One second he always wants to see her, the next he doesn’t. Poor guy. I went to see him and he was watching her sleep. I made my way to the plaza, nice to know they’re doing a lot of work around here.

Episode 27 “Dante’s Dilemma Edit

Nicole's ship

Nicole's ship

Dear Diary,

I made it to the dream realm last night. I told Garroth everything and kind of admitted my feelings for him. He apologized for kissing me, but honestly I’m glad he showed me that he had feelings for me. I would've felt horrible if I had gone with Laurance and Garroth had to suffer. I'm still happy I get to see him while I sleep. I hope he doesn't get hurt from Zane. Still surprised how I didn't notice he liked me..heh..I wish he told me earlier. When I got up, I found Katelyn propping Laurance up on a chair. Turns out he got worried when I disappeared and decided to watch after me, but fell asleep. I was then told that Levin wanted to speak to me in private at the docks. He told me that he didn’t want any other town thinking Phoenix Drop was getting any special treatment from me, so he is going to call me Aphmau for now. I understand. I then told him about my plans to make a new city where I would lead the Phoenix Alliance, he understood that. Right in the middle of our conversation, Nicole showed up in a boat to get Dmitri. She was really mad that he met Dante and was in town at all. I went and got Dmitri for her because she didn’t want to see anyone, but as soon as I told Dante Nicole was here, he got angry that Nicole didn’t want to see him and ran to the docks. They started talking, Dante was trying to welcome her and tell her how amazing her kid is, but she was crying and let it slip that Dmitri was… Dante’s kid. Dante had no clue about Dmitri. they were yelling back in forth like children so Katelyn knocked Dante out. Luckily, Kawaii~Chan and the kids didn't hear. I'm worried for poor Dante.

Episode 28 “Our Past Love Edit

Guard tower

The old Guard Tower

Dear Diary,

Today started off with me talking to Katelyn about Dante and his situation. Katelyn warned me about getting involved, but Dante is a really good friend of mine and when he needs me, I will be there for him. That goes for all of my friends. After Katelyn left, Laurance came up to me and told me Dante wanted to see me. He then asked if we were staying here and I told about how I wanted to create a new town for the Phoenix Alliance and that we should leave when everything with Dante is sorted. Laurance decided to gather supplies to leave tonight. I went straight to the guard tower, where Dante was, only stopping to talk to Dmitri and Nekoette. They were playing an adorable game of hide and seek. The guard tower looks pretty much the same after 15 years. Dante told me the story of how he and Nicole were together, but she had to leave and he didn’t want to leave with her and she just left him. Unknowingly to us, Nicole overheard the whole thing. She came up the ladder and talked things out with Dante. Dante explained everything that happened with him and Kawaii~Chan. Nicole and Dante made up, but someone else heard the whole thing. It was Kawaii~Chan. Everyone freaked when she came up the ladder, but she completely understood the situation and decided that she wanted to be friends with Nicole. I left them to talk it out on their own, I felt like I was invading. Turns out Katelyn brought Kawaii~Chan to the guard tower. I teased her about being nice and doing a good thing. Later that evening, we stocked the boat and with a final goodbye, we left.

Episode 29 “The Wind at Sea Edit

Ishmel Village


Dear Diary,

I was up almost all night reading Zoey’s diary. She was really passionate about finding us. Almost as soon as I was done, Laurance came and told me to get some sleep. I was just about to go to the cabin when suddenly the weather changed. A great big wind swept us off course and we docked on a snowy island. I was asking Katelyn about mapping us back on course, which she didn’t seem able to, when Dmitri and Nekoette came out of nowhere! Dmitri snuck onto the ship again, and this time with Nekoette. I tried to talk to them, but they just ran off. Me and Laurance went after them, finding them being surrounded by the islands natives. We told the natives to step away, and they did. They were kind about the whole ordeal, but I was still skeptical at first. I told Laurance to take the kids back to the ship while I went to the man, Asmund’s, village. He introduced me to his wife and told me that we could stay for however long we want, as long as we supply ourselves. There seemed something familiar about him, he felt the same way about me to. Maybe we know each other and I just don’t remember? He told me we had to speak to the “Demon Warlock” in order to find a way to get back on course. It sounds very risky, but we have to do it. Anyways, Helen, Asmund’s wife, gave me winter clothes for everyone on the ship. I went to Laurance and told him what we had to do.

Episode 30 “Cursed at Sea Edit

Dear Diary,

Asmund and Aphmau's Group

Asmund's greeting

I introduced everyone to Asmund, he explained the cursed sea to us. The cursed sea was the doing of the Demon Warlock, luckily for us though, there is a way out. We just need to find the Warlock and convince him to tell us it. Me and Laurance devised a plan, since the warlock only goes after those alone, we will all go off by ourselves, if he finds us we’ll blow on a dog whistle and make the dogs howl, sending a signal for the others to come to us. We advanced the plan with Aaron, Laurance and I. Leaving Katelyn to watch after the kids. I went out on my own with Thorgina and made a camp fire. We were sitting there forever when I realized Thorgina was growling at a bush. Someone jumped out and attacked us! He thought I was an imp from the warlock, but I quickly explained. In exchange of healing him, He said that in order to get directions to go home, I had to kiss him. It was stupid, but I almost fell for it, at least until Laurance came out of nowhere and saved me. Turns out he was spying on us. We decided to go back to Travis’s home with him. Like always, I hope this all turns out okay.

Episode 31 “The Divine Relic Edit


The Ruin

Dear Diary,

Once we got to Travis’s home, I started joking around with Laurance, who took it a little too seriously and ran off. Travis and I then started talking and it turns out, he’s a descendant of Enki, one of the Divine Warriors. He’s also the only actual person who can keep the Demon Warlock at bay. I told him we came from the Ru’aun region and he asked if I had any connection with Irene. I asked him why he wanted to know and it turns out that there is a ruin on this island and it is speculated only Irene can open the door to it. I decided to go with Travis to investigate, and we found out I could open it. Inside it was a book, Travis wasn’t too thrilled. I walked up to the book and it started speaking to me… as if I was Irene. It told me that Enki had feelings for Irene and it also sounded like there was some sort of tension between the two before Enki wrote that book. I didn’t tell Travis what I heard and just pushed it off as nothing. We walked back to the house, I don’t know what to think about all of this.

Episode 32 "On Angel Wings" Edit

The Demon Warlock

The Demon Warlock... with Dmitri and Nekoette

Dear Diary,

We were heading back, when suddenly Travis noticed smoke. I followed Travis towards the mountains and soon realized that the direction of the smoke is the same direction of the ship! When we arrived at the scene, We saw that Katelyn was knocked down. I rushed over to her and asked what has happened. An imp disguised as Aaron took over the ship with other imps and took the children. But in order to get them back, I must go to the forest, find the pillar. Alone, without any weapons or companies. Soon after Laurance and Aaron followed through. I talked to Laurance on his thoughts on me going alone. He said to go on before he changed his mind. I went over to Aaron to see if he is the REAL Aaron. He showed me his face, which was enough proof. Aaron then dashed off. I asked Travis to show me where the pillar was. He was hesitant at first but soon told me the directions. I wondered around the forest and suddenly I saw Dmitri! I followed him until he halted. I was teleported to another dimension. There I found the real Dmitri and Nekoette, unconscious. The Demon Warlock standing there. We exchanged words and he insulted me. As I was going to exchange my power for the kids, something happened... for a brief moment. Something came over me, but when I came to, the Demon Warlock was gone, all that was there was his essence. He said that this will not be the last time to meet. And to commemorate this first encounter, he is going to let the kids go and release me from this dimension of his. As long as the kids are okay, it's fine by me.

Episode 33 " Realm Breaker" Edit

The Village

Asmund's Village

Dear Diary,

I couldn't control my power... I asked the Demon Warlock to get us out of here. He insisted for me to return back to that form to get out. Suddenly I was teleported out of that realm. I was back to see Aaron and told him what happened. We then carried the kids back to the Village. There, I explained the story to Asmund, Travis and Laurance. Laurance then came outside to comfort me. He said that I could talk to him if I need too. Why does Laurance and the Demon Warlock say that something that beautiful can't be dangerous? I went inside to see that Travis and Asmund were arguing. I asked Asmund what happened. He said that Travis isn't protecting them as much as he wants too. Compared to what I did, I did more than Travis has ever done. I asked Asmund if we could have a boat but he said no because of reasons. I checked on Katelyn and the kids. I saw Travis outside and headed over there. He talked about the argument and his past. Travis said that I was right and that the village needs to protect itself. He then asked if we need a boat. He has a ship which everyone can fit. The seas are not cursed anymore meaning we could leave. He then suddenly proposed to be a guard in the Phoenix Alliance which surprised me since the kiss on the hand wasn't necessary! I said yes under the condition that he will uphold peace and justice under the alliance and show compassion to people around you. We will set sail in the morning. As he was about to leave, I ask Travis if he knew his dad. He responded that he knew and he said I knew him too. Who is his dad? Have I ever met him?

Episode 34 " My Golden Friend" Edit


Hey... uh.. Katelyn?

Dear Diary,

Today Laurance surprised me by watching me wake up by my side at the bed! It really did surprise me since I was thinking we did something. Travis then arrived at the my room. He asked why I was screaming and Laurance responded saying there was a cockroach! I then told Travis the truth and he said it was romantic! Which was not and was totally creepy! Well...maybe in a little. Travis decided to wake up Katelyn which is a bad idea. We try to tell him but he didn't listen. Then we heard Travis screamed which means that Katelyn woke up and beat him up. I went to see how Katelyn and the kids were. Katelyn said that Travis is going be dead if he did that again. I asked Katelyn what happened last night, Katelyn refuse to tell me at first but I manage to get information. Katelyn told me that when the imps attacked them one of the imps turn into Jeffory and it turns out that Katelyn had feelings for him. What I don't get is what Jeffory was doing on the island and how the imps know to use him on Katelyn. I went to see the children and it turns out Dmitri doesn't remember what happened last night, he believed Katelyn stop the imps. Later I met Asmund and he wants to be in the Phoenix Alliance which I said yes to. I went outside saw Travis with a BIG boat and he told me his father is the demon warlock... WAIT WHAT. He told me he is nothing like his father and he hates him. He told me the ship is ready, I told him we need go back to Phoenix drop for the children. I hope we don't run any trouble on the way.

Episode 35 "Dmitri's Father" Edit


Dante, Dmitri, and Nekoette~Tan

Dear Diary,

We were sailing off to Phoenix Drop. Thank Irene, Travis has the book to navigate through. Laurance wonder what will happened if we didn't jump in the Irene Dimension. Well... we don't know. I'm pretty sure that Dante, Kawaii~chan and Nicole have gone over board looking for the kids. Laurance asked how Nekoette and Dmitri are going to react if they were told they were siblings. I'm not sure since I don't have any siblings, I don't think I did? I don't recall much of my memory. Katelyn then ask if I could keep the incident a secret. I asked Travis how did his mom and the warlock met. He isn't sure but his mother raised him all alone. I asked Nekotte what if Dmitir was his brother and said that it would be awesome and vice versa . We arrived at Phoenix Drop! Dante hurried over and hugged them. We headed to his home and I explained the story to him. Dante worried that Dmitri will hate him. I pushed Dante to tell them the truth. I asked him where Malachi and Levin are. They went to Brightport along with Zoey, to discuss about trade. Dante called Nekoette and Dmitri down. Nekoette was happy to have a brother like Dmitri but Dmitri took it the opposite way. Dante wanted to go after him but I insisted for me to get him. I went outside to see Travis. He was going to ask me where all the hot babes are but he listened to the conversation. We found him in Kiki's old barn. Travis talked to Dmitri and started to comfort him in his own way. After Travis was done speaking to him, we left him some time alone. Dmitri....

Episode 36 "Secret Alliance" Edit

Dear Diary,

I had a rough night sleeping. It's just what Laurance said to me. Why is this bothering me so much? I can't recall anything before I ran into the guy who led me to Phoenix Drop. Just then Dante came in. He told me that he and Dmitri made up...kind of. He also told me about what the plans are for the whole family situation by accident. He's worried about Levin, Malachi and Zoey since they still haven't arrived back. Dante wasn't suppose to tell me but Levin planned to have a tri-village alliance with New Meteli and Bright Port. Dante is busy leading the village and the kids, so he asked me to do this. I didn't want anyone to be bothered by this so I told him not to tell anyone else. I also want to ask Bright Port to join the Phoenix Alliance. I grabbed the stuff in the crate that Dante left and checked everyone. I hope Katelyn recovers from what she saw. Donna then asked where I find these hot men! I barely even realize. Dmitri still upset with Dante, but he is giving him a chance. I then went to the guard station to see Laurance. There he was asking Sasha questions. They're all busy, so I quickly sailed to Bright Port. There at the docks was a man who was John! He is now the Lord of Bright Port! I asked him if Levin had stopped by. He said could ask one of his guards to check the shore to see any signs of them. I headed to the wolf village to see it in ruins. The nether portal was open... I can't break it under normal means. Maybe my powers can do something...

Episode 37 "The Masked Man" Edit


Who's that..?

Dear Diary,

This might be the source of the shadow souls or worse the shadow knights. I can't believe I broke the portal using my powers! I need to go back to Bright Port to continue my search. Just as I was going to head back, I saw someone. It appears that he knows me. The man then put on a scarf, he was the one who led me to Phoenix Drop! The one that left the tree he was cutting! He was also the one who left Levin and helped Matilda escape. His name was Vylad. I vaguely told him what happened to Phoenix Drop. Vylad asked about Garroth. I replied by saying he is gone, lied and told him he is dead. I asked if he knew him and he said that he was his brother! He is the half- brother of Zane and Garroth who was suppose to be dead! I quickly told him that he was alive with Zane in another dimension. Garroth treated him like a real brother but Zane didn't. According to Vylad, Zane ignored him his whole life, how rude. He was reborn as a Shadow Knight. I told him I broke the nether portal. but he said it can't be easily broken like that. The portal expanded and was open. How could this happen... Zenix was absorbing all the shadow knights, so they released the prisoners to fight. Vlyad took this opportunity to escape. Shadow Knights aren't coming out because the fabric of society has changed in there. He decided to come with me and get Garroth out of the Irene Dimension. I said fine but before that I must let John know. I heard John's voice and told him him about the nether portal. He soon said that they found Levin's boat crashed at the shoreline! Levin, Malachi, Zoey...

Episode 38 "Missing Sons" Edit


Dear Diary,

I don't usually feel tired when running. Maybe because I did something I shouldn't have. We finally arrived at the shore and one of the guards handed me Malachi's scarf since they found it in the sand. I searched the ship further. One of the barrels had strands of light purple hair. The only person that I know with this hair color is Michi. Their head guard, Lyria , reported what she found. The culprit must be Michi, if not they had been kidnapped. I arrived at the docks and told Vlyad about it. We sailed back to Phoenix Drop. I told Dante about it as too. Just as Dante was going to check Malachi's papers, I told him that I have it. He needed it since it was reports on nearby villages. At the very least, it would set us in the right direction. Just as Dante left, Laurance saw Vlyad. They talked about the past back in the nether. When they were done, Laurance and I went ahead to meet up with Dante. But before that, Laurance told me what happened back there. I then told him to gather up anyone who could help. We gathered at Levin's house and I told the story to the rest. Dante said Nahakra village was the most likely place. There is a highly respected bandit guild there hidden in the mountains. Since Michi is a thief and a cheat, they'll likely know her. Soon everyone left to get the supplies ready. I then took Levin's music box for least it would be soothing to him when we see him. I accidentally dropped it but it still isn't broken. We were off to Nahakra village.

Episode 39 "Nahakra Village" Edit

Nahakra Village

Nahakra Village

Dear Diary

We where heading to Nahakra Village. I rely on them too much and everything seems to be my fault. Katelyn said that they chose to come with me. I didn't really think that Katelyn was my guard. She explained how Zane would recruit the Jury of Nine. Katelyn was forced to join in. He found out that she has 4 younger brothers. I probably touched on sensitive topic. Laurance told me not to doubt myself. I just need to give her a break. I then met up with Travis. He told me we were very close to reaching Nahakra Village and O'khasis is close to them. The waves started to get rough so Travis went back to the helm. I also went outside. Everyone seems fine. We finally arrived at Nahakra Village! We were greeted by the head guard James. He wanted to check out ship for contraband. Laurance went ahead to find a place for us to stay. I wanted to go back to the ship but they didn't allow me. An old fisherman then started to tell me about James and his past. As thanks, the fisherman gave a rootbeer and warned me about thieves. I then bought some items from his shop. Since James isn't done with his inspection yet, I checked the town. A girl suddenly bumped into me and stole my music box! I chased her and cornered her to a wall. She was taunting me even when I had a sword at her! She called the guards and was gone. I searched through the wall I backed her up to and it opened up. I went inside and chased her.

Episode 40 "Lullaby for a Thief" Edit


Amber opening the entrance

Dear Diary,

I chased the thief and she cornered herself. Her name was Amber. She said that the leader wants a music box. I then asked her if the Guild has info about on bad things that happen. Amber replied that they do. I vaguely told her about my situation. Amber said that she will tell me more about the Guild if I go there and apply as a member with her. But I have to let her see if the leader wants my music box. I refused but if someone else before us gives one before us, we lose our chance. Amber promise to bring it back. While wondering along the woods, I asked why she wanted to be a thief. She said that the leader is amazing. She asked my name and I replied saying Aphmau. She said that she saw a cat-person in the guild. She has darker skin and purple hair...Michi. So this isn't for nothing! She handed me a bag of clothes. I changed and used Malachi's scarf to cover my face. Amber then opened the secret entrance and we went in. Amber then opened up a another area of the Guild. We entered the leaders room. The boss then asked about me and Amber told her that I want to be a thief and my name was Aphmau. She ordered Amber to go away. She can't even pronounce my name right! I told her the reason why I joined the Thieves Guild. She told me that she did saw Michi here just recently. I wanted to know more but I need to join She told me we can take the test in 2 hours. I went outside and told Amber about the trials. Why is Amber so infatuated with a woman like her! I just want my loved ones back...

Episode 41 "The First Trial" Edit

Travis Attacking Amber


Dear Diary,

Amber was trying to help me at the first trial, but I started to nod off. Amber gets so nervous when lying, it's sad. Amber isn't what I imagine a thief would be. She's promising to give back my music box which is kind. Amber brought up the topic of parents. She's an orphan. The first trial was to pickpocket someone from Nahakra Village of diamond value. Amber lend me one of her spare daggers. The boss then interrupted us. She asked Amber to fetch her some wine. The boss then told me how she found her, but she regrets it. However, Amber will do anything. It looks like she is only using Amber. Wow, what a jerk. Amber came back and told me basically it doesn't matter how the job gets done. We arrived at the forest outside of the city. The boss gave a speech and we headed off. I've never stolen before. Ugh.. I don't want to do this! Before that, I told the guys that I am safe. I went to the nearest tavern I could see, and asked the barkeep if she had seen a 4 people with the descriptions I told her. She said that they rented the place upstairs. I went there and Laurance pushed me to the ground since he didn't know who I was. I told him it was me. He told me everyone was worried and has been out looking for me. I explained the situation I was in. He told me to find another way but I don't want Levin, Malachi and Zoey put in a situation like I was: seconds away from marrying Fenir. But if they are, I don't want them to wait longer for us to come. I convinced Laurance that I will be fine. He gave me a coat, since I needed something worth of diamond. I feel terrible for taking that away from him. I saw that Amber was cornered by Travis. Since Amber helped me a lot (I'm sorry for doing this Travis), I hit Travis and then we dashed away. Amber told me what she stole and overheard there is treasure hidden underneath the ruins of Falconclaw. The boss then appeared. Since we passed the first trial, she told us the next one. Steal something from O'khasis...

Episode 42 "Aaron's Lament" Edit

Cursed amulet

His memories

Dear Diary,

Steal something from O'hkasis...I can't believe it. A man came to me. I believe his name was Kulzul. He asked me if Amber passed it. He said that Amber isn't cut out to be thief. Amber is a good friend of his. Most thieves don't come back form the second trial. They are either captured and sentenced to life or have their own life taken away. The boss came up to me and gave me a book. The book was for my second trial. It has my target and the items I have to retrieve form the target. Again, like the first trial, it doesn't matter how the job gets done. I confronted the boss and said that she's letting Amber go even though I purposely helped her. She responded that she stole successfully, but got too cocky. As I was heading outside, I read the book regarding the target. The target was Ivern Everir. I have to steal his most precious crystal called the Aragonite. I then must destroy the book when I am done the mission or before I am caught. I went outside and Amber was preparing. Amber thanked me for helping her. She's really happy that she passed. I tried to tell her that Amber isn't cut out to be a thief, but words failed me and I wished her good luck instead. She then headed off. I went outside the gates to see that there were guards there! It surprised me. I asked the guard who was there. He told me to follow the path and I'll be at the O'Khasis gates. He offered me to escort me there. I said no thanks and under his breath he said I was ugly under the mask! Now that I think of it, I never really thought what it looks like. It's the place where Garroth, Zane and Vlyad grew. I stumble upon an old village it was in ruins. I spotted Aaron. I don't know how but for some reason my powers showed me the past of this place. Aaron's son had an amulet. He took it, and killed it his whole village. When Aaron went outside, he saw everyone dead and Zane was there. Aaron dedicated his life to get revenge on Zane after what he did. And he kept beating himself up saying it was all his fault. But not only he saved me from the wolves, he also saved Dante. I told him that he shouldn't devote his entire life about killing one man because if he does, he might not be around to help a better one... I then left him to have his thoughts.

Episode 43 "Hour of O'Khasis"Edit


O'khasis village

Dear Diary,

I wonder if leaving Aaron back there was a good idea. I just feel terrible for him. Then again, he probably wants his time to mourn. I'll get back to him. If I don't continue on and stay with him then...he might blame himself for distracting me from my mission. Irene knows he doesn't need another burden in his shoulders. I followed the path and arrived at the back gates of O'khasis. The guards were absolute jerks! I asked them to let me enter since I wanted to do trade with a merchant, but they said that Meif'wa aren't welcomed into O'khasis! I tried to tell them that I was'nt a Meif'wa but due to the fact that I have cat ears and a tail, I couldn't. I then heard something. It was one of the guys in the first trial. I followed him and saw that he went to the sewers. Irene, I'm so dense. A smart thief wouldn't even gone to the gates! After he went in ahead of me, I also came to the sewers. But before that I used more of Malachi's scarf to cover my ears and tail. After going through that horrible smell of the sewers, I arrived at O'khasis. There were guards on the inside, so I had to keep my head down and stay in the back alleys. I had to listen to everyone to get at least information about my target. This place is so big. I have no idea to begin. As I was walking by, I overheard two men talking about the lord. They talked about Lord Garte, Lady Zianna, and Garroth, Zane and Vylad. I thought after 15 years with Zane gone, this place would have been different, but I guess it's still not. It's so hard to sneak around with ears and a tail. I sneaked around the back alley more to see that two boys were talking to each other. I don't get any advice from these boys, I might be able to find my own. All of the sudden, I hear explosions and commotion was happening around me. I found Amber in the riot and said to get out of here now. While running away, I asked Amber what's going on. She told me that O'khasis was being invaded! We went back to the sewers and to the guild. When we arrived, Amber told the boss about the invasion, but she already got the report. O'khasis was being invaded by the king of the Tu'la region. The boss then ordered Amber to get out to speak with me. She asked me if I was from the Tu'la region. But I replied saying that this is a curse and I came from this region. She thought that since Meif'wa are from that region, I might have some valuable information. She then told me that form the report that was told to her by the group before us, ships bigger that the O'khasis one were docked. They were welcomed at first, but an army flooded the docks and killed every guard in sight. O'khasis is the major powerhouse in this region, and if they have been taken over, we have bigger things to worry about. The boss told me that the Thieves' Guild are going to move, but before that I commanded her to tell me about Michi. She then told me that Michi tried to sell Levin, Malachi and Zoey to them, but the boss refused. She then told me that Michi was going to sell them to the bandits around Meteli. Before she told me to leave, I asked her about Amber. The boss said that Amber will be safe if she comes with them. She really does care for her. As I was heading out, I talked to Amber. I told her that I was leaving since I got the information I wanted. Then after exchanging some few words, Amber gave me back the music box. And then I said goodbye to Amber. But I need to get back to Nahakra Village and warn the guys about the invasion.

Episode 44 "Their Mother" Edit

The map Vlyad salvaged

Dear Diary,

I headed back to the village to make sure everyone is safe. When I arrived the invading guards weren't there yet but there is still time to help them. But even if I find the others, will there be enough time? I was worried since the town was so quiet but it seems they were having a town meeting. When I came there, the guards were telling the citizens about the invasion. This isn't good at all. The people are panicking. The head guard is trying his best to calm them down but where is the lord? I need to get a word with the Phoenix Alliance. We just need to get the word from everyone. I went to the tavern to tell others and there I saw Katelyn who just came outside. Katelyn was really worried about me and started to ask me questions on my disappearance. I told her to stop. I said to her that O'Khasis is being invaded as we speak. Katelyn didn't believe me at first. We need to act first before whoever is doing this to O'Khasis get to us or worse. We went to the tavern and I told Laurance and Travis what happened. Not only do we have to worry for Levin, Malachi and Zoey but we also have the invasion. I then noticed that Vlyad was missing. Laurance said that he's gone and we need to focus on ourselves and take Travis ship out to safety but Travis said that his ship has been commandeered. No can leave via boat. I then said to them that they figure out a way to Meteli and Pheonix Drop while I look for Vylad. I let him go once long ago and at least I wanna now he's alright. I went ouside of the tavern and started to asked people about Vylad. This is not good. The people are starting to panick. After asking some people, a guard started to flirt with me which I refused. As I was walking through, I saw one of their ships. I hope Vlyad hasn't to O'khasis... I finally found Vylad. He was burning books that mention Pheonix Drop and Meteli so it could delay them from finding our villages. I then asked Vlyad if he is the adoptive brother which I overheard when I was in O'khasis. He said that he, Garroth and Zane had the same mother however Lord Garte is thier dad. When he found out about this, he adopted Vlyad. Vlyad then suggested we use the forest route to go to Meteli with the map he salvaged of our region. But the forest is very easy to get lost in. I then burned the book I received from the boss involving my second trial before putting it the fire. We then spotted Laurance and he said that the other way is through the forest. SO we really have no choice... Laurance said we need to hurry because they are marching in but I asked what of Aaron. He said to leave him and go on ahead. I can't lose him but Laurance convinced me to go ahead. Aaron...

Episode 45 "Into the Forest" Edit

Dear Diary,

Into the Forest

Travelling through the forest

We headed into the forest. I was still worried about Aaron I hope he was okay I couldn't really pay attention on what was going on with the group with the thought that Aaron might get hurt. Until Laurance shouts at me but I walk away to show that I was okay. While I was walking I bumped into Aaron. The group and I followed Aaron since he know a spot that he wouldnt get lost to. Laurance told me to wait. He told me that he didn't like how I was getting close to Aaron or caring about Vlyad. Then I figured out that he was jealous. I told him to put his emotions aside and keep it to himself. While we were in the spot Aaron could last remember we spotted a old man. I went closer and he needed water but I gave him an juice since I didn't have water and he well... Let's just say not what I was expecting. He kept jumping and getting close to me whenever he talked. His name was Chad G. Augistine Au'Leopold The III. He then ran off. A couple of hours later of me running into the forest, I came back exact same spot everytime! Even if you ran in a straight line NOTHING! I spotted Chad again and he suggested that we work together to get of the forest. We headed back for camp but I couldn't find the spot where the camp was! This is ridiculous and I swear I din't wander off to far! Instead Chad and I found a house. We went closer to the house and next thing you know we are trapped by trees expected there alive! A witch then came out of the house and asked us questions what we are doing in this her forest. This is not good. This might be really bad...

Episode 46 "A Divine Friend" Edit


Hyria's Appearance

Dear Diary,

We were surrounded by the witches familiars however when I said I don't think the protector of the forest is you she suddenly became kinder, then Hyria invited me in for tea and have a chat. Chad was curious about familiars when I went in the house. I asked 2 questions, why exactly did you go from wanting to hurt us to inviting me in for a tea party and why are you cursing the forest, Hyria also asked some questions. Hyria left so she could make a cure for my curse, meanwhile Chad just had to go and break a twig of the familiars, since they did not like this they threw him through a window while smashing it. Being the kind person I am I checked if Chad was okay. Not learning his lesson Chad went back out to inspect further,curiously I looked around the house. Then finally we came outside. I thanked Hyria for breaking the curse of my ears and tail and she said if I ever needed to be Meif'wa again, I had to smash the orb while giving me some more in case it happened again.I made a big mistake when I told chad that we had to follow the fairy, he exclaimed "FAIRY!" and chased it.I followed behind trying to make him stop, but he wouldn't.

Episode 47 "The Search for Michi" Edit

Dear Diary,

Chad kept chasing the fairy until I told him to stop, he finally stopped and so did the fairy. I told him that we might scare the fairy away, then he exclaimed that it is a male fairy, I said sorry to the fairy. Chad then corrected himself saying it's a female. I asked why the fairy stopped, then saying that it's a guide fairy and that it stops when we stop. I asked him out of curiosity how he managed to tell if it was a male or female. I told him to chase the fairy again so we get back to the rest of the group. We managed to find them after a while. But Chad... Ughh. He annoyed everyone, especially Katelyn. Aaron noticed that I was no longer a Meif'wa and Katelyn and Laurance seemed surprised, especially Katelyn. I told them to stand back and I was able to get them back to normal using the potions Hyria gave me. We ventured the rest of the way out and ended up in New Meteli. Cadenza was talking to one of her guards and heard us coming around. I asked her about bandit camps near Meteli and said that she would've done something about that if she heard about them. (More details coming)

Episode 48 "Sons of Phoenix Drop" Edit

Dear Diary,

Aphmau in Her Divine Form

Aphmau in her Divine Warrior Form

We found Michi and tied her up, we got her to take us to the bandit camp she took Levin, Malachi and Zoey to. Along the way, she said she was thirsty and tired, I threatened her that if she didn't continue, I would kill her. But Laurance.. Held me back, he told me that I was a good person and I wasn't the Aphmau he knew me to be, I calmed down and just as we finished our talk, Michi tried to run away. Laurance was able to catch up and get her, we underestimated her and I tied her up even more to ensure she wasn't going to escape. After such a long time, we managed to reach the bandit camp. It was full of bandits, we didn't even have a plan! We left Michi tied to a tree and Laurance came to idea of him distracting them while I would get Levin, Malachi and Zoey. Trall, the bandit camp leader, found me, along with another bandit and Michi. I tried to make a deal with him but he declined my offer and told the bandit to put me in a cell. I was outraged and turned into my Divine Warrior form, he bowed down and gave me his backstory about his mother and Irene. In the end, he brought everyone to the outskirts of Meteli and I told him to make be a better person sooner or later.

Episode 49 "An Honorable Request" Edit

Emmalyn's request

Emmalyn's request

Dear Diary,

I went outside and I couldn't get any sleep. I saw Travis outside asking why I don't seem very happy. I told him about how we left Garroth.....and how he defended us...from getting killed. I told him I can only see him in my dreams. He said I could only see him when I need him most and he said I got stronger and that's why I might not be able to see him. I hope he didn't get hurt in any way. The next morning we go back to Phoenix Drop after our search. Laurance and Katelyn seemed really tired. Donna told me Emmylyn wanted to see me. I first looked around Phoenix Drop and saw Michi in a cell (She deserved it) and I guess Sasha was being good so she got her own room. I got to see Garroth's and Laurance old room though...Memories... Well I found Emmalyn near the Lady Irene shrine and she said one of the most exciting news. SHE'S GETTING MARRIED TO KENMUR!!! Not only that, she's even asked me to be her maid of honor! I have to start planning the wedding!

Episode 50 "The Flow of Time" Edit

S2 E50 End

Dear Diary,

Well I guess Donna was allowed to talk about Emmalyn 's wedding since I found out from Katelyn... and the shouting. I talked to Katelyn and asked if she ever attended Jeffory's wedding... though that may have been a slight mistake. She went through some nostalgia about Jeffory but they were great friends, so I can't blame her for her loss. Afterwards, Katelyn went out for a ride on her horse. I can't believe I'm planning another wedding. I don't want anything shocking or bad happen, like what happened at Donna's wedding... But I can't think about those things. Its nice to have such a peaceful day finally we haven't had a peaceful day since we got out of the Irene Dimension. Nekoette is going to be the flower girl and Dimitri is going to be the ring bearer, which will be exciting! I saw Sasha today she seemed a little sad. Maybe since she has heard of the wedding. I feel bad for her but I guess I can't do much. She seems fine now....Well time to continue planning the rest of the wedding.

Episode 51 "A Phoenix Drop Wedding " Edit


Dear Diary,

EEK! ITS TIME FOR EMMALYN AND KENMUR'S WEDDING. I saw Emmalyn try her dress on and she was so beautiful. Wow Cadenza still has lots of skills from back then. Its nice to see everything in calm and nothing bad has happened. I was so happy when they got married! Afterwards I danced with Laurance for a bit then I left him to go to the docks where the last wedding happened.....I saw Aaron there and he was wondering what I was doing. I went there to see the time the last wedding happened and Garroth.....But Aaron said he would be there I appreciated. But I just looked out in the ocean. Remembering the last wedding where Garroth and Zane....I guess all I can do is just remember....and when I danced with Laurance it reminded me off...Well I can only just remember those times.

Episode 52 "Journey Witch Way" Edit

Dear Diary,

I decided to tell Levin and Malachi about the news. I felt sorry for not telling them earlier, but I really wanted them to take it easy, especially Zoey. Rumors spread about the invasion in O'khasis being started by the King of the Tu'la region. I can't say it with one hundred percent certainty though. Levin scoffed at the "King" part but Malachi explained to him that the rules of monarchy were followed many, many, years ago. There are still small monarchies that are out there in our region that proclaim themselves king. Levin determined that he would go speak with Cadenza. However, I'm going to go and find Lucinda. If Hyria says that she is still powerful, then it'd be worth while for having her on our side. Levin also says that Michi and Sasha are doing fine and he'll ask Zoey to reinforce the barrier. I talked to Katelyn, Vylad, Chad, Aaron, Travis, and Laurance. Katelyn chose to stay and she also said that it'd give her the time to search for Abby... Vylad also wanted to remain and watch over Phoenix Drop.. Chad had some invention he needed to work on...? He said that he must keep it secret so no one steals his ideas. Aaron confirmed that he's going and so did Travis and Laurance. We took a ship to Brightport and looked through the abandoned wood village. I started a conversation with Laurance. He said that Vincent had told him that he's become physically stronger because he's become weak minded. I don't care if he turns into a Shadow Knight. The promise I made him was for him to not use it against people who don't stand a chance. He's being reminded too much about the Nether... Sorry Laurance... I checked on Travis and the Nether Portal and... w-what?! Travis had changed appearance and I didn't know what it was. Apparently he didn't even notice himself. His body seemed to react and change into a Demon form from the energy the portal emits. He even said that he has the ability to change forms whenever he pleases, he just prefers staying human. We walked out of the cave and I saw Aaron with... Trall? Trall spoke to me and warned me about shadow souls possessing their bandit camp. He wants me to cleanse them but... I have yet to even do anything remarkable like that. I wished that I could really help but... I just don't know if I can even do that. Especially since, I haven't yet learned of my magicks.

Episode 53 "The Lady of Snow" Edit

Dear Diary,

We were heading to Pikoro Village until we can't seem to find this village because of the snowy mountains and the paths that Aaron used to roamed around had completely vanished. Even Malachi's Moving Castle disappeared. Aaron told us about the small camping spot for travelers and we headed there. Moments later, we found the camping site. I went to look for the owner of this place while Aaron,Laurence and Travis waited on the mountain I've met with Isabell, the owner of this cottage and allowed all four of us to camp here for the night. We set up camp and settled down. Aaron gave me a bag of clothes to change into because of the cold climates. I went behind the crates and got change, the clothes are very warm. Now, I need some information. I went around and nothing came up. Travis is still trying to go over the map. I hope he can help us get to the village soon. Laurence is still bothered by the things he mentioned before. He suddenly cracks a goofy smile just to make me smile. Laurence's right. I shouldn't be feeling negative and try to get some information for finding Lucinda. I asked Isabell a few questions and when i mentioned a witch, she took me outside of the camp and told about a witch in white clothing, saving her Grandma Mira. I asked her about the whereabouts and she points the direction in the distance. I was thinking of going until Travis pops out of nowhere and said that he heard everything and went to tell Aaron and Laurence while I went ahead to look for the White Witch. I wondered around and came across the Werewolves of the South-Eastern Wolf Tribe. They intent to kill me however someone shot them down. I've turned around and I can't believe who it was, regardless I have been waiting to see her...

Sincerly, Would be Alina.

Episode 54 "Ice Hearts" Edit

Dear Diary,

OH MY IRENE! LUCINDA!!! She looks like she doesn't aged at all even after 15 years, No immortality but powerful witchcraft. She said she knew something happened to us who left that day... something otherworldly and she knew we weren't missing in OUR world. We got caught up with Aaron and Travis, then went back to the campsite and then we saw Laurence in his Shadow Knight form and is pinning down Isabell's fiance... Lucinda cast her spell to trap the guy and thanked Laurence. Isabell was actually a resident from Pikoro Village... I then went behind the crates to have a private talk with Laurence... [ CONTINUING TOMORROW]...

Episode 55 "Lucinda's Apprentice" Edit

Dear Diary,

Episode 56 "Aphmau's Trust" Edit

Dear Diary,

Episode 57 "Sights of Pikoro" Edit

Dear Diary,

Episode 58 "Goodbye Pikoro" Edit

Dear Diary,

Episode 59 "Mother and Daughter" Edit

Dear Diary, 

Episode 60 "Training in the Woods" Edit

Dear Diary, 

Episode 61 "Vylad's Song" Edit

Dear Diary, 

Episode 62 "Jeweled Cavern" Edit

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Episode 63 "The Baby Found By Dragons" Edit

Dear Diary, 

Episode 64 "Her Name" Edit

Dear Diary, 

Episode 65 "The Island Shores" Edit

Dear Diary, 

Episode 66 "A Demon's Son" Edit

Dear Diary,

Episode 67 "Into the Ruins" Edit

Dear Diary,

Episode 68 "Ancient Secrets" Edit

Dear Diary,

Episode 69 "The New Village Begins" Edit

Dear Diary,

Episode 70 "Old Friends, New Village"

Dear Diary,

Episode 71 "To Scaleswind and Back" Edit

Dear Diary,

Episode 72 "Picnic with Lilith Garnet"

Dear Diary,

Episode 73 "Dmitri Arrives!" Edit

Dear Diary,

Episode 74 "To be a Lord" Edit

Dear Diary,

Kiki and Leona arrived at the village! I was so happy I can't believe how long it's been since I last saw her. I made sure Kiki will be able to take care of all the animals... except there's no barn. But Kiki said she'd help! Leona has come so far from the tiny baby Kiki was holding in the amulet, it's also amazing how powerful she can track things, I mean that girl can sniff! It's just adorable how happy Kiki is. If I was happy to see Kiki imagine how happy Brendan was to see his sister? Of course Kiki was a little upset that he didn't tell her about Dell but it's so nice how many people are coming to this village. Aaron came up to me today and he actually introduced himself to Brendan and Kiki! Aaron has become so much more social than he was, I actually quite happy for him. Well of course telling Brendan and Kiki about parenting Lilith was a little awkward because they think Lilith is our real daughter. Aaron and I went to the forest to train while Zoey and Isabel looked after Lilith. During training Aaron said I improved a lot, Aaron is a great teacher after all. Aaron and I talked a lot about Tu'la invading O'kasis, Aaron was great to talk to. It's so hard to go on without Garroth, he was always there for me, I just cant believe he's still stuck in the Irene Dimension... I find it incredible how Aaron can live without his village and family. It got dark quickly, Aaron and I decided to camp for the night because we couldn't see the path back. I saw something in Aaron I've never seen before...

Episode 75 "Scholar's of Irene"

Dear Diary,

Aaron and I headed back to the village until Emmalyn and Kenmur showed up and followed me and Aaron out of the forest. I told them about the ruins,the temple and the crypt that is relatively intact with Lady Irene and the War of The Magi, then Emmalyn just burst off and went back to Phoenix Drop with Kenmur. I looked around and saw Katelyn and Dmitri outside so early in the morning. She told him to run 35 laps... Wow! Someone's gotta teach that future Lord of Scaleswind how to be tough. Anyways, she's got to keep an eye on that little menace, he likes to slack off when Katelyn can't see him. I was going to go check on Lilith until Yip ran to me saying that we might be in trouble. He sniffed around and said that there is another werewolf around ever since he got back from the trip yesterday. Leona jumped in and then challenged Yip to see who's better. Then they went out to mark their territory... I think... Anyways, I'm just going to get some sleep. I hope Emmalyn and Kenmur will find something about the ruins... Bless them, Irene...

Sincerly, would be Alina.

Episode 76 "Back to the Temple" Edit

Dear Diary,

I was able to see Emmalyn and Kenmur today. They had just arrived at the island when Aaron and I got back from last night. They told me to go to the temple. I went with Laurance and they told me some interesting things. Emmalyn told me on her theories on how to open the portal. I wonder If she actually knows why I want to open it... But they haven't done a lot yet. I decided to go back to sleep. But I saw a horrifying sight.. It was Garroth. He was badly hurt.. Why can't I go there. Garroth please don't get hurt! Garroth don't die please. I need you...

Episode 77 "Promise" Edit

Dear Diary, Edit

Today I was able to reach Garroth and heal him with my powers. He had been stabbed by Zane. That cruel monster.... Time is starting to move in the Irene Dimension, I have to find a way to save Garroth faster... Later, I hung out with Lilith Garnet and Aaron. I felt terrible, I was trying to keep my emotions on hold, but Aaron just saw right through me. I told him about Garroth and time in the Irene Dimension. He promised me we'll get Garroth out... Then Leona and Yip came to tell us Emmalyn and Kenmur have something they need to tell me about Lady Irene and the Divine Warriors.

Episode 78 "A Divine Discovery"

Dear Diary,

Aaron and I took Lilith to Zoey and Isabell and then headed to the temple to see Emmalyn and Kenmur. Emmalyn kept Kenmur up all night to talk about her theories. Firstly, she begins with the mosaic itself... The mosaic shows 5 Divine Warriors, Irene included using their power to seal away the Shadow Lord. The image of Irene is behind them instead of standing with them... Emmalyn's assumption means this war because Irene had something major to do with the final battle. 'The War of The Magi,' It is a firm belief that the ancient war took place on this very island, those hundreds of years ago. It is also a firm belief that Shad is... or WAS... the Shadow Lord. They then told us about the crypt...They asked if I could open it , since I opened the ruins that Enki left behind so I tried. When I opened it, a bright light came out and it appeared at my hand. They called it a 'Divine Fragment.' They then asked me to hold on to it and then Emmalyn went to sleep on the floor after that whole ordeal. The two of us then headed back with great news. I hope we can find more of these and rescue Garroth soon. Rest in Peace, Kul'zak the Wanderer...

Sincerly, Would be Alina.

Episode 79 "The Jury's Bane"

Episode 80 "The Refugee's Plight"

Episode 81 "His Choice"

Episode 82 "Her Grief"

Episode 83 "Ivy and The Wolf"

Episode 84 "Always With You"

Episode 85 "The Next Step"

Episode 86 "Reunion with a Thief"

Episode 87 "Zane's House"

Episode 88 "Stuck in O'Khasis"

Episode 89 "Spying on Ivy"

Episode 90 "Zane LIVES!"

Episode 91 "IT'S A TRAP"

Episode 92 "A Lord and Her Guards"

Episode 93 "Hello Hyria"

Episode 94 "Spa Day"

Episode 95 "Shadows of the Past"

Episode 96 "The Protector's Shrine"

Episode 97 "She's Pregnant!?"

Episode 98 "Garroth"

Episode 99 "Battle of O'Khasis"

Episode 100 "The Angel Irene"

Dear Diary,

Today we started in Hyria's forest unknown why we were all called there, Me, Garroth, Vylad, Katelyn, Zianna (Garroth,Vylad and Zane's mom), and Lucinda. Hyria kept going on about how Irene was so great and all the things she did. Every time she stopped for a minute it hurt a little I didn't know why it just did. It felt like some of my heart was being ripped out. She went on about the love triangle between Shad, Irene, and Esmund. I felt something like a hand hitting my head trying to get me too remember something. Hyria also said that one day Irene lost all emotions and she couldn't return love to the ones that loved her, not even Hyria. It still felt like parts of my heart were being ripped out like I knew this already somehow. Soon she said that Esmund, Kul'Zak, and Enki all decided that maybe if Shad was gone there would be no more darkness. How they came up with that no one knows but.... they did the plan they spent ages fighting shad and won. The Irene Dimension was created for the soul purpose of fighting Shad. Later that fight became know as "The War Of The Magi." But Irene still didn't have emotions. She wanted to feel sad for Shad's death but could not. At the end Hyria looked at me and said, "Aphmau, you are Lady Irene" I denied it but I remembered Enki, Esmund, and Shad. I was having a very special time with those 3 out of the other 2 divine warriors. But somehow the reason Shad's relic was coming to me because my daughter's father (Aaron, who was the previous Lord Of Falcon Claw) was a descendant of Shad. In the end I tried to make sense of all of it, but I believed Hyria. But I kept thinking "How can I be someone I don't remember being?" What is gonna happen next? Regardless, I really wish I knew.....